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  1. SalinasSpartan

    AZ no longer has JuCo football.

    Well let’s be honest, most of these guys’ D1 dreams would have been shattered a year or two later anyway.
  2. SalinasSpartan

    Rumors of AAC Having GOR or Uneven Revenue Sharing

    I wonder if they would let UMass back as a football only member if UConn came also?
  3. And you would think that SJSU couldn’t go lower then that, but (In my best Jeff Goldblum voice) “SJSU uh.. uh... uh...... finds a way”.
  4. Because if a WR coach doesn’t work, why not try a guy that doesn’t coach at all? Sounds like a very SJSU thing to do.
  5. SalinasSpartan

    How old were you when

    77 - n/a 87 - 4 months 90 - 3 91 - 4 2019 final 4 - 32
  6. SalinasSpartan

    Mexican Nationalism in Tijuana

    You got that right. The Spanish even brought that shit to the Philippines too. Over the years I have ended up watching bits and pieces of random Filipino soap operas and game shows at my wife’s family get togethers and it’s just crazy how over represented Meztisos/Meztisas are on them. I remember mentioning it to my wife one time as a joke because of how obvious it looked to me, expecting her to say how it was BS or something( she is pretty dark), and she just said she had never noticed that before. Blew my mind at the time how anybody could NOT notice. But I didn’t really realize how much Filipinos value lighter skin until we had our daughter; I’m half Puerto Rican, but am basically white and our daughter has very light skin. When we bring her to family events her relatives just fawn over her and say how nice her skin is to the point where it makes me uncomfortable sometimes.
  7. SalinasSpartan

    Les Miles is officially the Jayhawks head coach

    Guy known for being a subpar offensive coach that won by having a ton of great athletes going to a school in a poor area for recruiting in an offensive league... what can go wrong?
  8. SalinasSpartan

    Adidas sued

    You aren’t going to change your mind, I’m not going to change mine. You have heard the points I will make, I have heard the ones you will make, including this one. So how bout we just don’t have this pointless debate and say we did?
  9. SalinasSpartan

    Adidas sued

    And this the same dumb phucking response to that argument.
  10. SalinasSpartan

    Adidas sued

    Have dumb rules that exploit athletes.
  11. SalinasSpartan

    Adidas sued

    As others have said, I think he should be suing the NCAA and/or his dad.
  12. SalinasSpartan

    Adidas sued

    He isn’t banned from the NBA though. If he is good enough a team will sign him.
  13. SalinasSpartan

    Adidas sued

    So does it just not matter that he doesn’t appear good enough to make an NBA team?
  14. SalinasSpartan

    Nevada @ SJSU Game Thread

    I dunno, but it’s actually pretty funny to me how disinterested they look. What happened to Love?
  15. SalinasSpartan

    Nevada @ SJSU Game Thread

    Jesus, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group of fans that wants to be at a place less then these people.