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  1. He said in a post game interview that he is considering it, actually.
  2. I can't tell you that Dave Rice will coach a team to its potential however I think it would be fair to say UNLV teams look a lot better against a zone than they used to. I think he's improved as a coach in that specific regard.
  3. OMG. Like that's four people and all.
  4. Rice is fully on board with Howland's recruiting philosophy and that philosophy is what got kids like Bennet and Vaughn. UNLV hires Howland and I think there's a good chance UNLV can keep its team mostly together.
  5. I think if Rice is fired UNLV and boosters will pony up the money and get a real coach. The economy is improving and its obvious to everyone we can't do this on the cheap anymore.
  6. Whether or not Rice makes excuses to the fans before the season starts is silly and has nothing to do with anything. There are still reasons why this team has problems. Youth is one of them. "Rice is a crappy coach" may be another, but in any case Rice has said repeatedly that he takes full responsibility for the make-up of this team and that he was hitting the "reset" button. Sounds to me like he's saying it might get worse before it gets better. Will it get better? Time will tell. I believe it will but I also believe UNLV can get a much better head coach.
  7. Facts...of the twenty youngest teams in D1, six have wining records. UNLV is one of them. Uconn, Michigan and Florida are struggling with young teams and elite coaches. Youth is a viable reason for a down year. I'm not defending other years. Rice can go. I'm okay with that. I'm just not okay with saying we can't use youth as part of the reason why UNLV is struggling this year.
  8. UNLV's roster is overrated by many because of arbitrary rankings and hype. Dwayne Morgan was ranked very high. He's very raw. Goodluck is pretty raw. There is one team/program in the country that gets its done consistently with youth and that's Kentucky. Dwayne Morgan would barely see garbage time at Kentucky. Goodluck would get 3-4 minutes a game, maybe. UNLV's roster is light years behind Kentucky's.
  9. Yes, those guys are in a different class than Dave Rice. That speaks to the point of ph90702. Elite coaches have terrible records this year with their young teams.
  10. Your return to mediocrity is on the horizon, SDSU. UNLV and UNM hire long term assistants and you have a long term assistant as your coach in waiting. The old "big 3" of the MWC could be going by the wayside.
  11. Ok. Would you rather have a forced/contested shot by Vaughn or an open look by Cornish?
  12. Wasn't there a video shot from an a/c vent of him holding a practice before the official start of the season?
  13. Chris Wood is the huge X-factor this year. If he fully commits to being a "big", there is decent potential to win the conference and maybe a couple games in the NCAA's. The team is growing up and getting better game by game.
  14. BDJ absolutely killed it last night at ISU, against a ranked Arkansas team, with Musburger on the call and 20 something NBA scouts in attendance. Last night wasn't his only good game either this year. BDJ right now would be first team all Big-12. If Bryce continues to behave himself and play like this, it could be a key nail in Rice's coffin.
  15. The greatest thing ever would be to get Hoiberg to UNLV. Seriously. Not just because he's a great coach but also because those ISU fans are literally so butt-hurt over losing Vaughn and so proud of themselves for taming BDJ so far (wait untill they lose a few games). Their heads would literally explode. If you want a good laugh, go to cyclonefanatic.com and see how obsessed they are with UNLV and how proud they are of their ok program. They think UNLV plays in front of 3k people in a rec center. Their board reminds me of lobolair in the Alford era but way worse. They just don't understand why every recruit isn't beating down their door. After all, they are in Ames, Iowa and play in front of 12k a night! Nobody else in the country is that lucky!
  16. He's been playing very well all year so far. He's a really good college player but we'll see if he can keep his composure if the Cyclones start dropping a few games. I sure wish Rice could have gotten through to him.
  17. I think if things continue like this I think this will be Rice's last season. UNLV basketball is in a dark place right now. These recent results are just too much along with the fact that the team has only gotten worse every year. It's just hard to argue against those things. The real question is whether or not UNLV will get a real, top level coach or someone on the cheap. There are plenty of high level coaches that would want the job but they come with a price tag. The thing that scares me is that UNLV wasn't willing to pay Kruger. Might just have to take that chance on Theus. He'd take the job for cheaper than it would take to get Jay Wright or some of the other more prominent names that came up during the USF/Dave Rice courtship but then UNLV would just be settling again.
  18. Does everyone see what we have to deal with at Sam Boyd Stadium when HI comes to town? Its like our own little Raiders/Chargers game.
  19. Yes. But if UNLV wins we get that weird screwdriver thing with the astroturf on it.
  20. I think one could say associating a trivial football game with the sacrifices of combat veterans, maybe even the actual blood of the fallen, is extremely disrespectful.
  21. So who, specifically, are the racists that won't hire Theus? Name names.
  22. I don't give UNLV much of a chance to win this year either but the Rebels have won at the PIt in 2010, 2011 and 2007. They lost in OT in 2009.
  23. Is it two or three wins for UNLV at the Pit in the last five years or so?