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  1. I don't think this is the touche moment you are looking for. He's explaining how black people, not all people, not white people, should navigate a police encounter so they don't get the shit beat out of them, sometimes for offenses like jumping a turnstile.
  2. I acknowledge that the vast majority of police encounters are without incident, however only talking about the use of lethal force is a most incomplete way to understand the effects of police misconduct. All the times people are punched, kicked, pulled over, have guns pulled on them, doors kicked in, houses upended....those don't become statistics in most cases.
  3. And you would agree that's idiotic, incorrect and highly destructive, so why paint black people or even the entire BLM movement with the same logic?
  4. Firstly, I do not lump brutal, defective cops with all cops, so miss me with that. Secondly, cops are not a race of people. They are part of an organization that's entrusted to enforce the laws. Their organization can be criticized differently from race issues.
  5. So why say "black lives" if you're talking about one guy? I honestly do not believe you mean to say all black people are like this guy, but your wording certainly leads that way.
  6. yes, it all seems too unbelievable to think there could be some doctor, rogue or directed, handing out hysterectomies as some form of immigration deterrent or population control, but let's play a game while we're here. If Stephen Miller or any Trump admin higher up was found to be involved in this apparent crime against humanity, what percentage of Trumpers would bail on him?
  7. My favorite is when they supply a link to a news source and then tell you the media is not talking about this in the same post.
  8. What do you mean when you say black lives matter in this context?
  9. The problem is not that Trump or anyone else would alter the laws or the constitution to make fascism or despotism legal, it's that he can do whatever he wants as long as the populace and the other branches of government revere him more than the institutions.
  10. "Blue voodoo is a super duper dumbass and everybody knows it." - Thomas Jefferson
  11. The stupidity here is truly heartbreaking. The internet has made everyone believe they are woke and wise. It's ruining everything. I hate how there are kids here spewing the dogma as well. Just gross.
  12. yes but to be fair I'd trade out both candidates for probably 10-20 MW board members.
  13. Joe Rogan is sooo overrated. His mind is too open and he's really not that smart. He relates everything to weed and MMA and he's boring, although his format and demeanor does allow his guests to be informative and interesting.
  14. These reactions are not born of careful reasoning. We're well beyond weighing of the facts, in pretty much everything, even if they're recorded for us to hear and see for ourselves. It's our own doing, and our leadership is ready and willing to make it worse and exploit it. There is no truth, no law, no science, no reverence, no faith, no hope. Only fear and anxiety.
  15. Tell your boy to stop spreading lies about ballots and elections then.
  16. https://www.quora.com/What-is-in-the-other-98-of-two-percent-milk#:~:text=The other 98 percent is,fat (cream%2C essentially).
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