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  1. I can't get myself there. Yet. I'm holding initial judgment upon seeing how the team reacts (who transfers, leaves for DII, etc) and who, if anyone, he's able to recruit before 18 Dec. Bigger issue for me is what he says at the press conference about his staff. I'm still not a Jancek fan. Wasn't when he was hired. Not really now. There were changes, but not enough for me to say: Keep him around. Most important will be if he hires an OC who will calls plays or if he hires and OC who just coaches QBs while Addazio calls plays. Part of me hopes that Urban Meyer was able to convince Tony Alford to come over as the OC to eventually take over, but with a 5 year contract for Addazio, I see no reason that Alford would sign up for that. Not that I was pulling for Alford to become HC. I really just wanted the best we could get and I'm still not sure we did. I gave Bobo a few years to win me over (probably a few too many) so I'll do the same for Addazio. Just not impressed now.
  2. I'm willing to bet the farm it'll be a better pick than CSU.
  3. I would disagree. Tom O'Brien did rather well (BE/ACC). Spaziani kind of killed the program and Addazio just let it wallow in mediocrity, but BC is still an ACC team and if I were a kid and had an offer from CSU or BC I don't think it would be a hard choice.
  4. When comparing CSU to BC it is. His best was 7-6 at BC. I don't see much better than that at CSU. If CSU fans were saying doing less with more (stadium to recruit, etc.) for Bobo, in my opinion, this is even worse for Addazio.
  5. ACC money and ACC name. Recruiting a player to the ACC (no matter the school) has got to be easier than recruiting to the MW.
  6. So, let's hope he hires good OC and DC to walk the walk and talk the talk!
  7. You lost. I edited my post to let you know.
  8. At this point, I'd rather know the buyouts since Joe Parker is involved! Edit: 5 year deal, base $1.5 mil. $50k raises each year plus probables for games won/bowls/grades etc.
  9. I hope he realizes what CSU was doing with WRs and listens a little to Urban Meyer (who was part of the hiring process--and who liked mobile QBs and his most common play called were zone read options and fly routes). I definitely can see our WRs asking this very question and we'll find out in the next few days as to the answer. If they stick around, maybe Addazio will change up his OC calling. If they enter the transfer portal (if they can) then we'll be run heavy. I feel most for Patrick O'Brien who left Nebraska to play for Bobo's pro-style offense and now might be asked to be a Tebow-like plow forward power run guy (he's not built for that).
  10. Well, at least we can all call ourselves Dudes! There's that.
  11. Oh how quickly the transfer portal will light up.
  12. Here's a fun read for a laugh at how bad crap might be going at CSU right now. If this article even has hints of being true, CSU football is screwed. https://footballscoop.com/news/the-latest-at-colorado-state/
  13. Didn't CSU beat a Steve Addazio team in 2014? This is Joe Parker's FU as he walks out the door to Cincy.
  14. Yeah. No thank you if this is true. From Wide Receiver U to Mediocre U in one fell swoop.