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  1. youngrebelfan40

    Democratic Socialists of America

    Wow, this is just a clusterfck of rampant sexism. You may be, and I usually am very, very careful before I say this.... Literally Hitler.
  2. youngrebelfan40

    MA SC: Drug Users Can be Jailed for Relapsing

    Mug is woke AF
  3. youngrebelfan40

    Confederate monuments

    When I deign to read his posts, and they are about history, I chuckle and die a little inside Good thing they're just trolling
  4. youngrebelfan40

    Democratic Socialists of America

    Capitalism is incredibly violent. The privatized nature of it just means its practice is more diffused than, say, Stalin's monopoly on it, theoretically More substantially, the violence of capitalism is not as prominent in the American psyche at that of other social systems because, well, we haven't been spoonfed propaganda about how evil capitalism is for decades
  5. youngrebelfan40

    Democratic Socialists of America

    You covered the racism angle, but somehow your syntax still reeks of sexism here. Stay tuned for my thinkpiece in the HuffPost about it
  6. youngrebelfan40

    Democratic Socialists of America

    You had your chance to become literate, asshole Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and learn the English language
  7. youngrebelfan40

    Confederate monuments

    The monuments themselves also have a history. In Charlotte, for example, several were set up in the 1920s at the borders of black neighborhoods as a sort of marker and reminder for black residents. Many monuments went up as a part of a defined movement to push the "Lost Cause" narrative that is rooted in Southern revulsion to Reconstruction and the attendant black voting rights that came with it (briefly) That said, I agree with keeping them, albeit "contextualizing" them or, even better, moving them to appropriate contexts, like museums and battlefields. Statues of men who fought and died to create a dedicated slaveholding republic don't necessarily belong in front of say, courthouses where individuals go to get justice
  8. A preemptive global thermonuclear strike is the only answer to all foreign policy problems.
  9. youngrebelfan40

    Pick 10: Team thelawlorfaithful

    Wake Forest
  10. youngrebelfan40

    Pick 10: Team thelawlorfaithful

    Sorry guys Indiana
  11. youngrebelfan40

    Democratic Socialists of America

  12. youngrebelfan40

    The Orange Buffoon

    TDSDS is far more severe on this board. You are Patient Zero.
  13. youngrebelfan40


    I doubt Trump intentionally solicited Russian help in the election personally. Select members of the campaign, maybe, we will have to see but I'm not exactly a believer. Now do you believe in the Deep State Conspiracy?
  14. youngrebelfan40

    Democratic Socialists of America

    Their hubris is at an all-time high since November 2016. It is eerily similar to the liberal "the Republicans will never win another election cause demographics!" Obamaites in 2008.
  15. youngrebelfan40

    Democratic Socialists of America

    Communism is awful, it just doesn't work Democratic socialism on the other hand, does tend to work in some places. Although I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work here very well. We're way too diverse for folks to swallow sharing resources and wealth with each other