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  1. For all the shit unlv takes about attendance we had 21k for the vandy game. For the record San Diego is still a bigger town than Vegas.
  2. Imagine being pro-management. So not punk rock.
  3. This is probably what she's referring to. Tim Scott did a bit on this as well. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/03/08/covid-relief-bill-gives-86-billion-bailout-to-failing-union-pension-plans.html
  4. Bruh, they get a bazillion $ more than us every year even if they are not exactly Alabama. Any P5 scalp is a good scalp.
  5. Reno hanging with Kansas rn too. C'mon you sorry sons a bitches let's do some P5 damage today.
  6. Wait wut? I turned it off after the int. Lol.
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