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  1. https://www.wsj.com/articles/if-your-gen-z-co-workers-are-quiet-quitting-heres-what-that-means-11660260608?reflink=share_mobilewebshare Not taking your job too seriously has a new name: quiet quitting. The phrase is generating millions of views on TikTok as some young professionals reject the idea of going above and beyond in their careers, labeling their lesser enthusiasm a form of “quitting.” It isn’t about getting off the company payroll, these employees say. In fact, the idea is to stay on it—but focus your time on the things you do outside of the office.
  2. Imagine being the type of person that gets off on attending and donating money at events like this. The creepiest valueless creeps. Barf.
  3. He's turning the stuck together pages on this chapter of his life.
  4. How kid friendly is it?
  5. Hmmm..why is it assumable that the material would be magnetic?
  6. I still like his policies of being cruel to Mexicans. Will vote for him again!
  7. Being at Badwater Basin at dusk/golden hour is unforgettable. Beautiful as anything.
  8. There's kind of a thing where people will try to play a round of golf on the hottest day of the year at Furnace Creek. Basically you wear a wet towel when you're not actually hitting a shot. It's a silly bucket list item for me.
  9. He hopes to get more exposure at his new gig.
  10. He yanked himself right off the air.
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