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  1. Not pulling out of @halfmanhalfbronco's mom was the best mistake I ever made. So proud of that young man.
  2. "We use questions like 'how much do you like fried chicken' to determine your race and then apply that information to other race science to determine your thoughts about Trump and shit"
  3. Okay. I'm not defending the strawman that Trump was supposed to start a bunch of wars. I just don't think it's wise to spike the football on your own 25.
  4. Kept that little quote right in your front pocket all this time. Nice.
  5. couple things... 1. he's only been here 2 years. If he makes it 4 or 8 we can at least give him credit where it's due, subject to point 2 below, of course. 2. it's quite possible that his simplistic worldview and inability to see how things balance each other, in literally any system, be it geopolitics or the economy or whatever, is dangerous and could lead to war(s) whether or not he drops actual bombs to actually get them going. Step one is as far as he can see.
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    Honestly, what maybe we're seeing here is a desire to return to "normalcy". Biden represents that. Just good ole not batchit crazy.
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    That's not Rassmussen tho.
  8. It's the hats. Trumpers like a guy with a catch phrase hat. Seriously though I've never heard of Trumpers in the Yang gang. Why would they be? He might be left of Bernie.
  9. Has Trump? I quoted a little joke he makes about windmills at his rallies.
  10. So they like her gun control, medicare for all, free college? I'll give you that she has a calm and serious demeanor, and that can be appealing, but that isn't policy either.
  11. Bernie is very anti war. She's not much different from Bernie at all but Bernie is the least sexy person on the planet maybe. Yes, Republicans vote shallow just like Dems. Let's take a look at the fox news lineup. The right just needs a little eye candy to get the message across.
  12. You guys are such suckers for pretty faces. Sarah Palin, Nikki Haley... Even Tulsi Gabbard is the Republican's favorite Dem around here. She wants Medicare for all, assault weapons ban, all that good stuff but she's easier on the eyes than Warren and Bernie, who are also not interventionist pretty much, but for some reason you guys are like "I like that Tulsi."
  13. Remember how the employment numbers weren't "real" under Obama. That was awesome.
  14. Darling, the wind isn't blowing. I guess there will be no TV tonight.