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  1. Where are you from?

    There's a great Kurzgesagt evolution video that goes through this concept.
  2. Nevada back in top 25

    They belong. Reno is going to murder UNLV 2 or 3 times this year.
  3. #Release The Memo

    Top House Republicans are considering publicly releasing some of the underlying intelligence behind a memo spearheaded by Rep. Devin Nunes that alleges FBI abuses of surveillance laws.
  4. Eric Musselman’s Likely Landing Spots

    That's very sweet. I hope they do stay. But If I was an NBA GM and I had to take one player from the MW in the 2018 draft it would be Caleb. He's Pat McCaw, probably better.
  5. Eric Musselman’s Likely Landing Spots

    1. Martins might go pro. 6'7" guys that can shoot like that, with strength like that and defend like that play in the NBA. 2. Exactly.
  6. Eric Musselman’s Likely Landing Spots

    Most decent coaches are millionaires and yet plenty of them leave for more $ and a better opportunity every year.
  7. Eric Musselman’s Likely Landing Spots

    1. This is a dumb conversation to have right now. 2. You guys are very cute with your quotes about Muss not leaving because Reno reasons. Even if they turn out to be true in the end you're still naive. Just enjoy the ride. All things shall pass.
  8. Response from the #1Stunner

    Wow, I never realized Frog and Stunner were the same person. Neat!
  9. Eric Musselman’s Likely Landing Spots

    People have little discipline and just cannot help themselves. I don't get why so many people that hate Trump follow him on twitter. They give Trump exactly what he wants and the followers get nothing but anger and frustration in return.
  10. #Release The Memo

    I'm all for the truth coming to light, no matter who it takes down, but this "memo" is just political maneuvering.
  11. Government Shutdown 2018

    Yes, Obama failed. What about Trump?
  12. Boise State @ Nevada

    both teams looking tired. Punched out?
  13. #Release The Memo

    Nunes prepared this summary? It's worthless. Release the docs. Any jag off, like Steele or GPS, can summarize something with an agenda.
  14. #Release The Memo

    So what is a memo in this context? A book report? an opinion piece? Is it proof of anything? Can anyone just write a memo?