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  1. Because starting with meadows there are many more now testing positive
  2. If i am Biden i don’t interact with any WH teams unless they get COVID rested prior to any meetings. I hear the virus is OOC in the house
  3. Everybody give Bob some room as he progresses thru the stages of Kubler Ross as people grieve! 1 Denial 2 Anger 3 bargaining 4 Depression 5 Acceptance
  4. IDAHO. Get ready because after Texas goes blue... you are next in line! Boise is getting bluer by the tsar
  5. Convert why not just a national vote for president?
  6. I am talking about the Torah or first five books of the Bible or the Jewish bible! Everything after that is new bible, written by prophecy. think about how Americans view our history? Nothing happened in America’s prior to Columbus ! But scholars know that’s BS! same as the old and new bible just not as dramatic! I think the Bible is a good guide to how to live life but it has issues. i challenge u to read about the sumerians cuniaform and early events in the history of the earth. you will come to understand that the Indians weren’t the first in the America’s! let me know
  7. How long will it be until state starts complaining about Harris /biden? And forgets about Trump?
  8. Not going to believe it but here goes i was called by trumpers about the bags of ballots i saw heading east of nevada! I can’t make this shit up they showed with some feds! I was afraid and had to sign a statement this claim wasn’t true i was joking but will be better now
  9. I dont think convent is ever wrong, is?
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