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  1. His man is open for three a lot.
  2. Hardy trying to keep rebs in it
  3. I don't give two craps about Hillary or Obama.
  4. Conversely if we let you shoot threes we won't be able to keep up.
  5. We can't beat them shooting threes but we might if it's a gritty two's contest. Need Blair, Bryce and Donnie to get going there. No open threes for Reno.
  6. I blame google and apple for this. People come here and their dumbass phone says Paradise when they are on the strip for Weather purposes. So dumb. I met somebody that was new to town and they said they lived in Winchester. I was like...
  7. The worker guy says they'll bring the grass field in on Friday nights to get it acclimated. Uhh....no. Unless they coordinate home and away games with UNLV.
  8. I'm pretty sure the whole point of most organized religion is to tell you how god works.