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  1. At this point, I'm wondering if my knees are in better shape than Collin Hill's. Six QBs on the roster now?
  2. AKram

    Orlando Sentinel Countdown

    It is going to be a long, long season for the Rams faithful. Nicho Garcia (the last starter on the OL from last year) has left the school. Ben Knox and TJ Roundtree (a graduate transfer from Louisville) are the "stars" on the line. Whoever is at QB for CSU might find themselves on their butt quite a bit this coming season. Not to sound overly pessimistic, but 101 might be a tad high right now. Going to have to wait until fall practices to see what the new (totally new) staff can muster and if they can polish some turds into something good.
  3. AKram

    Spring Football Reports

    I agree with you on the energy and I really liked seeing it. I'll admit I wasn't a Jancek hire fan, but I'll give him time to prove me wrong; the energy and pace from the defense is a step in the right direction. CSU has a pretty deep walking wounded list right now which, I think, is why we didn't see as many "starters" playing. I didn't comment on the running game because that's a given. We are stacked and strong there; I just hope that the O-line gels and we can open some holes. If the passing game doesn't improve, it won't be hard to stop CSU's one, though very good, dimension. Fall ball will show us what team we may have in the season, but I'm standing by my 7-5 prediction. I can't imagine if it comes to fruition what the more adamant and vocal crowd will do with Bobo. I hope a little leniency since it is an entirely new coaching staff.
  4. AKram

    Spring Football Reports

    Does not instill confidence when Bobo says in presser: "We can't throw and catch." Robles looked... well. Bad. Sad the RSf beats him out. And, though I was overly optimistic last year and going into March about Hill and him leading the team, two ACLs and I figure the first hard hit and he'll be done for the year if he plays at all. My fingers are crossed that KJCS doesn't turn into another Bauta, because we don't have a so-so Stevens to come back off the bench. I'm impressed with the defense in that the unit looked quicker, but really, this is mostly the same group of guys that played last year and were wretchedly horrid. I'm hoping for a few playmakers to show up, but to say our Defense beat the Offense is not much of a rousing statement of success, rather an indictment on the quality of our current offense. Cautiously optimistic about 6-6/7-5 for a defense learning new schemes with the same old players and a quarterback situation that is less than endearing.
  5. AKram


    For me, it is more the learning curve for the defense. I'm sure the message will be adopted, just how will the players execute the game plan? For me, this year is another "rebuild" (and after ME it's more than a teardown and rebuild) and we'll see about 2019. But I really doubt Bobo shakes the 0fer when it comes to rivalry games. Maybe AF? Possibly Wyo? But all four? Nah. Not gonna happen.
  6. AKram


    I get the homerism nature of being a beat writer in a college town, but that article took it to all new levels. I really don' see this team being much better than 6-6 especially with our QB situation, a new defensive coaching staff, and general turnover is the roster. We'll see, maybe I'll be surprised when they do better, but I really doubt it.
  7. AKram


    For your amusement, then. Even I had to chuckle as a Rams fan. https://collegian.com/2018/04/zahlmann-the-losing-ways-to-rivals-for-csu-football-ends-this-year/
  8. AKram

    CSU has their coach!

    Doesn't sound like Niko Medved's departure is all too well liked at Drake. I don't follow basketball at all but just doesn't feel right to me. I know it is a business, but 11 months is all you give a school?
  9. AKram

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

  10. AKram

    Snakebit RAMS! Dammit!

    I'm not following Baldwin's career since he signed with tOSU, but wow. Either way CSU looses a QB to ACL... that would have been the ultimate snakebit! Tennessee QB wouldn't be Jancek's kid, Zac?
  11. AKram

    Snakebit RAMS! Dammit!

    Magnifies missing out on Matthew Baldwin (but tOSU is tough to compete against). Don't have much faith in JC Robles. Much less in Justice McCoy (as having never seen any college playing time, but was 3* by most ranking groups), but we'll see how they perform during spring practices. Most people are projecting Hill to miss the entire season. Bobo still has two scholarships available so I'm thinking he's out right now looking at a transfer that can play immediately (graduate?).
  12. AKram

    Any Fans of Real College Hockey Here?

    I think this tourney will be St. Cloud's to lose. They are pretty good this year. Preseason favorites DU are a good bet to repeat, too. I almost went to either BC or BU so aside from UAA I follow them. This year's Beanpot was a great tourney (as it usually is) and it was nice to see Northeastern snap their streak of some 30 years. There's either parity in HE or they just aren't that good. BC will put up a fight, but not much else.
  13. AKram

    Any Fans of Real College Hockey Here?

    And folded. The Aces are no more.
  14. AKram

    Any Fans of Real College Hockey Here?

    I went to UAA and cheered them on when they were mildly pathetic. Now? Good gracious. The level of suck that is UAA hockey is amazing. On the bright side they finally got rid of Coach Thomas, but with the state of finances in Alaska right now and the lack of support for the hockey program from the interim athletic director/office, I can't imagine UAA will have all too many coaches interested in the job. They'll probably end up with another no name, lack of experience coach and the team will continue to plummet until they finally do the right thing and cancel UAA hockey.