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  1. Well, yea, he was. I do not care if the filibuster is done away with and the Republicans later use that to pass something I don’t like.
  2. My brother in law sent me a video of it snowing in Phoenix with a simple “wtf”. For context, him and my dad are both in Arizona house hunting so they can move there from Chicago, mainly to escape the winters 😂.
  3. Well what I laid out is what I personally would want in my perfect world; but I do recognize if they get a binding referendum it will be a yes/no vote on statehood.
  4. Yea and Mitch McConnell was against eliminating the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees. Until he wasn’t.
  5. Cool. Like I said in every other post, I want a binding referendum with three options: statehood, independence, or free association. If you disagree with that, feel free to elaborate why.
  6. I don’t think there is a lack of caring, I think there is a lack of trust in the U.S. government.
  7. Well my position IS to have a binding referendum, not to just make them a state. But I completely disagree with the 80% turnout threshold. I mean you will have a segment of the population that will not give a shit and won’t buy people telling them, “no seriously, this time it’s for real!” And could you blame them? And so what happens if you “only” get 65-75% turnout and statehood wins in a landslide? You seriously going to just do nothing? Could you imagine the civil unrest? And good luck literally EVER getting Puerto Ricans to take any referendum seriously moving forward. There is only ONE bi
  8. Yea, that tends to happen with referendums when the people voting on them know the outcome won’t matter.
  9. Yea that’s a weird one. Just thinking about it though, they do fit in nicely from a geographic standpoint and they have a baseball team, unlike other Big Sky schools. Also they would probably be fine with having to find another conference for football since the geographic fit would actually be much better in the MWC then they currently have in the Big Sky. Most other Big Sky schools probably wouldn’t feel leaving behind Big Sky football worth the trade off of being in the MWC for all other sports. That being said, I would have zero interest in them joining the conference. Although I
  10. Not trying to pester you, but let’s say JUST Boise,Air Force, or Hawaii left; does the MWC stay at 11 or add UTEP to get back to 12? I completely agree with staying at 10 if it happened and going full round robin, but 11 is a pretty awkward number. I specified those schools since those are the only ones I could see leaving on their own under any circumstances.
  11. @Ibanez Seemed to imply that adding nobody would be the first choice if a school or two leave. So if by “contraction” you mean not replacing a school if they leave, then that looks like the preferred strategy for the MWC, so I’m not really sure why you are taking issue with anything.
  12. Pretty surprised that Texas State is higher on the interest list then UTSA. Do you have any insight as to why that is?
  13. Gavin Newsom has been following this thread apparently. They are continuing with the prioritizing of some essential workers (teachers, food/ag, first responders) in a second tier with people 65+, but after that they are transitioning to a strictly aged base rollout.
  14. I like the first choice, but you gotta capitalize the R; PRexit!
  15. No, Puerto Rico should have a binding referendum and be allowed to chose between statehood and independence.
  16. Ideally I would like to see American Samoa united with Samoa, with every current resident of American Samoa given U.S. citizenship in case they would prefer to stay in the United States; I imagine most that would would probably just relocate to Hawaii. Combine the Northern Mariana Islands with Guam in to one territory named The Mariana Islands, and give them a binding referendum on statehood vs free association vs complete independence. I would be ok with also just taking statehood off the table and doing a binding referendum on free association vs complete independence. Puerto Rico and The Vi
  17. Would Maryland want this? Yea it would probably give them another congressional seat, but I have to imagine the D.C. metro would just completely dominate state politics moving forward wouldn’t they? I don’t think the current elected state officials would like this, and the residents of the Baltimore metro probably wouldn’t be thrilled about it either.
  18. What an irrelevant fvcking statement. They have voted yes to statehood multiple times in the last decade, wether or not they “should” get to have a binding referendum on statehood isn’t even up for debate, they should.
  19. I don’t hate the idea of NDSU in the MWC, but if we had to add a FCS school they would be after Montana in terms of schools I would prefer.
  20. I mean... they were one vote in the Senate short of repealing the ACA, so it’s not like they didn’t try.
  21. This happened when there wasn’t enough time to impeach, so it’s completely ok. Or so I’ve been told.
  22. Moving the offices to SF was sssoooo stupid. Phoenix would have been a smart location, imo. Cheaper and just as centrally located with CU and Utah.
  23. I’ve been wanting to buy a watch for a couple reasons, but one main one is that it can help me break the habit of pulling out my phone instinctively when I have nothing to do. Part of the reason I take my phone out is to see what time it is, but it almost inevitably leads to me unlocking it and zoning out while I check alerts and whatnot. Watches also just look classy; as someone pointed out earlier, it’s one of the few masculine accessories out there.
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