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  1. It's good to think about all these possible scenarios.
  2. Patrick McCaw Linked in FBI Probe

    Breaking: Per a source, Patrick McCaw has been suspended from all basketball activities and will not travel with the team to Albuquerque to face the Lobos of the University of New Mexico.
  3. and there's the Rick Gates guilty plea

    The people around Trump are/were shady af and this reflects quite poorly on his administration, whether Trump was a willful colluder or not. The people around him were full of foreign money and likely foreign influence. Can you imagine a CEO surviving this when a handful of other officers in the corporation were brought up on fraud and money laundering charges? Ya know, everybody claims the wants the government run more like a business these days.
  4. Instead of arming teachers what about

    Yes, of course. I'm not sure my statement was as clear as it could have been. The trained soldiers say how hard it is for them to operate effectively under those conditions.
  5. Instead of arming teachers what about

    Maybe so, but then I read things from trained soldiers that talk about how hard it is to make and execute the right decisions under that much pressure and adrenaline.
  6. Malik Pope Paid - NCAA Probe

    Stop being reasonable.
  7. Instead of arming teachers what about

    The kids are still going into classrooms to hide after the alarms get pulled though. Door barricades aren't going to solve the whole problem, but maybe we have 4 dead kids instead of 17. There is no perfect answer but we can probably reduce the severity and frequency of these incidents with just some action.
  8. Will UNLV go 0pher?

    Yes, but we were heinously worse last year. Worst season in UNLV history. This is hopefully a 20+ win team. In any case I'm sure we all agree that going to the T&M to watch the Rebels lose is no fun and in the end that's why people aren't showing up.
  9. Instead of arming teachers what about

    Could we maybe start here? http://www.syracuse.com/us-news/index.ssf/2018/02/justinkase_school_shooting_device_classrooms.html
  10. Instead of arming teachers what about

    Office joke aside, although I disagree with many of your premises and how simple they would be to employ, I do agree that it's "better than feel good do nothing legislation."
  11. Instead of arming teachers what about

    Which bear is best?
  12. Instead of arming teachers what about

    You may be right. Maybe this is what it takes but it's disgusting. I hate it. Soldiers with M-16s at my kid's elementary school. What kind of world is this?
  13. Will UNLV go 0pher?

    Games may not have been in the same time slot but there are only so many hours in the week. My made up quote from a typical Las Vegan with a household income over 150k..."There's two Rebel games and two Knights games this week, plus the kids have soccer practice and I have to work a few late nights. Rebels suck so they're going on the back burner."
  14. Will UNLV go 0pher?

    I heard the radio spot as well, but I think Graney is, as always, a little too impressed with his own opinion without listening to anybody else. There most certainly is some overlap between Knights and Rebels fans. No way is that the main cause of the attendance woes but it doesn't help. Graney, and to a lesser extent Grimala, were talking about how the price points don't overlap and you're not attracting the same consumer. I believe that is true for walk-up balcony ticket sales but the lower bowl for the T&M is 90% season ticket holders and many of those people are upper-middle class and can afford to choose between the Knights and the Rebels on a given night. "Normal" attendance would see the lower bowl pretty full and the total amount of butts in seats depended on how many balcony walk-ups you'd get. But now, it's the lower bowl, season ticket holders that aren't showing up. They're having more fun somewhere else but you can't re-fill those seats.They're already sold. That's why attendance is announced at 9.5k but there's 4k in the building. Anyway, I find this constant harping on the attendance by the media unhelpful. Bitching about it and begging people to come out isn't worth much either. The only thing you can do about it is win win win.
  15. Will UNLV go 0pher?

    Although there's nobody at the games, UNLV is still getting 9k-10k tickets sold. It really looks like many of the season ticket holders for UNLV bball are probably also season ticket holders for the Knights. Many of the empty seats at the Mack are the more expensive ones, which are quite expensive for college basketball. That being said I could see many of these absentee season ticket holders still writing a check for their UNLV tickets for a few more years, whether or not they attend games or not. But yes, we now have a market for sports in the town and UNLV will not be able to provide an inferior product and compete for butts in seats moving forward.
  16. Has the Eunuch in Chief met his match?

    It boggles my mind that so many of you guys are experts on military theory, weapons and strategy. We're any of you guys generals or admirals or something?
  17. https://www.npr.org/2018/02/20/587244230/memoirist-retraces-her-journey-from-survivalist-childhood-to-cambridge-ph-d
  18. She's actually goes pretty easy on her parents, family and Mormons. Just a wise and very intelligent woman.
  19. Fresno State at UNLV

    Joke's on you. UNLV is "NR".