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  1. He did say he loves hispanic more than even america maybe.
  2. Beto = bin laden in that they both have the same chance of becoming president and doing anything at all.
  3. Nah. I like calling out your what abouts.
  4. man that gif is on the nose af. well done.
  5. Haha I saw that and said to my wife want to see the most Vegas news story ever? She didn't think it was all that extraordinary lol. Fun fact Bridgett the midget was a regular on the Howard Stern show for quite a while.
  6. One of the most amazing things of wtf I have ever seen in politics is this brainwashed notion that people "love" their private health insurance.
  7. Who is they? A flailing fringe candidate with zero chance to do jack shit about anything? Wake me when Biden or Warren or Sanders starts up with this.
  8. By your estimation Trump would have to be left of Karl Marx.
  9. It's just culture war. It's always just about the culture war.
  10. "Spring Valley", NV is pretty high up on the list. That's just a part of SW Las Vegas. You can tell some algorithm just farted out these answers based on census tracts or something.
  11. Wants that Nobel, or at least wants his supporters to think he's being shafted.
  12. Oh for sure. He thinks he can get it though.
  13. Yes. Also, this whole Taliban to camp David thing was a self serving show for the Nobel committee. If anything good comes to America from his "foreign policy" it's just collateral damage en route to that peace prize.
  14. I bet he doesn't finish the game though.
  15. Is vaping stuff like strawberry juice even enjoyable? Or is it just something to do? Like chew gum? Teach me.
  16. You are 100% correct however a person considering what they are considering surely doesn’t want advise from a white guy, even if your heart is in the right place. That’s okay. In my official capacity as “the left”, I bestow upon you the title of “not racist”, which is the highest honor a non-member can receive. But stay in your lane white devil.
  17. I am from Hansons and Andersons but the Andersons changed to Richardsons in Minnesota because there was too many got dang Andersons. So we named my son Anders to restore a little order, haha. So, long story short, I'm "half" Swede.