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  1. 3 hours ago, Lester_in_reno said:

    Apparently when I was sick in November it was the 'Rona.

    Our blood bank tested my last whole blood  donation and they want me to go back in 1 month and give up some of my magic plasma ! yippie,  I'm helping society!


    Good news! A supplemental antibody test was performed – it indicates you have COVID-19 antibodies in your blood plasma and may be eligible to donate convalescent plasma.  
    There is currently an emergency need for more plasma donations. You can help. With each plasma donation, you can be part of the COVID Rescue Team and potentially help up to four patients battling the disease.
    Will you join the COVID Rescue Team? Please follow the steps below.
    1. Review the standard blood donation eligibility requirements here. There is more detailed eligibility information available here. Please carefully review this information, as the FDA has certain requirements to donate blood products.
    2. Schedule an appointment online. When scheduling, choose a COVID-19 Plasma appointment type. Online scheduling allows you to view the various locations where you can donate and pick the day and time that best suits you. If you can’t find a plasma appointment online or are having trouble scheduling, call 866-CV-PLSMA (866-287-5762).
    3. Note: Eligibility is determined on the day of donation. If you've recently donated whole blood, please wait 30 days before donating plasma.

    it's about time.

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  2. 4 hours ago, ph90702 said:

    Where in the constitution does it say that the president can make the law?  Or use executive orders to avoid going through Congress to pass legislation?

    Policy and laws are different things.

    One may want the legislature to more narrowly define laws to restrict the possibilities of the policies, but that's not the same thing as getting around congress and violating the constitution. 


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  3. 14 hours ago, NVGiant said:

    Just saw that Kyle Kimoto, an infamous fraudster who I went to high school with, was one of those whose sentence was commuted. Thought he was a slimy dude in HS, too. Good deal to get out 17 years early.

    Was his dad a teacher at Rancho? We had a coach Kimoto. 

    Anyways, yeah, Jewel called Ivanka to get this guy out I guess. Honestly, I don't know if he was serving more time than what was fair but ever notice how Trump pardons  lot of fraudsters?

  4. 2 hours ago, halfmanhalfbronco said:

    Space force is cool.  

    NASA needs to split into two groups.  One for earth science, one for exploration.  And they each should have quadruple the budget all of NASA has right now.


    Nasa is a very minor national program in terms of spending. I know you know. This is for the people in the back.

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  5. 32 minutes ago, NorCalCoug said:

    I didn’t vote for Trump in 2020 but I’ll play along...  unlike most of the local board leftists, I would never wish failure upon the country out of spite and unhealthy pathological disdain for any single individual or president.  I more than likely won’t agree with many of his policies but I won’t litter this board with garbage post after post and there won’t be any need for a separate Biden sub forum.  Most importantly, I won’t need mood stabilizers over the next 4 years like some here have needed the last 4. 

    We still have to find the perfect MAGA tears gif.

    maybe we can take a section of this video. :hmmm:


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