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  1. SalinasSpartan

    OT: Padres Sign Machado for $300mil-10years

    Who is MM? I mean because I know you can’t possibly be referring to 26 year old (27 in July) Manny Machado.
  2. SalinasSpartan

    OT: Padres Sign Machado for $300mil-10years

    Arbitration is typically only 3 years (after 3-4 years of making league minimum), and the first year is still well below market value, with the second still a decent amount under market value. Mookie Betts for example put up amazing numbers last year, won the MVP, and shattered the record for second year arbitration eligible players.... but still is making below market value on a one year 20 million dollar deal. So let’s not pretend that this deal will somehow mean they won’t be able to pay their young talent during the arbitration years. And please name the last MLB player under contract to sit out.
  3. SalinasSpartan

    OT: Padres Sign Machado for $300mil-10years

    Fantastic signing by the Padres. They have a ton of young cheap talent coming up that will be under club control for the next 7-8 years, they won’t need to “pay up and comers” until Myers and Hosmer’s deals are off the books. Machado would have only 2 years left on his deal; if he doesn’t opt out in 5 years.
  4. SalinasSpartan

    OT: Padres Sign Machado for $300mil-10years

    I don’t. They have a wave of young talent coming that will need positions to be open, better to sign one of the best free agents of the last decade and let the young talent fill in around him. As a Dodger fan this signing makes me more nervous then if they had taken the approach you suggested.
  5. SalinasSpartan

    2019 MWC Baseball.

    Just a thought, but we will Probably have to wait until they have played more then one opponent to figure this out.
  6. SalinasSpartan

    BYU- Success Since Going Independent

    So, no source?
  7. SalinasSpartan

    OT: Babies!

    Not sure what that has to do with babies being cute, but cool man.
  8. SalinasSpartan

    Fake Hate Crime

  9. SalinasSpartan

    Rivals got Duped by High Schooler

    Best player I’ve seen since Quatro Quatro.
  10. SalinasSpartan

    I want these guys as my attorneys

    You know I never thought about it like that, but you’re right on the money with that. I remember vaguely him saying something like be extremely polite but keep your answers as short as possible. He didn’t really explain why but now that I think about it I’m sure the reasoning was to not give them any more information then the bare minimum. Damnit do our parents just know everything??
  11. SalinasSpartan

    I want these guys as my attorneys

    I just saw this. Good advice for your kid, although it’s crazy how different advice about things like this can be depending on race. I was raised by my stepdad (who is black) and his advice to me and my half-brother if/when We got pulled over was simply “10-2, yes sir no sir”. I remember I would occasionally say what about blah blah blah, and he would just respond with “10-2, yes sir no sir”, which would make me laugh. A few of my black friends have said their dads/grandpas would tell them much of the same. No real point to the story, just an interesting anecdote considering the conversation.
  12. SalinasSpartan

    I want these guys as my attorneys

    Hellllll no don’t refuse the sobriety test! Quick story about this: One of my good friends was a civil engineer in Williston, ND. He worked there a few years and then landed a job with the city of Oakland, but a week before he was about to move back to California (after he had quit his job already) he gets pulled over while driving drunk and he got mad and refused the breathalyzer. Little did he know, refusing the breathalyzer is essentially an automatic DUI. He had his license suspended or revoked (can’t remember which) for I believe 6 months, couldn’t drink for several months due to having to wear an ankle bracelet that could detect alcohol consumption, and had his job offer from the city of Oakland pulled because he lost his license. Anyways I believe part of having a drivers license is you consent to sobriety tests or something like that. He explained it to me at the time but it was a few years ago so I don’t remember the particulars.
  13. SalinasSpartan

    Fire Jean Valjean (or whatever that SJSU coach's name is)

    Well at least we have softball! (Looks up record and sees we have started 3-3 and Massey has us ranked 6th out of 9 teams). Well... shit. Are we still good at bowling??
  14. SalinasSpartan

    OT: Pac 12 Network a bigger failure than you think

    Seriously. They have a mediocre program and now have to worry about having two good NFL teams sharing a city with them that will be playing in a brand new state of the art stadium in a year. The Pac-12 network’s failures are the least of their worries right now.