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  1. Why the negativity?

    its been worse in nevada!  Shit the miners raped northern Nevada!  Lake Tahoe had no trees left they were all in the mines. The miners also polluted many rivers streams and lakes!  This is just the beginnings . Things are worse now?  Cmon it’s much better 

  2. 3 hours ago, robe said:



    Trump warned of this. It’s killing more people than Covid. 

    Who knows how many lives have been saved by the SEC and other conference who decided to play on along with pro sports. Liberals have a hard time understanding the real struggles that many Americans have.

    No trump killed people by not shutting down!   Period

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  3. Yes michigan and pa today and many more to follow.  Boy the trumpet has sure been quiet lately! You don't suppose he is contemplating hurting himself?  

    It is really tough to always be right, and never have anybody disagree with you!!!!!  Funny how yes people and money can do that to a person.  Probably the reason we have had atrocities throughout history!  

    goodbye donnie boy enjoy jail, if you dont pardon yourself


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  4. On 11/22/2020 at 11:50 AM, kingpotato said:

    Who were you responding to and who above them will they finish higher than? I can't imagine anyone (outside of UNRfan) would have them above any of these; SDSU, USU, BSU, UNLV, CSU. All of those teams were either on par or better than UNR and return a lot more.

    unlv and usu for starters

    we have unproven but on paper good players!

  5. 6 hours ago, Bob said:

    Use common sense, bornontheblue. If everyone is wearing a mask now, why are cases spiking? When is the last time you even heard anyone cough or sneeze in public? The main method of transmission is obviously aerosolized transmission, NOT via droplets. Masks cannot protect you from aerosolized transmission. It's literally impossible. The virus is too small to be filtered

    Boy bob ur dumb dumb and dumber

  6. 11 hours ago, Akkula said:

    Well, last night Biden said all the right things, just like Obama did in 2008.  Unfortunately Mitch McConnell's single goal was to make Obama a one term president by grinding congress to a halt.  I fear that he may do the same thing this time.  

    When congress decided to stop doing earmarks (aka "Pork") this sounded like a really good way to get good government.  However, I think we may have been mistaken because these earmarks are the "grease" to get the legislative gears turning.  

    For legislators who are "on the fence" this can be a great way to get them to support a bill.  Why not fund a bridge to nowhere in Alaska if it gets to voting reform?  Why not fund a Green retraining facility in West Virginia if it helps you reform the filibuster.  

    Mitch McConnell is too powerful and some of the other republican senators should probably get a say on what gets on the floor as well.  I hear they are a bit upset that they never get to consider anything because Mitch makes all the decisions.  I think it is time to bring back pork because we desperately needs some legislation to actually pass. 

    I thought u were gonna  about the sandwiches, Managua-meat filled buns!   Man those are awesome!  I must’ve eaten a truckload when i was in military in Hawaii 

  7. 56 minutes ago, Nevada Convert said:

    Sydney Powell, an attorney for Trump with a huge number of other attorneys, was interviewed just now, and she mentioned a little of the fraud proof they have, but she didn’t want to spill the beens on everything they have until they go to court.

    One thing she mentioned real quick was there were 196,000 ballets in Wisconsin where only Biden’s name was on the ballot. She stated all the other battleground states had similar big numbers of ballets with only Biden’s name. Also, that was the case in some non-battleground states. In PA some 23,000 ballots that were publicized the other day for suddenly appearing to be counted, and Trump didn’t have one vote. I would imagine this would be a part of the PA “Biden only ballot” count which is also big.

    I’m just the messenger on this, so don’t start whining to me about it. I know the angry little lefty kids on the board will click on their “Idiot” or “laugh” button because they don’t want it to be true, but that’s just how little kids behave. 

    We’ll see what happens. If this is true, Trump will very likely win. But even if he doesn’t win, fighting the fraud must happen now to protect future GOP elections. That’s by far more important than Trump winning. 

    Welcome back con!   This is earthshaking!  Trump golfing while Washington burns

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