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  1. I'll take all Hawaii and one Kansas please
  2. The new background is great.
  3. Louisiana Tech @thelawlorfaithful Somehow I wasn't punished for missing time?
  4. Memphis I need to set a daily alarm...
  5. Glad I checked in. Good timing. Can't wait to finish picking in November.
  6. Obviously every location has different needs; larger cities are much different than small towns. I roll my eyes at Laramie having an MRAP. And I did consider the maintenance aspect as well, just seems like it's still a minimal cut and only serves as an "optics" cut. Do the cuts enter into the dispatcher realm too? They are already entirely undervalued. All I know is I have seen far too many killings of people of all colors to trust police at this point. Daniel Shaver comes to mind. Floyd's killing was despicable. I look at Brooks' killing and think "...were they actually justified by the
  7. Didn't the police depts. get those MRAPS for pennies on the dollar anyway? I thought I'd remembered reading that they were sold for only a couple thousand dollars. I've never particularly liked any police as I've felt they only care about protecting their own departments and collecting "fees". I don't see how you get better policing without higher pay, better screening, and more training.
  8. Also crazy we might not get a bowl. Need ASU and Wisconsin to win. Both are down. Wisconsin losing to Minnesota at home...
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