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  1. Well, it's a major debate. My take is that you can definitely describe what happened to Native Americans in some places and times as genocide. In other places and times you can say that the Europeans/Americans' presence created conditions that were not conducive to Native American life and culture, even if there was not direct violence. Regardless, the government and citizenry of the United States certainly participated in multiple, direct, undisputed genocides against indigenous peoples.
  2. Eh, the way that’s been presented in this thread isn’t exactly accurate. Hitler and Naziism had very mixed and contradictory views on the United States. Yes, they admired the segregationist South’s apartheid regime. And yes, they existed broadly in the same eugenics mileu as some American folks. But at the same time, Hitler thought the US was a mongrel state that was controlled by Jews. Also, he was obsessed with Karl May Westerns and liked Native Americans as a result, so he wasn’t exactly a big proponent of the largest actual genocide the United States actually did. An
  3. These are the results of the anti-CRT witchhunt.. it’ll only get worse
  4. I think the movie got unfairly maligned by some people because it wasn't what they were used to from the Sporanos... it was just different than the show thematically. It's from the previous era, where the main preoccupation those guys had was Catholic guilt instead of decline and dissolution
  5. Yeah, I guess for people not from the same milieu as the Walter White character the absurdity of the setting is immersion-breaking. For the average fan like you watching it, simply doesn't matter as much.
  6. Using the drug trade as the vehicle to draw that absurd contrast was misguided, IMO. It was a gimmick, too farcical to really carry emotional resonance for me. Its inconsistent pacing, from brutally slow to total reliance on "what happens next" and edge-of-your-seat tension also makes it less rewatchable. That's most TV though, and there's nothing wrong with that. It's just not masterpiece level in my opinion. The bolded statements are related Oh yeah, it could be really funny at times. Not as funny as the Sopranos, but funny. Cranston was incredible. Other support
  7. It's a part of being a long-tenured politician, unfortunately. As long as corporate interests are allowed such a huge say in politics, this is going to keep happening
  8. The world of organized drug trafficking is just a weird setting for a character study of a guy like Walt.. it's just a gimmick IMO. That's why I think Better Call Saul is a better show: the world of a criminal lawyer they create is much more internally consistent and realistic
  9. I think this is pretty obvious. But I'll explain anyway. Breaking Bad's depiction of the drug trade and crime in general was laughably unrealistic. It and the dialogue surrounding it was exactly how you'd imagine a suburban physics teacher to write it. Which I think is related to its ultimate problem: it was a detached-from-reality personal morality tale that never properly interrogated drugs, drug enforcement, drug addiction, healthcare, mortality, or anything important really. It often veered into being a power fantasy for its audience, an imagining that a superior class upbringi
  10. Even besides the fact that they were doing drive-by shootings, the sheer amount of blatant +++++ing lying on the police report and on video is astounding. They literally said this guy was uninjured during his arrest When asked in court, he said he was smiling here because he was glad he was alive. A facial fracture was a relief
  11. I didn't like the person I was during that time It was an emotional time for all of us But I maintain I was right about everything, as usual
  12. Anyone who has enabled Lin Manuel Miranda and his reign of cringe-terror needs to be held accountable
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