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  1. We need more discussion like this. Arguing only the medical technicalities does not serve us well. Thanks for giving your story.
  2. He has drained the swamp and put in all the best people. Also the debt is getting paid off and GDP is at 6% growth.
  3. He's a business man and he's done everything he said he was going to do.
  4. Also, make sure you mark "owner occupied" on your mortgage application for your rental property.
  5. Ok, I get it but the birth control pills are generally not otherwise neutral to a woman. There are negative side effects that are not great. Like decreased libido for one, lol. Seriously though, bloating, nausea, irregular period, spotting. There's a price to pay. It's not a prefect solution.
  6. Every topic can't be about California. That would be nutty.
  7. Rebel Robert doesn't even live in Las Vegas lol. UNLV fb needs to become almost Boise like to get real fan support in my estimation. This town is just not interested in small potatoes.
  8. It will take a while for UNLV football to reach any kind of real footing. The town considers UNLV football to be a loser. It's going to take years of success, of playing and beating good teams to get any real traction and to turn that perception around. Yes, the stadium shine will wear off but Las Vegas has never been a college town and UNLV has never really has that college feel anyway. No one will even give a crap about the Rebels becoming competitive in the MW. It's going to take nationally relevant wins to get more fans continuously in the seats for UNLV. I guess what I'm saying is it's all or nothing, and if there's one city where playing in the NFL stadium will work, it just might be here, but only with a big-time team. Anything other than that and it won't matter anyway.
  9. This is your third post in this thread telling retro to get over it. Maybe you should take your own advice?
  10. The real question is how much would we have collected this year if the cut had not been made, and that's tricky to answer.
  11. The discussion should not be about taking away from those that the system rewarded or awarded, but if the system would be healthier with more wealth in the hands of more people, rather than having such a large percentage of it in the hands of a few.
  12. #1 We are talking UNLV. Attendance is poor already. There's nowhere to go but up. #2 "Football" fans don't shlep out to Sam Boyd for the joy of watching football. They do it because they're UNLV fans. #3 Again, UNLV fb tickets might as well be free compared to Raider's tickets. If someone can afford Raiders tickets they can afford UNLV tickets in addition. No Raiders tix holder will have to make a Sophie's choice to attend UNLV fb games.
  13. Empathy is probably more responsible for the opinions we form than anything. It's hard to understand what we have not experienced. It's hard to walk a mile in someone else's shoes when you haven't walked a mile in them . Some can, I suppose, but I think this is a major barrier in abortion, gun, health care discussions.
  14. I'm going to file this one away for the next climate change debate. Mind if I use it?
  15. To be fair, you're making an assumption that these nutjob groups Rocket is talking about are doing things because they have reasons that makes sense.
  16. Agreed. It's also a dichotomy that conservatives don't see their authoritarianism over women's bodies.