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  1. For starters i am not ur son! But who knows maybe your mom was loose? Another question for you is why are you so angry? Enjoy life Brotha
  2. Wow sorry your so angry at democracy in action. And it isn’t over yet
  3. Hi bob you woke from ur nap better in the sense with jailbirrd s
  4. He probably checked into a mental hospital in Reno
  5. Hello boys how’s the party going?
  6. Hey guys i just saw a postal truck with ballots heading to the landfill! Hope they’re not Biden votes
  7. And his family and chronies
  8. Pretty sad when Trump wants the voting stopped! And lawyers to get him a victory? What about the people?
  9. One thing about trump he is equal opportunity for all the buffons. I really cant believe all of the support that he has. Are there really educated people that like his policies? Maybe the problem really is racial and the white people cant handle it. If not this election texas and georgia and arizone will become blue.
  10. He went on Putin Russia TV and talked about COVID . This guys a radiologist? Wtf is he doing on Russian TV
  11. If grams had balls she’d be gramps
  12. If trumps ahead when polls close will he declare himself the winner?
  13. Perdue is everything that’s wrong with politics, getting rich from us
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