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  1. Feeling less and less confident about sports in the fall at this point.
  2. Lol welcome to second class citizenship. Been telling Rebels, living in the shadow of the NFL is no bueno. State of the art stadiums only do so much with 7k fans.
  3. I think SDSU might have just flipped Hunter Kaupiko. He decommitted from Fresno, pinned a SDSU offer tweet, and one of our commits posted a Monty push-up GIF (good news type post) all in the matter of a few hours.
  4. He basically just said this in an interview yesterday, even promising he won’t leave this time haha. He’s 61, at some point guys just want stability and to retire at the beach.
  5. I love Rocky and will miss him as HC, but I think Hoke’s ceiling is much higher. I think he could leave for a bigger opportunity and we won’t be as consistent as a program, but if we are ever to make it to a NY6 game or have an undefeated season, it’s under Hoke.
  6. Picked up Ball State graduate TE Nolan Givan. Decent numbers and film, but looks to be more of a depth guy I think. We have a lot of talent at TE, but they’re young. Givan has played in 36 games and scored TDs in games at Notre Dame and BIG10 opponents.
  7. Our 2017 and 2018 classes were in the middle of the stadium vote with so many questions about where we’d be playing and what the future of our program would even look like (playing at Petco, not having a stadium, etc). This 2020 class, assuming they RS, will play 1/2 of their career in a brand new stadium. I expect that to be a big impact on future classes.
  8. Really happy with this year’s commits.
  9. If all goes according to plan, we should be landing 2 of the top 8 players from the state of Nevada (both currently unannounced though) Gotta love coach Horton’s recruiting.
  10. Expecting about 6 more commits soon as well. Staff did a good job keeping them under wraps this long.
  11. We lost a local kid to Reno and left us scratching our heads. Some kids just want to see something new or move away, can’t blame them. This means we probably don’t get Rodney Robinson, who might be Fresno or UNLV bound.
  12. https://twitter.com/dezjhonm/status/1206719492849459200?s=21 https://247sports.com/Player/Dezjhon-Malone-46080639/ 3* 6’2” 180 CB from Fresno. Had offers to Oregon State, Fresno State, BYU, and UNLV.