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  1. Those are good points but history also tells us Biden has been a failed candidate several times. Weird election season. Might buck historical norms.
  2. Smart dude, but there's just too much "I've got it figured out at 19 years old" attitude. He reminds me of a younger me. Technically correct isn't always the human answer. In fact it's almost always not. We are computers but emotion based ones. Not sure Ben appreciates that enough yet to get the whole picture in my estimation.
  3. Here the thing though. You want to dismiss certain variables as interchangeable with others but you can't. It's quite possible that the easy and cheap availability of certain styles of guns contributes to some of the motivations and triggers as you say. These deranged people appear to be motivated, in part, by using the ar-15 and the like. Marketing works on the best of us. The guns don't shoot themselves but they are not joyless tools to these people either.
  4. Thank you for sharing your experience about real human being and their lives.
  5. It's all about perceived inequality, injustice and unfairness. That's why we got Trump and Bernie. Both exist because they preach about unfairness. Of course they have different ideas on how to correct that but you get the point. People feel a desperation, uncertainty and hopelessness now I've never seen in my life. The causes of this zeitgeist are many, but we need to restore hope and faith in the idea of America.
  6. Well, they don't want no thought control.
  7. That's not really what I was going for. Nader tried to operate outside of the two party system however without another spoiler candidate on the right, it still becomes a binary choice in the end. Bernie isn't too far off from Nader ideologically but Bernie realized that he would never be able to defeat the dems and the republicans, so in a sense he infiltrated the dems and now look what he's done to that party. Not sure that Bernie even cares about being president whole lot as long as his politics are advanced. That's what I think libertarians need to do. Move the Rs to more libertarian ideology instead of trying to take on the R machine. It's more pragmatic and Bernie has shown that to be more effective.
  8. I disagree about Jurassic Park. Books always give more details and insight but JP is such a perfect blockbuster. The sound and the music of that movie was so great. Effects were such a leap forward.
  9. My first job was bagging groceries at Smith's Food and Drug. Second job was fluffer.
  10. Fun fact They say Lee Majors lived in the house across the street from me a while back. Unrelated: same house was reportedly the site of many a porn video in the 80s.
  11. I think this guy here has an interesting perspective. He points out some realities of the situation and believes we don't have to deal with any near future hardships if we stay the course.
  12. I think halfman is right in that there are other strategies to be considered in certain states when voting for president but I think that Bernie learned something from the Nader years. Libertarians would do better to bring the Republican pary to them, as Bernie has done with the Dems and left.
  13. Not pulling out of @halfmanhalfbronco's mom was the best mistake I ever made. So proud of that young man.
  14. "We use questions like 'how much do you like fried chicken' to determine your race and then apply that information to other race science to determine your thoughts about Trump and shit"
  15. Okay. I'm not defending the strawman that Trump was supposed to start a bunch of wars. I just don't think it's wise to spike the football on your own 25.
  16. Kept that little quote right in your front pocket all this time. Nice.