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  1. The main thing is to divert the massive amounts of money that goes to public schools to themselves and their cronies. They hearts and minds of the kids is quite secondary.
  2. Republican platform is now pro-bully, lol.
  3. He's not? Oops. Lol. My bad.
  4. You just got boat raced by UTEP. Weak.
  5. Lol announcers talking about UNLV winning the MW. NEVER HAVE I EVER.
  6. USU has a culture/discipline problem. I've been a UNLV fan my whole life. I'm an expert in identifying this stuff.
  7. I will not predict results but it's clear this isn't usual UNLV.
  8. Every day I read things written by people, on this very website, and I cannot explain how they could acquire money to feed themselves and live indoors.
  9. Slappy is a great troll. I love that he's turned his sights to Boise.
  10. I'm with Convert on this. The fact that it's such an even number is very suspicious. Total bullshit.
  11. GoState and Convert going at it. Love it!!!
  12. UNLV actually has a very good kicker. REBS win!
  13. I actually wrote UNM and UNLV and decided to just beat myself up and leave you guys out of it. haha.
  14. 4 MW teams represented and UNLV is not one of them.
  15. Hope so. Episode 5 had some wacked out OG Game of Thrones sh*t like dude's face getting turned into hamburger but some of the plot advancement was a little soap opera-ish. Still a pretty good show. I'm looking forward to next week. Maybe it's okay if it's not exactly peak GOT. Maybe it has a different voice and vibe. It can still be really good, but different.
  16. wait wut, we're favored? lol. Go REBS!
  17. Reno. The game took 4 days and they scored 0 points and it ended at dawn and all they had to do was one gd time to beat the spread.
  18. For sure. Just weird to see UNLV near the top, even if it's only after three games.
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