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  1. Wants that Nobel, or at least wants his supporters to think he's being shafted.
  2. Oh for sure. He thinks he can get it though.
  3. Yes. Also, this whole Taliban to camp David thing was a self serving show for the Nobel committee. If anything good comes to America from his "foreign policy" it's just collateral damage en route to that peace prize.
  4. I bet he doesn't finish the game though.
  5. Is vaping stuff like strawberry juice even enjoyable? Or is it just something to do? Like chew gum? Teach me.
  6. You are 100% correct however a person considering what they are considering surely doesn’t want advise from a white guy, even if your heart is in the right place. That’s okay. In my official capacity as “the left”, I bestow upon you the title of “not racist”, which is the highest honor a non-member can receive. But stay in your lane white devil.
  7. I am from Hansons and Andersons but the Andersons changed to Richardsons in Minnesota because there was too many got dang Andersons. So we named my son Anders to restore a little order, haha. So, long story short, I'm "half" Swede.
  8. Well I think we've found some common ground actually. My contention is that our gun culture of to blame, partly, for these mass shootings. That culture includes the media and Democrats but also includes a whole lot of insane rhetoric from Republicans, the NRA and the President to name a few where guns and gun culture are fetishized and worshipped, where unstable weirdos in tactical gear are advertised as "patriots".
  9. Hmmm...imma need a source on that. Now remember Gotham isn't actually NYC. In any case we do have plenty of statistically safe cities without guns in the real world do we not? Is it possible you are over emotional about your need to have a gun to defend yourself in the super safe USA? Is it possible your fear that we need guns cuz tyranny is emotion based? The odds of either happening are practically zero are they not? Same, plus or minus, as mass shooting?