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  1. Is the Steele dossier the same as getting knowingly stolen info from a foreign government though? No it's not. And even if it was "the same" and it is wrong to do, then that makes the Trump campaign wrong as well. So what are you defending besides wrongdoing here?
  2. How little dictator is it that Trump is firing his own pollsters because they told him something he didn't want to hear.
  3. So why are people wanting now welfare? Why now with record low unemployment, etc? Why are people feeling this way?
  4. I think you are oversimplifying things. Just blaming it all in lazy kids and all. Even so, why do young people feel this way now, as opposed to 30 year ago? Why now?
  5. This isn't an exercise in socialism versus capitalism. I'm not advocating for socialism. I'm asking why these types of ideas are taking hold at this time. Why are they more appealing than let's say 30 years ago? We need to have serious conversations and realizations about the causes of our current, unhealthy situation if we are to address the roots of it rather than bicker about the superficial symptoms of it.
  6. Why are more socialist ideas and policies gaining traction? Why nationalist and isolationist ideas have become popular, not just in the US but in other places in the world? Why a guy like Trump won and why a guy like Bernie could win? What are the typical conditions that lead to these realities?
  7. Remember, Trump's own internal polling has him losing in key states.
  8. What a glorious mess that would be.
  9. Hmmm. What if I said "Jim thinks red, blue and orange are nice colors." Is "Jim" not the subject? Jim is doing the thing. The verb is about him.
  10. "I" was used as the subject of the sentence, and therefore it was correct to use "me" as an object of the sentence? no?
  11. I think me, Joe, Retro and Convert should only talk about music from now on. I like these versions of us better than the politics talking versions.
  12. U2...zoo tv tour. Probably 9th/10th grade as well. Might have been my second concert. My friends waited outside a ticketmaster all night and we had like 4th row at Sam Boyd. Wasn't even a U2 fan going in but with the spectacle and hugeness of the show, the 50 video screens, cars suspended in the air, making eye contact with Bono and the Edge because we were so close, standing on our chairs the whole night, all that crazy stuff and being there with this girl I was totally in love with. It was just very impressionable. My other favorite show I was about 19 and my buddy bailed on me for Pearl Jam in Phoenix so I drove there by myself. Was a HUGE Pearl Jam fan. Had GA tickets so was able to get to the rail pretty much. It was so sweaty and steamy in the pit I took off my drenched shirt and chucked it on stage. It was a standard issue Army brown t- shirt like Eddie used to wear. So Eddie took off his shirt and put it on my disgusting wet shirt...and nobody I knew was there to corroborate my story. Drove home after the concert and pretty sure I cheated death on account of how many times I nodded off. Found a VHS of that show on a trader forum on the early internet though. My wife at least believes me now lol. Edit: holy crap it's on youtube...yes! @Nevada Convert might appreciate this somewhat. I started the vid where Eddie picks up my shirt. Ramones opened too. Almost forgot about that. How about you? Favorite shows, that is. https://youtu.be/k7L1Mbarkt4?t=6775
  13. It was 9th grade and the show was at the Thomas and Mack. My dad dropped me and my friend off so it was also a huge step forward in adolescent freedom. First time seeing heavy metal barely dressed girls at a concert, being around weed, that many drunk people...it was exhilarating and overwhelming. Mostly I just remember all the cigarette smoke.
  14. Killers/Brandon Flowers are kinda glammy/flamboyant. That conformity and repression will do that to you.
  15. I dunno, Bad Religion is a pretty cool first. Mine was GnR and Soundgarden opened. I think that's a good one, too.
  16. I do like Cream, probably being a little overly-critical. I was pretty into them when I was 18-20 and working on being a guitar hero. White Room used to be my karaoke go to, lol.
  17. The thing with the Beatles is that their music was so fundamentally universal it almost felt like you already somehow knew the songs before you heard them for the first time. Ringo's simplistic drumming allowed us all to immediately understand the song. He was just clapping along like a kid and tapping his toes like the rest of us. Going to see Paul later this month at T-mobile with my mom. It will be our 3rd time seeing Paul but it will be my ten year old's first concert ever. I'm pretty proud of myself for setting that up for him. He won't fully understand for a while, but one day in his 30s he'll say "holy crap, my dad took me to see a Beatle for my first concert. I heard 'Let it Be' live." Going to go all out. Buy him t-shirts, a poster, unlimited cokes, whatever food he wants.
  18. I thought about your Bonham comment for while and struggled to counter it until I thought of the GOATS. Bonham would not have made the Beatles or Stones better. Ringo and Watts are certainly not the greatest musicians, but what comes from their drumming was integral and critical to the je ne sais quoi of those bands.
  19. Ulysses always felt to me like they were trying too hard to make a trippy song. It just doesn't feel feel authentic like "White Rabbit". Kinda like all the fake grunge bands that popped up after the big ones form Seattle.
  20. Cream...eh...not overly impressed. Badge is kind of a cool tune (written by Gieorge Harrisson and Clapton, though). Most Cream just felt like Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton jerking off. I'll accept that the Wilburys were pretty decent but clearly an exception to the rule.
  21. Remember, kids. Al Gore notified the fbi when someone sent him stolen materials from the Bush campaign.