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  1. What qualifies as socialist and what qualifies as capitalist? We have a crap ton of social programs and spending in the US. Our industries receive government subsidies. Which one are we? There are a lot of people that have mass migrated to germany, scandinavia, etc.
  2. Calling upset. Wyo gets a win.
  3. Then Trump will win. We'll have Clinton syndrome all over again. Nobody is excited to go vote for Bloomberg.
  4. I used to count the days until the next game. I know a lot of us did. Going to the games was starting to feel a little tiny bit like an obligation. Just a tiny bit but it was there. So glad to have a little fun again. Really had my fingers crossed we would beat SD and get energy back in the building for every game but I think we'll get there soon if our guys just keep showing they will play hard. Getting a little more excited for the tournament again too.
  5. I don't know. Not really looking to argue specific policies. In fact that was the opposite of what I was hoping to get across. Was making a really big picture observation about the political climate. Bernie and Trump appeal to those that want to fight the establishment, be it corporate America or deep state agents or liberal elites. So why are we, as a nation, buying what these guys are selling?
  6. We're far ahead of what I thought this season would be. At the current trajectory it's not laughable that we could win the mw tournament and play in the NCAAs. That was never in my thoughts as being possible at the start of the season. I'm not going to kvetch about the OOC record. Some woulda shoulda coulda losses but those look like stepping stones to getting over the hump and I'm glad to see them. That and we've got a budding mw poy.
  7. It's almost like Nancy knew about things in the pipeline and acted accordingly? Or maybe this thing and the stuff that came out on the around the start of the trial were just lucky timing.
  8. Bernie and Trump are both populists that appeal to those looking to upend the establishment and status quo. Sure it's easy to look at differences in policies, but maybe historians will look back and view these guys as two sides of the same coin. We all need to pay more attention to this "coin" and figure out what it means for us all.
  9. So instead of riding off into the sunset, literally on a paddle board, in San Diego, he takes a demotion and a pay cut in ABQ. I love me some green chile but wtf?
  10. He's just a sociopath. He cons people because he can behave normally in self-serving deceit and without conscience. It's simply natural to him. Most people can't even understand or comprehend it so they can mistake it for ability. He's just a dumb sociopath. https://www.cnn.com/videos/business/2020/01/23/trump-elon-musk-davos-orig.cnn-business/video/playlists/business-davos/
  11. A win here would have been so much more than one game or even a rivalry win. Beating an undefeated top 5 team would have restored a wave of faith and attendance would have climbed. Missed opportunity but little by little the program is coming back.
  12. There were dumb f*cks in the Mack chanting "overrated". Embarrassing. SDSU just too good with too many answers. We gave it all we had. Good news is I think we're as good now as anyone else in the conference except the Aztecs. Might have some fun in the tournament. Who knows.
  13. They already made their excuse why they won't. Schiff was "rude".
  14. I don't. I was just musing that i wouldn't want Bernie completely unchecked.