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  1. I think Idaho is nevada but twenty years behind, or maybe a few less. Nevada used to be the usual old suspects except as reno and vegas grew they became less important. Vegas mostly but reno has fallen. I see as Boise grows and not the rest of the state the same will happen. My prediction is they will be the next state to turn Blue! they will join nev az ca or wash nm co
  2. You do know that the bible is a book of fairy tales ... I think it is the best recorded history book of our world, and only that. Btw >50% europeans are athiests Americans aren't much better
  3. bob is like a lot of crusty old white guys who believe what they want to, and usually not the truth. When we eventually get rid of them the country will be better. I hope he has no children that he can influence.
  4. https://scholars.org/contribution/under-democratic-presidents-minorities-make-economic-gains-and-so-do-whites
  5. Well lets think about this? 1. President Obama for eight years 2. Multiple cabinet members appointed by Obama 3. Elected minority civil servants in every state of the union 4. Of course let us not forget about the civil rights bills in the 60's 5. Board of education vs brown 6. Trends in Income, Poverty, and Unemployment Economic outcomes clearly diverge under Democratic versus Republican presidents – especially for African Americans. Under Democratic presidents, black families’ incomes grew on average $895 dollars annually, but grew only by $142 dollars un
  6. He Bob are you and convert the same poster? Just curious
  7. Although you might not believe in science, i am not sure.
  8. It might be easier for you Bob. You are very close to the acceptance stage of Dr K Ross, so keep it up.
  9. Welcome convert, glad you are ok? How is your day shaping up?
  10. https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf=ALeKk02XccdjRedh6_6EfPdpZXgvdqHjJQ%3A1604681879835&source=hp&ei=l4ClX-OvMLS50PEPzc-goAE&q=don+meredith+turn+out+the+lights&oq=turn+out+the+lights+by+don+merid&gs_lcp=CgZwc3ktYWIQARgAMgsIABDJAxAWEAoQHjoECCMQJzoLCC4QsQMQxwEQowI6CAguELEDEIMBOggIABCxAxCDAToCCAA6CAgAELEDEMkDOgUIABCxAzoICC4QxwEQrwE6BQguELEDOgIILjoKCAAQsQMQyQMQCjoECAAQCjoKCAAQsQMQgwEQCjoICC4QyQMQkwI6BggAEBYQHjoICAAQFhAKEB46BQgAEMkDUJYXWOZWYLFlaABwAHgAgAHqAogBuyuSAQgwLjI0LjYuMpgBAKABAaoBB2d3cy13aXo&sclient=psy-ab this is for all of the old guys
  11. I am fiscally conservative ! This board doesn’t take that into account i am def socially liberal! And i have multiple firearms! Ready to use them
  12. I left Dem party two elections ago! I got tired of all the solicitation. I still tend to lean lib
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