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  1. Sorry to hear about your loss. I would say maybe address the grief head on and don’t try to brush it off quickly and convince yourself “you’re good”. I lost my mom a month after I graduated from SJSU and I don’t think I handled it well; I kind of pushed it out of my head after a couple days but then for a long time after random things that reminded me of my mom would make me extremely emotional. Took a while for me to be able to be reminded of my mom without getting emotional, and maybe had I did some therapy right after I could have avoided that. A similar thing happened when I lost a good friend. My name does have to do with me having lived in Salinas and being a Spartan, but I also chose this name as something of an homage to my friend after he was murdered in 2014; at the time he was playing for a semipro team named the Salinas Spartans. Me and my buddies did the whole gather around and remember the good times kind of thing the next few days without talking about any deep stuff. Then about a week later we all got together at a bar in Downtown Monterey that we would go to a lot, and then I started thinking about how the last time I had seen him was at that bar just a week earlier and I came close to breaking down, but my friend was able calm me down. We had a drunken convo about how sad this all was and it Anyways, tldr is I’d suggest talking to someone.
  2. I don’t think they were trying to say those were “the reasons”. I don’t think they were trying to say you could point the finger at any one, or two, things. Do I “feel sorry” for him? No. But am I surprised that the life of a guy with a violent and traumatic childhood that had to suppress his sexuality while sustaining brain damage ended traumatically? Well.... no.
  3. Eh, I guess. I think Bernie wins the same states Hillary did, Trump wins most of the states he did, and it comes down to same states it did last time. Who would win? No idea. Probably Trump. But I think it’d have more to do with the economy doing well. Tough to beat an incumbent with a good economy, no matter what your platform is.
  4. I think Bernie probably scares him the most in that he’s not really sure how he would go after him other then, “crazy socialist Bernie”.
  5. I’m guessing it was part of a response to a question. Just because someone decides to take that one sentence and put it in a tweet doesn’t mean he just blurted that out unprompted.
  6. Yea the price has increased enough that it’s gotten to the point now where I only subscribe to live streaming services during college football season and cancel as soon as it’s done.
  7. What difference does it make if AAC’s “position with ESPN is stronger” considering the dipshit Aresco signed a 12 year deal?
  8. Worth exploring, but I don’t see how both SDSU Fresno wouldn’t make more money doing their own deals.
  9. Looks like the AAC clearly left money on the table so they could sign a oNe BiLliOn DoLlAr DeAl!!! Great job dumbasses.
  10. The U.S. assassinates an Iranian general and Iran retaliates.... but of course this all happens on Iraqi soil with mostly Iraqi victims.
  11. Damn. My brother joined the Navy a few months ago; hopefully his ship stays assigned to the South China Sea.
  12. You realize every law has consequences right?