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  1. This is where an effective government would proficiently conduct contact tracing to identify as many of the other people at each of those barfly traps to have them self-isolate for 14 days and test each of them in order to prevent an outbreak.
  2. I don't really get why this is an issue for so many Christians anyway. From Matthew 6:5-6: And why can't a congregation "meet" outdoors? Get out and go take a group God walk or something.
  3. They got tired of waiting for those new vending machines that never came.
  4. I should have clarified my statement to generalize about people who refuse to wear a mask in stores where it is their policy customers must wear one to enter.
  5. It's one of life's greatest mysteries.
  6. Still curious about what kind of people are refusing to wear masks?
  7. So we cut about a dozen bulbs and cut the hearts out of them. Pan-seared pork chops with honey lime rosemary glaze, served with oven-baked wild artichoke hearts dredged through garlic butter and coated in a parmesan crumb: Rosemary and artichokes yard-to-table, with locally (neighborhood) sourced honey and lime.
  8. Many state and all SD County campgrounds are open now at half capacity. Plus, there's always camping in unmarked areas. There's a wash in the high desert in which I've been going camping since childhood. It's only marked on topos.
  9. Goddamnit Happy. You've just rendered one of my favorite colloquialisms meaningless.
  10. However, as we've seen time and time again over the past three months, new data has often rendered the "official" guidance as a moving target. Furthermore, this administration's response to this crisis was not going to be predicated on what the WHO said. Hell, they ignore their own experts advice as often as not.
  11. I agree - they caved to diplomatic pressure and shunned findings out of Taiwan to placate Beijing. But let's not hang a horse thief for murder.
  12. A very sobering article. Of course, the majority of people are at low risk for hospitalization - such as my wife and I - but there are a lot of these people who regularly come into contact with high-risk individuals - such as my wife and I. While neither of us welcomes an illness, it is the dependency (upon us) of high-risk individuals that drives our precautionary measures during the pandemic.
  13. The Touchstone Pictures prop department I'm guessing. It's from a 2001 film entitled - wait for it - "Bubble Boy." (Link)
  14. Or, the bell curve shifts and we exist in a shitty "new normal" for an indeterminate period of time. We'll adapt.
  15. New data => new recs. It's a process. Everyone has been on the 2m/6' "standard." Now new research has been conducted and the findings released. It's really as simple as that. No need to go looking for shapes in the cloud, man. Sometimes it's just a f*cking cloud.
  16. Six feet may not be sufficient to prevent spread. From CNN: The three experts, who are specialists in chemistry and infectious diseases, said aerosols from breathing and speaking “can accumulate, remain infectious in indoor air for hours, and be easily inhaled deep into the lungs.” That makes wearing masks all the more essential, they said, even when people are keeping their distance. Link
  17. We still have 50ish bottles laying down, split about evenly between Bordeaux and California cabs and merlots with the random straggler in there. There are two liquor cabinets; the first is the general purpose cabinet with something for everyone. Then there's my sin cabinet, which holds my best scotch and bourbon as well as a couple outliers.
  18. That's my general go-too as well. But when it was discovered my wife likes whiskey sours, it started disappearing all-too quickly from the cabinet, and as I've noticed it's gone up in price by 50ish% over the last 6 months or so, we picked up a 1.75L bottle of WR at Costco just to make these. Anyway, deep diving into quality cocktails has been a luxury of the extra bandwidth I have these days. It began with perfecting the Old Fashioned, which pairs great with a cigar. Moved to martinis. But these are the new mai tai for me.
  19. Ha. I've been on a bourbon kick for the last few months now. Here's my centerfold-quality tits tamarind whiskey sour: 1 oz Tamarind syrup (1:1) 3/4 oz. homemade ginger turbinado simple syrup 1 1/2 oz. Woodford Reserve (substitute with your choice bourbon or Irish whiskey) 1 oz. freshly squeezed yard-to-table lemon juice 1/2 oz. aquafaba (optional; missing in above photo) Garnish with 1 Italian wild Amarena cherry, 1 half-wheel cara cara orange, and a righteous f*cking cigar
  20. Anyone have any creative ideas for wild artichoke? We have about two dozen of them growing feral in an orchard and are going to harvest a bunch of bulbs today. I know they're edible and tasty, but that's all I got.