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  1. Who would you put in the top five? 1. Bob 2. Convict 3. Trump 4. Mcconvict 5. Jailiani
  2. yeah for sure and if there was a leader board for people not telling the truth... trump would be at the top for sure
  3. wtf is wrong with you texans? i would be happy if you just left! Cant even provide energy for your people, need the yanks to do it! We should have eliminated you fools after the war! You are a bunch of snowflakes for sure! Any btw texas is turning blue and will be there by 2024! so get ready
  4. Who cares nothing but crusty bob likes in these areas
  5. I m registered independent and voted Biden. Trump Obama
  6. Bobs buns with convicts condiments
  7. We have all the energy already, problem is government won’t give to us! They stole Tesla’s design and mothballed it! In a prior civilization energy was delivered wireless just as AM/FM! This energy is hidden by the templers do some reading folks! History started before Columbus
  8. What i would be happy with is taking away all the perks trump gave to is friends. Which is the tax cuts the resulted in many millions of dollars staying in his buddies pockets and pennies to the rest of us! That needs to happen fast. In additon lets cut all student loans in half that are owed by thoses paying
  9. Exactly why the dems dont care about winning the pipeline areas! "Let them eat cake"
  10. However, TC Energy Corp., the Canadian company that owns the pipeline, told PolitiFact that it estimates 1,000 people will be out of work as a direct result of Biden's order. The company estimated about 10,400 U.S. jobs and 2,800 Canadian jobs would be created throughout the pipeline's construction, according to the company's project overview of the project. Meaning, only 1,000 of those projected jobs have been filled so far, according to TC Energy Corp. The company also told AFP Fact Check that these jobs are temporary, only lasting a
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