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  1. The push for mail in ballots has happened in red and blue states, so I’m not sure why 100% of the people bitching about it are Republicans.
  2. Your ability to generate a “go Red Team go” response to almost any topic never ceases to amaze.
  3. From a political standpoint he probably should have just avoided the Breakfast Club, or at the very least listened to his wife when she first tried to cut the interview off. Charlemagne doesn’t eff around in his interviews for presidential candidates; he asks questions that most people won’t.
  4. Completely agree. SJSU sponsors too many damn sports for what our budget is; I am legitimately surprised they haven’t cut some sports yet.
  5. Well as you know, I disagree on that and I do think these shelter in place orders were needed. But I don’t really want to relitigate that because it’s exhausting lol. That being said, as someone that believes they were needed, they have served their purpose and it’s time to lift them.
  6. Said this a week or so ago; I think governments need to start planning on how to mitigate the spread without shelter in place orders on the books. Humans gonna human, and humans don’t want to be locked up forever.
  7. It seems like when the announcement that the fall semester would be online (or mostly online) a lot of people just made the assumption that fall sports would be cancelled because of this. The all-CSU CCAA announcing the cancelation of their fall sports the same day probably had a lot to do with that.
  8. I think SJSU, Fresno, and SDSU will be playing football and this will all be moot.
  9. They weren’t “dealt a horrible hand”; That just whitewashes history and implies that they got “unlucky”. No, this is a game of Texas Hold Em where the dealer dealt the black players 7-2 and 8-3 off-suit, intentionally, over and over again while dealing the white players pocket face cards, intentionally, over and over again. Then hours in to the game after the white players have almost all the chips and the black players are down to their last few they decided to start dealing the cards randomly and the white players turn to the black players and say, “damn you guys were getting screwed; but it’s fair now so just figure it out.“
  10. Eh, I’ve been actively avoiding these covid policy back and forths. As you alluded to, reasonable people on this board have different views on this. I’ll just leave it at that.
  11. People stopped listening to shelter in place orders a week or two ago where I’m at. No marches on government buildings or anything, they just started going outside.
  12. Yea, most college conferences are marriages of convenience.
  13. And it doesn’t really matter that 4 schools didn’t like it, because it’s done and those 4 schools aren’t going anywhere.
  14. I have a strong feeling that we will see football in the fall. I spoke to one of my best friends yesterday, who coaches HS football, and he told me that they had a meeting with CIF officials (that’s the governing body for California HS sports), and they relayed that Football almost assuredly will be played this fall (without fans), barring some specific ban by the governor. Apparently the CIF would likely go bankrupt if football isn’t played. If HS football takes place, I can’t see colleges cancelling their seasons.
  15. Yea, you don’t like it, I get it. Agree to disagree. Anyways, as you said, it’s done.
  16. The Pac12 is going to 20 games, a game against Arizona will be hard to get regardless.
  17. So are they confirming that 7 figure sum over 4 years is less then 4 million?
  18. If the concern is strength of schedule, why is SDSU playing TX southern, LIU Brooklyn, and Tenn State? Why is UNLV playing Jackson St, and PFW? Why is UNR playing TX Southern and Loyola Marymount? Yes this means everybody has an annual H-H with SJSU and AFA; but it also means everybody has an annual H-H with SDSU, UNLV, UNM, etc.
  19. I’m Latino myself, but I didn’t know my biological dad growing up and my black stepfather and his family raised me as their own son/grandson/nephew from when I was 2 or 3. If you still want to just dismiss me as some Latino dude talking about black people, ok, but just know that my views on “the plight of black people” were mostly shaped by my family and their views.
  20. So you would have been mad either way, you just felt the need to remind everybody of your views on undocumented immigrants. Really glad you cleared that up, wasn’t sure where you stood on the issue.
  21. So if they would not added that measure and only cut education by $18.875B you would have been ok with it?
  22. To use another analogy, I feel poverty is like a wildfire, while the plight of black people is that of victims of arson. In a sense you can say, “hey, regardless we are putting out fires, no need to differentiate between these let’s just try to put out all fires and that’s that.” I see the logic in a sense, but a wildfire and arson just aren’t the same thing. Likewise I don’t think it’s fair to lump in centuries of slavery and government mandated oppression with poverty in general.
  23. Life isn’t fair. In general it’s just a whole lot more fair for white people.
  24. I mean you say you want to hear solutions, but they have been offered in this thread and you just dismiss them as handouts.