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  1. Biden is doing what is basically a pre-Trump Republican border policy. Just because he's not doing blatant crimes against humanity like the Trump administration doesn't mean he's an open borders advocate. But it's really fcking rich for conservatives to act like they care about migrants dying at the border. Isn't their death just less crime and drugs getting in to them? Isn't the belief that immigrants are bad and are tainting the national blood now a core tenet of the GOP? Why are they upset?
  2. It wouldn't really be playing offense. Most Republicans in Congress are clear on the issue. They don't want constructive reform at all, they want to punish brown people. They freely admit this. It's literally only the online "reasonable conservative" posters who defend Republicans that want reform. They claim they want a nuanced conversation on the matter. Why then, do they support Republicans? Very strange.
  3. I didn't ask that. I asked if you thought so.
  4. Protesting is also covered by the First Amendment, galaxy brain.
  5. This is basically it. All the “sensible Republicans” who are being pragmatic in this thread about the “immigration problem” have not voted for a single person who would fix that problem in their entire lives. Because they support Republicans.
  6. Some do, but answer the question. Was this a good move? Morally justified?
  7. You can't "dehumanize" someone that isn't human, in Lawlor's estimation.
  8. Well, no one was told they would be there. I wonder why.
  9. I think you mean it's not controlled to your specifications. Which is fine, but immigration is controlled in this country. We have a lot of resources dedicated to controlling it. It is ignored though. The next question is, How does this stunt help the problem? Does it produce constructive dialogue on the topic? Does it move policy in any way? Or does it cruelly and unnecessary waylay asylum seekers from a country you frequently describe as a hell-hole in order to make the other side look bad? Should human beings be considered in these kinds of stunts?
  10. You have heart, I'll give you that. Being so confidently wrong must be difficult, but man, do you commit to it.
  11. What is the "immigration problem" in your estimation? If you could explain this it would be quite illuminating.
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