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  1. Parking, ingress and egress at the dlc is a nightmare. Loved and appreciated the t&m very much last night regarding all that.
  2. You think Putin cares about that arms dealer guy? It's clear Biden had no leverage. Briner was traded because Putin knew it would damage Biden. Briner home or no one. Joe took one for Britney.
  3. I've been to every game this year. Not sure ticket sales have increased yet, or at least to any meaningful amount. But I think it will take a while. It's not a switch you can throw and make everybody get back. There's a momentum to this. Yes, I understand winning is the number 1 factor in attracting more fans and no amount of new or different arena will change that, however people don't go to Aviator games because they live and die with the wins and losses. The park is nice, the food is good and it's an all around pleasurable experience. I don't think I'm crazy to say the T&M has lost that edge. Last night was the most fun at a game this year by far. It just fit. If that was the product, UNLV bball would be a hotter ticket imo.
  4. Zags have nothing to compete with in their market though. Just skeptical we get back to filling up the mack or being as consistently good as Gonzaga to be honest. Hope to God I'm wrong.
  5. Maybe you've been right about everything all along. I'd go smaller though. 7-8k. Loud, intimate, hard core.
  6. At the halftime hospitality they give you dixie cups of Pepsi with ice in it. Covid my butt.
  7. I don't drink soda at home, so I always looked forward to a large Pepsi with a lot of ice at the games. It's so disappointing with the plastic bottles now...
  8. Yes it was fun last time we were good and it was filled. But... There's more to it than just getting the right amount of fans. T mobile and dlc have modern configurations, sound, amenities, concessions, etc. Really hope Eric Harper stayed for a while and paid attention. The in game announcing and entertainment has been embarrassing at the mack this year. That dj and drummer are so awkward. The t and m is stale. Need a fresh approach imo. The hospitality is hilarious. Everyone cattle into the room and grab styrofoam bowls of Chex mix. I had fried pickles at the dlc and got to eat them at the counter that wraps around the whole concourse overlooking the floor. I understand the t&m is here to stay, but we need to really rethink how to best use it.
  9. Although they righted the ship, this was the first time I saw this team take it easy and not play hard. Hope Kevin runs them until they puke tomorrow.
  10. Guys and gal, I learned a hard truth tonight. 5k fans is not the problem. It was really fun in there. The size and outdatedness of the t&m is the problem.
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