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  1. The "woke people are doing cancel culture by banning me from twitter!" hysterics are hilarious. Any person with a functioning brain can see that the most fundamental threat to democracy and free speech is from the right. And it's not even close.
  2. The argument for capturing Moscow was its centrality in the Soviet rail system. It certainly would have hampered their supply lines quite a bit. Plus the symbolic victory of doing so might have affected an already unbalanced Stalin in unpredictable ways. Like offing Zhukov or something. It seems unlikely that the Germans would actually be able to capture and hold it for long though. The fact that they even got within sight of it was a combination of luck, catastrophic Soviet unpreparedness, and Stalin purging all of the officer corps. Barbarossa was a failed plan even under the best
  3. Dude it's so awesome to have an unironic monarchy fan on the board. Pretty sure there's some inbred Romanov claimant doing a money-laundering fake charity scheme waiting for their moment. You should hit them up and ask them if they wanna come back
  4. Unless we dropped nukes the Soviets would have roflstomped us straight off the continent if we tried to fight them lmao
  5. Arizona Democratic Party officially turned against her.
  6. I'm sure the mail order wife industry will remain stable, no need to worry @ph90702
  7. I'm fine with extremely stringent universal voter ID laws if 1. Everyone who is a US citizen is automatically registered to vote 2. Everyone who is a US citizen is sent an ID card 3. Election Day is made a federal holiday
  8. 1. I see. That explains your ability to actually have a conversation, as opposed to the average conservative who would be measuring skulls by now. 2. Again here, you're talking about individuals, not systems. Capitalism perpetuates and creates certain kinds of pernicious poverty. You can't say it eliminates it in a meaningful sense. I'm not making a value judgement of it opposed to something else. Other economic systems can also create their own idiosyncratic forms of poverty and misery based on material conditions. 3. Not exclusive, but black people were, and continue to be, overre
  9. 1. That's interesting. Libertarian? 2. Uh, this isn't really true on its face. You could argue that Capitalism has improved the material conditions of poor people historically, but it doesn't actually eliminate the poor as a class. In fact, in many cases, it perpetuates and creates new, vicious systems of poverty and despair. Keep in mind I'm not saying that it's better or worse than any other systems, only that it quite apparently does not eliminate poverty. 3. I mean, cool I guess. But you do know that when Black Wall Street existed black people overall were more poor, destitute,
  10. The fact that he’s even thought about it at all beyond the surface level is actually impressive for someone of his political bent. Gotta give him credit for that.
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