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  1. This recall had zero chance of being successful due to the timing; it’s not going to be until the fall when lockdowns and distance learning will both be in the rear view mirror. This whole thing is just a creative way for the CA government to set some money on fire and make some political consultants and TV stations a lot of money.
  2. Well if we are talking criminals in general I am going to guess far lower then 14.
  3. They had to ere on the side of caution so they wouldn’t have to use another reconciliation bill to pass another relief package. IMO what they SHOULD have done from the beginning was tie the extra benefits to the unemployment rate so that the extra benefits gradually phase out as the unemployment rate falls. But, zero Republicans and most Dems would never support this so they decided to play this stupid ass game of “guess when the pandemic will end” every few months. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  4. So you think no extension should have been given at all? Ok, well I’m just going to have to disagree with you there.
  5. So, they shouldn’t have extended the extra UI benefits when they passed the last COVID relief package?
  6. I agreed with him on a lot of political issues, but I just didn’t like him as a poster, so unnecessarily confrontational on the OT board; like we were a bunch of anonymous randos on Reddit or something. You get a lot more out of the big boy board if you ease in to it and familiarize yourself with the different posters before you start getting in to debates. Orange just lurked and then came out of nowhere throwing bombs, it was annoying. Dude, we don’t know you like that.
  7. No, the way I stated it was fine. As to the second part of your post, I do not care if any new teams come out west. I also do not care if the A’s relocate to a non-western city. Not sure why you were under the impression that was important to me.
  8. Yea, just have to wait and see what happens.
  9. I’d rather have them do what they did then be too cautious and end up not spending enough money. If inflation ends up being an issue, I doubt we will be alone as a country.
  10. As long as the Tampa/Montreal partnership is a possibility there is zero chance of relocation of another franchise or expansion to Montreal.
  11. As a Raider fan that HATED sharing the coliseum with the A’s this was my face reading your post:
  12. Man me and my friend were so hyped once we went up two scores, we really though it was going to happen. Almost made me not notice my girlfriend glaring at me the whole fourth quarter and OT with that, “can we fvcking leave already?” Look on her face. Almost.
  13. I actually kinda liked having blues around, even though I disagreed with almost all of his arguments. Thought he made things interesting.
  14. I think Portland would be a better fit then Vegas. Anyways I think it was all fine and good for Oakland’s mayor to take a hardline stance with the Raiders (everybody knew the Warriors were gone no matter what) since she had the A’s as a “backup plan”, but it seems like she’s prepared to forever be the mayor that lost ALL of Oakland’s sports teams for the sake of….. virtue signaling? I mean, I guess.
  15. The evidence I am pointing to is GOP leadership and ‘24 presidential hopefuls traveling to Florida to “kiss the ring” and keep up the Big Lie charade and Cheney being purged from leadership for not playing along with the Big Lie, doesn’t really have anything to do with the media.
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