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  1. I'm totally patient right now. I'm not taking anything seriously or putting too much thought into it. Marvin Menzies pretty much dominated the WAC the last 4-5 years. If he can recruit decent players to Vegas, I see no reason why he cannot compete for MW championships in a few years. We can suck ballz next year as well and I still won't be on his case. I'm looking at years three and four to stater having fun again and I still don't expect the sky.
  2. I thought you guys liked market based solutions. No? I'm voting with my feet/wallet like your boy Reagan advocated. Twitter is a business and I can choose to support it or not. Donnie can sell his shit to another audience that wants to pay for it. Stopping him from speaking...preposterous!
  3. You very well could be correct.
  4. So back to Twitter... What if all the dims and libtards boycotted Twitter until the oompa loompa in chief had his account suspended? A dangerous precedent for sure, but it seems like we could be heading toward these types of things.
  5. I do not understand. Why would Lockheed be thrilled with less money? How did Trump drive down the price? Did he get their supplier's to lower costs somehow? Lockheed Martin credited President Donald Trump for helping to "accelerate negotiations" and "drive down the price" of what is already the most expensive weapons program in history. Later the article says... The Pentagon has worked with Lockheed Martin to bring the costs down since the program was restructured in 2011. And indications are that the program was already on target for cost reductions through 2019. So is Trump getting credit for something that was set in motion before him?
  6. Dodd-Frank turned my industry, real estate appraisal, upside down and we've just recently found some stability after a painful adjustment period. I'm a little fearful of the unknown right now. The "good news" for me is that Dodd-Frank basically allowed the banks to turn the appraisal process into something that generates money for them instead of costs them money, so hopefully they like that and we can just keep status quo.
  7. "A rising tide lifts all boats"
  8. I never thought of that but I guess it could technically happen. Start buying stock in WhatsApp!
  9. Nice not so humble brag but a 32 will get you into better colleges than Boise, by the way.
  10. They do get ranked but we all know once we get past the ones that are P5 and Boise worthy, they all tend to get lumped together a bit more than the skill position guys. No one at Scout is sitting watching hours of film on every 2nd tier lineman in HS so they can parse things a bit better, but they can flip through some stats on a WR or RB and make a quick determination. Anyway, don't you think it's kind of beneath you to pick on lowly UNLV football? Go talk smack with San Diego State or Wyoming or Air Force.
  11. Maybe... The recruiting class was not heavily focused on skill position players. The "ratings" may not be very telling.
  12. Can UNLV just get a loan for the rest? It would be awesome if it was just called Rebel Field/Stadium. None of that Wisepies b.s.
  13. What I don't understand is what Mark Davis gets out of all this. People are saying Las Vegas got played but to the benefit of whom? It appears to me that Mr. Davis thought he could manipulate Clark County, Shelson Adelson and Goldman Sachs. 1 out of 3 is good in baseball anyway. Maybe he should buy the A's. It just seems to me that Davis was way out of his league. Maybe I'm wrong and he comes over the top and gets it all done his way. We will see in the next few months, I guess.
  14. In my opinion, it's hard to say what would be best for UNLV football in the end. Las Vegas, and UNLV to an extent, are quite unique. Maybe the best thing for UNLV, specifically, is for them to play in a top-tier NFL stadium. Maybe that attracts more recruits and Las Vegans, rather than a more built-up and established collegiate atmosphere.
  15. No matter what happens in this scenario, it's good news for UNLV.
  16. Yeah, I'm not sure I know what to say about this. UNLV gonna UNLV, I guess.
  17. Obviously, this seems ridiculous. Do you have thoughts on how to fix this, while still protecting the rights of patients to seek appropriate damages in cases that are warranted?
  18. Here is some interesting discussion about how our current health care system was really "born". https://np.reddit.com/r/AdviceAnimals/comments/5pwj8g/as_long_as_insurance_companies_are_involved_aetna/dcvg53f/?context=3
  19. Of course all teachers wouldn't universally be the best and brightest, but maybe the profession could be more competitive with other "best and brightest" fields. Not all doctors are "the best". And to your point about not being able to pay them, I say where there's a will, there's a way. We just have no will.
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