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  1. Sinema is losing popularity with AZ Dems every day... she will face a strong primary challenge that will make her sweat at the very least
  2. Yeah he was in ways that mattered/core principles... he knew his “enemy” and demonized them incessantly. Chapo, especially nowadays, bashes Dems more than Republicans
  3. Chapo hates Democrats and is fixated on bashing them more than conservatives.. Rush was blindly loyal to Republicans
  4. Convert is the absolute caricature of a smooth-brained, muddle-minded conservative. It's actually fascinating. It's so dead-on if I didn't know better I'd think it was performance art.
  5. Native American schools here and in Canada traumatized an entire generation. Children were often forced or coerced from their homes and shorn of their cultural identity in places where they were physically, emotionally, and sexually abused by people that didn't care if they lived or died. To this day, the pain and memory of those places lives on in indigenous communities. The drive to convert and assimilate was insidious. The Church needs to come to a reckoning with things like this. Apologies are in order.
  6. Didn't he basically admit drugging women in his civil suit deposition? Regardless of whether he did it or not though, he did get railroaded by prosecutorial misconduct.
  7. Absolutely cowardly apologism for fascist propagandizing. Though it is kind of hilarious to see that the "philosophical right" has dropped all pretense of engaging in discourse with any modicum of intellectual honesty. They plainly admit that the CRT panic is contrived and dishonest. Before they would actually keep up the pretense that whatever moral panic de jour they were serving up was justified.
  8. I don’t want guns banned idiot
  9. Glocks and AKs Reliability is all I ask for... I want it to fire when I need it to
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