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  1. I agree. I wasn’t implying that MWC schools would respond any differently, i just don’t think the Big 12 is going west.
  2. Looks like Black Widow, Shang-Chi, the Eternals, and Spider-Man aren’t listed either. Something tells me those movies will be released in China.
  3. Just a FYI, apparently China always blocks foreign films in July to prioritize Chinese films. That’s why Black Widow isn’t airing there either.
  4. I’m going to get blackout drunk the first time I hear the term “epsilon variant” on the news.
  5. You’ll be in the Big 12 in a few years anyway, so why do you care what happens to the bums you leave behind?
  6. Well if they lose UCF I suppose it wouldn’t be his TV contract anymore. Anyways I think he’s just trolling at this point now since he is butthurt about finally realizing how dumb it was to truly believe the AAC could poach Big 12 schools; I mean it’s so ridiculous you have to laugh at the thought. UCF will probably get a Big 12 invite, but it will be hard for him to crow about it here now since he will just be roasted for being so wrong about Big 12 schools joining the AAC.
  7. Looks like a sharper curve then the earlier surges. Maybe, hopefully, the virus just hits a wall at some point with all the vaccinated people. And the lack of a surge in deaths is very encouraging.
  8. Yea she seems done. I legitimately am wondering if she really wanted to be the Governor or if this was all just material for an upcoming reality show and/or documentary. I’m probably voting for the YouTuber; my buddy that is trying to get in to real estate loves his stuff, so why not. Elder being the Governor would be so crazy that I wouldn’t mind it happening. And WaWaWeeWa would the jungle primary next year be entertaining. I am sure we would get some terrible establishment candidate like Garcetti, a Berniecrat flamethrower, Elder, and probably that tech guy Chamath. Sign me the he
  9. I’ll keep beating this drum until her primary, but her strategy just seems dumb. Mark Kelly votes with her with almost everything, but he has much higher favorables IN ARIZONA then she does. This hyper adversarial brand is basically a neon sign that says “primary me”, and there is no scenario where a strong primary challenge is a good thing. I mean if she coasts in her primary in 24 then wtf do I know, but until then I’ll keep saying it just seems like bad strategy on her part.
  10. Even if Newsom is recalled, there is only so much Governor Elder could do with Dems firmly controlling the legislature. With the President at least there are considerations with the courts, but in California the courts are so firmly “liberal” that one Republican Governor won’t change that, especially since our judges have to be re-elected eventually; so if they are too conservative they will just be voted out in most areas of the state.
  11. I remember making the point earlier that we should look at how the Big 12 has operated historically for clues as to who they will target in expansion. Looking over their members I see they have never had a coastal school. UCF to the Big 12 confirmed.
  12. And still, the Big 12 will look over the AAC schools, pick out a few and say “get over here, now”, and those schools will immediately go.
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