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  1. So your point is he was a college basketball coach who really helped a lot of troubled kids but wasn't Mother Teresa? Okay then. By the way, Reno by 8 to 10 to tonight but we win in Vegas, twice if need be.
  2. Got dangit, @Rosegreen. You just can’t be giving these hicks easy ones like that. It’s all they got.
  3. Hey we're not down 3 goals that the first. We got this.
  4. Multi-instrumentalist Jay Sekulow, of the Jay Sekulow Band, is making the argument that most presidents also do shady stuff. OMG he is terrible. He's worse than Castor.
  5. Of course it does. It's funny because MSNBC is ridiculous and it's funny because the Jay Sekulow Band is also ridiculous. Why not both?
  6. Looks to me that whatever the offense is, it must be so grave that people put country before party or no president is getting removed. I'm not sure if the impeachment process reveals any failings in the FF, but maybe just the failings of the electorate at any given point in time.
  7. Nancy didn't do anything unconstitutional, neither is Mitch. Nobody is subverting elections and nobody is subverting impeachment. These are the rules. I don't want to hear jack shizit from any of you about the process being unfair to either side, especially if you have a side. There is no fair, this isn't a real trial. This is politics. If there's political will to oust Trump then there is. If there ain't there ain't. There may be consequences at the polls. Maybe there won't be. Vote accordingly. There's hypocrisy on both sides. The cons are high fiving that they get to screw the dems now and the dems feel screwed because turnabout is fair play.
  8. My position is #3, we don't know how well anyone has played anything yet. We have Nancy and Mitch, who both schemed and politicked their way to the top of their respective piles over decades. I'm going to give them both the benefit of the doubt that they're both being clever and deliberate until we can view this whole thing with a bit of hindsight.
  9. I think the best chance for any team to beat them is just to rain threes, but that's true of just about any match up. The thing is we're not well suited to rain threes, so I don't believe we will knock them off either.
  10. Yes to both. The similarities are inheriting good programs and getting worse. Having good players and getting jack squat from them. Play devolving into nba one on one ball. Lack of control. Undisciplined players getting into legal troubles. Players quitting. That being said tj's first season of shaping up to look a lot like Weir's first at unm. Slow start with a bunch of guys that you really weren't sure about an then bam a switch gets flipped around conference time. Fingers crossed tj's trajectory is better.
  11. The Paul Weir era it's starting to feel very Dave Rice to me.
  12. I'll admit I wasn't sure he was ever going to "get it”. He's physically so much stronger and more capable now TJ seemd to have impressed upon him the value of efficiency. He's doing more of what he's good at and much less of what he's not as suited to do. He's probably our best overall player now. Very happy to be incorrectly skeptical of him. I also never thought Coleman could amount to much but I would guess many of us thought that. Just goes to show how much coaches and scouts know. You just never really know what you got until you give someone a fair chance to step up.
  13. Sometime earlier this season. Not too long ago. I just remember going "oh he can dunk"?
  14. Lobos just playing harder right now
  15. The possibility is there as long as Sam Boyd is an option. Get rid of Sam Boyd.