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  1. Imagine what king trump would’ve done last election if he had putins power! The undertakers would’ve been really busy! Trumps prob at home right now playing with himself wishing he were Putin! That could happen if he wins
  2. Any questions after todays Mitch M episode? We need age and term limits asap
  3. Why are we the people so stupid! The goal of the elites is to keep things about 50/50. Then they keep raking in the money while we fight about gun control, abortion, voting rights, immigration, etc. we get peanuts and are supposed to be happy. We pay for SS but they call it entitlement! Below bloodlines control us! astor bundy collins freeman kennedy li onassis rockefeller russell van duyn merovingian rothschild these are the real actors pulling strings
  4. How’s ur boy now Bob? I’m sure he will be leading the charge from the rear! He really is a pusy
  5. They want travel buddies and like schools! Nevada and Boise to big sky
  6. I feel bad for younger kids! They will. Have no pensions or Medicare But they loveeeee Donald! Wish iwas gonna be here when they try to retire
  7. To help after u stole all the lake waterit’s all coming home to roost! Don’t grow crops in the desert Newland!
  8. Hey how’s that Pacific Ocean the SLC lake coming along?
  9. Yep i got it Tuesday cough runny stuffed nose fever sweats sneeze achy even had three Moderna shots northern Nevada heating up
  10. Now who are the mormansrivals in conference? Iowa state Kansas and okie state? Lol
  11. Bob is smart and knows everything, don’t argue with him
  12. I don’t look down on smokers or those who don’t get vaccinated! They are potentially my next patient
  13. That’s good for next election, less of them who vote
  14. Why don’t you all go sniff Donald’s dirty underwear and then use for mask
  15. Did your mother have any children that lived? I sure hope you weren’t leading people in ur life
  16. Yes I just got my second Moderna tuesday! There were many more problems from our group of a few hundred this time around! One person ended up entubated but has recovered. She had many allergies, as most with anaphylaxis do! I had more also but nothing real horrible! Just felt nauseous and tired for a few days. Better then getting covid for sure
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