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  1. That's been our standard load out for much of the pandemic. I would also argue process is every bit as important as equipment. We ride our N95s until something breaks (usually either a nose bar or elastic strap) but have a strict protocol governing their use - never pull the mask over your head (pull the straps instead), always use hand sanitizer immediately before putting the mask on or taking it off, wash face before going somewhere where a mask will be worn, store them in sealed ziplock bags in the car to protect against contamination, etc. And I'm always clean shaven if I'm going to b
  2. You do realize laughing at your own post is akin to a dog sniffing its own ass, right?
  3. Someone was #cry bitching with a case of BDS simplex 50 a couple weeks ago about how China's economy grew at a near-record pace last year. Team Trump Nuts went to some length to try to crucify 46 for this. Well, you can put the tissues down, Francis. The first year of Biden's presidency saw the GDP grow 5.7% - the biggest Y2Y jump in nearly 40 years since the last year of Reagan's first term. Link #It'sTheEconomyStupid
  4. Yeah, I had to go read about that incident as I was unaware of it (at least in any detail). And after reading the comment en suite, you're high on f*cking rock if you don't think that was a helluva dog whistle. Here's the quote in context:
  5. Uh, no? You would first have to observe an object before you determined its parallelism to another object.
  6. It was a f*cking moronic question - of course inflation ("it's the economy stupid") is going to weigh on voters minds. #BDS Alert
  7. Ask dumbass questions, get smartass answers.
  8. Without doubt. There is a segment of our body politic that has chosen to have their tongues surgically attached to Russia's sphincter.
  9. It's been long established and well-known that the Kremlin actively worked to manipulate our media for decades to advance their own interests. Can we all just agree now that the Kremlin has it's hand so far up Tucker Carlson's ass that his breath smells like borsch?
  10. What an epic weekend. I know I'm late to the game in this thread, but holy f*cking shitballs, that may have been the best overall weekend of playoff football I've watched ever.
  11. TheSanDiegan


    It's a plow, no? My read was the inference that her f*cktasically giant teeth lend the impression of a mild case of horse face.
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