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  1. I feel bad for younger kids! They will. Have no pensions or Medicare But they loveeeee Donald! Wish iwas gonna be here when they try to retire
  2. Norvell! He has the Benjamin’s i sayNevada wins but an ugly time all around
  3. Strikes again! Created the worst teams in each division! Is he happy with his Benjamin’s ?
  4. He should get a lot of credit for his actions! He has made two conference teams mediocre at best! First time i recall in my 7 decades of life where a coach makes two teams doo doo!
  5. Can u b worse then upid stay ucker Fay?
  6. Only u do Bob! Ur a commie and crusty old white guy
  7. Just a lingering cough and fever
  8. To help after u stole all the lake waterit’s all coming home to roost! Don’t grow crops in the desert Newland!
  9. Hey how’s that Pacific Ocean the SLC lake coming along?
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