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  1. He's just a sociopath. He cons people because he can behave normally in self-serving deceit and without conscience. It's simply natural to him. Most people can't even understand or comprehend it so they can mistake it for ability. He's just a dumb sociopath. https://www.cnn.com/videos/business/2020/01/23/trump-elon-musk-davos-orig.cnn-business/video/playlists/business-davos/
  2. A win here would have been so much more than one game or even a rivalry win. Beating an undefeated top 5 team would have restored a wave of faith and attendance would have climbed. Missed opportunity but little by little the program is coming back.
  3. There were dumb f*cks in the Mack chanting "overrated". Embarrassing. SDSU just too good with too many answers. We gave it all we had. Good news is I think we're as good now as anyone else in the conference except the Aztecs. Might have some fun in the tournament. Who knows.
  4. They already made their excuse why they won't. Schiff was "rude".
  5. I don't. I was just musing that i wouldn't want Bernie completely unchecked.
  6. This feels racist. Like make the rock and roll Hall of Fame great again.
  7. Neither is the rock and roll Hall of Fame. F that whole thing.
  8. I dare you to sit through this. https://soundcloud.com/the-daily-beast-politics/lev-parnas-audio
  9. I fully realize Bernie and Trump are actually born of the same anti-establishment populism, and for the record am very nervous about a possibility of a Sanders presidency with a dem controlled congress, however the nose holding required to defend Trump is orders of magnitude beyond Bernie, or anything typically partisan. Trump's digustingness, incompetence and lying, to this level, are not normal in the presidency.
  10. The soul selling required to carry this guy's water is off the charts, and for what in the end? All the P.T Barnum references will eventually be replaced by Trump ones.
  11. They are tons of people here with raiders license plates, stickers, flags etc. We going to be just fine regarding team support. Sure there will be a lot of visitors in the stadium but a lot of those will be Raiders fans as well lol.
  12. swear to god I was going to be at the Thomas and Mack tomorrow at 12:30.
  13. TJ will be a got dang king if the Rebs pull this off tomorrow. This would be a most monumental win. Yuge opportunity. There's optimism and steam picking up around the team. I believe we would see some faith restored and attendance could shoot up significantly. I do think Rebs give their best effort and the Reno, loss might help that. We will play as hard as we can. We'll see if it's enough.
  14. Obviously the Aztecs are far and away the belles of the conference, but roadies are roadies and it's damn hard, no matter who you are, to get out of conference unscathed. Win or lose, I just want a big, intense game like we used to have. Maybe next year we can give you guys a run for your money.