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  1. Seems to me some people think they are being treated unfavorably or rejected because they are on the right, but really it's mostly because they're bad people with bad and dumb things to say.
  2. The real problem is that this is what the voters wanted.
  3. I will stick to what it means, supported by precedent.
  4. I've been following this for a couple weeks now and just can't wrap my mind around how it can be. It must destroy short vinvestors or the stock market itself. Both cannot exist in this fashion.
  5. @bornontheblue Your legal argument is that a provision in the constitution to prevent someone from ever holding office again, is thwarted by the clock, is just poor reasoning and not consistent with precedent. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/meet-the-press/meet-other-american-who-was-impeached-tried-after-leaving-office-n1255516 But there is historical precedent for impeaching and trying to convict a former federal officeholder. In 1876, as the U.S. House of Representatives was about to vote on articles of impeachment against Secretary of War William Belkn
  6. If this is dumb wait until you fully comprehend that what you're saying is that the President can attempt or do anything he wants...sedition, treason, bribery, sell off intelligence...without consequence, as an outgoing lame duck, as long as it is pretty close to January 21st. That's one hell of a loophole.
  7. He was impeached for incitement of insurrection while he was the president.
  8. Nah, the Dems will just try to minimize the damage until they take over again in '24...
  9. So, 45 Republicans, including Mcconnell, just voted to dismiss the trial on the grounds that is unconstitutional to impeach/convict an out of office president. That's the out they just created for themselves. So remember kids, there are literally no rules the last couple weeks of the presidency unless the incoming Congress is overwhelmingly against you. You're a fool if you don't at least try to go full dictator.
  10. Nikki Haley is terrible and of ordinary political courage and uniqueness. Maybe she was better before. Whatevs...
  11. I think he can be a really good 12-14 point guy in the MW taking in rhythm threes and even one on one shots were he has at least a little separation. A third teamer, maybe a second...? but he's not the all conference guy he thinks he is. He can't be forcing shots in situations Bryce should be taking for the Rebels to be their best. Right?
  12. My favorite thing about this argument is this nugget of cognitive dissonance... "my grandpa died in the mud in France for your freedoms." "How dare you exercise those freedoms!!!"
  13. Mbacke was the MVP tonight. Unlv isn't the best team in the conference but they're really not that far off and it will only get closer as the year goes on...if...if...Hamilton and Diong stay healthy. Ignore the current record. If they can just clean up a few more things and get Jenkins to stop taking bad shots. TJ had to convince him to be an efficient scorer and not a volume guy.
  14. Try this. https://www.lvsportsnetwork.com/
  15. Watchgate! Thanks liberal NY times. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/22/fashion/mens-style/rolex-biden.html
  16. Post all your unfair tweets, articles, etc. the showing how liberal media is soo unfair to Joe Biden, probably because he's a Republican or something... Here's one.
  17. I hope he's right that he was wrong. Is it over? Was the putsch more than most Trumpers really bargained for? It was over. It was as if millions of Americans went to bed after watching the riots on Jan. 6 and, upon waking up the following morning, realized exactly what happened. Realized what they had tried to do. Realized exactly what they almost did. Realized exactly who they were really enabling. They saw the photos of the gallows, the man with the zip ties, heard the shouts of “Hang Mike Pence,” and realized… it wasn’t just talk. https://the
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