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  1. What's with the lights flickering? You guys behind on your power bill or something?
  2. GG dogs. You lucky our qb went down though.
  3. If UNLV doesn't run 20 more screen plays I can't even...
  4. If you get spoiled by UNLV you don't deserve anything.
  5. Well, at least it was fun for a half. Dang it.
  6. I doubt UNLV scores more than one or two field goals rest of the way without Brumfield.
  7. I think you might be right. Hope so
  8. We taking the cannon, that valley trophy, and that weird ass jobu thing Hawaii and Fresno play for.
  9. The republicans have to fight the libs, that is the only policy that matters to these voters and the debt ceiling is a lib thing to them. So we have to go through this song and dance.
  10. The stadium will be new and it will be in the downtown area. Sam Boyd is for monster trucks. It is not the droid they're looking for. Smh.
  11. There are some rad mid-century houses in those older neighborhoods. Not really palm springsy but really cool in their own right.
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