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  1. Picked up commitment from DJ Bryant, DB from San Leandro HS https://247sports.com/Player/DJ-Bryant-46102636/
  2. Feeling less and less confident about sports in the fall at this point.
  3. Interesting to see him still playing. IIRC, story was he walked into Rocky’s office and told him he didn’t want to play football any more. I’d be real annoyed if he turned out to be a complete stud.
  4. Couple great pickups for the Rebs
  5. those would be great pickups.
  6. Our FB student section is either good or non-existent, just depends on opponent.
  7. Aztecs are -16 which I think is insanely generous.
  8. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/25311477 Tedford and Harsin mentioned as candidates, but that’s probably lazy guesses by ESPN. If Helton gets canned at USC, then things get really interesting.
  9. We overachieved this season, and I'll take that.
  10. Ok, since I can now come back and tell you, "I told you so, WE SUCK" and that this season has been relegated to a rebuilding year, here's some interesting stuff I dug up and figured I'd share: What we return in 2019 (I did this prior to the Fresno game):100% of carries88% of receptions73% of passes67% of tackles (hoping Tezino returns)60% of defensive turnovers100% of punts95% of KR/PR80% starters from OL (88% if you include the TEs and FB)0% of FGs 13 Seniors have played this season (3 were walk-ons), and here were their other offers out of HS/JC:Hall: ArmyBaron: Trevillion: Louisiana-Mo
  11. San Diego State leads series, 29–24–4
  12. Would take him at SDSU if Rocky retired
  13. I’ll take a 9 point loss considering where our team is at right now.
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