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  1. I believe he was a brotha , any disagrees state ur case
  2. dont believe that man behind the curtain!!!! its all a hoax i tell you, just ask bob or convert they will tell you
  3. well then let the 0.125 percent of bad cops have at you or your family, then get back to me
  4. How about a home and away game with them? Others do that also usu boise csu wyom unm nmsu sdsu fresno sjsu hawaii afa army navy
  5. Convert is a wackadoodle! That area is the last holdout for the old white rednecks in the area! I don’t think he lives here
  6. Like your hero huh demonizing and the white rednecks come out? this btw was done by neocon operatives
  7. Really? Pluck just smell the shit and see the boots and hats! Mr Nevada can u tell me what the last guy was hung for in Hazel throw the decade in if u can! U can use google if u need to
  8. you can bet that none of the trumps would have busted the door down. theyd of been looking for a way out
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