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  1. You aren’t missing a damn thing. It is as ridiculous as it sounds.
  2. And I’m a middle age “Latino” and have read this thread and I am laughing at how dogshit your posts are too.
  3. Your argument is essentially, “Mexican? But her last name is Scheinbaum that’s not Mexican!” So just phuck off with this racist trash.
  4. It amazes me that you don’t see the racism and nationalism that underpins what you have said in this thread. Phuckin disgusting.
  5. So she isn’t of Latin American origin despite being born and raised in Latin America? Ok
  6. Weird take. She was born and raised in a Latin American country, she is a Latina.
  7. Even now, the “COVID is no big deal crowd” caring about the origins of COVID is weird. Why would they care if a disease that is harmless was created in a lab? Personally I want to know the origins of COVID because it’s important for future pandemic planning. Also, if the lab leak theory is true, the people that tried to deliberately mislead people about the lab leak theory’s viability need to be held accountable. What does accountable mean? Hell if I know. But other than those two things, I don’t see what else is really actionable (that I would support) about finding out COVID’s origins.
  8. And like I SAID, to you, already, and I will repeat again, I don’t give a shit what a think tank says the “strategy” is, I’ll believe it when I see it.
  9. Yea I am talking specifically about ACTUALLY being pro union, as in so-called right wing populist elected officials voting for legislation that strengthens unions and makes forming unions easier and not appointing judges that are hostile to unions. I was not talking about appealing to working class voters. They do that by doing the bullshit branding I was speaking about in my earlier post.
  10. Yea I’ll believe right wing populists being pro union (other than police unions) when I see it.
  11. So-called “right wing populists” remind me of so-called “libertarians”; they brand themselves as being opposed to “both sides”, but somehow their vitriol is almost always only aimed at “the left”.
  12. Probably for the best, nobody here really gives a shit about UCF’s Twitter account.
  13. Both my elementary and middle schools were closed at different points after I attended. They later reopened as some kind of specialized charter schools, but the fact that they aren’t the neighborhood public schools I went to still makes me kinda sad. Public schools are in a lose-lose situation. Total enrollment goes up? They get overcrowded. Total enrollment goes down? They get closed and the neighboring school is now overcrowded.
  14. Eh, most people don’t make that distinction between church and institution when it comes to the Catholic Church, which is why I think his point is one worth making. If you disagree, that’s fine.
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