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  1. CFB Football attendance largest attendance drop in 34 years

    Isn’t attendance down in most sports?
  2. CA proposes no tackle FB before HS

    Interesting. The only league i had access to in Monterey county CA had weight limits.
  3. CA proposes no tackle FB before HS

    There is youth football with no weight limits? I never knew that, where I grew up there were two different leagues and both of them had weight limits.
  4. OT: 2018 Winter Olympics Discussion

    One of my buddies from high school is on the bobsled team so that’s probably the only thing I’ll be tuning in to see.
  5. CA proposes no tackle FB before HS

    And pop warner injuries will decrease to zero; I doubt any increase due to poor tackling will surpass the number of all pop warner injuries.
  6. OT - Jimmy Garoppolo 49ers - 5 yr $137M

    So you think there is no chance he could improve with the benefit of an off season to study his offense?
  7. OT - Jimmy Garoppolo 49ers - 5 yr $137M

    He looked pretty legit; wouldn’t be surprised at all to see Santa Clara make the playoffs next year.
  8. OT: Discussion of WCC possible expansion candidates

    Seems like the 11 schools here would produce 1 or 2 bids wether or not Wichita State was a MWC member.
  9. OT: Chief Wahoo's swan song

    You’re right, it doesn’t make a difference.
  10. Super Bowl

    I honestly never really thought about just how long this Patriots dynasty has lasted till I read this post. The Patriots won their first title when I was a 15 year old high school sophomore; now I’m a 31 year old father and the Patriots are still winning with the SAME head coach and the SAME quarterback. Just ridiculous, Go Eagles.
  11. UNLV recruiting

    Apparently he was suspended for missing the team dinner, which just sounds weird to me. I forgot the name of the guest that was on there giving all the info but he sounded like he knew exactly what was going on; even had a copy of the kids individual behavior contract.
  12. UNLV recruiting

    Listening to ed graney’s radio show right now; apparently this kid was suspended earlier in the season for being late to a team dinner so he was put on some special behavior contract. The infraction that got him kicked off was that he missed an assignment and a quiz so he appeared on some sort of progress report, and his contract said he could not appear on that list. He missed the assignment and quiz because the team went out of town for a game and missed school on Friday. Because of that almost every player was listed on that report for missing assignments/quiz’s, but he was the only one on this special contract. Coach sounds like a petty D bag.
  13. The First Purge

    I’ve seen them all, thought all three were entertaining. The only thing that sucked about the first movie was that it didn’t really show society purging; it was basically a straightforward home invasion movie.
  14. OT: Chief Wahoo's swan song

    My step-grandpa passed last month and was from Ohio and a big Indians fan and loved the logo. Kinda sad to see it go away now as it reminds me of him, although I get why their doing it.
  15. Wow, XFL Football coming back in 2020

    The only way I see them lasting more then 2 seasons is if they spend the money to get some legit coaches and recruit all the big time high school recruits with guaranteed 3 year contracts. I’m pretty sure McMahon said he’s not interested in creating a feeder league, but that’s the only realistic way this league survives.