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  1. Good. Us caring about the streak is like Reno hanging CBI participation banners.
  2. I always thought it sounded creepy and un-American. Homeland, Motherland, Fatherland...
  3. Gilliam is getting better. Yeah, Rogers runs really well but his throws terribly. Gilliam has always been the more talented passer however he's very mistake prone and green. Last night, Gilliam looked a lot more poised and made passes I'm not sure Rogers makes. Something to think about.
  4. He has a fancy all weather bullet proof super car that surely keeps the rain out.
  5. SDSU always has that WTF game each year. We were the lucky ones in 2018. Make no mistake, UNLV is not hitting any stride. Hawaii and Reno are going to pants us.
  6. Weird night in UNLV sports.
  7. Happy for the players, unhappy for the program. Fire Sanchez.
  8. Dear god if SDSU wins this will be the most UNLV thing of all time.
  9. The Rebels are not good. I'm not just saying that because of the bad loss. They just don't have enough good players. Plain and simple. This year will be dark.
  10. You're on the right track but switch this part. Soon, corporations will become "nations".
  11. No worries. The FBI is responsible to the Attorney General. He'll get this sorted out right away.
  12. They better not screw up the Mueller movie. It has the potential to be an all-timer.
  13. On Bill Maher last week there was a reporter from Axios. He was talking about how the president traditionally tries to turn down the heat, calm things down. He asked Trump about why he does the opposite and Trump basically said because that's what his people want. They love it.
  14. I agree with everything you said after "identity politics" however identity politics are at the heart of everything both sides do. The left is just more obvious about it.
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