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  1. On now, 11:40 a.m. pacific - 10/09/2018
  2. You always try to make the conversation about posters instead of the issue. And two rights don't make a wrong. You now shitty dems have nothing to do with Trump's tactics, but you are such a partisan that you must have tit for tat.
  3. I care about you and the country. What can I say? He's a bad guy and he's got half the country conned. You can detest the dems, that's more than fine, but I want you to see how you are being manipulated and how dangerous that is.
  4. I'm preparing my anus already.
  5. Nor do you appear to the same logic to Ford for some reason.
  6. More victim claiming. Such a disgusting turd.
  7. Okay, fine, then I'll use that super awesome avatar.
  8. I just hacked your home network and now possess a copy of your Convert folder as well as something called "Bernie Volunteer Stuff". Your password was "password"? C'mon bro. In any case you have 24 hours to change your avatar to a photoshopped picture of Suge Knight in a UNLV fb uniform who has a constipated hyena in a headlock or else.
  9. The narrative always is that Trump, his supporters and sometimes the entire country, are the real victims, in everything. The media, the FBI, the CIA, leftist plots, China, the EU, Canada, soon to be the IRS, you name it, all successfully victimizing the most powerful people and richest nation the world has ever seen.
  10. Yes, Kav may have to pay an unfair price, but that's not the point. The point is Trump completely turns the entire narrative to be about potentially "falsely accused men" and away from the women who have been dealing with this stuff in actuality and for practically ever.
  11. How likely is it that Ford made it all up as well? She's got pretty decent credentials, too.
  12. So she praises dictators, bangs and buys off porn stars while her wife is pregnant and or at home with an infant, apparently takes part in massive tax dodging fraud schemes, brags about grabbing pussies on introduction, stirs hatred for the media, except outlets that are nice to him, mocks the memories of women who could have been been sexually assaulted?
  13. Brett Kavanaugh, a privileged kid who attended a DC private school and Yale attending (on legacy), who was groomed to become a Supreme Court Justice and succeeded in doing so, is the real victim along with all of you, who are at any moment on the verge of being accused of sexual harassment. Be afraid. This is what he does, people. This is how he makes you feel. This is his main tactic.
  14. Which high profile democrat behaves worse than Trump?
  15. They know. They just like what they hear.
  16. That's the thing. I believe the Trump presidency is a symptom of broader political and societal causes but he chooses to accelerate the problem. He's exactly the opposite of the leader we need right now, despite whatever economic good or other positive thing he may be partly responsible for. Dismissing his behavior and lying as unimportant, or even worse, endorsing the nonsense, is very damaging to the country, despite a rising stock market, etc.
  17. One of the dumbest things about this whole Kav thing is that the senators that were on the fence are getting the worst of it from the left. "It's their fault". No, you idiots, there were 48 other Senators that were a hard "no". You should be more mad at them.
  18. I will bet you a permanent OT board ban that Avenatti is not the Dem nominee in 2020.
  19. Totally. It used to be famous, now it's in-famous.
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