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  1. Obviously he's crazy, but politics seems to be the primary motivator here. Should be classified under terrorism.
  2. She should be fired but a majority of Fox News demographic has no problem with what she said
  3. Because practicality is important. The Fairness and justice of a pathway to legal status are debateable here, especially when there was free movement on the border for centuries before arbitrary lines were drawn up (as the result of brutality and war perpetrated by the US government) and the fact that push factors for many immigrants have something do to with US policy in Central America.
  4. Well, obviously, open borders is a bad idea. More allowed legal immigration and a pathway to citizenship or at least legal status for illegal immigrants is not, however.
  5. Lol, well, I doubt that will happen. OSU's placement is very good. I'd rather do something else than be in adjunct hell for an extended period of time And good, welcome to the electorate!
  6. Yeah, this is problematic but not surprising Illegal immigrants shouldn't be able to vote, obviously You may be included in the ideal electorate once you get your law degree, don't worry
  7. I’m in line with the original intent of the founders and believe that only the cultural elite and intelligensia should vote, along with a select few of the richest landholders
  8. Are you comparing the capacity of illegal immigrants to that of children and animals
  9. Nah they shouldn’t vote but they should be allowed some kind of legal status and pathway to attain the right to vote
  10. is the US government also investigating the systemic child rape perpetrated by Border patrol? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/thousands-of-migrant-children-were-sexually-abused-in-u-s-custody-hhs-docs-say/
  11. Well, "health of the mother" needs to have a specific legal definition I suppose. Late term abortions/infant euthanasia should only happen under prescribed (and hopefully rare) circumstances in which the quality of life of the mother, the infant, or both would be extremely low otherwise. But while the proposed law certainly is a bad one, and Northam's explanation of it even worse, that doesn't mean that there are actually infant-murder advocates amongst the Democrats.
  12. Wouldn’t that fall more under euthanasia in this context? Not advocating for it at all but in rare, horrific cases where quality of life for the child is likely to be nil, the mother deciding something like that may not exactly be murder per se, unless you classify all end-of-life decisions as murder. Now, how Northam framed it was a bit ridiculous (plus we all know he’s a peice of shit regardless), but this issue may be more ethically complex than you care to admit. FWIW, conversations on this board have made me realize I’m against late term abortions.