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  1. And now Memphis fan will take a break from shitting on UConn to bring up their national championship as a member of the AAC. But don’t worry, if anybody brings up UConn potentially being interested in the BE he will go right back to shitting on them.
  2. I wonder if the Big Sky has considered doing the exact opposite and expanding? What if they added Seattle, Cal Baptist, Grand Canyon, UVU, and Dixie State and they essentially killed off the WAC? Obviously if NMSU was interested you would add them instead of Seattle or Cal Baptist. By growing to 16 full members they could set up divisions for basketball and function like two 8 team conferences with a scheduling agreement. Would cut down on travel costs by ensuring more games against the closer schools. And it’d also just make them a better conference as far as quality of play, as NMSU would immediately be the best program and all would probably finish in the top half of the conference.
  3. Yea, not a bad “punishment” for Jon. No more White Walkers to worry about, and the Free Folk will probably want to make him their king.
  4. Yea, he definitely picked a convenient time to become a fully functioning, well adjusted adult.
  5. I actually have liked this season, and while rushed, I bought Dany’s Mad Queen turn. But I thought the finale was just ok. I thought the song of ice and fire thing from Sam was cringy. And the whole thing with The North just being allowed to leave bugged me. I mean, The Vale literally seceded from the 7 kingdoms with The North just last season. Why would they just randomly change their mind? Sansa was the whole reason they joined The North, and she is in charge now, wouldn’t they want to join them in leaving the 7 kingdoms even more now? And the Iron Islands have fought for independence how many times? And they are just going to hear the new King allow his sister to independently rule his homeland and accept that without pushing for their own independence? Doesn’t make sense. It’s not a big deal I suppose, but to me it makes this relatively peaceful ending not very believable.
  6. Warbow for SJSU AD. There may be an opening if the outrage mob has their way.
  7. You get I’m not disputing that, right? I wasn’t talking about the most dominant dynasties in history, I was just talking about the most dominant dynasties I have personally seen.
  8. Of course I’ve heard of them, but I’m just talking about what I have personally witnessed. I’ve only seen the Celtics win one title.
  9. Yea, but I’m not really sure why that matters in this context. I have never seen a team be this dominant for this many consecutive years. Every other run was either a 3peat (Bulls and Lakers), or a sustained run of very good teams over a very long period of time with some championships sprinkled in like the Patriots and Spurs. Only thing that comes close were the mid-late 90s Yankees. But what sets the Warriors apart if they win, IMO, is that the Warriors would have made the Finals five straight years.
  10. I’m 32, and This is the longest sustained run of dominance I can remember in any pro sport. If they win this year that’ll be 4 titles in 5 years, and in the only non-title year they set the regular season record for wins and lost in the finals in 7 games. Even the Bulls had a two year lull in between the 3peats.
  11. Salinas and Monterey are both more then 25 miles away from SJ, so I’d pass on there. I’d go with Albuquerque. I have a lot of family that I have never met that has lived there dating back to the 1700s, and possibly later, so ABQ is an “ancestral homeland” of sorts for me. Always wanted to visit there.
  12. Ah, so he was just talking out of his ass. I figured as much.
  13. Which sports are not at their limit? How far under their limit are they?