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  1. badfish

    SDSU ‘19

    picked up commitment from DE Liloa Kapiko https://247sports.com/Player/Liloa-Kapiko-46056071/
  2. badfish

    SDSU going to the spread

    Got smacked so hard by Ohio that we stole their offense
  3. As someone who is collateral damage in all of this, +++++ this shutdown. My family is fine, but a lot of Coasties I know live paycheck to paycheck and are already hurting. Thankfully where we're at, there have been a lot of community organizations and churches offering support.
  4. badfish

    BSU and UCF: Separated at Birth?

    UCF has the potential to sustain this success. HUGE student enrollment, excellent recruiting ground, east coast viewers. Boise should always be good, but I can see UCF being a top 25 regular for a long time.
  5. badfish

    SDSU ‘19

    Looking like a couple silent commits right now, but the staff and recruiting is extremely quiet. Could be a good thing, could mean we aren’t having any luck. Haven’t seen many new offers given out recently (only 1 I can think of since first signing day) so that’s good.
  6. badfish

    Bowl Attendance

    Even 11k for the Frisco Bowl was a stretch. It was pretty empty there.
  7. badfish

    UCLA Sucks

  8. badfish

    Houston Fires Applewhite

    Their AD famously said, "We fire coaches for 8-4"
  9. badfish

    Arizona Bowl

    Terrible game to watch, but the result was good.
  10. badfish

    Arizona Bowl

    Ahhh didn’t know the game was on today. I’ll swap with this an Peach Bowl.
  11. badfish

    Two Aztecs leaving early for the NFL

    He’s been in and out of Rocky’s doghouse. I think it was a reoccurring problem. Heard he liked to butt heads with the staff a lot.
  12. badfish

    Two Aztecs leaving early for the NFL

    No. He was a waterpolo and volleyball player who only player senior FB because his friends talked him into it. Basically a clean slate when he walked on at SDSU.
  13. badfish

    TV Bowl Ratings

    For once, I’m glad nobody saw our team play.
  14. badfish

    Looks like another banner day for the P6.

    If they go 1-6 and UCF gets their dicks pushed in, I wonder if they consider dropping the little P6 thing? The MWC could really use a NY6 rep next season.
  15. Warring, 6’6” 250 TE, is prototypical NFL TE. Ultra athletic former walk-on who didn’t play football until his senior year of HS. Probably saw a weak TE class and knew our OC wasn’t going to get him the ball more than 40 times next season, so he’s off to the draft. Probably a 6th/7th round guy, IMO, unless the TE class is worse than I thought. Roemer, 6’7” 305 LT, who was suspended to end the season, declared for the draft as well. A bit of a hot head on the team, but was a freshman all-American in 2017. Struggled a bit in 2018. Probably an UDFA or maybe sneaks in somewhere in the 7th round. Our 2018 team was only supposed to lose 11 scholarship seniors who actually played. Losing Roemer and Warring is a bummer, but not huge in the grand scheme of things. Now if we lose Tezino, THAT would suck.