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  1. SalinasSpartan


    Well by that logic, if we are treating them as juveniles and (I assume) sealing these records; why hold them until age 25? Why not release them at age 18? And let’s not pretend like this bill will come with any sort of meaningful prison reform, because it won’t. It will just dump these kids in to YA instead of prison, and if they aren’t rehabilitated by age 25 the system shrugs their shoulders and says “welp, we tried. Here’s your stuff and a clean record, hope you didn’t get emersed in to the gang culture that runs rampant here during your 10 years inside, and I hope you don’t kill anybody else”.
  2. SalinasSpartan


    The one size fits all nature of it. I don’t think every third strike should be treated the same, I don’t feel every person caught with X amount of drugs should be treated the same, and I don’t think every 14 or 15 year old that is convicted of a crime should be free by their 25th birthday.
  3. SalinasSpartan


    This kind of lazy ass thinking is what got us 3 strikes laws and mandatory minimums.
  4. SalinasSpartan


    And 15 year olds? And how differently do they need to be treated? First degree murderers for a 16 year old is a life sentence, what should it be for a 14 year old?
  5. SalinasSpartan


    So you do not think murderers should be treated differently? 10 years for a Premeditated murder is justice?
  6. SalinasSpartan


    I dunno, I think this bill would be great... if it made an exception for murderers.
  7. SalinasSpartan


    Just wondering what is your guys’ opinion about this? To save you guys a google, this was a bill signed in to law in California that raises the minimum age to be tried as an adult from 14 to 16. Now 14 and 15 year olds can not be tried as adults under any circumstance. Personally, I would probably have to agree that it’s better to keep as many youths out of the adult criminal system as possible, but I really don’t like that there is no exception for murderers. Not long before I left California there was a case in Santa Cruz, which is fairly close to where I am from, involving an 8 year old girl named Madyson Middleton. A (at the time) 15 year old boy named Adrian Gonzalez that knew her and lived in her apartment complex lured her in to his apartment with ice cream, choked her, stabbed her, raped her, put her in a garbage bin where she suffocated to death, then dumped her dead body in a recycling bin. If I remember correctly the choking, stabbing, and raping took about 30 minutes before she suffocated to death. The courts previously made the decision to try him as an adult, but considering he hasn’t been convicted yet it’s possible now that he could be tried in Juvenile court and upon being convicted would be released by his 25th birthday in 2025. I just don’t see how setting this guy free in his mid 20s is justice.
  8. SalinasSpartan

    JOSH ALLEN - NOT lighting up the Packers 0-19

    Me opening this thread and remembering I started Green Bay’s defense this week in my fantasy league.
  9. SalinasSpartan


    Tulane just smacked you, shut up.
  10. SalinasSpartan

    SJSU Loses Crucial Administrator

  11. SalinasSpartan

    Hawaii vs SJSU

    Man, CSU is trash.
  12. SalinasSpartan

    Hawaii vs SJSU

    From your lips to god’s ears.
  13. SalinasSpartan

    SJSU Loses Crucial Administrator

    I feel the exact same way. Are we going to spend what it takes to compete in the MWC or not? If not, then just drop the damn charade (and football team) and go back to the WAC, or maybe replace UCSD in the CCAA.
  14. SalinasSpartan

    Anybody else tired of political ads?

    I still feel like a fish out of water here and have no idea if I should vote for Laxalt or Sisolak. I know none of these annoying ass ads are going to help me make up my mind though.
  15. SalinasSpartan

    Parenting Advice

    I feel your pain. I picked up my two year old daughter and noticed her friend was sucking her thumb; and wouldn’t you know it.... the last week or so for the first time I have caught her puting her thumb in her mouth! To that me and my wife say: I imagine in a decade or so I will have much more to worry about.