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  1. Yea but it wasn’t binding. As slapdad pointed out, they have had multiple non-binding referendums; Puerto Ricans know they don’t mean shit at this point. Now a binding referendum? That would be an entirely different story.
  2. No you’re right, at the moment it’s pretty much all based on statehood vs free association vs independence. The largest party is pro statehood. At one point the second largest party (PPD) advocated for status quo, but their official stance is free association now. There is also a pro-independence party. So my point was that the GOP can’t fight statehood while also hoping to win broad support of the largest party, which is pushing for statehood.
  3. I believe so. The governor does too I think. The problem for the GOP is that at the moment there are no stakes for these officials, so it really doesn’t matter where they caucus. For all we know it’s a misguided political move where they feel that by caucusing with Republicans it may make them more sympathetic to statehood for PR (lol). What matters is the primary parties for both are the PNP, whose primary policy position is to advocate for, you guessed it, STATEHOOD. The GOP wouldn’t be able to literally stand in opposition of Puerto Rico’s statehood and expect to get wholesale support from
  4. I went in to this earlier today, but it would be a HUGE uphill battle for the GOP to turn PR purple. And it would take a concerted effort, it’s not something that would just develop overtime organically. None of the political parties in PR are natural allies of the GOP, and while the GOP would be wasting time fighting a vote on this, the Democrats would be able to essentially co-opt the PNP (the most powerful political party in the state), bring in most people from the other smaller parties (which are both left-center/left), and set up an infrastructure that would allow them to flood local off
  5. Yea after thinking about it, seems to me the best outcome for the Dems may be for this to be rammed through in the next couple weeks. If that carrot is left there to dangle it could really help drive out the GOP base.
  6. That’s just bullshit mental gymnastics you are doing to oppose this.
  7. Giving Puerto Rico statehood is “playing nasty”?
  8. Territories were originally created to be a temporary status that eventually ended with statehood. The fact that you think making a territory filled with AMERICAN CITIZENS a state is this radical thing that should be responded to by splitting up states is ridiculous.
  9. Neither party has given two shits about what is best for the people of Puerto Rico. If a resolution finally comes for purely self serving political reasons the people of Puerto Rico will similarly not give two shits.
  10. Just thinking out loud, if they seat this judge in October doesn’t it seem like it will help the Dems much more at the ballot box? The deed will have been done, so it’s not like they will be able to dangle to carrot of seating a justice to bring out the GOP base in full force.
  11. From 1948-88 my home county voted for every GOP candidate for President except LBJ. Since then have voted Dem every time, by increasingly wide margins. Last election Hillary beat Trump by 40 points.
  12. A lot of Puerto Ricans don’t give a shit about these non-binding referendums anymore because they know Republicans will fight tooth and nail to keep status quo while the Dems don’t care enough to actually press for statehood. If it was binding, turnout would be very high and statehood would likely pass.
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