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  1. I predict we will not have a season. Some teams, read SEC and byu will have a season. We will hear about this in approx 2 weeks
  2. He had a brief moment of lucidity
  3. Wow we really need trump out! Read the niece book ; his is very spoiled and helped kill his brother. He’d have no problem killing 1000s of rioters. We need him out
  4. You worried that marshal law coming from trump? We need him out asap
  5. From his niece, I am just starting to read it. Things come into view about why his is so effed up!
  6. I be working until I’m 80 my six kids and there families all live in four BR house, They won’t work and believe it or not they all have maga hats
  7. Good for him! who are you to judge, and he will probably play one year or has aspirations of actually getting an education
  8. Just like our president all blow and a big phussy!!!!!
  9. The way it’s going it might get us all and thank you the government screwed this up
  10. Tropic lightening baby! 25th
  11. Well i got exposed and tested! Who else on the site has been tested and status! I was exposed 10 days ago and sign was sore throat for me! I don’t have a fever and results in 1-3 days! Any wisdom thanks
  12. Its out at trump.org Lacunar disease I knew it, explains many things
  13. very nice, is that in northern Nevada?
  14. Beings we (the north) won the war then and could again what should we do? 1. Kill all those who don't agree with northern rules. after all we did win 2. ...
  15. Moses was a brother and it is not hard to believe Jesua was also a brother. Do some research into the old bible and you will see colors were different then.
  16. that lake up there IS the HQ of the Aryan nation? correct? neo Nazi white terrorist ortgainsation? north idahole
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