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  1. Don't worry, they hired a dad to full time monitor the thermostat.
  2. Very very nice, but all the 4 wheel modes sound like the trail 4 runner and the fj with kdds. The open air is rad though.
  3. Yeah, maybe contact tracing isn't the right phrase. What I'm looking for is some kind of study or survey or tracing that demonstrates the protests are significantly responsible for the spikes. I mean, there's a big church thing in Louisiana or whatever, and a bunch of people that were there get covid and that's trackable to the source with some reliability. We need to see large cases arise from people that attended protests. Show me the money. To my knowledge, all we have right now is supposition. Seems like outdoor transmission isn't as likely, but like I said, show me the money.
  4. Not me. But anytime I'm around anyone else in the public I do.
  5. The number one issue this nation faces, in my opinion, is the tribalism and divisiveness. We can't solve anything until we improve on that front.
  6. Trumpers are truly the party of false equivalence. It's how they rationalize their support.
  7. Darling I was hoping to settle in and watch some television but the wind isn't blowing tonight...
  8. There are options. Nissan leaf leaf, mini has a new one and vw will have a golf type car soon I think.
  9. All your mountains turn to rocks, all your oceans turn to drops.
  10. I agree with the simplification theory, but a smarter simplification is still better than a dumb one. We need government in some capacity and it needs to be better.
  11. The video and the articles do not full support your assumption that she was killed simply because she wasn't woke enough. In any case, a senseless tragedy. Nothing she could have said is justification for what happened to her.
  12. I recommend watching the source video. https://www.wthr.com/article/news/crime/family-of-downtown-canal-shooting-victim-seeks-justice/531-ce60ebbd-49b4-4b40-99b5-3f0e7a8e3b40