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  1. youngrebelfan40

    Troll Derby 2018- Elite 8

    When I was cheated against Mugtang nobody did anything. No one nipped it at the bud because they were benefitting in other matchups Now that they're all being cheated, I have nothing to say in support of them. Phuck all of you
  2. youngrebelfan40

    Troll Derby 2018- Sweet 16

    I could’ve given you a run for your money, but I was cheated by the MWC 1%ers
  3. youngrebelfan40

    Troll Derby 2018- Sweet 16

    Bullshit, I demand a recount
  4. youngrebelfan40

    Troll Derby 2018 Second Round - Assholes Regional

    I have a feeling you're going to Bush-Gore me
  5. youngrebelfan40

    Has Socialism ever worked in Latin America?

    Socialism, or rather communism in one country doesn’t work Stalin was an idiot
  6. youngrebelfan40

    Woman claims she had encounter with a racist cop

    Stupid false accusation. In an unrelated note, there needs to be a way to consistently get body cam footage out of entire incidents, avoiding the “oh we lost it” or “oh it wasn’t on” excuse whenever something questionable may have happened
  7. youngrebelfan40


    Torture doesn’t work directly, only (maybe) to establish a state of compliance seperately from interrogation from someone weak-willed waterboard someone and they’ll tell you where the Ark of the Covenant is
  8. youngrebelfan40

    Troll Derby Nominations 2018

    I’m in UNLV threads only basically
  9. youngrebelfan40

    Troll Derby Nominations 2018

    I don’t want your pity
  10. youngrebelfan40

    Troll Derby Nominations 2018

    No nominations this year, I’m falling off on the Sports side posting
  11. youngrebelfan40

    "Racism" Controversy in Utah

    Well, the thing is, many inputs do indeed have agency attached to them. The degree of agency determines the amount of complicity in the crimes of the system as a whole, I suppose. Youre being a bit melodramatic here. Past complicity doesn’t necessarily indicate current complicity. I think the problem here is a matter of tense: let me clarify. All white people generally HAVE BEEN complicit in white supremacy knowingly or unknowingly. Many CONTINUE to be complicit, but not ALL. Sort of. I don’t think the word “guilt” fits very well because generally it implies some kind of intentionality. “We’re all complicit in white supremacy in that we have given inputs necessary for its function, but how complicit you truly are depends on how many inputs you have provided and how intentionally you have provided them” works better. Although it is a bit more complex than your sentence I’m not obfuscating, just explaining that thinking about white supremacy in this way isn’t necessarily a practical means to affect change, though it may be an objectively (so far as such a thing exists) true description of how the system functions. Again, you’re using terms like “convicted” that generally overstate what I’m doing here. All white people aren’t being convicted for the crimes of racial inequity by any serious person discussing these issues. This is simply a recognition that the system is so embedded societally, and so pervasive in how we function and view the world, that our input into it is unavoidable.
  12. youngrebelfan40

    Is the Times struggling more than we thought?

    If that’s the case then we failed as History teachers Political theorists like Marx who try to essentialize history into class struggle (or race struggle, or whatever else they like) basically do the opposite of history
  13. youngrebelfan40

    "Racism" Controversy in Utah

    If you’re referencing what I think you are (a post of mine) you misunderstood what I was trying to say. In an objective sense, all white people have varying degrees of complicity, even most dogged anti-racists. This is kind of self-evident because systems need input to function usually, they aren’t self-sustaining. You can’t really be born into a system (and live in it) that advantages you at every conceivable economic, political, and social level without some input. That doesn’t make the crimes of the system your fault. And it doesn’t mean that all individuals carry the same weight or burden as others, much less of the collective. It just means that it’s hard to imagine white supremacy functioning completely independently of white individuals’ contributions, even if some of those contributions are not meant to cause harm to others. Keep in mind, however, that thinking about this amounts to a theoretical excercise. No serious person who wants to end structural inequity starts with the notion that all white people are culpable in their strategy or policy. Talk about ending your mission before it starts. Good luck telling white folks that one. For example, I very gingerly and guardedly have started to explain the concept to intelligent people on here and they immediately get defensive.
  14. youngrebelfan40

    Is the Times struggling more than we thought?

    Political theorists usually don’t know what they’re talking about Unfortunately for Marx people actually tried to implement his ideas in real life distorted through the lens of their own national context Instead of the evils of Communism-In-One-Country and jingoistic self-affirmation we can actually draw some legitimate lessons from the experience of Marxist theory-as practiced in the world. What interests me historically, for example, is what conditions make class consciousness and violent revolution conceivable? Why does Marxism appeal to certain groups and people at certain times and in certain contexts? Is there something constant or is it all variable?
  15. youngrebelfan40

    Trump threatens Darth Vader

    Plus we need to be ready for alien invaders