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  1. Barrack Obama is living the very good life of a rockstar ex president. He ain't going back to work like this. Get a grip, weirdos.
  2. Nobody cares about that stuff.
  3. Jackrabbit was making a point about popularity. Read the thread, bro.
  4. Ever notice Biden and Hilary got more votes than Trump?
  5. And you have zero to prove he was the wrong hire. It's too early. Do you know how insane UNLV would look if they started searching for a new coach already? No coach that isn't a complete mental case would take the job. They would have confirmation that the admin and culture at UNLV are bat-sh*t crazy and wouldn't jeopardize their careers by coming here. Kevin will be the coach for 3 years minimum unless something really abnormal happens. Get used to it.
  6. Well, for starters, you wouldn't get one. I kid, that's for all the grief you give UNLV fans.
  7. In all seriousness, I think I've come to the realization that since the gun thing was made to be so fundamental in our constitution (which could be changed and I wouldn't be opposed to that on principle), that it shouldn't cost extra. Neither should voting. Any voting ID better the hell be paid for by the state, too.
  8. I am a free thinker progressive libertarian. I would never be a republican.
  9. @halfmanhalfbronco https://www.cbsnews.com/news/san-jose-gun-law-insurance-annual-fee/ This law will make it harder for our most vulnerable to defend themselves.
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