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  1. Japan, Japan, Japan... 126 million population less than 1k deaths. Jobless rate at 2.6%
  2. For sure. There are some decent episodes in the more recent years, though. Not seasons, but episodes, unfortunately.
  3. When I was 19-20 I worked at a grocery store. All I cared about was getting home, posting up with my French bread pizza, and watching the two episodes I taped from the day's syndication airings. My kids, 11 and 6, discovered the Simpsons this lockdown/summer. They watched all 32 seasons. I am a proud Daddy.
  4. Oh, so he just wants to raise the existing tax?
  5. Is there more to this? Is this part of something bigger? I kinda feel like this tax is not a lone thing on a bill just to get $200.
  6. What came first, the chicken or the egg? I egged the chicken and then I ate his leg.
  7. You better not because my niece and nephew know karate and will chop that ass.
  8. I'd say reducing a race of people to a stereotype for laughs is racist. It's like a chicken and watermelon joke. Not very enlightened. Not very...liberal.
  9. Not evil, but a little racist and 13 years old. My in-laws are Asian I know my niece and nephew had white kids kids do the slanty eye thing and ching chong talk to them and ask them if they know karate. It made them feel like outsiders and lonely.
  10. Callifornia!!!!!!!!!!ARGHJHKJL:LJL:J:J:LJ:L!!!!!!!!!
  11. Think I'll get the kids up early this weekend and we'll take a little field trip on the other side of the mountain and have a look at this thing.
  12. In 2019, 235 black people were shot to death by the police where as in the same year 370 whites were shot to death by police. Black Americans account for 12% of the total population. Whites are 60%.
  13. "Race is a losing issue for us. Let's spin it to hey we're not racists, you guys are commies."
  14. Who pulled the Frederick Douglas statue down? Lot of leftist mob supposition but nobody knows right?
  15. I haven't traveled outside of Las Vegas since this whole thing started but last few days I've been in Utah up through St George, Cedar City, Brianhead, Bryce Canyon, Staircase NM and all the little towns around there. Locals don't give a f*ck about masks unless they are at their job and they have to. Customers in restaurants and stores dgaf. Even in St George. Not a super big place by any stretch, but it is a relatively bustling town with a lot of big box shopping, Chipotle's and Starbucks and grocery stores and Lowe's and chain restaurants, etc. And the more rural places, fuggetaboudit. F you city slicker we don't need no fing masks. Vegas is 95% masks in indoor spaces. So, just Utah, just right left politics, or rural city culture divide?
  16. I trust your judgement. Well then help her start a grass roots campaign for 2024. Get some ground game going. Raise some funds. Do this thing full assed. Play to win.
  17. I dunno, I'd say Trump's main policy, which is throwing gas on the flames of the culture war, is actually turning out to be pretty fing unhealthy for the nation. Literally and figuratively, pretty fing unhealthy. There's a solid argument to be made that this division and culture war stuff is the biggest threat to the U.S. right now and only two candidates have the chance to be elected president in 2020. Jorgensen is not a serious candidate. Nobody thinks Biden will be a great president, probably "placeholder" is all we're asking for, but I'd say it's a good idea not to go with the guy that wakes up every morning with the intent of dividing us further like it's some game, all during a time of great unrest and a public health disaster.