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  1. You can only taunt and poke so much. Trump just might find out where the line is real soon. It's getting hot, we've got the virus, the election, the economic damage, the general abnormalcy. The system can only hold so much pressure. 

    The next line in that Headley quote is something to the effect of "you haven't even seen police brutality yet". This is one of the worst things he could have said in this situation. 

    It might be getting to pay the Piper for all the hand wringing and appeasement of this guy.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Nevada Convert said:

    This New England Journal of Medicine article is 2 months old, but pretty interesting that they state wearing a mask in public is pretty much useless. 


    We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection. Public health authorities define a significant exposure to Covid-19 as face-to-face contact within 6 feet with a patient with symptomatic Covid-19 that is sustained for at least a few minutes (and some say more than 10 minutes or even 30 minutes). The chance of catching Covid-19 from a passing interaction in a public space is therefore minimal. In many cases, the desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxiety over the pandemic.




  3. He really needs an editor or maybe just a smarter teenager to proofread for him. This paragraph is super awkward. 



    I know Wolf Pack fans scrunch their nose when they see the name "David Carter" given the success on either side of his tenure, and I'm not saying Alford's time with the Wolf Pack will be similar to Carter's in the final evaluation. This isn't supposed to be a predictive column. But the first 13 months of both tenures have been identical, with both having to rebuild a roster on the fly. Carter squeezed one excellent season out (the 2011-12 campaign) before ultimately failing following the move to the Mountain West. The long-term prospects under Alford certainly look much rosier given his history. But the 2020-21 season looks like it could be a rough one unless Alford can work some magic.


    He graduated from Douglas High School in 2000 before earning his bachelor’s (2004) and master’s degrees (2007) in journalism from the University of Nevada, Reno.



  4. 8 minutes ago, happycamper said:

    I mean... you're not a MWC sports fan

    Byu is the rebellious child that left home because pa doesn't understand it's path but ma still sends it secret care packages. From time to time she looks out the kitchen window just for a second because maybe byu is walking up the driveway.

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  5. 45 minutes ago, #1Stunner said:

    Well, I keep talking about an idea (Free Speech on Social Media), and for some reason this gets translated by you and others as "Donald Trump Supporter".  Teams and Shit.


    If you are ever on the same side of an issue as Trump (I'm about 50-50 with policies between Democrats and Republicans) it apparently triggers people.

    Trump Boners are a powerful thing, it looks like.


  6. 2 minutes ago, #1Stunner said:

    I'm in favor of regulating private companies.

    I'm more comfortable about private companies barring access or censoring, if they aren't a monopoly. 

    But as Elizabeth Warren has correctly pointed out, Facebook Youtube and Twitter are virtual monopolies in their space, and if they bar access, they are effectively barring speech.  So there is no alternative forum to speak out in than those monopolies.





    Again, Twitter criticized the president, not censored him.

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