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  1. It's nothing I'd wish upon my worst enemy, but I think you dodged a bullet with English only being DE and if he has limited input on defensive play calling/planning.
  2. We give them our HC and QB and they send over their HC's QB son... weird, but ok, let's see how he does. Interesting signing at the least. Pro-style QB.
  3. I hear that the conference rooms at the new Westin Hotel at Denver International Airport are really nice.
  4. Marty English was not retained by Ed McCaffery at UNC... just saying.
  5. Sorry, I meant Strength and Conditioning. Typo. I do like what I've read/seen about Heater's defenses, at least more than what I read about Jancek's. As usual, I'm all in until the wheels fall off... and even then I'll probably go bouncing along for a bit like I did with Bobo.
  6. Understatement. I'm curious about our S/T coach (not named yet). We've been a fall apart team late in games under the last two.
  7. Not worried about much right now. I've given myself to the idea that I'm going to give this staff spring practices to see where we might be headed. Not very flashy hires that would put butts in seats because of their name, but wins will quickly fix that. For the money that CSU can pay in salary, I'm just okay with it all. We weren't going to lure away Tony Alford to become our OC for half his salary at tOSU. I haven't been in AK in over a decade. I'm full time in CO now.
  8. Heard the announcers say: "Nevada said they'd have a trick play for today." Just because you have a trick play doesn't mean you have to use it. Sheesh!
  9. Why oh why get cute? Run it in.
  10. Ah. Here's to hoping they can figure it out before too long.
  11. Just turned on the game to see the Ohio QB run in for a TD untouched. Hello Nevada defense?
  12. I would assume so, but I don't think that Coach Dude is back in Fort Collins (went to Boston to pack and move over the holidays). My guess is the new staff will be announced next week sometime, but that the initial pieces are in place. Of course, with all the firings/hirings around NCAA and NFL, this is as stable as a playing card tower in the wind.