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  2. Actual numbers of what? We' should be just under 14K season tickets, and the first game is certainly going to sell out. Depending on how the team looks, tickets for the rest of the season could be hard to come by, but I don't see us selling out again unless we're a ranked team hosting the CCG.
  3. Single game tickets were made available to season ticket holders today and it’s a feeding frenzy. Cheapest seats available for the home opener are $103, and there are only about 70 of those remaining now.
  4. If these 5 players in fact raped this girl, I really hope there is evidence to put them away. Last thing we want is a victim not receiving justice and 5 rapists freed.
  5. I prefer senor panchos. Their red sauce is my favorite in SD.
  6. Current commits and their offers elsewhere. Jordan Napier (Texas A&M, Arkansas, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, UNR, SJSU, UNLV) Marcus Ratcliffe (CAL, Colorado, Arizona, BYU, AFA) Javance Tupouata-Johnson (Oregon, Florida St, BYU, ASU, Pitt, Kansas, UNR, SJSU, Toledo) Caleb Otlewski (Nebraska, Minnesota, SMU, Memphis, UNT, Texas St, Tulsa, USU, UTSA) Ryan Silver (CSU, Fresno, Army, UNR, SJSU, UNLV) Baylin Brooks (Arizona, UNR, SJSU) Jelani Mclaughlin (Washington, Wazzu, Oregon St, Colorado, Arizona, UNM, UNLV, USU) Chris Fewell (Colorado, CSU, NMSU, USU) Tyson Berry (only FCS) Misael Sandoval (CSU, UNR, NMSU) P5: 24 G5: 31
  7. Solid pick up. Holds offers from 1/2 of the PAC10.
  8. 32k butts in seats is still 32k butts in seats
  9. I get that, but our current starters at LG and RG are 315 and 340. This guy looks closer to 260, so putting him on the field any time soon would be a dead giveaway to some type of package.
  10. I think UC Davis provides a fitting and natural rival for Cal State Fresno. Solid UC vs CSU rivalries SDSU vs CAL in the PAC12 CSUF vs UCD in the MWC
  11. Developmental guy. Still has a lot of growing to do at a generous 270lbs. Our OL is very young, so I’m surprised we brought in a guy like him, but let’s see what he can do.
  12. Nice get with Dawson. He blew up recently and sdsu was super late on him. His HS is up and coming w/ talent, including a 2026 national guy (yes, 2026) and a couple other P5 caliber kids.
  13. 3* local OL. More of a developmental guy than an early contributor, but we’ll see.
  14. Big commit. These high level 3* guys are becoming the norm and not the exception.
  15. Looks like you guys are getting a commitment from a local OL Carson Rasmussen. Recently visited SDSU.
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