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  1. The document says what it says, so I’m not really sure what you want me to say? Like, yea, I get it, everybody hates Hair so OF COURSE everybody just uncritically accepts that dumb dumb hair just got played by Galaxy-brain Gonzaga. Great. I’m just going to go ahead and see that Gonzaga gets X from the WWC, which is less then they would get from the MWC if the MWC gave them a deal where they got a 30% share of the TV money.
  2. So the WCC is committing fraud? Well, ok then.
  3. The payout was posted in the thread. Less then 1 million for TV money and credits combined; 22.5% of a full MWC payout of just TV money. Unless the WCC is committing fraud.
  4. I also don’t think there was serious enough desire from the MWC to bring Gonzaga in. It’s pretty clear now that the MWC could afford to bring them in, if they really wanted to.
  5. Of the major names that have been floated, Childs would be my choice. Then Brown-Jackson.
  6. So that’d work out to 1.2 million in the MWC. 300k more than Gonzaga gets from the WCC when you combine TV money and tourney credits. I don’t disagree that fit matters. But I think this narrative that the MWC couldn’t afford to add Gonzaga is just silly. If 30% is that standard, then Gonzaga already comes out ahead with that. Is it a raise like Wichita got going to the AAC? No. But we are talking a 50ish% bump in revenue. That’s a decent raise.
  7. So are you ok with warrantless searches? I mean if there is nothing is amiss, the investigation will reveal that and the person being searched will be fine. Right?
  8. Kruger is one of the front runners, she is pretty moderate. If she is now considered a “progressive” judge then the term no longer has any meaning.
  9. Got ya. Damn, that makes me a little more annoyed we didn’t try harder to get Gonzaga. A 30% payout of TV money (1.2 million) surpasses what they currently earn in TV money and tourney credits.
  10. So adding the tourney credits of the best possible scenario, Gonzaga making the final four literally every year, they make between 1.6 or 1.7 million between TV money and tourney credits. Which would be 42-43% of a full MWC payout. That is of course ignoring that they would still get tourney credit money in the MWC (albeit less then they get now).
  11. Yes, they are divided by 6 and paid out in the 6 years after the tournament is held, so credits from the 22 tourney will be paid out in 6 parts from 23-28. I am using the annual amount because we are comparing annual payouts. This year Gonzaga could earn approximately $672k, which would be paid out over the next 6 years. Conversely, the MWC could simply pay them $672k in TV money, this year, to completely offset that.
  12. Last year tourney credits were with 337k. Meaning the most Gonzaga could get from the WCC “keep half of your tourney credits from after the first round” policy is 672k per year. I said 500k, that is not “way off”. What does the WCC tv deal payout? Because the only numbers I cited were 250k for tourney credits and that the WCC TV deal was probably closer to 100k then 1 million.
  13. I think I read that on here now that I think about it. I believe someone brought that up when I proposed we go after Wichita; they speculated that if they were getting a 70% they would probably at least have to pay 70% of the exit fee. So maybe it is a smaller percentage then 70, I dunno. But keep in mind, I was purposely being generous when I said the WCC’s tv deal is “less then a million”, because I’m guessing it’s closer to 100k per team then 1 million. Yea, Gonzaga gets half of the credits they earn AFTER the first round. A full credit is, what? 250k or so? That means that the MO
  14. The speed at which Biden has been getting judges confirmed tells me Manchin and Sinema will support whoever he appoints. Especially if it’s the front runner Brown-Jackson, who both (in addition to 3 Republicans) voted for her confirmation to the appeals court a 7 months ago.
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