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  1. Your primary qualification for a candidate is that he "owns the libs" by affecting some kind of daddy energy Yet you complain about divisiveness in politics and call anyone to the left of you dumb Yikes
  2. DeSantis is like Bush 2.0 with his dumb guy energy. And he's from Florida. Doubt he runs in 2024 though. And even if he does, he won't get out of the field unless Trump sprinkles the holy water on him
  3. Didn't Trump promise to fix infrastructure? What happened with that? BTW the Roads N Shit party would have a complete overhaul fully funded and ready to go within months. Just need some wealthy folks to croak. Not only would we build roads, we'd provide an invaluable character-building opportunity for rich kids to compete in the rugged free market!
  4. A little hot down there for my taste. Ask your buddy Rush if there's room for us.
  5. He was a notorious liar who mocked AIDS victims, told black callers to take the bone out of their nose, said that all criminal mugshots look like Jesse Jackson, called right-wing terrorism flase-flag attacks, etc. He dedicated decades of his life to generating hateful propaganda. Total piece of shit human being who lived too long, IMO. Lied so much, he even lied to himself about the effects of smoking, which led to his death. Ouch.
  6. Could you fly A THREE YEAR OLD first class? I doubt it.
  7. Lots of low volume short ladder attacks this morning
  8. It'll rally in power hour, but I don't think the short squeeze is happening until next week (if it does).
  9. Me redditor. Me want bash Melvin's skull.
  10. I read the article, they said his name, names of his family members, city he lived in, and previous employer.
  11. Panic-sold 2/3rds of my GME stock this morning when Robinhood and others shut down buying. I'm already regretting it even though I made like a 400% profit
  12. It provided a lot of reassurance for people to hold. Without it, people might bail. Their discord got banned an hour ago as well.
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