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  1. 1. Accurate 2. Never going to happen. Calm your tits. Turn off Newsmax.
  2. The '95 "study" was a survey of randos where a bunch of liars said they stopped crime with their guns, lol. No credible, actual study was able to even come close to corroborating those figures. The frequency of self-defense gun use rests at the heart of the controversy over how guns affect our country. Progun enthusiasts argue that it happens all the time. In 1995 Gary Kleck, a criminologist at Florida State University, and his colleague Marc Gertz published a study that elicited what has become one of the gun lobby's favorite numbers. They randomly surveyed 5,000 Americans and asked if t
  3. airbnb removes thousands and thousands of housing units from a city. That has consequences.
  4. Who do you want innocent black children to be raped and massacred by 400 million guns tho?
  5. That doesn't answer any of the tough questions about the myriad negatives of gun proliferation. "The bible says so!" Just acknowledge that 400 million guns in the US creates some downsides.
  6. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/more-guns-do-not-stop-more-crimes-evidence-shows/ More than 30 peer-reviewed studies, focusing on individuals as well as populations, have been published that confirm what Kellermann's studies suggested: that guns are associated with an increased risk for violence and homicide. “There is really uniform data to support the statement that access to firearms is associated with an increased risk of firearm-related death and injury,” Wintemute concludes. Gun advocates argue the causes are reversed: surges in violent crime lead people to bu
  7. Yep, looks good old American Dream suburban sprawl, just denser.
  8. You are correct regarding appraiser influence but you're incorrect about the severity of it's effect. If an appraiser is pushed to "overvalue" a house somewhat, the borrower pays a relatively trivial amount more in a mortgage payment, especially when the loan was some sort of ARM where they were paying only interest for 3 years. People didn't lose their houses en masse because their house payment was extra $20 or $50. They lost their houses because their mortgage went from an interest only payment of $1200 to $3200, 3 years in. People said nah to that and walked away from their houses. Sure, t
  9. https://lasvegassun.com/news/2021/apr/08/former-unlv-great-george-ackles/ George needs a little help.
  10. Nice get, San! Happy for you. Happy for all of us. Conference just got better.
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