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  1. Well it’s particularly important at her work since it is a skilled nursing facility.
  2. So at my wife’s work they are having an emergency meeting and they are going to test everybody in the building. If anybody tests positive my wife is going to self-quarantine at a hotel and won’t be home for 2 weeks. Fun times.
  3. That’s an overly simplistic way of looking at things, but whatever.
  4. I think the SBC getting to a better place then the CUSA had much less to do with Benson and more to do with good timing and some luck. The luck was that they become more concise geographically because CUSA took their schools in Florida, Tennessee, and Kentucky; it’s not like they wanted to lose MTSU, WKU, FAU, and FIU. Then they had great timing in that they were able to have a CCG without expanding because of the Big 12. That’s not to say Benson didn’t do a good job, but some of the best decisions made regarding the SBC were made by CUSA.
  5. Just doing some quick googles, and it looks like there actually isn’t currently a line of succession for the PM position in the UK. Sounds like the Conservative party would just have to elect a new leader who would become the PM. Kind of crazy, although I wonder if this will prompt them to come up with a line of succession moving forward.
  6. https://covid19.healthdata.org/projections Don’t know how many people follow this, but the projections changed big time for California. The peak date was April 26th, now it’s April 14th. Washington’s peak was also projected to be April 10 or 11, now it’s projected to already have passed (April 2).
  7. Anybody that likes democracy should go ballistic if that were to happen.
  8. Actually I think the issue with ODU’s move wasn’t that the moved up, it’s that they ended up in the CUSA. CUSA still probably has the better brand, but the SBC seems like the better conference to be in as it has less travel costs and is concentrated more in the Southern states with the more fertile recruiting grounds. CUSA is just too big, but unfortunately for them they expanded when having a CCG with less then 12 schools wasn’t an option, so going to 14 so they weren’t a defection away from losing their CCG was a better idea at the time they made that decision.
  9. Yea but they still would have tested positive for Covid. And if they weren’t tested and treated with nobody knowing they had Covid, then a bunch of healthcare professionals been infected which would have undoubtedly raised a bunch of red flags.
  10. Well we just disagree here. I think he absolutely should have stayed in for the one on one debate. Then immediately after that we had a global pandemic hit that has basically ended all campaigning, debates, and primaries; pretty unprecedented shit, I don’t think fivethirtyeight had a model for all that. Anyways before Covid I would have said Bernie or Biden would have beaten Trump. Now I don’t think either would.
  11. Wait, are you are saying that you think people died after being sick enough to be hospitalized, got tested for the flu, tested negative for the flu, died, and then the doctor’s said, “yea let’s just say they died from the flu, they were hella sick and shit, so close enough”. That’s.... pretty ridiculous.
  12. Just spoke with my brother today (active duty in the Navy) and he said the overwhelming sentiment among the people on his ship is this guy did the right thing and is a hero.
  13. To be fair, with a lack of primaries it’s kind of hard to point to a moment and say “NOW it’s time to drop”. But with the bump Trump has been getting in the polls since the pandemic, I’m not quite sure any of this matters anymore.