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  1. Charlotte was already taken. It's Rice and Hosers for you, young lady.
  2. East Carolina born and raised, on the playground's where @Headbutt got fingered by Dave. ...or something like that. Europe @Broncomare.
  3. Any details on the terms of his contract? Stoked for him... and the signing makes total sense - there are a lot of fire extinguishers in SoCal.
  4. It's been 25 hours, so the only thing more overdue than @blind_squirrel54's pick is @Broncomare's explanation as to why she spent some PTO in the ICU.
  5. Hoosier daddy? Indiana @Someone's up, and @SomeoneElse is up after that. Tho at this point you might as well be a @blind_squirrel54 to find a nut in this @Agent Orange/Blue infected jungle...
  6. Going to have to double-dip into the B1G Bowl...
  7. Did you hear that @halfmanhalfbronco? @Headbutt said you got the Rajin' Cajuns now and I have the Zoomies. There you go, @Headbutt.
  8. Stanford was spoken for a couple rounds ago. Want to trade the Zoobs for the Cajuns and a Broncomare pick to be named later?
  9. Ha! Short of any surprises, I think they might have been the last >.500 team in the field.
  10. ALL HAIL ZORP ZORP, SUPREME LEADER OF THE PLANET KOLOB. And to commemorate the choice that can quickly change your lives, I present to you this picture of ALL of Jimmer's wives. YBU. I mean, BYU. Goddamnit. We need an updated list, @Headbutt. Well, I guess I'll take the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns and whatever the hell this is: Step up to the plate @Broncomare. Get your ass off the bench, @WYO1016.
  11. Hello, can someone please tell me how to get to the Crappy Cribs thread? I look a left at the Sports Forum and ended up here...
  12. If you don't mind me asking, how did "soup" and "slam" become your kids' nicknames?