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  1. I didn't know you could get the COVID by f*cking sheep.
  2. If only this guy had a place to write his all thoughts in one space. Twitter threads are the digital equivalent of communicating by carrier pigeon. Had Trump been alive 500 years ago the ground would be littered with dead birds who just weren't aerodynamic enough with all that bullshit tied around their legs.
  3. I think it's as simple as politics making for strange bedfellows. Trump wasn't very friendly to the W-era neocon agenda, so neocons, Conservative Classic, and right-wing never-Trumpers found themselves in a political 3-way without the Cheez Whiz.
  4. "I dunno how use dem interwebs." -The Best People
  5. I don't think the role of social media and the resultant shift in how we both communicate with one another and inform ourselves can be overstated. At the meta level, maybe everything is indeed cyclical, and maybe we hit an apogee with these same technologies that are now tearing us apart. Maybe in the Big Picture, we've had our Tower of Babel moment, and now everything must unwind... I've been bitching about the "dumbing down" of our populace for a quarter-century or more, but f*ck if this shit isn't next level.
  6. I've been maintaining for some time what we're witnessing realtime is nothing less than the emergence of another Dark Age.
  7. He was also very straightforward about his intent to certify when they opened the meeting. His only caveat was that he first wanted to allow for the public speaker portion of the hearing before voting for the motion to certify. My only question is why?
  8. More bullshit. According to Republican strategist Charles Spies, who was speaking at the public hearing being held and livestreamed by the Michigan State Board of Canvassers (link), who was arguing that the Republican members of the board had every right to not certify the Michigan vote if they had reason to question the results, "over 70% of A/B precincts [in Wayne County] were out of balance." What this means is there was a discrepancy between the number of ballots and the number of people on respective voter rolls. Now, this may very well be the case, as it is common for prec
  9. When we get together with friends - whether it be outside our own home, or at the park, beach, lake, etc - we not only keep our masks on and socially distance, but we make sure we stay upwind (or laterally positioned) from any and all potential carriers. We also bring a big-ass can of disinfectant spray for picnic tables and benches. And for instances where food and drink are brought, individual servings are packed individually. Cans, bottles, etc., are wiped down there. It's a PITA, but it's only for another 6ish months.
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