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  1. badfish

    MWC "highlights"

  2. badfish

    Eastern Michigan at SDSU Game Thread

    It definitely looked like it on TV. Of course it’s clearing out late in the 3rd Q, but there weee 31k In the 1st half
  3. badfish

    Turd of the Week

    I was going to say Reno, but Toledo is a good program. Rammies take this one, unless we get smacked by EMU tonight
  4. badfish

    Redbirds @ Rams

  5. badfish

    Week 4 College Football - The other Games.

    So much preseason hype for a team riding a true freshman QB
  6. badfish

    Week 4 College Football - The other Games.

    That ODU game was nuts. TCU/Texas is pretty fun. Watching LSU game now, their D is really solid, they have a chance to challenge Bama
  7. badfish

    Grats to SDSU and win over ranked OOC team.

    Our pass blocking was fine. Agnew was sacked maybe once? Only had to run for his life a couple of times too.
  8. badfish

    Grats to SDSU and win over ranked OOC team.

    We beat ranked Stanford last year...
  9. badfish

    Bad day

    Fresno can beat UCLA. I’ll be rooting hard for the dogs
  10. badfish

    Sac State @ SDSU

    After watching the Stanford/USC game, people may lay off of Chapman. Stanford shut USC down and was all over their 5* QB.
  11. badfish

    Sac State @ SDSU

    Our backup has a better arm than Chapman. Let’s see how he does with 1st team practice reps
  12. badfish

    Arkansas @ CSU

    This season is so CSU
  13. badfish

    CSU recruiting 2019

    decommitting to coaches via twitter.
  14. badfish

    SDSU ‘19

    https://247sports.com/Player/Justin-Dinka-46035323 Offers: Ole Miss, Baylor, Arizona, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, K-State, Indiana, Utah, Texas Tech, Houston, USU, SMU
  15. badfish

    Any Military Veterans