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  1. Bronco is channeling the Thanksgiving spirit of the Puritans here!
  2. Well, at the end of the day, no. It all comes down to who can leverage force the most effectively. But courts can be important components in their success.
  3. Most people thought Trump would attempt a coup, not succeed in doing so. And let's not act like an attempt is nothing to be alarmed about, as incompetent as it may look.
  4. No, it was SPECIFICALLY the NYPD terrorizing black people that fixed crime, duh
  5. Crime dropped for a lot of reasons, none of which had to do with that insane gargoyle
  6. Project Veritas is farcical propaganda? Never saw that coming.
  7. No way he gets bail on a double murder in a different context.
  8. Good thing for le institutions Whitmer is the governor of Michigan, eh?
  9. There's people on twitter genuinely arguing that Trump won California. Strange world.
  10. Go ahead and investigate. It'll go about as well as the last Trump voter fraud commission in 2016.
  11. If it was a left-wing populist doing this Lawlor would be shooting to the +++++ing moon right now and writing books about le institutions To be fair though, that would be better than Bob, who would be making armed citizen's arrests on suspected ANTIFA teens (or just black people) walking in his subdivision
  12. Do most Jesus freaks even care about that issue anymore, really? Haven't they fully fused evangelicalism with Trumpism? It seems so 2000s to me
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