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  1. https://thenevadaindependent.com/article/gen-z-millennial-vote-organizers-hope-to-channel-youth-energy-into-historic-turnout


    Nevada’s overall early and absentee voter turnout in 2018 for ages 18-29 was 36,804. As of Thursday, with just five days until Election Day, that number was 96,498, about a 162 percent increase, according to the Democratic data firm TargetSmart. TargetSmart’s data shows that early vote turnout so far has also grown about 55 percent when compared to the 2016 presidential election.

  2. So now Tucker is saying hey let's just drop this whole Hunter Biden thing.

    Let's recap.

    Has damning documents and runs mouth.

    Learns documents were produced my a made up guy named...checks notes...Hugh Jass at Fraud Guarantee.

    Quick guys how are we going to get out of this and save face?

    I know let's say we sent the docs to somebody on a hello kitty thumb drive and just say it got lost in the mail and we didn't make a copy.

    Yes! That's a perfect airtight explanation!

    Then we'll say oh well, psyche, we made copies , duh,  because we're totally smart and I totally was joking when I didn't know how to say Ottawa, but hey anyways Hunter's cool. He just had a bad week one time. We've all been there. What evs.






  3. 53 minutes ago, Nevada Convert said:

    The Atlantic is owned by Steve Jobs’ widow, and it’s MSNBC material. It’s so obvious that it’s real and will happen again, even The NY Times wrote a story on it with Trafalgar discussed in it. 



    I was defending your trafalgar info and telling others why their "2018 Trafalgar was wrong" theory didn't apply.

    Then I tried to engage you with compelling arguments against "the polls are wrong again” but you dismissed them because steve jobs' widow is liberal I guess. Should we just do what you did and dismiss all your info because the messenger isn't on our team? 

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  4. 3 hours ago, UNLV2001 said:


    Drive out little loop of homes in Henderson NV and i don't see any signs - I see a few trump sign driving near the house and more Biden stickers on cars - Our area from congressional district down to precinct is pretty much D40 R32 NP28 - the NP's make is a swing district

    CD3 went to trump, the seat went to a dem & we had D state senate & assembly 

    So many Trump signs around legacy golf course area. Lots of Trump signs in the Sun Cities, too. Makes sense.

  5. 40 minutes ago, retrofade said:


    Lol. These people think every car they don't recognize is part of some sophisticated house casing syndicate that's creating detailed records on the comings and goings of the fine people of Shitbox Estates so one day they can don fake FedEx uniforms and break in to your garage.

    Sorry, Diane. It was just random crackheads that stole your bike.

  6. https://thenevadaindependent.com/article/the-early-voting-blog-3

    So what does this tell us? A few things:

    First, the Republicans are up in the rurals by 30,000 ballots and nearly 28 percentage points with about half the vote in. Trump won rural Nevada by nearly 58,000 votes in 2016. I have said it could be as much as 70,000 this cycle. I may have underestimated it.

    Second, in 2016, Trump won rural Nevada by 65-28. If we apply those numbers to the current turnout, he actually is up in rural Nevada by more than 40,000 votes. Indies in the rurals lean right. Might the president get above 70,000 and closer to 80,000? It's possible.

    Third, this shows just how different those 15 counties are from the urban ones. And even though the percentage margins are huge, consider: If one million voters turn out in Clark County — and this seems about right — and Biden wins Clark by 10 points (Clinton won it by almost 11), that's 100,000 votes. That easily offsets the rural win, even if it is 80,000, and that would mean Trump would need to win Washoe by 20,000 votes to have a chance. That is highly unlikely if not impossible — Clinton won Washoe by 3,000 votes and Biden may do better. He surely will not do that much worse unless something very strange is happening. (The Democrats have a 5,000-ballot lead in Washoe right now.)

    Suppose I am overestimating the Clark turnout. Suppose it is only 900,000 (unlikely). Even then, under the same scenario Biden would be in good shape unless urban indies are breaking hard for Trump.

  7. LOL at this propaganda showing Trump heading down the Strip to his "tallest" (not) building that's not even on the strip but the video is angled to look like it is.

    Also, he held a press conference so he could charge the government money for him and the secret service and his support people to stay at his own condo-tel.

    Also, the campaign event this was for was in Bullhead City, AZ. 

    Why doesn't the liberal media report about this grifting constantly!?!?!?!?!  It's not fair!!!!!

    Grift grift grift all the way home.

    Anyways, on a personal note one of the Whitehawk helicopters they use for Marine One flew right over my house a couple days ago so that was kinda cool to see.


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  8. 12 hours ago, CPslograd said:

    Wont be able to keep both Bellinger and Seager long tern.  Too much money   gotta keep Seager, he can be like Jeter for another decade.  If they let people go occasionally but keep the core, theyll be able to pick up sticks, a third starter, or bully help at the trade dealine every year.


    11 hours ago, SalinasSpartan said:

    I’m thinking they will let Seager go, as great as he was this year. But they could figure it might be better to keep Seager as he will be cheaper, so who knows. But with Buehler on deck after them for a monster deal I don’t think they can keep both.

    My friends, the LA Dodgers don't play no moneyball. 

    Music Video Pink GIF by DRAM 

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  9. 20 minutes ago, modestobulldog said:


    Oh, it's phucking outrageous, but one team is immune from prosecution.  

    How so? Last time I checked Trump was president, gop controls Senate and supreme court is majority conservative.  The #1 cable news network is the unashamed propaganda machine for the republican party 

    That fact that you think you're the underdog and the Dems and the globalists or whatever are pulling all the strings is just mind boggling.



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  10. 1 minute ago, crixus said:

    I didn't think the Dodgers would win tonight when I read that they were going with a bullpen rotation. I hoped they would of course and they just might. LA leads 2-1 after six innings. :banana:

    Lot of ball game left

  11. 14 minutes ago, soupslam1 said:

    You are so full of shit. Fox is the #1 cable news channel with an average of 4 million viewers. The highly biased CBS, ABC, and NBC news have an average combined 22 million viewers. 

    Nah, those guys aren't highly biased. But still, in your world, CNN, which receives less viewers, is the msm. You are not the victim. Trump not getting bj's on abc like be does on fox is not unfair, lol.





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