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  1. Colorado State 2018 Recruiting

    Holiday was committed to SDSU but didn’t want to sign in Dec, so it was a mutual split. Pretty good talent, hard to judge his ceiling though, as he’s already pretty filled out.
  2. Fresno State 2018 Recruiting

    guessing FRESNO dropped him due to academics?
  3. Norvell the ACE

    He’s a big pickup. Doesn’t fit the air raid offense, but is a good RB.
  4. SDSU '18

    Andre Hunt is the biggest target among the group of visitors this weekend: https://247sports.com/Player/Andre-Hunt-94569
  5. Boise State recruiting 2018

    Kids these days are inpatient. Does he want to sit behind Hurts and Tua? Maybe Boise is his best option right now, but expect more offers to follow.
  6. Airport - Fan gear sighting

    Went SD->LA->Maui and back last week. Actually saw like 6-7 Aztec fans on the flight or on Maui. Also saw a CSU fan, 10+ UH fans, a bum wearing a Nevada hat on the beach (should have gotten a pic) and the Nevada swim/dive team.
  7. SDSU '18

    We picked up 6'8" DE/OLB bounce back from Oregon State. He started a few games as a true freshman in 2016 before getting hurt. OSU wanted to switch him to TE, which he didn't want, and he had family health issues, so he is back. Was going to walk-on until we gave him a scholly offer yesterday. If he can bulk up, he'll be a really good DE
  8. UCF Wants BAMA

    Just like the P6 thing, it brings them attention and has us talking about it.
  9. OT: What's happening in San Diego?

    Too many +++++in bums
  10. Gear Update: Denver Airport Christmas Edition

    SD-->LA 3 SDSU 3 Arizona State 2 USC 2 University of Portland Texas Utah CSU San Marcos Charlotte
  11. Peach Bowl

    ok, MWC, let's go win it next year.
  12. Peach Bowl

    Scott Frost is a damn magician. From 0-12 to possible 13-0.
  13. Returning Starters for 2018

    We play a lot of TEs, so he may not RS. He's probably just as big as 2017 signee Shane Coleman, who RSd this season.
  14. SDSU '18

    Clearly our QB situation could be better, but idk how that will happen this offseason. Chapman is good at what he does, managing games and not losing any. We need someone who can handle more responsibility and open up the passing game. Baker will be good, I like his size and mobility. I think we should open up the tryouts during spring/fall. If one of the RSFR can beat Chapman, it's theirs. If nobody can come out ahead, he keeps his spot. I believe either Roane or Salazar are the QB of the future.