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  1. Dang, just when I thought Wyoming had a chance to go blue this year your wife went and done this.
  2. No, it is not the job of the defense to do the prosecutors job but this also is not a real trial and only lightly resembles any real court proceeding. The judge doesn't do anything about admitting evidence, issuing rules or subpoenas and the "trial" is literally run by the defense. An actual court would also allow new witnesses or evidence deemed relevant to the truth to be brought forth after initial discovery. The case was made well enough to convince you he did it right? You've said what he did was impeachable. The senate also has the power to do the right thing independent of the house. I'm not going to let them off the hook for that because they can win the case in my brain on procedural grounds.
  3. SDSU duh My little heart still tells me USU is second best at the end of the day Next tier in rebs, donks, fudgepack and rammies, Lobos Fresno Wyo, sj
  4. His man is open for three a lot.
  5. Hardy trying to keep rebs in it
  6. I don't give two craps about Hillary or Obama.
  7. Conversely if we let you shoot threes we won't be able to keep up.
  8. We can't beat them shooting threes but we might if it's a gritty two's contest. Need Blair, Bryce and Donnie to get going there. No open threes for Reno.
  9. I blame google and apple for this. People come here and their dumbass phone says Paradise when they are on the strip for Weather purposes. So dumb. I met somebody that was new to town and they said they lived in Winchester. I was like...
  10. The worker guy says they'll bring the grass field in on Friday nights to get it acclimated. Uhh....no. Unless they coordinate home and away games with UNLV.
  11. I'm pretty sure the whole point of most organized religion is to tell you how god works.
  12. There's so much dumb in this tweet my chest hurts.
  13. You're right to be critical and disappointed of the politics involved during impeachment and the lack of process to do things the right way to get this done. I sincerely hope you'll be as critical of the Senate "trial" and it's various actors. The Senate has every opportunity to find the truth and to subpeona. They are choosing to cut politically convenient corners despite the fact that Trump abused power (obstruction of Congress...meh). The case wasn't perfect, sure, but was made well enough to convince us all in our hearts of hearts to the point our only defense remaining is just to be willfully obtuse. The acquittal and subsequent repercussions will be the fault of the Senate to put on their big boy pants and do the right thing as much or even more than the House. There are two big balls being dropped here. Don't let the Republicans off the hook you hung the Dems on. Give em hell.
  14. So your point is he was a college basketball coach who really helped a lot of troubled kids but wasn't Mother Teresa? Okay then. By the way, Reno by 8 to 10 to tonight but we win in Vegas, twice if need be.