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  1. trl87

    dreams -- what's yours?

    FTL travel.
  2. trl87

    New trailer for Vice movie

    Christian Bale is a chameleon. This looks like an entertaining tale if nothing else.
  3. trl87

    Pick 10 Results Thread

    Well, I can't get any worse...
  4. trl87

    Wyoming @ Mizzou

    +++++ing ESPN app won't play this. +++++ you Disney
  5. trl87

    Washington State @ Wyo Game Thread

    What a bailout call. Gay.
  6. trl87

    Murray: It’s Time To Kick Out SJSU

    $850k sales, for ALL sports. W. T. F.
  7. trl87

    So...Wyoming and BYU..

  8. trl87

    Game Thread: Wyoming @ New Mexico State

    We've definitely shown more than BSU to this point 🙃
  9. trl87

    Hawaii @ CSU

    I haven't seen much of the game, but I was told by a former CSU O lineman that the O line is terrible. What's been CSU's issue tonight?
  10. trl87

    Wyoming vs NMSU

    Bohl would call off the dogs before beating someone by 40+. Except Matt Wells and Bob Davie. He's got beef with them.
  11. trl87

    Wyoming vs NMSU

    I hope you're wrong and Yoyo comes back for his senior year...
  12. I thought bob was an AFA fan
  13. trl87

    Loss of a pet...

    You all are too kind. Hardest day and decision of my life. Was expecting to have him for 1000 more years. Surrendering his body was too damn hard, so I immortalized him in my own way. Buried him under this mum (red, a color filling my house) with some decorative grass. Laid on a bed of crab grass (his favorite outdoor snack, and something I never let him eat, until today). He's wrapped in a soft fleece blanket and under his paw he's got a few of his favorite things: crinkly plastic, q-tips, and a few pieces of bristle from my broom. I think he would appreciate that little tribute. Goodbye, friend. You made my life so much more enjoyable and got me through some very dark times.
  14. trl87

    Loss of a pet...

    This is the first time I've truly had to deal with this as he is solely mine. What makes it all the worse is he's only 8. But cancer is a wicked, vicious bitch. Man do I like animals over humans. Give your animals extra love from me. Sleep well, Sid. Love you little buddy.