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  1. Losing Phil and Paul would be just too much. The way Phil says the "my-oh-jherne" is burned into my brain.
  2. It will be interesting to see the actual size of it all, whatever that will be.
  3. Is the Steele dossier the same as getting knowingly stolen info from a foreign government though? No it's not. And even if it was "the same" and it is wrong to do, then that makes the Trump campaign wrong as well. So what are you defending besides wrongdoing here?
  4. How little dictator is it that Trump is firing his own pollsters because they told him something he didn't want to hear.
  5. So why are people wanting now welfare? Why now with record low unemployment, etc? Why are people feeling this way?
  6. I think you are oversimplifying things. Just blaming it all in lazy kids and all. Even so, why do young people feel this way now, as opposed to 30 year ago? Why now?
  7. This isn't an exercise in socialism versus capitalism. I'm not advocating for socialism. I'm asking why these types of ideas are taking hold at this time. Why are they more appealing than let's say 30 years ago? We need to have serious conversations and realizations about the causes of our current, unhealthy situation if we are to address the roots of it rather than bicker about the superficial symptoms of it.
  8. Why are more socialist ideas and policies gaining traction? Why nationalist and isolationist ideas have become popular, not just in the US but in other places in the world? Why a guy like Trump won and why a guy like Bernie could win? What are the typical conditions that lead to these realities?
  9. Remember, Trump's own internal polling has him losing in key states.
  10. What a glorious mess that would be.