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  1. Think CU'd be interested in a really nice guy from Georgia? Comes with some coaching experience.
  2. I doubt it, but I know more than a few alums that would love it to happen.
  3. I was just about to respond with this. Forget about the last play of the game. It shouldn't have come down to that. Throw 2 Pick 6s to a team whose offense has sputtered and you don't win. Our offensive line is offensive; I have no idea how TJ Roundtree even gets allowed in the stadium let alone into the locker room... even worse starting. If it weren't for the cold and wind, I'd bet that USU wipes Sonny Lubick Field with the tears of CSU's defense; the last USU touchdown shows exactly how well the defense reads plays. It's time to close shop. Time to fire the Strength and Condition
  4. I know. That was also one of my concerns. After Ansley's antics, I wonder if there really was a 2nd and 3rd option or if they just went with a dart and a map.
  5. I hope that's the case. Time will tell.
  6. I'll admit that I wasn't a fan of Jancek's hiring (lots of wild rumors swirled around him, mostly just wild rumors) and I detested Marty English's defense and his apparent coaching. I'm not sure what to make of Jancek now. Like I've said before, Jancek has a lot of rebuilding to do. There was a total lack of fundamentals exhibited under English's defense (missed assignments, poor routes in coverage, missed blocks, poor tackling skills, etc. etc. etc.). However, I didn't really see any improvement this year under the new defensive crew. Leaves me wondering if Jancek is one of those coaches that
  7. Couple new assistants? This is his second crew of assistants. He basically cleaned house at the end of last season. I get that fixing Marty English's reign of terror is no easy task, but Jancek's defense seems like it got slightly worse. A new special teams coach, and that aspect of the game is not that great. How many more new assistants does Bobo need to right the ship?
  8. I'm not a throw Parker under the bus guy. Though I don't follow b-ball at all (college or professional) I do think that Medved was the perfect hire culture-wise for CSU. I know that Eustachy wasn't Parker's hiring, but it took so long for Parker to step up in a seemingly awful situation to finally end the Eustachy era. That's why I'm not sure that he'll bite the bullet, admit his fault, and try to fix it. Whatever that solution happens to be. I agree to the wait and see. While fans watch the recruiting months, future players watch the season. If I'm a player, I'm not really interested in
  9. 5.5 million is not chump change just to say goodbye. I can't see Joe Parker admitting he screwed up this one; it took him forever to admit the b-ball program was a mess. And I don't see a donor willing to pay this out, either. I agree that Bobo is a good OC and that he'll be back in charge of a quality offense just as fast as he's let go by CSU. As to recruiting, I think I saw somewhere that there are 3 commitments right now. As the team falters, as the coaches yell and scream and appearances are that the team has quit on the coaches, I don't see that number rising anytime soon so firing Bobo
  10. I'd say congrats to Wyoming for the win, but CSU never really came out to play. So, I guess, sorry for not making a sport of it and enjoy the boot for another year.
  11. https://bobohas2gogo.com/ Please, make sure all your friends and neighbors and their friends and neighbors and everyone on the planet knows this!
  12. and now an interception after the fumble. Awesome.
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