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  1. If they wanted you to be able to overthrow the government, wouldn't it be legal?
  2. A decent camera is still a better, more specialized tool for capturing most images, but yeah, with the processing available to everyone, high quality pictures are very attainable with phones these days. Good light is 50% of photography anyway. Often I have my DSLR on me and my wife is taking pictures of the same thing and we end up with her pics being the keepers. The software on phones usually automatically creates more dynamic range than most fancy cameras sensors pump out before you mess with them in Lightroom so often they look better from the get go. If you're up for a little game,
  3. I need to clean this one up a bit more in Lightroom but this was a fun capture to get.
  4. Boy oh boy the salty tears from MTL on social media about the refs is the most punk azz whining I've seen in a long time.
  5. Whatever plausible deniability there was of Trumpism=racism is eroding ever faster by the day. It's accelerating. I don't know if they're lashing out or what but give it another 6-8 months and some of the relative "normal" Trumpers will be saying the N word.
  6. I have a 2010 Trail Edition. I know that's 11 years old but they still look the same pretty much. Pros - kind of a jack of all trades, reliable, confident off road - the kdds suspension system is cool, easy to clean, love the material the seats are made out of. Good "adventure" platform. Cons - city and highway comfort is sub-optimal. It's a stiff, mid-size truck. Have to keep the tires balanced really well or you get some wobble at highway speeds. It's a known issue. Sometimes I wish it were a hair bigger but it turns nice and tight and is relatively agile so that's a fair trad
  7. Hey, Las Vegas? Get Celine Dion to sing the national anthems, or at least Oh, Canada if you don't want to break tradition with Carnell Johnson. I mean, really. This is first grade thinking.
  8. I think me and you could have swiped that puck in the net was so wide open. That should count as Theodore's second goal of the night.
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