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  1. Honestly, those look like different glasses, though. I don't think she's pink hat lady. Pink hat lady looks younger and thinner in most pics.
  2. Yes, mid season records in the covid year will restructure the historical nationwide perceptions of the conference.
  3. Don't care. I want UNLV to win NCAA tourney games. Don't care about kenpom. Win NCAA tourney games.
  4. I'm not sure how good the Rebels really are, but I am sure they are better than their record.
  5. I hope he's not an nba player for at least a couple more years though.
  6. Oooooh, she in so much trouble. So kids, looks like we're going to have very serious criminal charges for the mother of a sitting congresswoman and her mother. JFC.
  7. Totally. Half the teams in the world are red and nobody has the right to wear the turquoise like the Lobos do.
  8. Jeez, Lobos. That's some bad basketball y'all started with.
  9. I've been the victim of that many a time. He made me cry once.
  10. I'm under the impression that's what @sactowndogmeans, or at least it's close.
  11. Yes. With regard to the smaller conferences, one thing I realized was that it wasn't just good enough to know the teams inside and out. The play has be relatively predictable. In recent years the mw basketball hasn't been too good, as a whole. It's hard to bet on teams to cover when you have end of game mistakes, poor coaching, etc.
  12. Fwiw I think they are angles out there and one of them is smaller conference bball. If you really, really understand a conference, like you do, there are opportunities for the disciplined. While back I watched every game in the conference for years. I knew the programs and players so good. Did well at the books but it was a lot of stress and effort. Eventually I decided it wasn't worth the stress because I needed to bet more than I was comfy with to make it worth the time I was spending. So long story short, picking winners is but one aspect of the pro gamblers life. It really take
  13. R's want to fight the libs and feel like winners, more than anything else. This is their politics in their heart of hearts right now. Problem is there are more Ds than Rs and this is a numbers game.
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