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  1. Ivanka got the child tax credit passed? She's a legislator?
  2. It's all just a game to him. The libs have to lose.
  3. Lisel loved Rolf. The heart wants what the heart wants.
  4. I'm betting on "The poor people are coming to your neighborhood. You've worked so hard to never see them again and it will be all for naught if sleepy joe and kumbaya harness are elected. Your grandbabies will be mullatos." Direct quote.
  5. One of the biggest indictments of cops in all of this right now is that they basically sanctioned this. This kid and his associates were known to the cops, were illegally present there as they were breaking curfew and the one kid claims the cops said they would push the antifas toward the fat kid militia to "deal with". These kids were informally deputized as an extrajudicial force as someone else put it.
  6. he said, all the while deflecting away from the policies, laws, and norms of American decency the president and his family/admin/businesspartners decided don't apply to them because Trumpers care more about Trump than those other things I mentioned that are actually the real thing that makes America great.
  7. There's myriad what-ifs, imaginable and unimaginable, that would have been caused by a successful secession. Is arguing a conclusion based on that many assumptions even worth it?
  8. he's trying to get the libs that want to secede to reconcile their desires with calling the southerners traitors.
  9. Listen, lady, you don't make the decisions here. Let me speak to your MANager.
  10. Okay I'll take your word for it. All I saw was old SD dude agreeing with blues and jackmormon calling Bundy a deadbeat on the first page. I know I thought Bundy was/is a dick head.
  11. How were the liberals defending Bundy?
  12. I liked the way Bernie spoke to corporate power and several other things, but when I saw who found comfort in Bernie and who was pushing him forward, and who he was afraid to piss off, I took a step back and questioned if this was really my bag, baby, and it wasn't. What movement or group would I be some part of, with or without his top down leadership or tacit approval of? Do I want to be on this "side"?
  13. This is from a few years ago when I lived in NY but here's an old atm receipt of mine I just found you broke azz jokers.
  14. Idle hands and ever reducing hope for the future are really a bad recipe.
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