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  1. Rocky was loyal to his seniors and refused to bring in transfers to compete with them. We are too good if a destination for transfers to not pursue them.
  2. JUCO all American RB, 4* QB, 4* WR. We can suddenly recruit transfers.
  3. 6’6” WR with a bit of SEC experience, I’m willing to take a shot.
  4. That used to be a rule, but not any more with the magic portal.
  5. Word is we’re in the market for a transfer WR and a 2021 DE to finish this class. I’m sure they’d take a guy like Josh Simmons if he wanted to come, but I don’t think it’s a priority.
  6. You’re right, the MWC is much better off never being featured on Gameday, CFB Final, etc.
  7. I watch College Football Final religiously on Sunday mornings. They rarely even mention MWC unless we have a P5 win or wacky finish. On the other hand, they show full HL clips of Cincy, UCF, Memphis and other AAC games every week.
  8. There are a ton out there. Pepper didn’t work out, but tons of kids post LS film on the recruiting posts so I’m not concerned.
  9. We’ve been fortunate with our K/Ps lately, can’t complain.
  10. The only coaches that concern me as a SDSU fan are Avalos or Moore. What non donk alumn takes over a program with that success? Only way to go is down.
  11. So what happens if Harsin takes Avalos and Moore to Auburn?
  12. Avalos and Moore are upgrades, IMO. Anyone who doesn’t have a CDL won’t cut it there.
  13. Brian Harsin has entered the portal
  14. Idk, never saw much of him. Too much talent ahead of him. Our TRFR RB got a couple carries this year, so I’m assuming he just got beat out.
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