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  1. The thing I hear most about him is that he treats the players like family and they love playing for him.
  2. sorry, @mugtang I'm out this year. Got a lot going on and haven't been frequenting as much as of late.
  3. landed late 3* DE/TE prospect with another offer from Idaho. Kind of surprised by this, because we already have a handful of DL commits for 2019. I’m guessing we expect one or two to not qualify.
  4. Local RB, committed out of HS but didn’t qualify. Went to Arizona Western and was the top JC RB of his class. Went to Nebraska but didn’t get enough playing time and had family issues home in SD. Transfering and walking on at SDSU. https://twitter.com/sdutkirkdkenney/status/1106376950098980864?s=21
  5. local 3* QB/ATH commits. Picked us over BYU.
  6. And because we have like 5 total scholarship DL, so feshmen see a chance to play early.
  7. Huge get. 24 offers, including 15 from P5 schools. Looks like he Flipped from Vanderbilt when we said he could play DE.
  8. You linked McMorris, but the comment is about Tumblin. Neither were highly recruited though. McMorris put up huge numbers in only 1/2 of a season in a crappy league, and Tumblin is a great ATH/Dual Threat QB, but don’t think he’s played DB. Both will need time to learn, but they remind me of Kam Kelly who was a super athletic QB and ended up being a great Aztec DB.
  9. picked up commitment from DE Liloa Kapiko https://247sports.com/Player/Liloa-Kapiko-46056071/
  10. Got smacked so hard by Ohio that we stole their offense
  11. As someone who is collateral damage in all of this, +++++ this shutdown. My family is fine, but a lot of Coasties I know live paycheck to paycheck and are already hurting. Thankfully where we're at, there have been a lot of community organizations and churches offering support.
  12. UCF has the potential to sustain this success. HUGE student enrollment, excellent recruiting ground, east coast viewers. Boise should always be good, but I can see UCF being a top 25 regular for a long time.