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  1. Well it depends how you define “a lot”. Also, all medical personnel are not created equal; I imagine vaccine refusal rates vary wildly by profession. Just a wild guess, but the refusal rates are probably lower among epidemiologists then they are CNAs. And I imagine there is a wide range among all the other professions that fall somewhere in between.
  2. I literally floated the idea to my wife and had a similar response. She responded with “a..... what!?” And had a look that was this perfect synergy of confusion and extreme annoyance. So I just said “nothing, just kidding”.
  3. Completely agree. There is a moderator on the SJSU homer board that comes to mind that would just ruin this place with his style of moderation and posting. If he were to pop up and offer to buy the board I sincerely hope @mugtang sells to someone else.
  4. My great-grandpa was in the Luftwaffe, so they may have literally been in direct combat, which is pretty wild. And 80 years later their son in law and great grandson argue on the politics section of a mid major college sports conference message board.
  5. The government needs form and invest in some sort of permanent pandemic team that can study the pandemic and critique the federal and state responses and develop some sort of general response plan, both from a public health standpoint and economic response standpoint. The response sucked this time, and it sucked because the federal government, 50 states, DC, and five territories had to make things up as they went along.
  6. Bear hug that shit! Sorry, it’s a reflex, I’m in the middle of binging Succession.
  7. Just to add my $.02.... for a variety of reasons I have had a lot of experiences with 3 different sects of Christianity and also Judaism. Most issues I have had have been related to either individual people or the institution itself, not really the doctrine.
  8. Got ya, I misread the Wikipedia and thought the 13 was not accounting for Chicago State leaving. But yea, i would be monitoring the WAC very closely if I were UTEP. The timing probably won’t work out, but it’d be a great fit if the WAC moves up to FBS.
  9. Isn’t Chicago State leaving after next year?
  10. Give me a break, that was my quarantine beard.
  11. They should provide free tests for the press.
  12. Right on brother. I’m going to dox myself too; here’s a picture my wife got of me the other day while I was taking a selfie.
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