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  1. There's a problem with this. Supergroups all suck.
  2. I thought you guys were into Trump because he wasn't a typical politician, yet you, and him, excuse his behaviors time and time again as being typical.
  3. I used to feel this way, vote my conscience and principles in the general, but I think I've learned that's just how it works anymore. It sounds good, it's idealist, but in the end it's just not how the system works. I voted third party my whole life until I held my nose and voted for Hillary. Never voted for Obama, never voted for Bill, convinced my mom to vote Perot because I was too young to vote, lol. The fact is Trump or one of these Dems is going to be president. The libertarian will not. Bernie was right to run as a dem. He recognized the only way to effectively campaign was to move the Dem party toward him instead of compete against it. So help move the Republican party toward libertarian ideals in primaries. The general candidates will always have to compromise, and as a voter, so will you if you want your vote to mean anything.
  4. Top o my head Jimi Tom Morello Frusciante Page Les Paul Chet Atkins Eddie VH Honorable Mention SRV - just a little too much Jimi in him to give him full credit and Clapton is boring and has no personal sound or style. Come get it. Don't give a shit about Eric Johnsons and Steve Vais and all those dudes. Terrible unlistenable music.
  5. Biden seems to be the only one that maybe pulls votes from Trump. Send like some Republicans will break ranks in that case. Not so much the other candidates.
  6. You are one of my favorite posters. This board would be lesser without you.
  7. I just don't get how it's not politically viable to throw all the money we can at these first responders. Who is against the first repsonders?
  8. Please tell me the lessons he learned that would help him lead a nation from losing his daddy's money on mail order steaks, bankrupting a casino, and running a fraudulent business "school"?
  9. That's a rad field of expertise. Congrats on the new gig.
  10. #1. You pretty much describe Trump in most of that. #2. Nah, you don't get it. I didn't say she would be a good president or that I wanted her to be president. I said conditions are ripening for her or someone like her to be president. That should worry us all.
  11. They're right to be. Socialist ideas gains traction when people feel the game is rigged and upward mobility is stifled. If that feeling keeps progressing she's going to be president.