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  1. Stay current on the

    Who knows, guy was obviously sick in the head
  2. Stay current on the

    Everyone knows brown people are the real terrorists.
  3. Stay current on the

    Apparently the perp hated Antifa. Posted often about getting "retribution" against them.
  4. Jimyma Crow Laws

    Historical narratives are constructed from observation ( of existing source material) and their main thrusts (if applicable) also can be verifiable/provable from observation. Historical narratives are not “storytelling” in the conventional sense of the word. That’s not how the practice of history works.
  5. Hipsters would welcome a new prohibition. Speakeasies would get sooo much edgier.
  6. How about 0ml? That shit tastes so bad it should be outlawed!
  7. Jimyma Crow Laws

    Marxism isn't unique in its desire to use the state's "monopoly of violence to restructure society". Nearly every political reform wishes to do that in one way or another. It is unique in its insistence on extreme economic reordering (and even that drastic change is subject to degrees of intensity depending on theoretical strain and practical viability), but that doesn't consequentially lead to mass murder unless there are other contextual factors. Bruh... the chemical reaction your brain is having to processing the buzzword "Marxism" seems to be clouding your ability to analyze with any nuance. Narrative and storytelling is a user-friendly way of relaying something. Its also the favorite of historians, although there are many other social scientists who can, and do, exhibit things in different ways. Also, narrative and storytelling isn't necessarily unempirical. Not sure why you're assuming it is. No one is 100% committed to the full implications of postmodernism in any field (except maybe philosophers, fck those guys). Its insights on discourse construction merely help to inform historical and social scientific work. Like anything, postmodernist theory provides insights and has shifted the focus of scholarship but isn't to be swallowed whole. I have an article about that somewhere actually You'd be surprised. Or maybe unsurprised Who is "indoctrinating"? Are you speaking hypothetically or do you have some kind of evidence for this? Most people who actually teach stuff like this are pretty responsible about it. This sounds like you believe something nefarious is happening, I'd love some further explanation. I see you're not interested in seriously addressing the issue. If you put half the effort you put into this overlong snarky non-answer (which I can tell, definitely wasn't much) into critical thinking, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Sad! The comment really wasn't directed at him specifically. But since you can't be deigned upon to engage without implied ad hominem attacks, I'm really glad you could speak for the Real World 'Muricans here. They definitely need some kind of (pseudo)intellectual leadership, although I think Ben Shapiro et al. may have beat you there unfortunately. Wait... doesn't he have a DEGREE (read: Traitor's Mark) too????? You may have an opening here my friend! Everyone knows Reno degrees don't count as actual ones! I understand that this was supposed to be biting (lulz), but upon reading it, the unintentional irony really strikes me. If you honestly believe you have a grasp on both, but yet think they're "the same", you're actually worse than uninformed: you're misinformed. Comically so. I've explained it the best I can in this limited format. So unfortunately, it appears that you will continue going through life thinking that Stalin is hanging around the corner whenever someone demands equal opportunity or justice. Kind of a convenient connection there, actually. Cointelpro would be proud!
  8. Stay current on the

    Chuckled at this one.
  9. Man Card Suspensions & Revocations

    The Ancient Greeks and Ottomans agree, probably
  10. Jimyma Crow Laws

    Since 1991ish Marxism in the academy is mostly dead. There's still a few old creaking holdouts I suppose. However, the McCarthyites who see a Marxist on every corner and Marxism in every non-conservative theory like some people we know are sure that most professors have a Manifesto underneath their pillow.
  11. Jimyma Crow Laws

    That's actually a good question, and it's complex. "Whiteness" as a social category has never had immutable parameters. Various groups were (or were not) incorporated into it based on a variety of factors. For an example, read this classic https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/305686.How_the_Irish_Became_White. In addition, long before race as a concept really became biologically solidified, and probably since there were people groups on the planet, there has been ethnic bigotry. It hasn't gone away: only assimilation into the dominant culture, AND into "whiteness" (at least in the US) can let you avoid it. As far as mixed race people go, most of the time, they have been categorized as "black" in both law and society. So many of them have experienced the effects of racism as a result.
  12. Jimyma Crow Laws

    How's Friday for an IQ comparison? You said "any day of the week" works, right? That's when I'm free.
  13. Jimyma Crow Laws

    Oh, it's not a coincidence. It's just more than ideology alone that gets you to mass murder, period. And that's with any modern political ideology save some particularly racialist strands of fascism, which are almost consequentially genocidal. To get from ideology to action you need a whole score of other conditions and steps. People who claim that there's some kind of direct link kind of amuse me at their lack of complex understanding of the world generally. You're simplifying and exaggerating here. Keep in mind a couple of things. 1. The existence of white supremacy is empirically backed with historical evidence. Marxists were always shitty at empiricism, and history. 2. No one seriously divides the world into a black and white (no pun intended, haha) dichotomy of oppressors/revolutionaries. Mostly that's done to mobilize people (which probably is unwise) or as a thought exercise to help the unwashed masses understand how they can even unknowingly contribute to existing systems. The spectrum of participation in oppression is pretty variant and no thinking individual would put it in straightforward Marxist terms a la proletariat/bourgeoisie. 3. If you "object" to the theory... well, you're probably not being honest with yourself, or the facts. Most thinking people understand that unwarranted inequality exists. It's not a stretch to also say that not acknowledging it is perpetuating it in some sense. Do you "object"? If so, I'd love to hear why. Most people who do can't really explain their position very satisfactorily in my experience. 4. Donating to charity isn't racist, I just put that up to illustrate that all actions have effects, intentional or not, on embedded social systems. Anyone who would take things like that and assign some kind of direct blame are a little extreme. I feel like to fully flesh this out I'd have to explain Marxism, then explain race theory, and then show you the differences. Which is a terribly time consuming and quite frankly boring thing to do. Suffice it to say, Marxist thought has influenced thinkers on race, but has largely been rejected by them as an explanatory paradigm because of its insistence on economic materialism and failure to accurately appreciate the complexity of social relations. Ultimately I feel like my time is wasted explaining all of this though. I feel like the comparison is being made to imply that somehow replacing the existing system with a system of justice will result in Stalinesque purges or some shit. Kind of like the liberals and Nazis, slap on ol' Karl's name onto it and you got sum evil!
  14. Jimyma Crow Laws

    LOL. Cuckservative triggered! I see you stopped trying to actually debate your intellectual superior at least.
  15. Stay current on the

    It's beginning to sound like it could be an act of terrorism. Of course, those are the terrorists we don't care about. Both sides, and some are good people.