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  1. Well supposedly The Walking Dead is in that same universe too. Still waiting on that Walking Dead prequel where Walt is the first walker.
  2. Never thought i’d hear Israel and “beacon of democracy” in the same sentence.
  3. So I guess they won’t be talking about this whole situation on the next episode of The Shop. Can’t wait to see some strong takes on ESPN about this! Wait.... never mind, Disney doesn’t want to risk having the marvel movies kept out of Chinese movie theaters.
  4. The game where they have to call out those ridiculous names without laughing always has me in tears.
  5. Update: NBA players from the Nets and Lakers are mad at Silver. Because he didn’t take a stronger stance against China? No silly, of course not. They were mad that they had to answer questions from Chinese reporters before Silver did, that they were “placed in the middle of this” and then played the whataboutism game saying a player would be disciplined for what Morey did. Gutless punks, all of them.
  6. Well I guess our perspectives would have been very different during that time. From my perspective, I remember TCU accepted the Big 12 invite in October And we were invited several months later (May 2012). I didn’t start coming to this board until that summer, and I remember while it wasn’t certain BSU and SDSU were staying, most people seemed to feel that the wolf of Wall Street “I’m not effing leaving” announcements from them were either inevitable, or at the very least very likely. Anyways, I’m just saying the dynamics of the last round of realignment probably would have been very different had CCGs been an option for 10 team conferences.
  7. Uhhh No. You are omitting that we were invited several months after TCU accepted their invite to the Big 12. Once TCU snubbed the Big East rumors immediately began to circulate that Boise and SDSU would stay in the MWC. I recall most talking heads (and posters on here) were already assuming they would stay and that SJSU and USU would be the 11th and 12th schools, not the 8th and 9th. Had the 12 team requirement not been in place the MWC could have very easily just waited on Boise and SDSU to officially announce they were staying, then we would not be needed. SJSU and USU weren’t going anywhere, so it’s not like the MWC had a deadline.
  8. That’s a weird statement. If the waiver is not granted and AFA leaves for the AAC then why would the MWC apply for a waiver that would obviously be denied? They would just kick the tires with BYU, and if that didn’t happen they’d either just add NMSU or a Texas school or end the football only deal with Hawaii. Pretty simple.
  9. Yea, but I have a feeling they’ll get the waiver. Although if they don’t things will get very interesting.
  10. Yea I remember part of the reason we were added was so the MWC could continue to sponsor baseball. I think had they 12 team rule not been in place maybe the MWC decides to make UH a full member instead of bringing us in. You are right though that we may have still been added. My point was that the Montana fan was overlooking that the MW HAD to add two schools at that particular time, and now the circumstances are different.
  11. It’s also forgetting that we were only brought in because at the time 12 schools were needed for a CCG. That is no longer the case. That’s why the AAC is not desperately scrambling to bring in a 12 team. Had the rules been different during that last wave of realignment SJSU would not be in the MWC and Tulane or Tulsa (or both) would not be in the AAC.
  12. Nike: backs (and profits off of) Kaep after protesting. Also Nike: pulls Rockets merchandise off the shelves in China because a Rocket’s employee supported protests.
  13. I have rooted against the Cards since 2013. Up until the last few years the post season I was most bitter about was 2013 because of the whole “what could have been” with Hanley Ramirez going down with the fractured rib courtesy of Joe effing Kelly. He has now had a huge role in ending our season 3 times.
  14. Haha, Actually I randomly put BYU as my favorite team on my profile when I set my profile up here years ago. I had completely forgotten about that till you mentioned it just now.
  15. This one stings worse then last year and losing to the Cubs in 2016. Not as bad as 2017, but this one hurts that’s for sure.
  16. Nah, Kershaw started losing velo a couple seasons ago and he didn’t have a sudden decline. He still has a couple seasons of being a good enough to be in the starting rotation for a contender. But if he just blows games in the playoffs it’s not like it matters anyway.
  17. Man I don’t fckin know. All I know is am a Dodgers, Raiders, and SJSU fan and somehow a Brent Brennan coached SJSU team won a conference game, the Raiders fresh off a 4-12 season beat the Bears in London, and a Dodger team that set the franchise record for wins lost in the first round in the playoffs. What. The. Hell.
  18. Yea the rotation is not an issue. Some combination of Urias, May, and Gonsolin can fill Hill and Ryu’s spots.
  19. No, we need to get Kershaw a sports psychologist and finally address our shitty bullpen.
  20. THANK YOU. It’s clear Jansen was no longer a guy that can cover up a weak bullpen, but do they fix the issue? No of course not, because “something something something luxury tax” (even though the franchise prints money).
  21. I think they have the best young talent in the MLB and will be good foreseeable future. But who gives a fck because they will just lose in the playoffs.
  22. My buddy, a Braves fan who has NEVER been interested in seeing the Braves when they come to LA, hit me up a week ago about going to some NLCS games if the Braves and Dodgers advanced. Clearly today was his fault.
  23. Gtfoh. Kershaw and Kelly blew it. And Friedman blew it in the off season by making his big acquisitions Joe Kelly and AJ Pollock. O but we stayed under the luxury tax threshold! Woo Phuckin hoo! What a phuckin joke.
  24. It’s still cowardly of him. Him and Pop are really engaged in social justice issues, take every opportunity to rip Trump, but then they have nothing to say about this? They have made millions and won multiple titles, sack the hell up and say something! They are some of the only coaches/GMs that can realistically speak out without losing their jobs, so they could actually help the NBA stand up to China in this situation. But..... silence.