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  1. Are the trump followers like the Rajneeshees? They seem to have a lot in common?
  2. I always thought those two on O and D would’ve Ben unstoppable
  3. I agree why do we have the new lands project in Nevada, in the desert
  4. Ok that makes some sense! Those who never had a nut in the game want to war monger everybody i have relatives like that
  5. Hey does convert have exactary disease? Or Bob
  6. I always enjoy how you talk with your arse! How did u survive the military with all your racist rants? Oh yeah ur old and were in a long time ago
  7. Sometimes it’s about more then metrics! Metrics are why we lose wars! Supposedly by body counts we killed all the enemy combatants from Vietnam! Well? welcome to the spin show lol
  8. To the pac12 like big 8 and big10 were? Continue working on our program s does anybody think we can’t compete with them? We need a blood oath right now
  9. Is there room for two tier one conferences? I would say probably not! Has anybody bothered to check that yes i did! Participation is down 10 percent nationwide and continuing to decline! It’s still the most popular sport and will be for awhile! I suspect maybe the contraction continues and only the strong financed continue to play. Is it unreasonable to maybe support basketball like the big east? Fire away
  10. Rumored headed to the Big Sky, along with San Jose! Expected to have almost the highest paid coach in the league, behind San Jose coach! Many banners to be delivered! Go Pack unlv also in the hunt
  11. The mother COVID has disappeared and now we have the relatives😭 land so trump was correct, it is gone
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