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  1. 1 hour ago, Nevada Convert said:

    Speaking of getting in trouble, the Dems can be thankful that Avenatti is going to be locked up so they don’t have another freak show distraction running for President. I could’ve seen him come into the race late for attention to save the day, as he would say. But soon he’ll disappear into nowhere just like fellow corrupt attention whore Blagojevich did. 

    And thank goodness Stormy Daniels didn’t run for prez with Avenatti as her campaign manager. He probably would‘ve just ripped off her campaign $. But it is true that she could’ve broken some glass ceilings had she done so. Some people would be mean about it and claim that she was the first attention whore to run that was really a whore. People are mean. But she no doubt would’ve gone low class with it to cash in .....just like she did with her Make America Horny Again club tour. I wouldn’t be, at all, surprised if when a caucus was coming up she’d tweet “Cumming up soon for me in Nevada, please remember to cock-us”. 

    cringe wookie GIF


    Hate to go against a Rebel but Gordon's overall performance was better...but that's not how they keep score.

    Gordon tea-bagged the heck out of Tacko Fall and I bet it just looked a little imperfect in the eyes of a judge or two.  I think if Gordon would have done a different dunk and just executed it well he would have won.

    Gordon is the best dunker in the NBA right now. From a couple years ago but this the most impressive dunk I've seen in years.



  3. 1 hour ago, halfmanhalfbronco said:

    Then swing.  No reason to blow up the marvel of the post industrial era, the United States university system, or increase government spending by 1 cent.  It's not broken and I don't feel bad for people with student debt.

    Yes, all that was built by Everyman on his own island. 

    We're in this together whether you like it or not. Solutions that don't acknowledge that are not real solutions. 

  4. 15 hours ago, qwelish said:

    Swept unm last year in dominant fashion = Terrible coach. Needs fired asap!

    Sweep a worse unm this year = Greatest coach ever! Greatest coaching job in UNLV history! 


    For the record if I say TJ did something good that does not equate to me saying he's John Wooden. I have no idea if TJ will produce wins in the long term at a level we are looking for.   I'm fully aware of our current record. But I will give him credit where it's due and he seems to scheme well and run a disciplined program. I think he knows what he's doing more than Rice and is probably a better leader than Marvin. But time will tell. The Rebels are not going to the NCAAs this year so I really don't care if we're 2nd or 8th in the MW. It really doesn't matter. Just looking for reasons to be a little optimistic.

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  5. 5 hours ago, halfmanhalfbronco said:

    Boo hoo.  No offense because I agree with you, life is not fair sometimes.  When I was younger I made catastrophically bad decisions, the student debt I racked up does not even crack the surface of them.  Buck the hell up and deal with it.  Nobody owes you anything because you could have made wiser decisions when you were a young adult.  I was no victim and neither are these kids.

    I have no pity for adults that decided to make dumb decisions, especially those that came from middle-upper middle class households that own the majority of student debt.  I lost full rides because of dumb decisions before I was 18.  I racked up college debt starting at age 16.  I was raised below the poverty line, dealt with crippling depression, drug addiction, abuse.  You fight, you overcome, you persevere.  The USA does higher education better than anyplace on earth and it is not even close, our University system is responsible for the majority of research and development pushing humanity forward and people want to blow it up?  Fugoutta here..

    These kids could have gone to community colleges to get their core credits out of the way while they mature and figure out what it is they really want to do.  No reason to go to the most expensive out of state school you get accepted to.  They could have worked part time while going to school part time.  They could do online schooling while working full time.  They could have learned a trade.  They could have partied less.  Learn from it, move on.  Why should those who opted out of college, or did the above, be responsible to pay for your dumb ass decisions?  Because you were young?  

    My rantings are not directed at you or your post btw @toonkee.  Just to be clear, as you stated you are not sure forgiveness is the answer.  Just me ranting about the entitled little pricks in my generation who believe the world owes them something and they deserve a "do-over".

    All I'm saying is people often hang themselves with the rope they are given.  If we want to reduce this problem it's wholly unrealistic to believe the answer lies in nutting up and to just make better lifelong financial and career planning decisions at 17 or 18 years old.  That's just not set up for success. Need to take away the rope which consists of, in part, the easy access to the debt, cost of the tuition and the societal pressures to attend college for career readiness.

  6. 10 minutes ago, qwelish said:

    The record says not much better than MM. Slightly worse team, worse conference, slightly better results mostly due to improvements of players already here.

     Also took a full game to adjust to 1-3-1 press. Also Rebs have been outplayed in a lot of 2nd halves. I think TJ is a good coach. The gushing after a win vs a terrible unm team is simply mind boggling, though. Not trying to dump on TJ. I like him a lot. But its super weird watching the mood swings, overreactions and revisionist history in reaction to beating a team thats lost 5 of its last 6.....


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  7. 3 hours ago, halfmanhalfbronco said:

    Or until you fulfill the terms of an agreement you entered into voluntarily... 

    True, but the student loan game is just a wee bit predatory to say they least. 18 year olds are generally not mentally equipped to understand the weight of what they are signing. They have had no experience with credit, etc. Often parents fail here as well. I don't know if forgiveness is the answer but we have to acknowledge the system isn't realistically set up to keep kids from getting in too deep.

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  8. 38 minutes ago, Hoser said:

    I thought the UNLV coach did a great job managing the game.  He is absolutely a better coach than Weir and ran circles around his team tonight.  The score was close but the coaching moves were not.  UNLV played hard all night and looked focused.  UNM BB is a program in deep trouble right now.  They may not win another game

    We rebel fans know how you feel. I really want us both to be great again. It's just too much fun.

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  9. TJ's in game adjustments are light years beyond Menzies and of course Rice.  Nice to have a coach that can win some games for you by seeing what the hell is happening and acting accordingly. UNLV's best offense is Hardy and Hamilton driving or getting inside 10 feet.  Get the floor spaced so they can go to work.  Small ball it is.

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  10. 12 minutes ago, soupslam1 said:

    Bullying has gone on for centuries and comes in all forms and colors. To say one tribe has a corner on it is absurd. 

    But how cool is it now that bullies are taking cues from our president?  That's totally normal. JFC.

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  11. 1 hour ago, BYUcougfan said:

    You want me to provide detail on how they are investigating the FISA court abuses?

    Anyone who reads this thread will see right through your phony questions.

    No, I want you to see that Trump's appointees can't win a case against McCabe despite all the irrefutable evidence that you and Rebelbacker presuppose as 100% facts that again, isn't good enough to indict with, but is 100% true. 

    Anyways this is boring, I'm tired of arguing in circles.

    Good day.







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