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  1. The "Karen" critique should be limited to white women who use their femininity to threaten or levy actual violence against black people. When used in a contextually correct manner it's not sexist, it's a critique of white racialized femininity in practice. If you're against violence you should be against the construct of white femininity. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Frances Willard, et al post-1870: Karens Frances Harper, Lucy Stone, et al post-1870: Awesome I need a grand Karen debate.
  2. Well, to be fair, in her own life Stanton departed from the abolitionist-feminist ideological strain and went full racist. The 15th Amendment cleaved the suffrage movement, but not all white feminism was Stanton feminism at the end of her life.
  3. We're on the same path, comrade. You're just a couple steps behind me in the inevitable and eventual ideological adoption of Stalinism. It all started with not taking the Bible 100% literally, tbh.
  4. Did the man who invented college, go to college?
  5. I remember when we had a poster against women's suffrage on here. Oh Blues, how we miss you.
  6. This isn't really a debate. Flav is a glorified hype man. Here's someone better than both.
  7. Lmao. I ask you all to peer deep into the mind of who you are arguing against. This is the crux of conservative psychosis about poverty. They were born on third base and have no idea what it's like to want, but all of them secretly imagine themselves as exceptional. They truly believe that they would be the exact same people with the same house with the same massive pile of shit they loaded on the same 7 Costco carts if they were born poor. They are American capitalist heroes in their own minds. Out, they peer from their McMansion, whiteknucking an AR, waiting for Antifa to come to their exurb. A lone ranger, on their iron horse (2019 Ford Explorer) they ride. FREEEEEEDOMMMMM!!!!
  8. First, it costs money to move from Central America and Mexico to here. People pay coyotes life savings. And moving with no money subjects them to all kinds of dangers. Are you arguing that black people should move within the US under the same conditions? That they should risk murder and rape to relocate to your shitty, bland subdivision that they can't afford anyway? Jesus Christ you either have a dissociative mental condition or you really don't think about anything. And besides, we all know how well these intrepid migrants are treated by people of your ilk once they get here. This is so disingenuous it's almost sickening.
  9. If not being able to stuff your round son's jowl with yet another Cheesecake Factory dessert while black kids have food insecurity is socialism, so be it.
  10. Everyone knows an Escalade and a 3 bedroom house is just waiting for them in the suburbs, if only they would leave. Dummies!
  11. They can even use the Beamer they bought to avoid food deserts! Seriously though, this whole "they should move" rhetoric is just a way of blaming poor people for their own conditions. It's calling them too stupid and ignorant to just leave. It lacks all intellectual credibility. It's stunning people actually take a sentiment like that at face value. People just don't think through things.
  12. It's pretty incredible that people don't get this. If you were born with capital, you have more options. If you go through life without questioning it, you start assuming everyone was born with capital. Like, duh, why don't poor people who have to walk 10 miles to get to a grocery store just, like, buy a Beamer? Just solved the problem of food deserts. Boom.
  13. What I will say: The promise of our great nation's ideals compels us to extend the American Dream to everyone! What I'd like to say: Some people may have to give up buying that second boat or stuffing their fat suburban mouths with yet another helping of PF Changs so that black people who live 10 miles away from them aren't consigned to a life of despair, poverty, misery, and an early death.
  14. Eliminate generational poverty. That's the simplest way to sum up what everyone (who isn't an idiot) has been saying in this thread. There's many ways to do it, but all of them cost money. A lot of money. This is something that most of white America is unable to deal with yet. Maybe we'll get there one day.
  15. Why do you think they live in poverty? What other reasons are there for their violent crimes in your opinion?