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  1. I was talking about the victim game. He fools them into thinking they and he are the real victims no matter what happens. But off the top of my head, the lower taxes thing...we regular joes were thrown a $20/month bone so he and his fellow elites could save millions and billions, while massively increasing the deficit. So yeah, they were fooled on that one. They were also fooled by the NK thing and the Mexican paid wall. Just off the top of my head.
  2. cease and desist letters are coming.
  3. Thanks for watching. This came out this morning. Turns out nobody changes their mind.
  4. Any of you watch this? It was enlightening. Frum landed one really good punch but overall I say Bannon won the debate if we're focusing only on the posit that populism will be a dominant, at least semi-enduring movement. He's got me thinking it just might. You boners should take a break from throwing rocks at each other and watch it.
  5. Big picture stuff. David Frum is debating Steve Bannon. Throughout the Western world, politics is undergoing a sea-change. Long-held notions of the role of government, trade and economic policy, foreign policy and immigration are being challenged by populist thinkers and movements. Does this surging populist agenda in Western nations signal a permanent shift in our politics? Or, is it passing phenomenon that will remain at the fringes of society and political power? Will our politics continue to be shaped by the post-war consensus on trade, inclusive national identity and globaliz
  6. Oh, wait. he told Lawlor to eat shit and die?
  7. @Rocket Trust me. Mug let's all kinds of stupid stuff get said on this site from all sides.
  8. I've said before Trump is con-man smart but I don't think the strategy is all that deep. It's painfully obvious and it only needs to be smart enough to fool about 45% of us.
  9. His main concern would be "how do I consider myself and followers to be the real victims of this". He sent KellyAnn out there to claim that all people of faith were the victims. This sets to minimize the whole Jew thing and it allows many Republicans be the victims. And then of course the shooter messed up the Republican momentum.
  10. That's because you're not insane or a fascist and you've read Animal Farm.
  11. Awesome legal advice. How do you guys not realize you're on the wrong side of history on this whole Trump thing? It's really puzzling.
  12. Totally the dems fault for republican tactics. If the dems aren't going to be the big boys and do the right thing nobody will. I agree. You don't blame the 3 year old for acing out you hold the parents responsible.
  13. I'll get you one if you want one that bad.
  14. Trump is technically a symptom, but he's also weakening the patient and accelerating the advancement of the disease.
  15. Trump = Don Lemon. If we started a thread and got outraged for every time someone said dumb shit like this on Fox, Mug would have to upgrade his server data caps. Don Lemon is dumb. You could have made your point by just showing us the Don Lemon clip and saying those types of words are bad, but you chose to make it about liberals being hypocrites. You appear to care defeating the libs instead of the words being said, because if you cared about the words, you'd have to reject Donald and admit you support such behavior and rhetoric. Instead it looks like you just want everyone
  16. This is not about Trump being anti-semetic. I'll spell some of it out for you. By saying this was an attack on people of faith, he makes a claim of victimhood for his Christian supporters. And who is more secular than conservatives? That's right, liberals. Conservatives are now the victims here and liberals are kind of on the other side. Trump is a staunch ally of Israel because Adelson has given 100+ million to Republicans in the midterms alone, but that's another topic.
  17. So team Trump is trying to spin this as an attack on people of faith, not necessarily Jews. I'll let you figure out why. Trump has to go. Republicans, get another Republican. Do the right thing.
  18. This is one hell of a desperate move. Repub internal poll numbers must be frightening.
  19. I was, or at least that's what he called me.
  20. Are you ever concerned that they may determine what you want to say to be hate speech or otherwise unacceptable in some way.
  21. Owning shitlibs and turning back the clock to a time where the world was more economically and culturally tilted in their favor.
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