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  1. Louisiana Tech @thelawlorfaithful Somehow I wasn't punished for missing time?
  2. Memphis I need to set a daily alarm...
  3. Glad I checked in. Good timing. Can't wait to finish picking in November.
  4. Obviously every location has different needs; larger cities are much different than small towns. I roll my eyes at Laramie having an MRAP. And I did consider the maintenance aspect as well, just seems like it's still a minimal cut and only serves as an "optics" cut. Do the cuts enter into the dispatcher realm too? They are already entirely undervalued. All I know is I have seen far too many killings of people of all colors to trust police at this point. Daniel Shaver comes to mind. Floyd's killing was despicable. I look at Brooks' killing and think "...were they actually justified by the letter of the law? Yeah, I guess, but he should have never gotten away from them both...", which I'm sure has been discussed greatly here somewhere, and I'm not trying to start a convo here. Just stating that I think many cops are ill-prepared, and in many cases just not personally equipped to be police. Don't see how that is overcome with less money. Communities policing their own? Hmmm... I don't see that working out as intended either.
  5. Didn't the police depts. get those MRAPS for pennies on the dollar anyway? I thought I'd remembered reading that they were sold for only a couple thousand dollars. I've never particularly liked any police as I've felt they only care about protecting their own departments and collecting "fees". I don't see how you get better policing without higher pay, better screening, and more training.
  6. Well, we like to throw up lots of threes.
  7. Also crazy we might not get a bowl. Need ASU and Wisconsin to win. Both are down. Wisconsin losing to Minnesota at home...
  8. Crazy that someone averaged 150 tackles per season.
  9. Nick Smith in to hand it off for the win.