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  1. There are some valid opinions against early voting. I'll let you google them if you're interested.
  2. We had a good run but back to Gibbons era crap.
  3. This is what I find interesting. If Adam Laxalt loses will he high-tail it back to Virginia, his home?
  4. I live next door to a state dem insider. He says things look good if the firewall gets to 60k. That's all they're looking at.
  5. Always been the best democracy money can buy.
  6. I'm right there with the RHS coach. I don't think big time Catholic school fb is in the mold of Jesus Christ. To be fair, not much of the Catholic church or the Vatican is very Christ-like, either. They may tell you that they're spending money to make money, or spread the word, but at some point it becomes self-serving horseshit and I think we've passed that long ago with Gorman, Manogue, etc.
  7. I'd like to see it. Link? was it on RGJ?
  8. Really? about question 3. It passed like 72% first go around. Seems like that initial momentum would be huge and insurmountable.
  9. Blue wave looks likely in Nevada. https://thenevadaindependent.com/article/predictions-for-tuesday
  10. That wasn't the point but if you insist... "The discrepancy did not involve Detroit's recording more votes than registered voters, but rather precinct poll workers miscounting the number of people who voted." The point was you've got to be super dumb to just take the word of someone that offers "many people are saying" "and in my opinion" as proof of a claims.
  11. That's an amazingly bad thing to hope for. Morally, ethically and legally. They can be detained and processed. We don't have to slaughter human beings for a non-violent misdemeanor.
  12. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2018/11/bannon-frum-munk-debate-what-really-happened/574867/?utm_source=twb Illiberals and anti-liberals, on the other hand, appreciate the dark energy of human irrationality—not merely as a fact of our nature to be negotiated, but as a potent political resource. People do not think; they feel. They do not believe what is true; they regard as true that which they wish to believe. A lie that affirms us will gain more credence than a truth that challenges us. That’s the foundational insight on which Trump built his business career. It’s the insight
  13. 31 million for UNLV practice facility. Stadium is almost 2 billion lol.
  14. pre-season don't count. UNLV fans are experts at pre-season accolades that don't count so don't try me.
  15. Air Force didn't punt until the 4th quarter. You suck Fresno.
  16. This should have been the original post.
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