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  1. recent offer from Utah is really good sign.
  2. Pretty standard class so far. Middle of the road MWC rated players, but I like them. Kapoi is the steal so far and Oakie is a mixed bag, but could have high ceiling. We usually pick up our best players at the end of the recruiting cycle when they lose their P5 offers, so this is normal.
  3. Had no idea this game was happening. Should be a good one though.
  4. Aztecs had 5 UDFA sign contracts: Johnson Jr, Capra, Thompson, Spalding, Bernard.
  5. Stadium already paying dividends in recruiting.
  6. Flips on last day of last signing period. Wonder if he was holding out for other offers or what. Haven’t had a chance to check his film out, but I think it’s interesting that we pursued a committed guy through signing day. Something Rocky probably wouldn’t have done. Hoke and Co.’s aggressive recruiting strategy is a breath of fresh air
  7. I mean, we got a 6’5” WR with SEC ability and a slew of good TEs. If we can’t get them the ball, then IDK.
  8. Making serious progress on the new stadium too.
  9. It’s pretty clear his primary motive is staying home for his mom, which is likely the reason he chose us. Sometimes you get lucky.
  10. If you count the 2 Miss St transfers, we are bringing in three 4*s in this class.
  11. P5 Offers: Alabama Arkansas Ole Miss Duke 3 USC 3 Iowa State Arizona State 7 Boston College 2 Kansas 8 Oregon 4 Oregon St 4 Oklahoma St 2 Utah 2 Miami 3 Michigan 2 Nebraska 3 Colorado 2 Georgia 2 Arizona 5 Wazzu 5 Syracuse 2 Georgia Tech Texas Tech Virginia Illinois Kentucky Michigan State Oklahoma UCLA Penn State Washington Maryland West Virginia G5 offer: UNLV 9 USU
  12. Local 4* OL/DL Josh Simmons picks SDSU over 25 P5s. Decommitted from Oregon and was recently reoffered by a bunch of big schools. Huge get for us. https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Josh-Simmons-125187/RecruitInterests/
  13. Must be a PWO. His last offer was from a HS (IMG post-grad thing) and before that was a PWO to a DII. love supporting local kids and hope he does well.
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