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  1. 3 hours ago, SDSUfan said:

    Half the Democrat candidates for president were/are pretending to be something they aren't.

    Ever hear of a guy named Warren Wilhelm? no?  He's the mayor of NYC.

    It's a very strange, left-wing affliction. 

    Most leftists are hiding something.

    They can't be trusted, on any level.



    But for decades, Trump denied this German heritage altogether, instead claiming that his grandfather’s roots lay further north, in Scandinavia. “[He] came here from Sweden as a child,” Trump asserted in his co-written book The Art of the Deal. In fact, his cousin and family historian John Walter told The New York Times, Trump maintained the ruse at the request of his own realtor father, Fred Trump, who had obfuscated his German ancestry to avoid upsetting Jewish friends and clients. “After the war,” Walter told the Times, “he’s still Swedish. [The lie] was just going, going, going.”

  2. 31 minutes ago, NevadaFan said:

    Oh Vegas is just lucky it didn’t lose its student body president over this decision! I wonder if Joshua knows what butt hurt means?

    If I’m looking at the same CV as everyone else, one quick control-F finds Mr. Sandoval has no experience in the educational sector at all, let alone experience at the university,” UNLV student body President Joshua Padilla said. “So, if you need someone to look at a CVs and then build a qualified team below them that's going to do the actual meeting of a university, I would like to throw my hat in the bin because I think I can do that. The last time I checked, Mr. Sandoval would be leading one of two top tier universities in the state with zero experience.”

    Reno's student body president.

    See the source image

  3. 21 minutes ago, smltwnrckr said:

    Um... Mike Love, his dumb hat, a few fat guys and an 80s Corvette are not the beach boys.

    The ones who are good and still alive are not republicans. The dead one was.definitley not a republican. 

    Is john stamos a beach boy lol?


    3 hours ago, Rebels18 said:


    Leaked emails between Mayor's senior advisor and the health department discussing the LOW amount of cases from bars and restaurants and how to keep that hidden from the public. I'm sure this is no big deal to people who are devoted to cowering in fear and worshiping the rona' god. But very disturbing that officials are coordinating together to prevent vital information from the public. I've been saying for months they've been cooking the books on COVID-19 numbers and in atleast this case I was right. I wonder how many other majors cities have this same agenda. 

    I find this revelation disturbing and unacceptable.

    But you got some nerve taking shots at others right now when you bent over backwards defending Trump's downplaying of the virus.

    Both Trump and this dickhead should resign. 

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  5. 16 minutes ago, halfmanhalfbronco said:

    This is my problem.  Was there a segment of the population that was on the fence about this, that the documentary was trying to reach?  No.  So how do you justify, literally sexualizing children for shock value as being justified?  

    I have not seen the movie and I am not speaking for the movie here. The only think I can think of is that people do understand sexualizing children is bad, but don't realize how much children are actually sexualized, because it's at least somewhat normalized in our culture and practices. Maybe the intent was to shock above the normalization level to wake the viewer up to the normalization.

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  6. 10 hours ago, Nevada Convert said:

    Jon Heder has decided that he’d like to do a sequel with the characters as adults and is talking to Hess about it. If Hess thinks they can pull it off, it’ll happen. They’ve had years to think about it and brainstorm, and I’m sure they could pull it off. 


    OK, what ideas do you have. I could see Napoleon as a substitute HS teacher that gets thrashed. Here’s a quick idea for Uncle Rico.

    Not long after the movie ended, Uncle RICO won the lottery. He still wanted to be a famous NFL quarterback, and he didn’t win enough to buy a team. So he decided to invest the money into getting him there. He figured it would be much easier to get into the NFL if he could create his own fan base. Then they would rally to his cause and pressure the NFL to take him.

    So he spent most of his millions on sending out his jersey and a VHS tape of him in action to everyone in America that was within 100 miles of an NFL team. Of course, not many have VHS players anymore, but he got a great deal on some never sold blank VHS tapes in a warehouse, and he convinced himself that VHS tapes are going to make a comeback soon, just like him.

    When that failed to work, and it became a national news story and was ridiculed, he decided that he needed to build his credibility as an expert on the subject, so he created Uncle Rico’s All Star QB Academy. He took the rest of his money and bought a trailer on some land and had a contractor construct a regulation sized dirt FB field with goal posts, and an oval track around the field. 

    In the trailer, one room was his, another was a tiny film room where he would show the student (HS FB Player) a VHS recording of the kid throwing the ball, and then on another screen show how Uncle RICO throws the ball correctly. Then he gets parents showing up and screaming at him that they wanted a refund because he made their kid play worse and now all his teammates laugh at him. To ease their concerns and get them off his back, he promises them some free lessons with his new partner when he arrives. He gets a full sized cardboard cut out of himself and his buddy buddy arm around Kaepernick to show the parents. Terrible photoshop job. 

    And maybe he desperately goes to Napoleon for help as to what he should do, or ???? I’m just throwing things out there.


    Instead of Uncle rico winning the lottery, let's have him become the nation's #1 seller of the nupont fiber woven bowls and then becomes ceo or something and gets rich enough to do those things.

  7. 8 minutes ago, Rebelbacker said:

    It depends.

    When I get tired of social media or this board I don't go on those sites. I choose when I use twitter or come here. We can choose when to use social media and how it effects us. Does it really bother you if people here disagree with you? Does your life change if people here agree with you? 

    In real life I don't see it as much. I have plenty of friends and family that are 100% opposite of my views. I've lost a few friends and family members in the last few years because of our differences. That doesn't bother me because I've had far more discussions with people that disagree with me on politics that were beneficial and made relationships go deeper. And really if you care about someone their political beliefs shouldn't trump everything else.

    I think social media, our politicians and the media in general are the biggest part of the problem. Division is how they make money, generate clicks and get support. I will admit I've had a weakness in the past on this site with my language and the way I've talked to people. I've tried to rein that in a little bit. This site is supposed to be fun and most of the time when I throw shots I'm joking. There's only 2 posters here that I really don't like personally. Anyone else I'd buy a beer, even if I've had big disagreements here on the site. 

    I just don't think we are that far apart as a country as people say. We all want clean air, water, etc. We all want to raise our families in safe cities. We all want the economy to do well. Our differences are the manner in which we make that happen. I think if we got non-politicians with different views in a room we could fix most of our issues much better than the people in our political class can. 

    We've gone through much tougher times in our past than now. People forget history or don't know it. This will pass. 


    I agree with all of your assessments on what is happening. 

    I also believe you have a better handle on things than most with regards to all the nonsense. 



  8. 21 minutes ago, Rebelbacker said:

    You and I disagree politically about a lot of things but I bet if we were in the same room we wouldn't have a problem. There are far more things we agree about than disagree about. Same with most people.

    I don't think our difference of opinions are an issue(we've always had them), I think the medium we talk about them is. When you do things anonymously there is more incentive to throw bombs and be an asshole. People wouldn't say a lot of what they say on social media or message boards if they were physically in front of someone. 

    Division sells. That's why politicians and the media feed off it. 

    But how tired of it are you? 



  9. 23 minutes ago, renoskier said:

    It's the same shit, everyday every little thing has to be about taking sides.

    I was trying to enjoy watching football in the sportsbook on Sunday and two guys sitting at the table near me just couldn't stop complaining about our current events. Kept trying to drag me into their mud hole, I wished them good luck with their bets and found a new table.

    I'm so tired of everything having a side.  

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