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  1. I'll hand it to you. I laughed. Well done.
  2. Crazy that Mattis would describe him as "the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people." Drop that on a nuthugger and watch their kernel freeze.
  3. Dude, it's a thread about cooking during COVID. And for me the joy is in using shit I've grown or sourced on my own property, as there is a psychological aspect of self-reliance that is both cathartic and reassuring during the pandemic and all the uncertainty that has unfolded in its wake. If you see that as the same as broad-spamming selfies with a f*cking spiced pumpkin something something, that's on you, not me. Just sayin'.
  4. Biden just picked up the endorsement of Pence's own chief Homeland Security advisor and lead member of Pence's staff on the Coronavirus Task Force: Lulz.
  5. Wow you really suck at reading comprehension today. Because that is literally the opposite of what I've said or done. Run out of water while in the backcountry or something?
  6. Well, don't watch it. It's really that simple. Maybe Netflix will come out with a PG version that we can all see to eventually inform ourselves. Like you, as-is I have zero desire to see it.
  7. What does presence of hypocrisy vis-a-vis the double standard by which Ted Cruz picks and chooses his villains whilst embracing others who perpetrate the same villainy have to do with the fact I find the sexualization of young girls to be disgusting? I'm beginning to think you spent a day too long in the backcountry without proper hydration. Anyway, according to your posts, the hill you'll choose to die on will be chosen by someone else.
  8. By doing so, you are informing yourself via the filters and preexistent bias of those upon whom you rely to inform you. I always considered you to be someone who looks to the source.
  9. I get that. I grew up in the 80s on a steady diet of punk, 2nd wave ska, and alt rock, but listened to a shitton of classical, jazz, Sinatra, or Johnny Cash depending on which grandparent with whom I was I was spending time. And guess which genres I tend to listen to now? There will always be members of every generation who exist either as anachronistic throwbacks to the generations that preceded them. But that doesn't change the fact the middle of the cultural bell curve has moved and at present is skewed towards narcissistic douchebaggery.
  10. Then where is Ted Cruz's outrage over Trump's well-established, longstanding ties to Epstein or his never ending well of well-wishes for Ghislaine Maxwell? There is no underlying consistency behind the outrage; it wreaks of cultural war mongering.
  11. It's disgusting. I don't understand howTF a parent could do that to their kids. Oh, wait... I remember now. We're a narcissistically self-absorbed culture obsessed with such banalities as taking selfies with f*cking food and #posting on social media. That's why.
  12. No, but if someone makes a documentary about murdering puppies, you'd have to see the documentary to have an informed opinion about the documentary. Did you even read my post? Because that was the entire bloody point of it, innit?
  13. I also find it interesting that this is a hot topic within "altright" and/or conservative circles when I don't seem to recall similar protestations about such preexisting tripe like "Toddlers and Tiaras" that has been part of our cultural landscape for over a decade.
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