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  1. alright Reno let's see what you got. Florida then Michigan. Thems are big boy.
  2. That's a good point. Did he squash the story or sit on it like an investment? Beto loses and nobody cares. Beto runs for president and now we have something.
  3. Remember guys and gals. This is a tv show first and basketball tournament second.
  4. UNLV basketball has been exhausting for so long and this coach thing is even more exhausting. So much nonsense. The only person I believe is Ernie. Everybody else is just regurgitating gossip so they can claim some sort of weirdo fame when one of their 30 predictions sticks to the wall. I might have to tune out for a while.
  5. The real witch hunt continues
  6. I'm on the Aggie bandwagon now. They just look like a s16 Cinderella. Bunch of gamers, young first year coach and a good big. Good story happening.
  7. They're a pretty good team, just running out of gas in my opinion. No Caroline today either. They'll get a few days rest and be ready in the NCAA's I think. They key to beating seems to be to out tough them. They seem to be less successful in the real physical games.
  8. It's hard not to like this Aggie team. So much chemistry and a relatively humble POY. Hope they win a couple in the big tournament.
  9. Reno D is on lock down right now
  10. So they're saying Matta lives in Vegas already?
  11. By the way, Aztecs are taking it to Reno. FUNR all the way home.
  12. My friend, I'm older than 37. I have a UNLV license plate that references the glory days. I was born here. I've probably missed 3 home games in the last 7 years. I don't think Kruger is the ceiling. I think our modern counterpart is Gonzaga and I think that's our ceiling. But like i said, it will take a special kind of coach, like Few or Tark, to realize those days again and those guys are hard to come across. We didn't have the money in CBB or CFB back then like we do now.
  13. If Matta comes here it's because it's the best he can do. Think about that.
  14. Here's the thing with DRF? She kinda has a rep as being competent but we really don't know. She talks a lot about how she approaches things but it almost sounds like she's reading books that tell her "this is step 1...this is step 2...then you do this" I'm not sure about her. Something feels off...