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  1. The real outrage at Gillette should be the fact that they were recently caught profiting off forced child labor and price fixing. But, sure, let's all focus on the toxic men mansplaining why this commercial sucks.
  2. Why does there have to be this ideologically driven activism in an ad for a consumer product? One that caters ALMOST ENTIRELY to men. Many men feel that this commercial is redefining many masculine things, even good masculine things, as toxic. "Yes, men, be the best you can be, but only what we determine to be the best." Frankly, people should shrug their shoulders at this ad. It's a +++++ing dumb ad. Just sell me a product to shave my dumb face.
  3. By the downvotes on the youtube video it's many men. I said it's a +++++ing stupid ad. I never said it pissed me off.
  4. No one talking about Gillette's new commercial? Or is it already on page 2? This commercial seems dumb, no matter whether you agree with message or not. Ana Kasparian? Really?
  5. Also crazy we might not get a bowl. Need ASU and Wisconsin to win. Both are down. Wisconsin losing to Minnesota at home...
  6. Crazy that someone averaged 150 tackles per season.
  7. Nick Smith in to hand it off for the win.
  8. We have some struggles to overcome. Our passing game is bad. Just a good day. It's no 550 yards rushing ala 2 years ago.