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  1. Lets play Life Pacific for every nonconference game from now on
  2. Am I dreaming or does a UNLV QB have arm talent? Surely I am confused
  3. Oh, we're good again. Gonna pay attention and get my heart hurt again.
  4. DeSantis is a short nerd. Listen to him talk. Trump will wipe the floor with him.
  5. Wouldn't be a real administration without a MugAnon cult out there creating proofs
  6. As head of the NKVD, I'm gonna have to ask you to please stop
  7. Building an enlightened Kingdom of Heaven under the mantle of God-Emperor Mugtang... sign me up
  8. My one good political idea of eliminating inheritance for Roads N Shit was shot down by many fake capitalists on here
  9. He said every drug dealer kills 500 people. Amazing.
  10. Okay, getting better now. He says we should institute the federal death penalty for drug dealers.
  11. Mar a Lago turning into glass would be great in minecraft. (Also Parody, Satire)
  12. Gotta say, Trump isn't hitting like he used to. Its like the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The second wasn't even necessary, should've just let the original movie alone
  13. Trump saying how wonderful the country was in 2020... lol
  14. They really just referred to Trump as "His Eminence" unironically. My wife is looking at me strangely as I maniacally cackle
  15. I was morbidly curious and now watching the stream... seems like a parody honestly. Bit it might be the best cable news I've seen in a while. Truly hilarious, full of freaks and sychophants. Grade A Entertainment.
  16. Every government pours millions into law enforcement. You have no idea what you’re talking about. DeWine has never been a culture warrior.
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