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  1. See: Necessary v. sufficient conditions. Time and patience are among the former, but obviously not the latter.
  2. Solid West Coast/SoCal recruiting connections, historically one of the top-ranked assistants in the nation, teaches lockdown D, already worked for UNLV, can connect with college-age kids, has our number for sure, and now proven at the D1 HC level. Sounds like a solid match IMO. However, I think *if* he jumps ship, he gets a P5 gig.
  3. Short of the Ghost of Tark showing up with Grandmama on one arm and Stacey on the other, the only think that's going to fill up the TMack will be winning. And as has been said ad nauseam, winning requires one thing your fan base doesn't seem willing to give: time.
  4. As a doctor I'm sure you can appreciate the fact this flu has been a real sumbitch... five days stuck in bed or on the couch, a fever for four of those, and a half-day in the hospital. The doctor I saw yesterday told me ERs are getting flooded right now all over the county. And now it's my wife's turn. And for someone who never used to get sick, being down with this bug for as long as I have has made me a more than a little ornery. Thanks for the kind words.
  5. Lulz. Yeah well, you're Reno's NevadaFan. And for those keeping score...
  6. I will confirm this. And there is no rhyme nor reason for when they insert it. One second, you're watching The Force Awakens. The next second, you're not. Infuriating as hell.
  7. It really is one of the perks of the career... build a winning resume, wait to get shitcanned, and collect enough coin for green fees and that new vacation home.
  8. Would be a good get. Good luck! Hope you guys land him.
  9. Right? But look at the arc from Y3 to Y6. That was enough for a lot of Aztecs to call for replacing him, which means there were at least a few boosters who felt the same way. Fortunately, our AD had the spine and the wherewithal to keep them at arm's length and out of the process. WRT Marv's record, I maintain that the Y2Y variability in OOC scheduling makes it a poor metric to measure progress. Conference schedules, on the other hand, remain (relatively) stable and provide a more accurate measuring stick. Marv's record, in this regard, showed a similar track: +3-4 game differential in conference Y2Y. And again, he only really had two full years to recruit. I know the ship has sailed, but those who assail his record either don't understand metrics, or context, or are talking, walking examples of the power of self-delusion. You were, little by little, becoming more competitive. Maybe if DRF had a spine, she similarly could have stood up to the boosters and demanded one more year. This would have given them the time to fully exploit all possible replacements through back channels without having to further reduce the probability of a successful outcome by self-imposing these ridiculous time constraints you now find yourselves bound by. I know some of the Kool-Aid Crew will fire back saying the you couldn't afford to wait another year, the lower bowl blah blah blah, but ffs, look what's happening now? Those claiming you didn't have another year to wait and see are watching die hard Rebels turn their back on this shitshow now. And howTF is that supposed to help your program? It is said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing while expecting different results. And I'm starting to think that as an institution, UNLV is institutionally insane.
  10. Idk what Muss has cookin' in the transfer market, but you guys could benefit form bolstering your FC. Caroline was all motor (and not enough - or maybe too much? - anitfreeze), and between his departure, Porter's, and the Twins', you're going to get crushed on the glass (the McD AA can't log all the minutes, and bigs take more time to develop anyway). IMO Juiston would help bridge that gap, as would the rest of UNLV's former front court. I'm guessing that at least from an academic standpoint, it would be easier staying within the University of Nevada system, no?
  11. Okay... so question for you Rebs. Would you consider giving this HC a sniff?
  12. I'll keep that in mind if and when pf90702 registers an account.
  13. You can't spell "prophet" without "ph."