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  1. You support policies that would directly lead to their deaths, idiot. I could “facts and reason” with you until you stop engaging with me (most Trump supporters’ MO), but you lack the intellectual ability to exert the effort. Instead I’ll just insult you, pea-brain.
  2. Just an awful, awful post. You obviously don’t know much about Nevada. Stick to saying brown people should die, you’re more coherent in your ramblings there. Probably cause you’ve thought about it a lot. While you masturbate.
  3. It was "her time." The only person of note willing to violate the foreordained sanctity of the Hillary presidency was some independent kook from Vermont.
  4. It's a problem that can be creatively allayed and delayed by monetary policy people. Or we could just stop paying some of it. Who's going to argue? Debt is sort of illusory, until America is no longer world capitalism's primary consumer. Which could theoretically happen in the far future I guess.
  5. A build-it-up survival anarchy game a la Dawn of Man or Planetbase needs to be made about this.
  6. The polls will get closer come election time. Still think Trump has an upward battle now. His inability to deal with exogenous events has +++++ed him royally.
  7. You should rejoice, your DT loving friends are on the cusp of power to out the deep state!
  8. Just recently, Lauren Boebert in CO-3 beat Tipton, the Trump-backed incumbent. She has spoken approvingly of Q-Anon and hopes its real. She's in a Repupblican leaning-district and could win. she's a piece of work generally, lol. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/30/us/lauren-boebert-colorado.html Jo Rae Perkins won the Oregon Senate Primary. Will probably lose, but still. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/20/us/oregon-senate-perkins-qanon.html And finally, Marjorie Taylor Greene, who won a safe Georgia house nomination and will almost certainly be in Congress. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/12/politics/qanon-marjorie-taylor-greene-georgia/index.html Fun times we live in. Reminds me of the Anti-Masonic Party back in the day.
  9. Maybe an examination of, say, why 81% of white evangelicals votes Trump and generally the religion of capitalism deal they do. Oh no, I like Reason. It is very solid. It just would be surprising if they published someone who was insinuating that material change was necessary over symbolic change from my understanding of their ideological bent. McWhorter is one of those pull yourself by the bootstrap guys.
  10. Well, Reason was the first clue. The author was the next one. McWhorter. Awful. He was right in this article largely, though. Also, the mainstream white evangelical stuff is happening right now.
  11. I do kind of agree with the article (D’Angelo is a grifter and the whole pseudo-spiritual white shame complex is stupid). You’d almost think that the author was advocating for material change. Tangibles. Then I realized it’s from Reason. BTW, any Reason articles on the wholesale hypocrisy, commodification and pre-millennialist nihilism of mainstream white evangelicalism? On its justification of the American setter colonialist project and brutal exploitation as divinely ordained? Send links pls.