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  1. I'm not sure if this is an omen of the apocalypse of an actual horseman, but WTF? Makes me wonder what other coaches might teach.... Art Briles: ??? Bobby Petrino: ??? Jim Tressel, Larry Eustachy, D.J. Durkin.
  2. AKram

    CSU recruiting 2019

    That's what I was thinking--the PR angle. I'll wait until signing day and see what has shaken out. We all know what happened with Matt Baldwin (and others). I don't bother with Ramnation. I guess one silver lining with not going bowling, Bobo and company have PLENTY of time to visit homes and recruit. I'm just hoping that Bobo delivers some O-lineman that can play--EFFECTIVELY--immediately. I did note that TJ Roundtree will not be back next year so there's that spot open and I'd like to see some strong competition for the rest of the line no matter if they played this year.
  3. AKram

    CSU recruiting 2019

    And, apparently, CSU is also "in the running" for the son of Deion Sanders. For what that's worth.
  4. AKram

    E-mail from Joe Parker regarding CSU FB/Bobo

    Not really. But after one year I'm not yet ready to set it all at Jancek's feet. Could be due to poor recruiting. Switching to a new scheme. New coaching expectations. Leftover garbage/skills/coaching that needs to be weeded out. Poor coaches. Many reasons for the regression. My hope is it isn't a combination of some/all of these.
  5. AKram

    E-mail from Joe Parker regarding CSU FB/Bobo

    So far, every coach is "safe" and will return next year. Probably fair despite the fact that our defense was worse than the year prior and that was an unmitigated mess. Johnson's title is a misnomer in that Bobo is more the OC while Johnson just coaches the O-line and running backs... not that they were bastions of glory this year. Looking at who graduated and who will not be coming back, I think that our O-line will be even more of an Achilles heel next year unless Bobo recruits the JuCo route for instaplayers next season.
  6. I agree wholeheartedly with you. I believe the university will stick with Bobo, not because of the buyout costs, but you have to give the guy a chance with a new staff. I've said that all along (though I'll freely admit I wasn't a Jancek hire fan). There were issues with the team before this new staff came aboard and they are trying to install a new system, their rules and expectations, and their philosophies. There were bound to be growing pains. 3-8 growing pains? Sure, I guess. Especially when you account for Bobo's health issues; but I'd think that I'd step up as a player and become a leader on the team in his stead, but that just didn't seem to happen. Maybe it is the culture of your youth that just expect so much to be given to them. Work ethic thing? I don't know. I'm not around the team enough, but I see it with my students that I teach. Hard work is not something these kids want, but they certainly want the good prize at the end for their lack of effort. I think next year will be a litmus test for the staff and Bobo in particular. 7-6, 7-6, 7-6 (3 bowl losses) and a 4-8 (if we beat AF), I think the university will have higher expectations than that.
  7. AKram

    MacIntyre’s Replacement

    Think CU'd be interested in a really nice guy from Georgia? Comes with some coaching experience.
  8. AKram

    USU at CSU and stadium feed

    I doubt it, but I know more than a few alums that would love it to happen.
  9. AKram

    USU at CSU and stadium feed

    I was just about to respond with this. Forget about the last play of the game. It shouldn't have come down to that. Throw 2 Pick 6s to a team whose offense has sputtered and you don't win. Our offensive line is offensive; I have no idea how TJ Roundtree even gets allowed in the stadium let alone into the locker room... even worse starting. If it weren't for the cold and wind, I'd bet that USU wipes Sonny Lubick Field with the tears of CSU's defense; the last USU touchdown shows exactly how well the defense reads plays. It's time to close shop. Time to fire the Strength and Conditioning coach; our lines were pushed around like little children. We have no bowl game to get extra practices so spring practices need to be all about fundamentals: Reading plays. TACKLING. TACKLING. More tackling. Back to the basics! I still don't think it is time to get rid of Bobo. This was going to be a season of growing pains and if we beat AF next week my 4-8 prediction will come to fruition (sadly). New staff. young team. This happens next year? Fire the lot of them.
  10. AKram

    Week 12 Gifs

    MW refs to CSU
  11. AKram

    CSU at Nevada game thread.

    I know. That was also one of my concerns. After Ansley's antics, I wonder if there really was a 2nd and 3rd option or if they just went with a dart and a map.
  12. AKram

    CSU at Nevada game thread.

    I hope that's the case. Time will tell.
  13. AKram

    CSU at Nevada game thread.

    I'll admit that I wasn't a fan of Jancek's hiring (lots of wild rumors swirled around him, mostly just wild rumors) and I detested Marty English's defense and his apparent coaching. I'm not sure what to make of Jancek now. Like I've said before, Jancek has a lot of rebuilding to do. There was a total lack of fundamentals exhibited under English's defense (missed assignments, poor routes in coverage, missed blocks, poor tackling skills, etc. etc. etc.). However, I didn't really see any improvement this year under the new defensive crew. Leaves me wondering if Jancek is one of those coaches that is "good" because their predecessor left behind solid pieces rather than a "good" coach of player no matter the talent. Dave Johnson came over from Ohio to be our new OL coach and running game coordinator. CSU did lose a number of starters on the OL, but watching players like TJ Roundtree amble around the field like a lost little lamb doesn't instill faith in the length of Johnson's tenure. This year our OL and run game was an unmitigated mess--CSU will say it is because of new players and new schemes, but, again, these are kids that should have some fundamentals ingrained in them from club/HS ball, but some of these kids look like they've never played the game before out there. I've said all along to the BoboHas2GoGo crowd to give him this year with the new staff. There were going to be growing pains. However, growing pains doesn't always mean turning the team into a walking fiasco.
  14. AKram

    CSU at Nevada game thread.

    Couple new assistants? This is his second crew of assistants. He basically cleaned house at the end of last season. I get that fixing Marty English's reign of terror is no easy task, but Jancek's defense seems like it got slightly worse. A new special teams coach, and that aspect of the game is not that great. How many more new assistants does Bobo need to right the ship?
  15. AKram

    CSU at Nevada game thread.

    I'm not a throw Parker under the bus guy. Though I don't follow b-ball at all (college or professional) I do think that Medved was the perfect hire culture-wise for CSU. I know that Eustachy wasn't Parker's hiring, but it took so long for Parker to step up in a seemingly awful situation to finally end the Eustachy era. That's why I'm not sure that he'll bite the bullet, admit his fault, and try to fix it. Whatever that solution happens to be. I agree to the wait and see. While fans watch the recruiting months, future players watch the season. If I'm a player, I'm not really interested in looking all too hard at CSU right now no matter the platitudes they throw while visiting me at my house. 7-6, 7-6, 7-6 with all bowl losses (and hardly a win against "rivals") and then to go no better than 4-8. This doesn't yell, "Come play for us in our new shiny stadium!" No matter how Bobo tries to spin his health, new staff, etc. I said it last year watching Marty English's wretched defense and I'll say it this year with both sides of the ball: How can kids who supposedly learned the fundamentals of football in club and high school completely lose those fundamentals playing for Mike Bobo?