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  1. New Mexico at UNLV

  2. The NBA will take him. Just like they take every other kid who's not full developed or truly ready.
  3. #Release The Memo

    Who can release it?
  4. New Mexico at UNLV

    Oh, I know we're incorrigible.
  5. New Mexico at UNLV

  6. This is horrific. The child torture case in California.

    Two sheds within 100 yards is a city according to blues.
  7. New Mexico at UNLV

    You Boise guys sure are being sore winners this season.
  8. That's legitimately interesting. Why do you think that is? Why do conservatives not pursue careers as journalists?
  9. Yet you didn't recognize I was throwing your own unhelpful and over-generalized statement back at you. You face-palmed your own sentiment.
  10. Cons dismiss facts as media bias at all costs.
  11. Fun fact...One is his very own daughter!