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  1. Count me out! Gotta spend some dough only way we are going to be great is if all universities become cheap
  2. Thanks South Dakota and your filthy governor sgHes a pos
  3. Wyoming is a shithole! Hell om earth should be a territory and not state
  4. Well we’re just getting warmed up! We should be good by the end of this year!
  5. Hope we make the Mwc tourney! Do they take everyone
  6. Bob is smart and knows everything, don’t argue with him
  7. What happened to trickle down from King Trumps tax cut? This is what is called pay back bitches! Where u gonna be when the revolution starts
  8. When will they win a game in football?
  9. I don’t look down on smokers or those who don’t get vaccinated! They are potentially my next patient😂
  10. That’s good for next election, less of them who vote
  11. Bob have you heard of exaceries disease? I think you have it!
  12. MWC should not expand period! If we stay together we could pass many of pac12 teams, easily We control the rocky and Sierra ranges and of course cali
  13. Are the trump followers like the Rajneeshees? They seem to have a lot in common?
  14. I always thought those two on O and D would’ve Ben unstoppable
  15. I agree why do we have the new lands project in Nevada, in the desert
  16. Ok that makes some sense! Those who never had a nut in the game want to war monger everybody i have relatives like that
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