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  1. Do they go to UU USU or BYU or out of state to cal Stanford etc
  2. Yes i heard trump wanted rubles to be coinage in the states but was talked out of it by rudy
  3. Why are they mostly cons and not dems? Harry Reid seemed ok. on the outside they seem to have dem ideals? must be deep dark secrets they have
  4. Convert. Report please trump needs his eggs licked
  5. Anybody ever read his book? And the angels, the watchers and the nephilim? i have been researching this topic and how we’ve been lied Toby almost every organization in the world is crazy? why are we not supposed to know earth history? anythoughts
  6. It only takes a few busses and some land in central nevada! All obese people are lured into the AC bus on a hot day with food and drink. There is a large door on the front of the bus and small one in the back. Unless they walk back they can only ride when they fit thru the back skinny door ! this would save millions of taxpayer dollars any addons
  7. Con for once i agreewith u. I see people everyday who have abused their bodies and expect us to take care of them!
  8. plan ten from outerspace? please watch
  9. effing coast guard? is that even a branch of the united states militaries?
  10. Did anybody mention for the officers to live in the city , county or state where they work? And if housing to expensive provide family housing. You need to have some skin in the game to make it work
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