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  1. I don't give a crap air David Frum. His con cred is of no importance here. There were people that did have to save the country though, because the president, at a minimum, went through the motions of destroying it. Call this one a stress test I guess but the whole it was just a prank bro all's well that ends well line is a dangerous attitude, far more dangerous than mislabeling what happened to this country's soul over the last four years.
  2. The right was a personality cult for the last four years. What's a girl to do? It's better than going full retard or joining in on the appeasement.
  3. Crime rates and gentrification and all that stuff is complicated. Sure broken windows policing can remove the usual suspects, but I'm not quick to give Rudy Giuliani credit for much right now. He's so awful and so dumb. Seems to me most gentrification and crime reduction in a given area appears to be more the result of economic and market forces.
  4. Lots of cities are though. Gentrification is a hell of a thing. Main St in Vegas 30 years ago was pee pee soaked heck hole of industrial decay and is now hipster artsy coffee brew pub sushi joint bistro lights over the street central and was just named the coolest neighborhood in the country by one of those worthless clickbait websites. So cool in fact Pauly Shore moved into the area, lol. But you get my point.
  5. Flat Earth is your bat signal and I love it.
  6. social media and the internet...smh. Make information elite again. Whodathunkit? Apparently, democracy doesn't work when the populace is "informed" to this extent. We are too dumb and unwise to digest it all.
  7. Trumpers - "I don't have any real understanding of how this works, therefore it doesn't make sense to me, and if it doesn't make sense to me it must be wrong because there is no understanding beyond my initial common sense." - elections, government, climate change, the economy, democracy, moon landings, the shape of the earth. These mfers are going to be burning witches in a few years. #thedisenlightenment #thederenaissance
  8. Covid could really shake it up. Might have some weird standings at the end of the season.
  9. And about 50 other things that we don't even know what they are yet.
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