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  1. ”Hey cool cat or cool kitten, happy birthday.”
  2. Dear God that campaign logo is so cheap and bad...it looks she's running for small town comptroller. c'mon libertarians, give me something to take seriously. Start your campaigns earlier and get out there. They don't seem to really try.
  3. Going against Muss and Lon for this kid.
  4. Museum exhibit? I was told we needed memorial statues for stuff or we wouldn't never know it existed.
  5. No, what I'm saying is this injustice is unacceptable in a free and functional society.
  6. If you think a non-profit is being mismanaged, well, stop donating to them. If the priests live in, by far, the biggest and fanciest house in the development, like they did in the neighborhood I grew up in, I suppose the good parishioners of St. Christopher's could have taken their salvation dollars elsewhere if they didn't like it.
  7. Having been through Colorado many a time, everything that you said seems perfectly accurate.
  8. I am currently in a 5 Guys in St. George, Utah. I am the only mask wearer in here besides the employees. About 20 customers. Pretty much the opposite of Las Vegas, even before the mandatory mask order in Nevada.
  9. It took me two poops to read it all. Good post though. Poops were satisfying as well. Win win.
  10. I wanted my judges to call balls and strikes to the best of their abilities. Period. Anyone that wants team and shit judges is against truth, justice and the American way and can F right off.
  11. It absolutely is the Chevron on Wigwam and Pecos in Henderson. 💯. The good news for Southern Nevadans is that those appear to be out of state plates.
  12. Go Scorpion Trailblazer Miners!
  13. Don't have to. Just blast them. But I guess I didn't mean you literally had to do it, but someone could, if the market decides this is unfair and they've had enough. In any case, evidence #1,345,762 that social media is f-ing Satan. There is no way that cell phones and social media have been a net positive in this world. These things literally go against human nature.
  14. So, one willingly goes to a FB page called "I'm White and Proud of it" and enters a comment with the N word or something right next to their full name and this is an unfair trap? And let's say it is for funsies. Shouldn't we blame the employer for acting so unfairly and flippantly? I have a good idea. If one does not like *leftist puritanism (tm Smltwnrckr), then fight fire with fire and use the same powers to organize boycotts of the companies that practice it. Leftist puritanism is a market based response. Respond in kind. brb, gotta make sure my fb is private AF.
  15. Bob, let me be clear. I love you. You are my brother. But how hilarious would it be if you did a practical joke where you disappeared from the board for a month or two and then had your "wife" come on the board to say you got covid and died, and then like two weeks later you come back on and say guess what mfers. I would respect that level of game so hard.
  16. Don't be sore about it. Maybe this means we can go to football games. Well, expect for UNLV fans with the new stadium an all, but we don't go anyway. So all good!
  17. That my guess as well, but it may be incorrect. https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/06/24/883017035/what-contact-tracing-may-tell-about-cluster-spread-of-the-coronavirus?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_term=nprnews&utm_campaign=npr&fbclid=IwAR0hAN6a1bKb2uXiMWmnpuju2ypSfnTq-bqgtuyBSiSa0Clv5TAA58z-rKA "We're finding that the social events and gatherings, these parties where people aren't wearing masks, are our primary source of infection," Lautenbach says. "And then the secondary source of infection is workplace settings. There were 31 related employers just associated with that one party because of the number of people that brought that to their workplace. So for us, for a community our size, that's a pretty massive spread." And much of that spread, Lautenbach says, is affecting young people.
  18. The best info we currently we have right now says it's from bars, not the protests. That's not my theory, I'm just the messenger. Check out the other thread half man started about this.