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  1. I agree with a lot of what you say here, just trying to call balls and strikes fair and square. Regarding your last paragraph... Yes. I am seeing this argument more and more now that if Trump does some crazy ass stuff it's because others pushed him to the edge, so we better let him do whatever or he'll take us all down. Wtf?
  2. Maybe not as taiibi seems to be saying that neither party has the moral authority to condemn the other, and that's a problem.
  3. Obama was one hell of a public speaker, no doubt.
  4. I'm with you, this is a deliberate act and it's terrible, but I don't want you getting away with claiming this is a liberal media only issue. Fox has been busted with this kind of stuff often and we all know fox news is the number 1 watched cable news network. Almost all media is in a race to the bottom.
  5. Hence the quotes around "crimes" My point was it was one supposition versus many.
  6. So, a little off topic but here's where we are now.
  7. I do not disagree that this is typical of Taiibi, but I see the piece as being somewhat unfair. He pits a singular offense of Trump, the Ukraine quid pro quo, against all of the unproven crimes of the CIA in the last how many years. I very much concede that it would be obtuse to dismiss the likely "crimes" of CIA/FB in the past years however Taiibi needs to extend the same courtesy to Trump, as you'd have to have the same level of obtuseness to declare Trump is not making certain policy decisions based on how it might affect his undivested companies. Neither are proved in court, however Taiibi posits the CIA stuff as fact and Trump's litany of apparent transgressions are missing. Some of the wording appears to say "appeasement" of Trump is better than the alternative but that will ultimately lead down the same road.
  8. I think @thelawlorfaithful would appreciate this piece. But to all, Taiibi also says Trump is guilty of abusing the power of the office, he just says other entities are guilty of abusing their power as well.
  9. Guys I think he's going to get off. Adam Schiff embellished. That means Trump is innocent of all charges, forever. Some of the best law guys, maybe in history, are saying that.
  10. Got to give Sanchez a little credit. He said this week they had to get back to being a running team and v of course that's what they did. The effectiveness of the run allowed the receivers to get a little space and oblad was able to make a couple more throws Rogers might have blown. Really happy for the guys, it's got to be hard to keep getting up off the mat. Any p5 scalp, even one from a crappy team, is a big deal for UNLV.
  11. Lol you can here ,"rheeeebbuuullls" in an sec stadium. Awesome.
  12. Our conference has such a wide range of distinct cultures. It's really quite interesting. Hawaiians, Mormons, New Mexicans, city slickers and backwoods hicks. Fish tacos, Rocky Mountain oysters, green Chile and Wolfgang Puck. Subarus and rolling coal.
  13. There was a perfect desert sunset casting a purple shadow on the nearby mountains.
  14. They'll even put "snowflake" in their name instead of Reno.
  15. Haven't watched the movie yet but hate the concept of continuing the story. Now the end wasn't the real end, and the TV show and was perfect. Just leave well enough alone. Toy story 4 was pretty good, but out effed up the perfect ending to 3. I have children.
  16. They've been a little quieter for a while now. In fact I saw one of them start to walk back support just a wee bit.
  17. Trump sez the saudis are paying the us now for the escalation of our military involvement. Sez the saudis buy a lot of military equipment from us. So our troops are for hire now? We’re not even going to pretend there’s some righteousness cause?
  18. The thing with criminals is that most of them don't think anyone is smart, or smarter than them anyway. They have a hard time even imagining something that seems obvious to you or me. Because they are often dummies and sociopaths.