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  1. Sac State looks like a good bet.
  2. Not a good non-conference performance for the PAC. Although from a perception standpoint it won’t look bad if the teams that go 3-0 end up at the top of the conference standings.
  3. I wasn’t accusing you in particular of faux outrage, sorry if it came across that way. I get annoyed when people use the “but what about the broke kids hmmmm?” Line, because often times they don’t really give a shit about the poor kids they are just using them to get the “moral high ground” in the debate. The system, as you put it, is a sham. Yes, doing away with the system means some kids probably won’t get scholarships that otherwise would have; it’s an unfortunate consequence.
  4. Agree with all of this. If it means a massive number of less-talented kids get a free education, then so be it. Young aspiring entertainers that pursue music or acting don’t have easy access (for the most part) to scholarships, I don’t see why athletes have to be in this special category. People with this stupid faux outrage at the thought of low income athletes not getting a free education should direct that outrage at the absurd cost of higher education in the U.S. that makes these scholarships such a big deal in the first place.
  5. All true. Just pointing out that most black athletes play the only two sports that make money, and that outside of those sports, women’s basketball, and sprinters on the track team (except for the occasional white guy there) you don’t see many black athletes in general. I don’t really know what conclusions to draw from that, I just find it interesting.
  6. One interesting “just sayin” kind of observation regarding college sports is that the two money making sports at most universities at the D1 level subsidize all the other sports, and that the money making sports are dominated by black athletes, while all the other sports with the exception of track and women’s basketball are overwhelmingly white. Plus football and basketball tend to be more “working class” sports while all the others range from “middle to upper class” sports. What does it mean? I dunno. I just find it interesting that the athletes that benefit the most from this setup, on average, “need” the scholarships less, and that the athletes that generate the most revenue are the ones, on average, that “need” financial assistance the most.
  7. Dude, I just fundamentally disagree with you, ok? I find this whole model disgusting.
  8. My point isn’t that a minor league would be a money maker, because it wouldn’t be. It would likely lose money, that’s why the NFL would never do it willingly. If the NCAA collapses then it forces the NFL’s hand, so I support anything that will help move things in that direction. This bill helps.
  9. Yes, my bigger problem is with the NFL and NBA (although if they end the one and done as expected, then it’ll just be the NFL). But yea, my opinion would remain the same even if the NFL begins their own minor league and the NBA ends one and done. In general I think if people pay to watch a sport then the athletes playing the sport should see some of that revenue.
  10. Yes. I think pro sports should operate how they do in every other country. Let the pro leagues scout for their own talent and pay those athletes while they develop them.
  11. Cool. Now what about literally every other sport that doesn’t play at a facility used by the football or men’s basketball team?
  12. But they don’t. The scholarships are not tied to revenue, if they were then no athletes would get scholarships outside of football, men’s basketball, and a handful of other programs because the vast majority of NCAA sports generate no revenue.
  13. The athletes help generate billions in revenue. They should receive a percentage of that revenue. They don’t.