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  1. I think Beto is in a group of candidates where they are done unless they get a Hail Mary viral debate moment on July 30 or 31. I’d say Booker, Castro, Yang, Gabbard, and maybe a few others are there as well. But if that doesn’t happen I think we are down to a 5 person race; and even then I could see the big 4 candidates picking up almost all the supporters of the candidates that drop out leaving Mayor Pete as another candidate with no shot.
  2. Do you think anybody outside of Biden, Warren, Bernie, Kamala, and Mayor Pete has a legit chance anymore at this point?
  3. Man I can’t get enough of this stuff, I am effing ready. Fantastic Four were the first comic book characters I really got in to, and I just can’t wait to see them, Dr. Doom, and Silver Surfer on screen in the MCU. And Ali is grade A casting as Blade.
  4. Interesting, I didn’t think any SJSU professors gave a shit about Spartan Athletics. Maybe there is hope for us after all.
  5. The TV deal wasn’t the only reason, but I believe it was the straw that broke the camels back. Or maybe it was just a complete coincidence that after 6 years they left soon after a new TV deal was signed?
  6. No dems ever run “for” it, they just say very little about it and support it when they get in office. I know for sure “nothing would fundamentally change” regarding it if Biden, Harris, or Mayor Pete won. Warren would probably keep status quo and focus on other things.
  7. Yea, she’s running against the military industrial complex and a large number of supposed liberals dislike her. Very weird indeed.
  8. I have subscribed to ESPN+ since its launch, and The only “add-on” that I am aware of with is UFC PPVs. Everything else is available to all subscribers.
  9. People get confused, I get it. No need to get angry about it buddy.
  10. And this post is another way of saying “I lost track of who I was responding to and attributed someone else’s post to you”.
  11. wut? I posted an anecdote about my buddy spending a couple weeks in China with the Warriors while we were in college.
  12. When did I suggest we need to keep the status quo in climate policy?