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  1. 11 minutes ago, thelawlorfaithful said:

    It’s more than optics though. He’s a bullshitter that purposely trolls his political opponents so effectively they lose their mind. In response Democratic leadership has given in to the resistance cult resulting in the circus we just witness. There are no adults at the wheel and it’s his job to be one of them. Trump not being able to do that is a problem, one that’s going to continue to fester and remain a problem even after we’re rid of him.

    That's the thing. I believe the Trump presidency is a symptom of broader political and societal causes but he chooses to accelerate the problem. He's exactly the opposite of the leader we need right now, despite whatever economic good or other positive thing he may be partly responsible for. Dismissing his behavior and lying as unimportant, or even worse, endorsing the nonsense, is very damaging to the country, despite a rising stock market, etc. 

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  2. One of the dumbest things about this whole Kav thing is that the senators that were on the fence are getting the worst of it from the left.   "It's their fault". No, you idiots, there were 48 other Senators that were a hard "no".  You should be more mad at them.  

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  3. 6 hours ago, modestobulldog said:

    My prediction, Trump vs. Avenatti in 2020.  Both are entertaining Alpha males. I think Trump was elected due to the many emaculated Republicans of the last couple decades who roll over instead of fight. Even the current female Republican legislators are growing a pair in the current political fight.

    I will bet you a permanent OT board ban that Avenatti is not the Dem nominee in 2020.


    1 minute ago, NWRebel said:

    Thank you.  They blocked it regionally so I can’t get it.  

    I think next time I’m going to try IPVanish and use an IP address within the game’s footprint.  I’ve never tried it.

    I downloaded the att&t app on the ipad and used a direct tv log in. Finally watching now.

  5. 1 hour ago, soupslam1 said:

    Improving the poor’s situation is better for us all in the long run and it starts with education. 

    Everything begins with education. We'd all make better decisions and choices if we were smarter and wiser as a whole. 


  6. 1 hour ago, bluerules009 said:

    If democrats who claim they are such "science people".

    Would allow the food industries to radiate their food.  That would be the end of problems like this.    Too bad all you "science people", are scared of comic book character science.

    That's "irradiate", blue 9 the science guy.

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  7. Life is pretty good right now.  We should all put things in better perspective and enjoy it more all the while helping those that need ti from the ground up and not waiting for nit to happen as much from the top down. 

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