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  1. Hillary killed several people.
  2. Says the guy that "fixed" my post to tell me what I really mean.
  3. I don't know. I just know the current situation is a bad idea in real life, despite how it works in theory in libertarian fantasy land. I've had student loans like most everyone else here. Of course I'm aware there aren't greedy bankers uncorking champagne after I go into massive debt at 18 years old. I said the problem is systemic and the system is set up to fail when critical elements rely on children to make sound decisions.
  4. I feel you. I was getting the Nobel prize...
  5. I would say allowing a person with no credit history, no experience with money, and a limbic system that is still forming, to borrow +100k plus of non-dischargeable debt is predatory at any interest rate.
  6. This is what I think many libertarian types are coming to terms with right now and I think that's why many of them seem so defeated or feel backed into a corner. Like maybe critical systems shouldn't be set up so that a mass of people making "poor personal decisions" can bring the whole thing down, like that thing that has me in it too. That's not fair either. Hmm...
  7. Yet unlike other "irresponsible choices" student debt is generally very difficult to discharge through bankruptcy. The student loan system has become predatory rather than helpful.
  8. So why are millions of 18 year old's entering into obscene amounts of crippling debt to get a degree and in turn hobbling the ability of our young people to dream american? We don't even let them by cigarettes anymore at 18. Their brains are still forming. Probably several causes but maybe as a society we should focus on that question instead of blaming it on the lack of good decision making by children.
  9. Carol runs a non profit. All animal shelters down to dogs and cats and guinea pigs use shet loads of volunteers. Doesn't mean she doesn't collect a salary but that's all non-profits. Let's talk about cults. How about the wannabe Indian harem lord that brainwashes 19 year olds to live with him or Joe that pays ex-cons $100 a week and haves them live onsite trailers of filth so he can buy his 19 year old meth addicted husbands 4 wheelers and pink camo guns and...meth..and to hire people to kill Carole? Carole's "cult" goes home and night and isn't dependent on her for anything. She doesn't even know many of their names. "But Carole's husband disappeared! I just know that shadowy b*tch killed that poor innocent man and fed him to the tigers! I just know it!" Like I said, I'd like to stay as far away from Carol as possible in real life, nobody has to like her, I'm not saying she's great, but ask yourself why she gets a higher level of vitriol and than Joe and the other super creeps who are doing heinous illegal life damaging stuff all day every day and are by all objective measure much worse. She is not their equal.
  10. Yes, the show positions Joe as the protagonist and Carol as the antagonist, I get that, but the thing is she doesn't do those things anymore. She does not breed or do the cub petting and hasn't for a long time. Joe did the opposite. He wanted a sanctuary, but then realized how much meth he could buy if he bred and sold the tigers and took the cubs from the mothers for photo ops. He also shoots Carol effigies in the head on his YouTube channel. Joe is convicted of hiring someone to kill Carol. But somehow in the end we sympathise with Joe and say Carol is the worst because we just know it.
  11. Problem is that Carol is not even close to just as guilty as the others. She doesn't breed them or do the cub petting for profit.