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  1. I think winning out means something different to each program. For you guys, it means you still have “it” and likely helps national perspective. For us, it means we really catch the eye of local fans and would do wonders for local media, recruiting, and fan support, which is something we always struggle with. Right now, I’d trade a few losses for a MWC title and a shot at USC/UCLA in the LA Bowl instead of a NY6 bowl getting steamrolled by Iowa or something.
  2. SJSU was extremely sloppy and committed lots of unforced errors, but there were a handful of really bad calls that went against them last night as well.
  3. First undefeated team to win and drop clear out of the rankings
  4. Aztec offense exposed on National TV and SJSU getting wrecked with bad calls. SJSU should be up by at least a TD if it weren’t for terrible calls.
  5. In a 247 interview he said he’d be coming in as a WR
  6. Aztecs hate being ranked so anything can happen
  7. I think as a slot WR/KR. But not sure.
  8. Bay Area FB player of the year last year.
  9. Some kids just want to play P5 no matter what.
  10. Aztec pick up 4* (by 247) ATH Hassan Mahasin. Was certain he’d be Boise bound, but good timing of our staff’s recent visit helped. https://247sports.com/player/hassan-mahasin-46098647/
  11. https://247sports.com/player/ryan-henderson-46113534/ https://twitter.com/certifiedryan54/status/1446202188104024076?s=21
  12. honestly, I don't want SDSU ranked right now. The second we crack the top 25, we lose to UNM/AFA/SJSU. Would rather have a chip on our shoulder and play tough for possible ranked matchup with the sheep fukkers.
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