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  1. Ah yes, the Holocaust memorial for predominantly German, Polish and Eastern European Ashkenazi Jews standing proudly in... the Levant. Israel should have been carved out of Germany
  2. The song is an odd mix of urban colloquialisms applied to a rural context.
  3. Besides the hypocritical rage at it being considered country by a genre that sold its soul a long time ago, there is little redeeming about it. But it is not the worst ever, no.
  4. Primary sources are analyzed for accuracy and motive before definitive statements about “facts” are made in academic work. If there’s something that I’m writing where I don’t entirely trust the source, or if I’m making an inference, I make it clear in the work.
  5. English ancestors came over to Baltimore in the 17aughts. German ancestors came in 1790s Bolivian half came in the 1960s
  6. I believe Texas is seeking the death penalty with the El Paso shooter. Because he was politically motivated he was very cooperative with law enforcement in explaining his actions so it should be an easy conviction.
  7. Initial reports say the shooting wasn't politically or religiously motivated
  8. I hope El Paso gives him the welcome he deserves
  9. I've always wondered what the endgame for US-Mexico foreign policy for Trumptards is. Is it just build the wall, forcibly deport as many of them as possible, destroy NATO, and just not communicate with them at all ever again? Or do they want to eventually set up an economically exploitative neo-colonial state there? So many questinos.
  10. So far this isn't looking like terrorism.
  11. Mental illness generally has little to do with political terrorism. Like I said in the other thread, mass murder is simply a "logical" end point for white supremacist ideology in the United States. White supremacist ideology that has been echoed and popularized by Trump.
  12. Wonder if this is terrorism like the one earlier today and at Gilroy
  13. Who said that? Most people on the left on this board (excluding a couple loose cannons) think that if you support Trump you are at least tolerant of racism, not racist yourself necessarily. I think you may be projecting and being sensitive here
  14. This is a gross exaggeration and mischaracterization. The person who most calls others “racist” on this board is to the right of Milton Friedman