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  1. Manchin has literally nothing to lose. Sinema does. Republicans won’t be able to save her in a primary. As an incumbent she will still clearly have the advantage, but it won’t be easy. If she gets an establishment Latino challenger that is just left enough for the Bernie/Squad fundraising machine to back them, she could be in trouble. It’s one thing to piss off the left, it’s entirely another to piss of the left AND party leadership.
  2. Yea that’s what I was talking about with Hispanic voters. I mean it may very well become a trend, but it’s just too early to say. Is it a case of some Hispanic voters abandoning the Democratic Party? Or is it a case of some Hispanic voters liking Trump? And were these voters actually Dem voters before, or were they previously non-voters that Trump brought in to the political process? Will these marginal gains stick without Trump leading the GOP? We will just have to wait and see to get some real answers to these questions. And since Trump will be the nominee in 24, it’s going to be a
  3. I have a couple issues with the working class vote analysis that is frequently tossed around: 1) It rarely acknowledges that Biden still won the NON-WHITE working class vote in a LANDSLIDE. The focus is almost always on the WHITE working class and the fact that Trump made slight gains in the non-white working class vote (despite still losing handily). 2) People are turning 2020 in to a trend, when we don’t know that yet. We won’t know whether or not it’s a trend until 2028 when the GOP is forced to run a candidate that isn’t Donald Trump.
  4. Nah, it’s the culture war shit, that’s why the GOP ONLY won with WHITE working class voters. Democrats won with working class voters overall because they won every single working class ethnicity, except white. You can spike the football because the Republicans didn’t get their asses kicked quite as bad with non-white working class voters, I guess, but they most definitely did get their asses kicked.
  5. One of the early pieces of legislation the House passed was the PRO Act. It has died in the Senate; 48 Democrats signed on, but a whopping zero from the “party of the white working class”. Republicans don’t give a phuck about workers rights, and they never will. They string along the white working class with culture war bullshit but have no plans to ever do anything for them.
  6. Well, I guess we will just have to wait and see. If you want to call the 2028 and 2032 presidential elections today, do you.
  7. I’m not going to sign up for a newspaper because of a message board debate. As far as the first and 3 points he made, I mean, ok. When it comes to the second point, I find the Senate and EC already undemocratic AF, so someone projecting they will become more undemocratic just makes me shrug my shoulders. That being said, the first point and the second point in terms of the EC are a little hard to reconcile when you factor in Texas slowly getting bluer. When TX becomes a swing state then that blows up his EC analysis, because if Dems win TX they win the Presidency. It would take a LONG
  8. Has a school ever had their football team in another conference when their main conference sponsored football at that same level? I can’t think of a single instance where that has happened. Hawaii can have their setup because the Big West doesn’t sponsor football.
  9. Baseball threads, where I team up with conservatives and Fresno State fans to argue with SJSU fans.
  10. Paywall. Anyway, the President’s party is typically always “phucked”in midterms. People have predicted the GOP will win the house since November 2020, so if it happens I’m just not seeing what that predictable result occurring tells us. And yea, I still don’t think any white working class voters actually give a shit about a “moderate” economic message. If his point is the Dems not “moderating” their economic message hurts them in any way, that’s great, but I disagree. If you think otherwise we can just agree to disagree. We are pretty clearly very far apart when it comes to economic
  11. I don’t think white working class voters give a shit about a “moderate” economic message. Now on cultural issues? Sure, I could see that helping.
  12. I remember we had a resource officer at my high school, not sure when that started though. But having an actual police department is pretty wild. Like, my city doesn’t even have 200 sworn officers, and it’s a high crime city with a population over 150k.
  13. LA Unified has their own police department too. According to their website they have 211 (damn!) officers. 14th largest police department in the state. Again, damn! https://achieve.lausd.net/Page/15609
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