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  1. No doubt wondering how the election was stolen
  2. Check out PLUG. And BLDP. u will be enlightened they are part of the future stocks
  3. It’s a brine solution that dries and leaves Elon happy
  4. He should just pardon everybody who is in jail! He knows most
  5. Green wise we are getting there! It takes time! If jimmy carter had another term we’d b further along! Youngsters forget but he implemented many solar incentives but Ronnie came next and eliminated all the programs! Think where we’d be? Oh oh
  6. I agree about education! I remember college wondering how anybody could be. Republican. I guess i was nieve thinking we should provide healthcare and education for the citizens. How can u be a con? Vert?
  7. Well they got a new arena and many more dollars! Not to mention they get bros Iowa minn whisky as locals and the rest! No cupcake schedule minus Oklahoma! Your not in Kansas any more, this is the Big Ten! Check out their record since joining. It’s no coincidence they lose more, it’s the big ten
  8. You know something... who won the civil war? It wasn't the south i will tell ya that. We could have killed or imprisoned all of them but we didn't. I think we should have and given the slaves all of the southern states. The losers didn't deserve to remain and look at the trouble they have caused since the end of the war? Things would have been much better! Most southerners are a joke! Not all but a large swath of them I say go get the bastards once identified and have a trial! Those are the traitors
  9. anybody working for trump in my opinion deserves what they get, including if they were hurt during the insurrection! He is a filthy animal with no regard to anybody but himself, may he rot in hell
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