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  1. My guess is there's just not enough data on highly educated conservatives to have a reliable sample.
  2. I'm late to this conversation but my question is "but then what?" You can't wipe out all the current debt without it being part of a comprehensive plan to make tuition more affordable going forward. Can you? Or where does it end?
  3. Couple things wrong with this theory in my humble opinion. 1. Not sure any woman that rightfully thinks Trump is a gross and horrible monster is going to identity politic herself into voting for Trump because Haley, especially if she's identity politicking herself into voting for a dem lady 2. I'd be surprised if Trump wanted Haley. She'd outshine him. He just wants loyalty and he's got that in droves with that creepy ventriloquist dummy Pence.
  4. Yes, every fancy store has surveillance cameras in their dressing rooms and has tapes from 25 years ago. Slam dunk case.
  5. Poke also thinks those sovereign citizen guys have some good points.
  6. "museum" is the key word you dense, obtuse troll. I specifically even said those kinds of things belong in museums. But there's no Oswald statue in the godam town square and there shouldn't be which is my point. Not that he should be removed from memory. The level of debate and conversation in here now is so gd stupid I can't take it anymore.
  7. Good lord... To your point the civil war is huge and complicated. The politics of the aftermath of situation were extraordinary. Almost everything the confederates did was clearly treason by definition and everyone knew it. There are books about this very topic and why they weren't charged and why the North, aka the U.S., did not find it pragmatic to charge the entire South with crimes. It's super obtuse to suggest because the confederates weren't officially charged with "crimes" they deserve statues to honor them.
  8. Ding ding mother fing ding. And jeezus everyone else, stop trying to alter my argument with by saying Oswald is being compared to the "civil war". That's a bunk strawman. Oswald was used by me as a historical figure, one that did a bad thing against the state. We do not need a statue honoring him to remember him. We don't need statues honoring those that killed hundreds of thousands of people, including Abraham Lincoln, to defeat the United States in a war. And if you start coming up with some other strawman response, please refer to my use of the word "honor".
  9. These statues are meant to honor people we consider criminals, no? They're not there to preserve a record. Of course we can have museums, etc to teach us our history, no matter how unpleasant, but we don't need statues that honor the bad guys, right?
  10. Do any of you that don't understand why someone would be offended by the mission bell even give a crap about the mission bell?
  11. I think there should be a Lee Harvey Oswald statue right on the grassy knoll, you know, for history reasons.
  12. The level of myopic narcissism in this world today is really something and we have the government we deserve because of it.
  13. The US had this poop to shoe level and because Trump has a little mushroom pee pee he thinks he's got to undo everything. Now both sides are painted into corners with no room to politically maneuver. The dumbest people are so arrogant. He thinks every system is a simple one that will yield to more pressure because he himself does not understand anything that could be more complex than that. So fing dumb.
  14. Shocked, shocked I tell you, that a Trump nut-licker and the goons that liked your post have no clue what they are talking about... There are four components of GDP. Consumer spending is 70 percent of the total. It includes the sub-components of goods and services. Within goods are durable goods, like automobiles, and nondurable goods, like gasoline. Within services are banking and health care. Services drive 50 percent of the economy while goods drive 20 percent. Government spending is the second largest component, driving 18 percent of GDP. This includes national defense spending, Social Security benefits and health care. It also includes state and municipal budgets. Business investment is next. It comprises 16 percent of GDP. It includes manufacturing, real estate construction and intellectual properties. The fourth component is net exports. That's exports, which add to the nation's economy, and imports, which subtract from it. https://www.thebalance.com/us-economy-4073968 As for the rest of your post, not my argument.
  15. First of all, you're my beotch because you went into radio silence about putting your money where your mouth is about Trump vs. Warren. Secondly, if there's one school in the MW that has no business talking academic shit about UNLV, it's Boise.
  16. Our economy and our standard of living is based on exploiting cheaper labor in other countries. China's economy is based on exports but our economy is consumption based. Remember what George Bush told us what to do after 911? For God's sake go shopping. If we stop buying cheap Chinese goods, our stock market will crash.
  17. @NorCalCoug and @bluerules009 I'll take your action as well.
  18. I'll avatar bet you that if Warren is the nominee she beats Trump. 6 month sentence.
  19. I think it's going to be Warren. Biden is cruising on name recognition. He's awful and creepy and keeps saying out of touch things. Once we get into debates, etc. he'll drop off like Jeb Bush did in my opinion.
  20. Lol. I had a dog that would pre-mediate crimes with patience and discipline. Daisy was the best.
  21. How fitting is it that this was held at the Amway Center, an arena named after a pyramid scheme company.