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  1. That's why they aren't meant to be surgically attached to yer mouf, dumbass. Though I doubt anyone would complain in your case - maybe I'll launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money. What does outpatient OBGYN surgery cost in yer parts? $10? $20?
  2. Sure, why not. We could say the "A" in "2A" stands for "airstrike." Plus, I've already ordered my home EMP emitter off Amazon. I'll be able to keystone that b¡tech when demand spikes once you all are on board.
  3. N95s work by drawing the particles into the fabric with electrostatic charges, you dingus.
  4. It's called a "postage stamp." We used to use them went we sent what were called "letters," or whenever we sent physical mail through the Post Office. Here's an educational video where you can learn more:
  5. Didn't wear masks, or didn't have mask mandates? Because there were multiple studies that all demonstrated that personal behavior - like not going to bars, or choosing to wear a mask because they're not nuthugging dipshits - resulted in both the good (stopping transmission of the disease) and bad (econimic slowdowns). You are f*cktastically retarded. And everybody on the board save for a few fellow nuthugging dipshits already knows this.
  6. Or ffs... There have been approx. 1.7 million people fully vaccinated in Harris County (think Houston), and another 400K have already had COVID. So together, approx. 45% of the population is removed from the susceptible population. Maybe that has just a little to do with it? F*cking anti-science morons... And BTW, of those 400K who have had COVID, over 6K - approx. 1.5% - have died from it. Lastly, for comparison's sake, how are the flu (influenza) numbers in Harris county what with all the "useless" mask ordinances in place? An average of two whole hospital vis
  7. Idaho pop. = 1.7 million Idaho adult pop. = (.75)1.7 million = 1.275 million Number of people fully vaccinated in Idaho = 536,571 (Link) 536,571 / 1,275,000 = 42% #BoiseMath
  8. It's a mixed bag here. There was (is?) a nude beach near Pt Loma Nazarene. I went to a football camp there when I was 11 and we would sneak to the bushes at the top of the cliff and check out the coeds. They were all hot to me back then. On the other hand, Black's Beach is historically known as our nude beach, and it's like you guys describe... fortunately, it's a great surf spot so you tend to spend your time there in the water and only transit the beach to and from the break. Back around '90 a gf and I went to St. Maarten on vacation. We went to a beach that the tour books said was
  9. ProTip: For some next level bumstacle (obstacles made from homeless people) maneuvers, try bunny hopping them on a mountain bike.
  10. Dozens more washed up today. It is estimated only 25% of deaths in India are medically certified in normal times. Here's a good article on BBC about how one newspaper in Gujarat (the home state of India's PM) worked to quantify the delta between official death counts and the actual numbers. From the above-linked article: So, while the official death count in Gujarat's capital city was 20 over a 24-hour period, these reporters counted 69 just from one hospital over just 17 hours.
  11. No. It's been long shown that political inclusion and reformation (as opposed to military achievements alone) are required to put down domestic insurgencies. Unfortunately, both parties have to share the same goal for this to work.
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