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  1. toonkee

    Still glad I didnt vote for this ass

    Hmmm...that sounds an awful lot like somebody who's not smart enough to get it talk.
  2. toonkee

    Still glad I didnt vote for this ass

    That's a respectable take.
  3. I thought you wanted corp rates lower. And I really wasn't picking on you specifically. Just making a little snotty remark but using your post to get it started.
  4. Let's just lower taxes some more so the economy grows so much we'll actually bring in more revenue than before, even with the lower tax rates.
  5. toonkee

    Dennis Hof has died

    Seriously, the NV GOP dodged a bullet here. They were talking about not seating him, not letting him caucus with anybody. Basically shunning him. I went to Death valley last weekend so I drove through some Hof country and on the way home saw some billboards for "Laxalt, Hof and Heller - the winning team". I don't think Heller or Laxalt approved that message.
  6. toonkee

    Dennis Hof has died

    too horsey.
  7. toonkee

    Still glad I didnt vote for this ass

    East of Eden, Grapes of Wrath. Those are some American literature books.
  8. Man, nobody saw this coming/s
  9. toonkee

    Still glad I didnt vote for this ass

    The problem with Catcher is that the central theme has been done to death since the time of the book and Catcher just seems quaint now. I think we've gone further and deeper in more modern cinema, etc. Kinda like Pulp Fiction. Watch it now and it's just not as groundbreaking or shocking or novel.
  10. toonkee

    Dennis Hof has died

    I'd say it's still super embarrassing.
  11. Do you think the repubs will come to the table to discuss raising taxes? If we really want to eliminate the deficit it will take alterations to both incoming and outgoing.
  12. "well let you know when we get there"
  13. toonkee

    trigger warning: liberal woman sings parody

    I had it explained to me like this once on what it's like to be female walking around. Not that you are unsafe in most cases, but you are almost always at least vulnerable. Half the population is bigger and stronger right off the bat. Being in a one on one situation is almost always a losing proposition. As a dude, I can cancel out pretty much all women as being a threat and, even though I'm not a tough guy by any stretch, most individual men really don't pose a threat, even with their intentions are bad. I just don't feel vulnerable in 98% of situations. But women feel vulnerable almost all the time so cut them some slack.
  14. Here's the problem with Warren. She's been around long enough for the message to get tired and for voters to not be very excited about her. That's why governors used to win presidencies. The whole country didn't really know them long enough to be bored with them. Obama was a rare case where a Senator wins and runs, but he wasn't around too long before that so that kind of proves my point.