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  1. The president spends all day every day inflaming the culture war. This is Trump's America. He is incapable of being any part of a solution to this.
  2. So I saw videos of Trump flag waving antagonists in pickup trucks shooting people with paint guns and spraying mace in Portland last night. Where are the Biden signs and flags?
  3. Dude, can we just agree that police work is incredibly difficult and dangerous and risky however also agree that those facts don't give them total authority to murder or beat the shit out of people because they got frustrated or nervous?
  4. Are you talking about "racism" as in the the ability to suppress and oppress through the means of government, institutions and a dominant culture or are you just talking about boorish behavior, like SDSUfan spoke of?
  5. New Yorkers are the worst. They all think we should be very impressed by them.
  6. Las friggin Vegas wouldn't give the president of the United States a gaming license. Think about that.
  7. Well, the left showed some restraint in rejecting Bernie when it started getting real.
  8. I've said before the only ones that can save us from the ugliness of Trumpism are people on the right. Likewise the sane people on the left have to stand against this. It's leads down a very dark path.
  9. This is great. Nice move, Chrissy.
  10. The old normal is definitely getting crushed, but these times have shown companies that there workers can be anywhere, especially in cheaper COL cities like LV compared to LA, which is a stone's throw away. Maybe there's some possibilities for Vegas coming out of this that some other cities aren't as well suited for. I mentioned this a week or so ago, but there seems to be more and more people living in LV and working part time in LA, be they actors, artists, etc. They just want a decent house but they can maintain their social and work networks.
  11. MGM is laying off 18k on Monday. 18k! That's over 50% of Laramie. But I'm sure the new Mega-lo-Mart that probably eliminated a bunch of small businesses will more than make up for it.
  12. The founding fathers and the constitution are super duper elitist. Trump and the Kushners are elite AF. Why do you hate America?
  13. Lawlessness by cops begats lawlessness and people have had enough.
  14. Like having the worst economy and covid response of first world nations.
  15. Covid happened in every country but their bounce back is better. Sorry, but what you "thought the economy" should be is not an actual benchmark worthy of consideration.
  16. I can't fathom how they're are still undecideds. Just does not compute.
  17. That green dress was asking for it.
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