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  1. Wow, had no idea. Thanks for letting us know.
  2. There are quite a few people who are intersex, with ambiguous genitals. In any case, this is not meant to solve any real problem but to once again, make a thinly veiled political statement to his base and those that swear up an down they didn't vote for him and are not Republicans but are on his nuts all day every day.
  3. Con man Trump conning you out of your vote by selling you a Brooklyn bridge of a "major tax cut" that they "will be putting in" by November 1st. Sounds very desperate.
  4. What is the middle distribution of men. Like the middle distribution of all men total, or all male athletes in that sport? Since we've got some golf and tennis hypotheticals going on here, I'll give you some real stories. I was a pretty good at tennis in HS, like maybe top 10 in Vegas, but not good enough to play D-1. Maybe D-3 or bottom of a D-2 team. One of the instructors at a tennis camp thing I would attend from time to time attend had just graduated from a D-1 college and was on the tennis team. We played a set and I won 6-0. She cried and wouldn't talk to me afterwards. And I wa
  5. 1998: Karsten Braasch vs. the Williams sisters[edit] Another event dubbed a "Battle of the Sexes" took place during the 1998 Australian Open[52] between Karsten Braasch and the Williams sisters. Venus and Serena Williams had claimed that they could beat any male player ranked outside the world's top 200, so Braasch, then ranked 203rd, challenged them both. Braasch was described by one journalist as "a man whose training regime centered around a pack of cigarettes and more than a couple bottles of ice cold lager".[53][52] The matches took place on court number 12 in Melbourne Park,[54] afte
  6. Gawdammit I can't believe it but I'm going to admit Blue is 100% right about something. There'a just a massive chasm between men and women in most sports. Huge and insurmountable. If you're going to separate contestants by gender, "born as" can be the only criteria.
  7. True. Reno wants to be somebody and they are liking all this $ overflow from northern cal. As Reno becomes bigger and younger, an even higher percentage of the state population will be city folk, and it will be increasingly difficult for NV to be red. Although like you or somebody else mentioned, there are strong libertarian type values in NV, even in Las Vegas. People came here to do what they wanted and not pay taxes. So, who knows...
  8. And that one guy where his entire family hates him and makes an ad to prove it.
  9. Both you guys are way overthinking this. Trump and Rush are con men. They are only smart or clever in the way con men are clever. They appeal to the ego and the self. All of their schtick is explained by this.
  10. Hmmm...that sounds an awful lot like somebody who's not smart enough to get it talk.
  11. I thought you wanted corp rates lower. And I really wasn't picking on you specifically. Just making a little snotty remark but using your post to get it started.
  12. Let's just lower taxes some more so the economy grows so much we'll actually bring in more revenue than before, even with the lower tax rates.
  13. Seriously, the NV GOP dodged a bullet here. They were talking about not seating him, not letting him caucus with anybody. Basically shunning him. I went to Death valley last weekend so I drove through some Hof country and on the way home saw some billboards for "Laxalt, Hof and Heller - the winning team". I don't think Heller or Laxalt approved that message.
  14. East of Eden, Grapes of Wrath. Those are some American literature books.
  15. The problem with Catcher is that the central theme has been done to death since the time of the book and Catcher just seems quaint now. I think we've gone further and deeper in more modern cinema, etc. Kinda like Pulp Fiction. Watch it now and it's just not as groundbreaking or shocking or novel.
  16. I'd say it's still super embarrassing.
  17. Do you think the repubs will come to the table to discuss raising taxes? If we really want to eliminate the deficit it will take alterations to both incoming and outgoing.
  18. I had it explained to me like this once on what it's like to be female walking around. Not that you are unsafe in most cases, but you are almost always at least vulnerable. Half the population is bigger and stronger right off the bat. Being in a one on one situation is almost always a losing proposition. As a dude, I can cancel out pretty much all women as being a threat and, even though I'm not a tough guy by any stretch, most individual men really don't pose a threat, even with their intentions are bad. I just don't feel vulnerable in 98% of situations. But women feel vulnera
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