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  1. 3 hours ago, halfmanhalfbronco said:

    Popeye's is probably the best tasting fast food chain in the country.


    I don't know about that but all of a sudden we talking bout Popeye's because they made a sandwich? Like if del taco made a new burrito and the internet went all "you got to try this new offering from del taco" I mean I wouldn't worry about it too much. We're talking about ghetto Popeye's for crissakes and I got cars backing up into Sahara Ave. Wtf?

  2. Our republic is structurally and intentionally way more elitist than people realize. Jeff and those guys were high faluting and had some high learned thoughts. They got to create a new country and weren't about to let a bunch of inferiors muck it up.

    They tried anyway.

  3. 8 minutes ago, soupslam1 said:

    You think more gun laws are going to make a difference. The ones on the books aren’t even enforced. You are such an idiot. 

    Oh, soup for brains...

    I merely applauded someone else's post for coming to the table with some realities of the situation and I never said one thing about personally wanting more laws. In fact I said I didn't endorse everything halfman put forth. And shouldn't halfman be your idiot since we're really talking about his post or are you too much of a partisan worm for that? No need to answer.

    Please go eat all the dicks if you haven't already.  

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  4. On 8/20/2019 at 5:23 PM, happycamper said:

    Your insistence on simply observing and commenting on various other poster's work is reminiscent of a critic. You choose to not create. You choose to not exert unique effort. You choose to define your worth solely on the efforts and feats of others, and furthermore, to denigrate that very effort which brings the only meaning to your own posting existence. Thou art a leech.

    Your insistence on decreasing your posting is reminiscent of a sloth. You choose to contribute less to a forum which once declared you most liked. You deliberately impoverish an environment with a lack, yet expect entertainment from said environment. Thou art lazy.

    Your content is stale and shriveled. You chose a significant, clever, and inspired policy position and marketed it in an attention-grabbing way. You have since abandoned your quest and have not supported your policy despite an influx of new posters. You have simply given up on being an idea poster. Thou art boring.



    21 hours ago, thelawlorfaithful said:

    Thy objection to mine own reticence to engage is curious. You yourself have taken leave from participating in the bare knuckles arena from time to time. Tis good for the mind and soul to recharge apart from the online squabbles and mischief. But also ‘tis good for whole that one does. The young lions cannot prosper and thrive whilst the old guard reigns. Lest otherwise we become little more than a heard of braying jackasses, arguing about who trampled whom’s fodder in seasons long since past. You cannot both maintain yourself eternal as that who drives the conversation, and expect the field of fire to stay evergreen. Thou art arrogant.

    Thy remarks about criticism do hit the mark in some way, I must admit. Perhaps I’ve been too reserved in entering a fray to the detriment of all. I admit, I often feel the urge to throw off my finery and settle things as respectable men do. Alas, as has been heretofore stated, my reasons for not doing so are well founded and sensible. Yet still, the biting remarks of a critic serve their purpose. The wit serves a reminder to the young bulls that there are still wicked creatures that can sting whilst they grow and assert themselves. And further, to the wisest and most prescient minded, there is the hint that though the cave from which the wasps emanate may seem dormant, perhaps something more serious slumbers in there. It is avoided for a reason. Thou art on to something, but missing something else. 


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  5. 2 hours ago, halfmanhalfbronco said:

    I think the number of guns currently in circulation is the number 1 issue.  To compound matters you have advances in 3D printing.  You can already print yourself an AR 15 chambered for common pistol ammo (meaning you can't just target the NATO round or .223 ammo to get around the problem with 3D printing)

    You can do one a few things that will make a statistically significant difference in gun homicide. 1.) Mandatory buy back and a complete replace/repeal of the second amendment.  2.) Repair our inner city communities.  This means building wealth (reparations?) and ending the war on drugs.  3.) de-stigmatize mental health.  Maybe a campaign lead by pop culture icons similar to #metoo?  As well as investing in it at a federal level.

    Now if we want to combat these non felony mass shootings I am open to other "common sense" such as mental health checks, waiting periods and would even consider national registration.  

    I think the damage from mass shootings is the same as any other type of terrorism.  While you and your family are statistically safe, stats don't matter that much.  It is the damage it does to entire communities where the take place and psychological damage inflicted on the nation as well.


    Although I'm not necessarily endorsing every idea on that list got dang that's a good post addressing many of the dynamics of the issue from not some impossible mythical purely ideological stance but a real world one with actual humans living in it stance right there tell u wut. 

    Yes, it has to be a very multi-faceted solution in which our gun culture is significantly altered.

    Let's also not make perfect the enemy of good. Let's get the terrorism reduced. 


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  6. 54 minutes ago, Uncle Juan said:


    The thing is we don't throw our hands up in the air to defeat heart disease, alzheimhers, cancer, etc. There are literally armies of people and billions of dollars thrown at trying to reduce or eliminate the deaths attributed to those types of things. 

    Maybe we can start by putting a proportional amount of resources, effort and money into stopping the murders?  



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  7. 10 hours ago, halfmanhalfbronco said:

    All rifles kill less than 400 people a year.  That puts the number somewhere between dog bites and hands/fist/feet.  in 2013 knives were used to kill 1500 people while rifles less than 300.


    America is emotionally crippled due to the trauma mass shootings cause and not able to think critically.

    Not what I was arguing but I'll play.

    How many american civilians die from RPGs and F-15s and cruise missiles and tanks and tactical nukes set off in wal-marts?

    I was only arguing that we're not allowed to have all the weapons the government does so in my estimation Mug's statement was something to consider but a little hollow in the end.



  8. 3 hours ago, mugtang said:

    I was just going to say this.  

    Democrats: Trump has concentration camps 

    Also Democrats:  you need to give up certain weapons that are “similar” to weapons the military uses because only the government should have them.  

    That's a fine way to point out some cognitive dissonance but the public isn't allowed to have anything remotely approaching the government's capabilities, and honestly thank God for that. In the end gun control is just an argument of degree.

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  9. 54 minutes ago, thelawlorfaithful said:


    John McNaughton is an American treasure!

    And I think the rallies are more 1998 professional wrestling spectacle to the attendees than anything else. He’s a comedian with good enemies as far as the crowd is concerned. But they aren’t Nuremberg, Trump is not a serious person.

    Although he does see himself as a messiah. You’re right about that. That’s the only ideological conviction he has.

    wrestling. good analogy but dear god.


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  10. 3 minutes ago, thelawlorfaithful said:

    And I’ve never doubted the institutions could easily be used as tools by an authoritarian tyrant. I just doubted it would happen, or maybe hoped it wouldn’t happen. It didn’t, it’s not happening now and the two best natural politicians of our era, Trump and Obama, have failed to make those institutions bend to their will. I could always be wrong, but looking at the field of candidates I don’t see one that could do it either. We are not about to live a nightmare, though the system affords it.

    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

    And though it’s become in vogue to drag religious people in our time, it still holds true. 40% of people don’t think Trump is some messiah. They think his opposition are worse liars than he, that don’t have their interests at heart. 

    eh...so 20%? You've seen the creepy artwork and the rallies, right?  

    And Trump def thinks he is the chosen one.


    But I like you're first paragraph.  You've convinced me to step off the ledge for now.