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  1. @thelawlorfaithful Okay, let's start over. What's Occam's razor here? Why are most major media outlets not running this story?
  2. I suppose you see some sort of conspiracy here, or at least like minded companies on the same page with each other (pardon the pun). I just see market forces. On a journalistic integrity note, didn't fox even refuse the story at first because it didn't meet the smell test?
  3. The media that's "protecting Biden” is not consumed by 95% of the people. They have their customers, fox, etc have theirs. Fox is the #1 news network and is all over this. Fox is not always all over every Trump scandal.
  4. He cannot conceive of imagination or cleverness outside of his own. He has no idea how much smarter people are than him.
  5. From the article Gaining access to Trump’s Twitter meant Gevers was suddenly able to connect with 87m users – the number of Trump’s followers – and according to De Volkskrant’s story, it sent him into a bit of a panic. “So, he tries to warn others. Trump’s campaign team, his family. He sends messages via Twitter asking if someone will call Trump’s attention to the fact that his Twitter account is not safe. He tags the CIA, the White House, the FBI, Twitter themselves. No response,” the paper reported. A day after he gained access, Gevers noticed that two-step verification had be
  6. Because media outlets behave according to the market and the market is human and the heart wants what the heart wants. This is not an intellectual exercise in 95% of cases.
  7. Or... Nobody's interested in playing Stunner's games. Fwiw I care. Do the investigation but JFC if we haven't just gone through 4 years of investigations by every possible investigative body with nothing burger to show for it as far as results. I'm just sufficiently jaded. So take down Joe Biden, yeah right, and hello president Harris. *Copyright @soupslam1
  8. Shasta is so gosh dang impressive driving through those parts. All of a sudden there's this ginormous mountain all by itself. It's unsettling in a way.
  9. Right? So reckless! So dumb. At least put a sticky note over the web cam or something. My man just minimized his zoom window and went to town on the same computer! He deserves all the ridicule and all the embarrassment.
  10. It's ain't over till it's over and the Dodgers are gd all star team at the plate.
  11. I too have tucked many times.
  12. That could very well be right. We'll all just have to watch I suppose.
  13. wtf apparently rudy was told she was 15. I hope that's twitter bs.
  14. Imagine your own child lost to the wind in a hostile country's military/DOJ network. It's profoundly enraging and hurtful.
  15. I'm not defending MSNBC, abc, etc. or saying they're not on the tank for Dems, I'm saying the #1 news network is in the tank for Republicans. The different ties the parties might have to the networks don't seem to matter all that much. The job is getting done in both places. The false analogy is comparing Trump to typical and expecting the media to have a typical relationship with him.
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