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  1. But the way the titties bounced...
  2. @TheSanDiegan and @halfmanhalfbronco you guys are exhausting.
  3. Everybody and their brother has seen bigfoot but now that everybody got an hd video camera in their pocket no videos...
  4. wut? like sewers and stuff, or just on the ground and in the rivers in India. Also, absence of evidence doesn't equate to probably does exist because we just don't know.
  5. Got to be the same for UNLV then right? cue the "what will be the difference" jokes.
  6. Me and lawlor writing the same thing at the same time. We back.
  7. Where are the bones and poo poo? Just seem hard to believe that we could miss a large hominid in the forests of the northwest. A viable population would be eating and crapping and dying. I mean this isn't just a variant of a bird or something.
  8. I did not see it but will find a replay. That's nuts. Kinda like when we scored last second to get the game into OT after giving up a third period 3 goal lead against the sharks in the playoffs...ugh...
  9. Here's what happened for those that didn't watch the video, the "conservative journalist", whatever the hell that is, came up behind the stabber and corralled him by the shoulders and neck, then the guy stabbed him. Lol in the video he was all "I was trying to de-escalate"... This was a stupid games stupid prizes thing. Move along.
  10. "Consciousness" is not a thing. It's a magical gap filling concept. But, let's say you're right. What's more probable? Uncle Bob's entangled consciousness fing with you or the fridge defrosting?
  11. Wtf is a ghost anyway? It's dumb as shit to assume something coincidental, like finding an object in a place you thought it shouldn't be, or a noise you can't figure out (probably the refrigerator, seriously they sound weird AF in a quiet house when your half asleep), is your dead uncle trying to tell you something. But I know, you want to have special powers to make up for your otherwise unfulfilling, middling mediocre existence so you tell people you've had encounters with the supernatural.
  12. If...If...the speed of light is the true universal speed limit, and things like worm-holes, etc. are not possible or never realized, there's little chance of physically encountering extra-terrestrial life equal to our intelligence or greater. The distances are too vast. The other catch not talked about enough is that we may not be intelligent enough to warrant an extra-terrestrial's attention or consideration? We could be like ants to them. There's no way for us to meaningfully communicate with an ant. The gap is too large. I'm of the educated guess that "life" is not all that uncommon, but beings like us or greater are probably many orders of magnitude rarer, even when discussing these things on a scale as vast as our galaxy. Mother nature is a violent unforgiving beeotch.
  13. couple links on "swing voters" https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/29/opinions/swing-voters-midwest-trump-support-thau/index.html https://engagious.com/swingvoters
  14. I'm relieved our school district went online to start the year. I'm fully aware of the challenges and downside to this, but I was loathing the decision of whether or not to send my kids into an indoor setting with 20-30 other kids for 8 hrs a day to almost certainly get a virus that may not be likely to cause great harm to themselves, but that they would likely transmit to their teachers, admins, me, my wife or my parents, where the likelihood of bigger problems increase. It's the right thing to do from a public health perspective, at this time, and Fauci is right, this will be an experiment.
  15. How is that different from Democrat Derangement Syndrome?
  16. My friend, this reduction of all things evil to Democrats, or any group for that matter, is unhealthy and the source of why our nation is so psychologically damaged. Turn off the Mark Levin.
  17. Well then. Just a cool woke guy I suppose. I got some advice somewhere on the internet the other day. "You are not the idiot whisperer.” I found that to put things in a better perspective for me in most situations.
  18. Wait, someone in a Starbucks, a Starbucks, was mad about masks. Weren't all the employees wearing masks?
  19. If you talk like a fascist, I don't need to wait and see what you may or may not follow through on.