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  1. Yes michigan and pa today and many more to follow. Boy the trumpet has sure been quiet lately! You don't suppose he is contemplating hurting himself? It is really tough to always be right, and never have anybody disagree with you!!!!! Funny how yes people and money can do that to a person. Probably the reason we have had atrocities throughout history! goodbye donnie boy enjoy jail, if you dont pardon yourself
  2. unlv and usu for starters we have unproven but on paper good players!
  3. No way nevada finishes that far downnnnn
  4. Sure wish some of my associates could insert a tube in every hole in his body! He is a disposable human
  5. Chuck steak grassley come to mind
  6. I always wondered what a rocky defense and ault offense would’ve done?
  7. Duh! Less stress and no need money! Been there myself
  8. Can we get a list going? And the outcome of each?
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