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  1. Joe, would you define the Quds Force as a terrorist group? What's your impression of them? I know you're super knowledgeable on this stuff.
  2. We should have given them a swath of Germany to live in as reparation, preferably one with a lot of industrial capacity and natural resources. Not commit another crime and displace the Palestinians.
  3. If Trump does that he makes the step to genocidal war criminal. I don’t think the military would obey that lunatic on that one, fortunately.
  4. Liberation theology would shock that ignoramus to the core.
  5. Theoretically this conspiracy could exist I guess, but it there any solid proof that these big pharma corporate structures are intentionally and structurally preventing their research arms from finding cures?
  6. “Hallmark-style” is an insane way to describe it but interestingly enough Goebbels did try and insert Nazi themes into otherwise innocuous movies
  7. Those failures to live up to those ideals define the reality of American history more than the ideals themselves. “Anyone” couldn’t, and can’t be an American. In fact, years of legal precedence and brutal, systemic violence pretty clearly defined who was excluded. (Hint: non-white people). Only relatively recently when injected with modern forms of humanism and challenged by (gasp) leftist activism of minorities has this statement even remotely rang true. Also, the Founding documents don’t have some essential human truth buried in them for all mankind, they are documents of their time with specific, traceable ideological currents. They’ve worked better than other ideologies recently, but such a broad claim dips into some kind of patriotic mysticism.
  8. Saw it last night: it was pretty good. Yes, it leaned heavily into nostalgia, but that's the kind of movie I want for the last one of a storied saga.
  9. Thread is (predictably) a cesspool of stupidity. @happycamper just stop trying to help them think logically, they are incapable of it
  10. No, Climate Change and the Course of Human History. Columbia Rising is a fantastic book though. Nobody does theoretical stuff in the Early American subfield better than him.