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  1. Yea but either way we he is going to see what Congress does first. I think eliminating that extra $600 complete would have a lot of negative impact on consumer spending and cause even more people to get behind on housing payments, so I don’t see how they can just eliminate it completely. I think a good meeting in the middle would be for the fed to just match people’s UI benefits, and also add a back to work payment.
  2. How would any governors “extend it”? The extra $600 comes from the federal government, not the state.
  3. Well with my sister in law she was kicked off because the job reported her refusal to the unemployment office. She turned it down thinking she was going to get an offer from a different job she interviewed for, but that never materialized, leaving her with no job and no unemployment. She did get a job within the next couple weeks though.
  4. Don’t people get kicked off unemployment for turning down job offers? At least, that’s what happened to my sister-in-law.
  5. “Young liberals are too scared to leave the house” - Republicans ”Young liberals are selfish and spreading the disease by leaving the house too much” - also Republicans
  6. Literally exactly what I do as well. I keep a mask in my car, a mask in my wife’s car, and a mask at home for when I go out and walk; goes in my pocket just in case I have to walk past people I throw it on real quick, and once I walk a few strides past them I take it back off.
  7. Classic video from the firm where I assume @Joe from WY just got hired.
  8. “Let’s be clear”? I was being very clear in my post, lots of people “give a flying phuck”. Pretty simple and accurate statement.
  9. Carlson has the highest rated cable news show in history. I imagine his show today will be one of the highest rated he’s every had. So to answer your question, a lot of people give a flying phuck.
  10. Don’t worry, if the senate republicans get their wish and the extra $600 for unemployment is allowed to end and the second stimulus check is heavily means tested, we will see more financial suffering soon enough.
  11. When!? What the fu..... man unemployment is double digits right now and some people haven’t been able to pay rent since March! The economy has already “gone to hell”, people have already lost their jobs, where have you been???