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  1. I would very much like to disagree with you there. I'd like to point out that our defense is going to make things tough for opponents. I'd like to remind you that our offensive line is stout and protects the run and the qb extremely well. I would also like to remind you that we are paying our head coach piles of cash to make halftime adjustments, and I'd like to remind you that all our coaches get the Rams prepared for every facet of the game. I would seriously like to remind you of all that, and heartily disagree with you. But I just can't.
  2. AKram

    ESPN Bottom 10

    Where's CSU? We've done everything possible to make the SJSU game the Pillow Fight of All Time and we get denied our rightful place in the Bottom 10? No love.
  3. the oddsmakers don't think so. Nor do folks who watch these games... I think it'll be close, but I can easily see SJSU winning. As to other wins on the schedule? Maybe Wyo or AF, but there needs to be a collapse by them to get us the chance.
  4. AKram

    Week 5--The Gifs

    True. Forgot about them.
  5. AKram

    Week 5--The Gifs

    Hey, they never hear anything positive. Sure they are 0-4, but they will probably beat the crap out of CSU and, as much as I hate the taste of bile coming up, they haven't played all that badly.
  6. AKram

    Week 5--The Gifs

    The MW to SJSU--playing well...
  7. AKram

    Week 5--The Gifs

    The rest of the MW to CSU, NM, and Wyo
  8. AKram

    Week 5--The Gifs

    Are we all that bereft of hope that no one wanted to start a gif thread? Where are my Sunday funnies folks?!?
  9. AKram

    Hawaii vs SJSU

    Why do I feel that SJSU is going to kick the crap out of CSU next week?
  10. AKram

    bobo has to gogo

    Oh for the love of God no.
  11. AKram

    bobo has to gogo

    Well, if Arkansas can stink up the SEC, I don't see why CSU can't do the same for the Big 12.
  12. AKram

    bobo has to gogo

    I think the folks that want Bobo gone now are hoping for a big name donor to step in, but even then, if that was me, I wouldn't. The extension and buyouts are all Joe Parker's doing and the school's problem to fix.
  13. AKram

    bobo has to gogo

    The wagons are circling in FoCo and this is probably one of many to come. http://bobohas2gogo.com/
  14. AKram

    ESPN Football Power Index

    Did anyone from ESPN even watch the CSU/IllSTr game? Seriously? We went up one spot?
  15. CSU: The good-- <insert cricket sounds> The bad-- nearly everything from the head coach on down to the towel boy. The ugly-- We still have to play SJSU and may lose.