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  1. You manage a taco tyme? That's cool. I like taco tyme.
  2. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/09/how-read-woodward-book/616318/ An explanation for Trump agreeing to be interviewed by Woodward.
  3. That's good info. I have Verizon but will always wait a month or two accept any updates because of these types of things, so I probably avoided that mess.
  4. My Pixel 2 and my wife's are still going strong. Best phone I ever had.
  5. For the third time it's "lefties" you dolt. A hold, too. No wonder Trump is president.
  6. Did you read the article? The figures are from 2000-2018, so don't under corona. The rise correlates nicely with the rise of social media though.
  7. Dunno. That why I said whatever the reason. Maybe it really was because Trump was nice. Maybe something else happens.
  8. Option 3. The song has star spangled eyes and hail to the chief and wave that flag and all that sounds like 'merica, but the campaign knows Trumpers are too stupid to discern the song's meaning anyway so as long as it sounds like 'merica.
  9. Don't you have a degree from UNLV or at least take classes there to obtain your degree?
  10. The person who played this song is either the dumbest mfer alive or one hell of a troll.
  11. The only thing I can think of is Trump really wants that Nobel. If KJU ever capitulates and gives up nukes, whatever the reason, Trump continues to lay the groundwork to take all the credit.
  12. You know, I forgot about Carolin Gallego and John Miller, but they'll all be in Vegas this week. Doubt I see them but if I do I will them your regards.
  13. With regards to this phone call with Woodward, I can see Trump just wanting to sound like a leader who was abreast of the situation so he riffed to a reporter, not realizing what the coronavirus story would actually become or the politics he would pursue regarding it. The "downplay" thing could have been more of an awkward choice of words, but in the end it's not the real damning realization here. See @smltwnrckr's comments.
  14. Aw, man. It's still on funny though. I bet John Barron was the nominator.
  15. Oh, God. This is great. Poor nuthuggers.
  16. The nuthuggers are taking an absolute beating right now. I feel bad, actually. They sound exhausted.
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