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  1. No, Climate Change and the Course of Human History. Columbia Rising is a fantastic book though. Nobody does theoretical stuff in the Early American subfield better than him.
  2. @mugtang a ban (at least from this thread) is in order here I think
  3. The UNR football program is the real clownshow. Imagine losing to a high school coach 3 times.
  4. Just curious, was John Brooke's new-ish book on your reading list?
  5. I know the struggle. Good job, and may no one awkwardly ask you when you're finishing!
  6. OP has a horrible, horrible understanding of history There's a rumor he went to my alma mater and if true, that is embarrassing.
  7. on my 30th birthday ill have mug change my name
  8. You lost your super BOWL already champ
  9. Imagine losing BACK TO BACK to a fired high school coach Imagine getting washed 3 out of the last 5 years by a program that you said should quit football Imagine your pudgy hick fans getting washed by UNLV's players after the game when you tried to sucker punch our QB Drop UNR Football NOW
  10. It was self-defense against the Deliverance cast member, aggressive, meth-addicted hicks that make up your fanbase..
  11. Lol, UNR got washed by a high school coach and then their fans got washed by the players after. Maybe Reno should drop football for real now
  12. Yeah, look at what all that methodical program-building and "substance" has gotten UNR sports lmao... nothing but mediocrity
  13. This is discounting the many minority teachers and activists who work hard every day in those impoverished areas. But I understand what he's saying here.