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  1. Reading the forums and replies to Burmeister posts, seems like 1/2 our fans are mildly excited and the other 1/2 actually don’t even want him here. Haven’t seen this much public disappointment in a commit…ever.
  2. The early signing period is good, but should be in like August/September. Plenty of kids are locked in that early and can sign and not worry about risk of injury. Having two signing periods 2 months apart and both after the season seem kind of pointless to me.
  3. Still silence on the Burmeister situation. Guess we’ll find out soon enough if he starts classes or not.
  4. UNLV has definitely stepped up the recruiting and looked somewhat competitive this yea on the field. Let’s just hope this 5* QB transfer pans out a little better than your last one.
  5. Looks like 2022 is basically wrapped up. Don’t expect any surprises on Feb signing day. Offers going out to 2023 guys now.
  6. IIRC, grey shirts enroll the spring of the following year. 2022 TE commit Jordan Morris is a grey shirt that will enroll in classes this summer, but sign and join the team next January. He has not taken his OV though. Mahasin has a signing day event, was never “official”, is taking his OV, but could very well be grey shirting still too. Mahasin and Morris’ situations are odd for sure. Hunter is a solid commit, just wanted to OV before signing from what I heard. In total this weekend we have: OL Rambo Mageo (signed) OL Drew Azzopardi (signed) RB Lucky Sutton (signe
  7. Yea I don’t really care either way. He’s a good runner, but a “meh” passer. Clearly wanted a bigger offer but ended up here. He provides experience, which we need, but Haskell has a much higher ceiling.
  8. Still not official yet and this one already smells like Sears, so stand by..
  9. There it is. Virginia Tech starting QB, Braxton Burmeister, commits to SDSU. https://twitter.com/sdut/status/1483243251561746436?s=21
  10. I don’t care if he comes here. Didn’t really like the kid out of HS (very cocky) and clearly he’s in it for himself considering he flipped on signing day and is now on to his 3rd school after leaving as a starting QB. IMO, he’s holding sdsu as a backup plan until he gets something better. The staff went all in on him and now it’s screwing us. It’s Haskell time.
  11. UNR adds former SDSU walk-on QB.
  12. As others have stated, i think he’s getting cold feet. What seemed like a lock is now a major question. Hope we didn’t go all in on the guy and not do due diligence recruiting other QBs. At the end of the day, I’m fine with Haskell being the guy early (can’t get much worse than our QB play last year)
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