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  1. I don't know. I think we might be beyond the point of no return. Orange man bad runs deep and it wouldn't be hard to move on to another story about orange man bad. But that's my temperature reading and you have yours so
  2. Why? You think voters would see Trump with grace or something?
  3. Glad you agree that Merrick Garland should be on the court.
  4. Tie his shoes, see his own mushroom dick, tell the truth about anything, win a court case.
  5. I turned on the game just to see the stadium and stuff but found no Raider pride in my heart just yet. I did like the high level shots of Las Vegas throughout the broadcast and the killers looked and sounded great at halftime. Nice ads for the city.
  6. Why didn't the Republicans just say that with Garland instead of "the people must decide”? I wonder sometimes if these guys are just full of shit.
  7. We're going to see a few more cheaters in the not too distant future I'm afraid. It's a problem in junior and high school golf these days. Some of these kids have tremendous pressure put on them by their parents and peers and competition is high to get scholarships. Couple that with no refs there to call penalties. I always groaned when I got paired with juniors in tournaments because I knew I always had to do extra work to keep an eye on them whenever a ball went near a bush or something. They were always pulling crap like that sand thing Reed did. But not all kids were like that, of cour
  8. I hope you didn't feel I implied that. The deficiency here is mine. Those may be the best possible answers. I know we need border control and legal immigration, but man it gets messy once those human beings are here. The real lives of 16 year old kids just isn't always reconcilable with arbitrary things like national borders.
  9. Call me a bleeding heart liberal but I have a hard time being all law and order with this issue. Just a product of my environment I guess. I have a hard time reconciling the moral and legal parts of this situation. I don't have any good answers.
  10. That's the rub, isn't it? Surely there will be more kids and families in this morally gray area in the future.
  11. Most of this could be solved if we just stopped calling each other names, like democrats, republicans, leftists or whatever. When we discuss ideas on their own merits we are so much closer to agreeing on things it's crazy. Very few want open borders, very few want women to have abortions, very few want families ripped apart just because their parents violated immigration laws, very few people want anyone and everyone (insane disturbed people) to have guns, and so on and so on.
  12. I see your point and what you are trying to do but it is difficult to separate that pure intent from all the possible details.
  13. I would agree to both of those. Easy. But define "go after the 2A". Like don't repeal it or just don't make any more gun laws?
  14. I feel like the whole world started taking crazy pills when the phrase "sharing economy" was invented. It's just commercial business, like any other. Regulate it accordingly. Having an a app does not make you not a taxi business or not a hotel (Airbnb).
  15. The one I put in bold in my reply, that bryson has a great short game and is a great putter. That is much more relevant to his success than his length and the stats back that up. Remember, Tiger drove like shit and was crazy long in his hayday and still won everything. Phil is a shitty driver too and really quite long himself. He won multiple majors and a crap ton of tour events but he and tiger were two great competitors with amazing short games. And I meant how he gets all the attention for being long, but lots of guys hit it as far. It's been that way since he bulked up. Bu
  16. With regards to your bold statement, golf will always be a game of precision. Driving it long will make being precise easier, however Bryson, and all champions on tour, win because they made putts and if Bryson loses a little touch, he won't win like this. The media and golf fans right now are infatuated with his bulking up, however he wasn't even the longest guy in his pairing today. Lots of these dudes rip it like him but they don't get the hype for some reason.
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