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  1. At least four from Minneapolis
  2. Pretty effing sick. Trumpeters say he deserved it.
  3. Not really gaffes, but lies 1. my inauguration had many people, the most ever 2. I didn't grab em by the snatch
  4. DO U believe in god... if she isn't real what does it hurt believing. now joe go stick a cob up your bung
  5. Trump has virus ignorant. What’s wrong w bong
  6. Trump etal have the virus i knew it next comeshydroxy cured me. Lol he is a sick human being in many ways
  7. Besides his "perfect" covid response what are trumps greatest accomplishments the past three years?
  8. you are a phucking racist! what happened to you in your life?
  9. Maybe anybody over 65 should be eliminated from office, period. That right there would clean house and we could start over. I am in