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  1. Almost arguments in human politics are. You've reiterated something important here in breaking the gun discussion into it's components. Some of us here in this thread are talking only about terrorist mass shooting events and some of us are talking about all gun violence. We must make sure we apply the correct and most appropriate data, research and reasoning to each separate part of the gun debate. Case in point rifles may not be the gun of choice in suicides or liquor store robberies, but most certainly they are in mass shootings, so if we're talking about curbing or reducing mass shootings or their damage we should stick to what's meaningful to that discussion and not conflate that with stats on suicides. And I fully reject this notion that we shouldn't worry about rifle deaths because it's a statistically small problem. Well, isn't most everything? It's a fallacy to say we must solve all the problems or solving a smaller one isn't worth the time and effort. Because if that's your position, I can just keep coming over the top on you and ask you what's the big deal about any of this when there's still hungry kids, and war, and stars going supernova and black holes and colliding galaxies and universal expansion and contraction. Just jumping off your good post AA, not arguing with you.
  2. How dare those black SOBs take a knee at sports games! Do they have any idea what they are doing to the morale of our troops?!? Such a slap in the face to our heroes!
  3. Eielson Air Force Base, Repair Central Heat/Power Plant Boiler PH 4: $41,000,000 Alaskans don't need no stinkin' heat.
  4. smart of them to move it away from the unr fball game.
  5. Pretty sure he got it from a meme on my uncle's Facebook.
  6. The lib in your scenario wouldn't trust Muslims or real Americans (I guess that's what you mean?) with the guns though.
  7. He drew on the map! This is literally nuts. This may be the most depraved thing he's done as president. Is he so dumb he thinks we won't notice or does he think his supporters are so dumb they won't notice?
  8. 1. Rifle deaths are not extremely rare when we're talking about terrorist mass shooting event though. It is meaningless to lump those deaths in with "all gun deaths". If other people are doing that to skew the argument than that's what they're doing. I'm not. 2. You have no idea if that's true or not. That might depends on what the remaining guns look like. Like you said, the aesthetics seem to play some part. These dudes aren't operating on some methodical level in most cases. Lot of them are playing dress-up. I didn't say nuthin about no buybacks or any "solution". I put some food for thought out there.
  9. Thank you, that's my point. Why do they almost always uses the "cool" one to shoot up the wal-mart, or the garlic festival, or the music festival, or the pedestrian mall?
  10. There's a flaw in the rifle stats, actually it's more of that we're not asking the right question or comparing apples to apples. We're talking about these mass shooting terrorism events, right? We all agree the gang deaths, accidental deaths, crimes of passion, etc. are in a different category. Saying something like 80% of guns used in crimes are not legal really isn't the most helpful stat. Especially when many of these mass shooter guys seem to get their weapons legally and it doesn't seem like many of these mass shooter terrorists are holding up liquor stores, etc. The gun crimes need to be parsed out. It is wholly unhelpful to meaning conversation about mass shootings to lump all gun crimes together. The motivations are so completely different. So, what's the percentage of these mass shooting terrorist events where a semi-auto rifle like an AR is utilized? Way more than 3% it seems. Why the AR-15? Many of you guys and gals that are knowledgeable about guns tell us a minimally trained shooter with other weapons could do more damage than these AR-15, semi-auto rifle guys, but here we are again with the AR. Is it possible the psychology of the aesthetics and marketing of these semi-auto rifles plays a part?
  11. The 2.4 meter mirror of the hubble is estimated to be able to resolve to approx. 10cm. To resolve the headline on a newspaper you'd probably need a 10+meter mirror. 4x bigger than the hubble. Crazy.