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  1. I feel like Omar will be willing to specifically and forcefully denounce Duke immediately, so probably not far
  2. As for the original topic, without lend-lease Russia may have toppled in '43, but it is also a possibility that the Russians and Germans would have ended up in a stalemate after Case Blue stalled out. I guess it depends on how much industrial and agricultural capacity Russia would have had remaining in late 1942. The Nazi invasion of Russia had several crucial limitations from its onset. First, Operation Barbarossa was simply too ambitious. The Germans advanced at a pace that could not be reliably sustained as supply lines extended over mangled and poorly maintained Russian roads. They should have planned on wintering somewhere, not conquering a continent in the span of less than a year. Second, the ideology of the Nazi Party necessitated a type of war so total that it was self-defeating. Viewing the Russian people by-in-large as subhuman, murdering hundreds of thousands of them in cold blood, and starving millions more was stupid if you want a successful occupation. The Germans in WWI successfully defeated Russia (in part) by acting as liberators and setting up buffer states out of conquered Russian territory, not committing considerable resources and manpower to exterminating its population and stamping out persistent partisan activity.
  3. Sovereign citizens are the definition of smart-dumb
  4. I feel like us conservatives should continue making a party that’s economically nationalist but socialist towards the worthy
  5. Why would I when Breitbart and Fox coverage are the basis for all of my strong opinions? #MAGA
  6. Plus theres a mass of anecdotal evidence which by itself wouldn't be sufficient but when combined with multiple lawsuits/government prosecution alleging racial discrimination paint a pretty clear picture https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/06/trump-racism-comments/588067/
  7. probably because you're intentionally covering your eyes you do know he was directly involved in housing and hiring discrimination frequently throughout his career, right his comments on the record and racist smear campaigns against native americans the central park 5 retweeting fake white nationalist statistics about how black people kill whites at alarming rates And that's just active contribution before he was president, not even mentioning the birther stuff, the Mexican judge, and other questionable things he's said post 2016
  8. It feels better without a condom tho
  9. This is like if the state of Washington passed a law that included forced confiscation of guns and life sentences for gun store owners after a certain date with the intention of banning all guns in the SC Not a good idea if you want your opponent's base uninvolved
  10. your contribution to the intellectual culture here cannot be measured
  11. can you post a picture of where we need a wall thanks
  12. A pre-emptive invasion of Iran would be a +++++ing unmitigated disaster of epic proportions If Trump allows that prick chicken hawk Bolton to carry out his lifelong fantasy of murdering millions of Iranian civilians it may seal him as the worst president ever