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  1. Cool stuff! My old boss's grandpa was a propulsion engineer at Lockheed. He had a signed "award" thing from McNamara for working on the Polaris missile.
  2. @thelawlorfaithful The wrestling comparisons aren't comparisons anymore.
  3. Not arguing that tj's talent assessment for UNLV has been off, but how did that happen? He was supposed to be an awesome recruiter at ISU. He has no excuse for not knowing what big boy players look like. My guess is he thought he could innovate the "golden state" method into college hoops, 3-4 guards raining threes all night, but I guess it's not so simple. Rice, too, came in with plan which was to allow the players to take the first "open" shot and run up the score, like Tark teams, but turns out that's not so easy to replicate either. Diong had two good games vs fresno. Not sure
  4. And he's listening to Wonderwall. Get it? Wonderwall...
  5. Probably didn’t even have to equal the offer. People that never get ahead are always more worried saving money. People that do get ahead worry more about increasing revenue.
  6. Apparently dude was on his phone scrolling some Biden conspiracy theory article on some weirdo right wing site when hit the guy.
  7. About 4 times a week I stare far off into the distance and mumble to myself "how f'ing stupid was it that they didn't pay Kruger a couple more bucks..."
  8. I was at a house the other day and the guy who lives there bought and sold stuff on eBay for a living. 20% of his house was cassettes. We both agreed that cassettes are a terrible medium, sound bad, inconvenient, etc...but he says there's tons of people that want them, so dollar dollar bill y'all.
  9. I remember bragging to my fellow sixth graders that I got "Goin' Back to Cali" fully taped with no talking over the saxophone intro and I would make them copies if they gave me a blank tape.
  10. But you still chose Catholicism, which was skier's point. Doesn't mean you or most of the faithful are brainwashed or anything like that, but to be honest, I don't think your story or your path is all that uncommon. People that choose atheism or agnosticism often have a common path as well, and come to think of it, it's not that dissimilar from your journey.
  11. I think it's quite possible that some of today's ills are rooted in a reduction of organized religion, but not in a moral sense. Organized religion and the "truths" it gave us played a structural and cultural role in our society....forever. It was human. Well, that whole ecosystem is out of whack right now, and other things, much less beaten into shape over the millennia, are filling that gap.
  12. When Rice got canned there was as lobo fan here that kept saying we were going to get Menzied. It seemed ridiculous at first but gosh dang it happened and I'll never forgive Lobo nation for that juju.
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