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  1. badfish

    Pick 10: Team Headbutt

    @cgzpack next @retrofade on deck
  2. badfish

    Pick 10: Team Headbutt

  3. badfish

    Pick 10: Team Headbutt

    @TheSanDiegan next @WYO1016 on deck
  4. badfish

    Gear Report: Sears Point

    Aztec fans in Sparks, NV.
  5. badfish

    UNLV recruiting

    Great start for UNLV
  6. Washington will be good this year, but I don’t think he really breaks out until next year. He’s a bit hesitant as a runner, but once he and the #2 RB get a system down, and our OL is one year older, they will be really good in 2019.
  7. badfish

    Can Fresno State repeat?

    They have SDSU at home, so I call that a win for the dogs. Nevada can beat anyone, but will be hit or miss. It could come down to a tiebreaker between SDSU/UNR/Fresno
  8. badfish

    Pick 10: Team Headbutt

    @retrofade next @bigd on deck
  9. badfish

    Pick 10: Team Headbutt

    Shit, my bad. F it, I’ll take Wazzu.
  10. SDSU- OL- Sophmore OT Tyler Roemer and OG Keith Ismael should be All-MWC again. RB- Juwan Washington will get his chance to show what he has at RB. We’ll need a solid #2 RB to step up. LB- Kyahva Tezino. Former 4* recruit finally played to form at the end of last season. Should be a stud this year. DB- Parker Baldwin will be a stud again. Was pretty banged up last season.
  11. Rashaad Penny was an all-American KR and tied the NCAA record for career KR TDs last year.
  12. badfish

    SDSU ‘19

    It’s down to SDSU and SMU for 3* RB TJ McDaniel. Has offers to Clemson, Oregon, Minnesota, Vandy and more. Smart kid, wants to be the focal part of the offense and play early, not be a fallback plan like his brother was at Notre Dame. https://247sports.com/Player/TJ-McDaniel-86272
  13. badfish

    Nevada 2019 Commits

    https://247sports.com/player/dominic-tatum-46056099 good get, but needs to gain some weight.
  14. badfish

    Nevada 2019 Commits