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  1. How? Does anyone Republicans give a shit about all the "How dare you sirs"?
  2. Sure, and the Biden rule is why McConnell didn't hold hearings on Garland. I love our perfect world.
  3. Just crack DC in two pieces. One, smaller side is the Federal district (with around 100,000 voters or so) , the other a brand new state with two additional electoral votes and two senators. Easy. Call the new state the District of Vespucci or something.
  4. The Republicans haven't had to kill the filibuster because Democrats generally don't play hardball. They don't obstruct on principle like Mitch. They should. And if they regain power this election and don't wield it to pummel the ever-living fck out of Republicans and their agenda, they don't deserve power in the first place. Trumpism needs to be taken to the sword.
  5. Okay, but materially, are their actual policies any different?
  6. How will you feel if Trump loses and the Dems start running a train on Republicans like never seen before? Equally as likely IMO.
  7. The turtle can't replace her before the election, right?
  8. Yeah, the actual problem is also warped to make it something more easily prevented and controlled through action. The 90s Satanism panic probably also falls into that category.
  9. Does Harris differ ideologically from Biden in any significant way? I honestly don't think so.
  10. I think an analysis of why this moment is one of a pedophilia panic would be interesting. Maybe sex trafficking is viewed as something undeniably evil that we can control during an era where so much makes us feel morally confused and powerless.
  11. With the new "Popular Posts" feature, probably not the best thing to put in this thread my friend
  12. I agree! That's why I was amazed when I read that article. A key argument there was that bad rap videos (along with Kim Kardashian, and uh... a trans drag show?) are a part of a larger cultural problem in which children are sexualized and want to be like those in Cuties. I want to see Bill O'Reilly-led boycotts of Pepsi to spite Ludacris again. Talk about Bush era nostalgia!
  13. That article insinuates otherwise. I had no idea who the director was. It's a woman of color?
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