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  1. Best sign in the Show tonight: "Welcome to the Dutch Oven"
  2. Dude there are more people in ph's head than there were at games at Viejas back in the early days...
  3. No worries - as per my last post, I didn't know for certain myself and was going off of assumption. As per the question as to who has the better resume, I think the subjective qualitative component would most likely agree, as both Palm and Lunardi have both the Aztecs and Zags as 1-seeds, but keep the Zags in the West bracket. While I maintain we're worthy of a 1-seed (I think that's what kicked off this whole sidebar), as per my original take, I rather be a 2-seed in the West than a 1-seed in a different bracket.
  4. Is it? If so, then shame on them for mailing it in. I would think MoV, Venue, and time-relevance would all factor into it as well - it's not a difficult thing to model. ETA: I see @nielsbohr did what we were too lazy to and actually go find their breakdown - it would appear it's as I thought it was.
  5. Now... while there is a reason we would be worthy of a 1-seed should the committee meet today (and have a higher SoS and SoR than Gonzaga), predictive models project a 2-seed for the Aztecs and a 1-seed for Gonzaga come Selection Sunday. In particular, Torvik's projected final NET ranking has the Zags as #1 in NET and a 1-seed (and us as #8 in NET and a 2-seed), and this is likely due to two factors: 1) Gonzaga plays more quality teams through the rest of its sked, which will be reflected in the metrics, and 2) we are probabilistically going to lose a game between now and the MWCT, and if we do, it will be a (far) worse loss than Gonzaga's.
  6. Can't argue the NET numbers nor the quad parsing, and based on those alone I would choose Gonzaga if I were on the committee. Which begs the question then - why would Gonzaga's SoS and SoR and (most importantly) NET all rank below the Aztecs? I'll give you a hint: the answer lies within this thread.
  7. No, but I am positing that SOR is. Regarding the underlined paragraph... english, please? Honestly Hap, Idk wtf you're trying to say here, let alone what obscure red herring-shaped point you're trying to make. As to your third question: yes, I am aware of that. Though as with the preceding paragraph Im not sure what your point is? As has been demonstrated above, a qualitative analysis also shows how much better the Aztec's resume is than Gonzaga's.
  8. It seems like an odd conundrum. I mean who doesn't want a 1-seed, right? Us, apparently. Top seeds are regionally protected for a reason, and it seems oxymoronic to assign us a 1-seed and then ship us off to Yer Mom's Ass, Egypt. Given the reality of our conference sked, a single loss will likely drop us disproportionately in the polls, thereby eliminating any "concern" about getting a 1-seed. Conversely, should the Zags trip and we run the table, we would get the 1-seed in the West and this all becomes Gonzaga's problem. Torvik predicts we go in as a 2-seed, and despite the #2 NET ranking and the NCAA's heavy reliance on the metric, I think if the selection committee were to meet today, we'd be in the West bracket, either as a 1-seed (in front of Gonzaga) or a 2-seed (behind them).
  9. Do you mean "basic" as in "I have to start with the basics" by explaining the difference to you between metrics-based reactive data modeling and "mean averages?" Let me check my sked and see if I can circle a day week on my calendar, 'cuz I got a feeling this is going to take some time...
  10. Yes, your arena is more cavernous than a huge and insurmountable gap TSJSUF's vag, and yes, your crowd is returning. I watched significant parts of the UNM game and it was nice to see the TMack off life support.
  11. Ffs I'm both a mathematician and a data scientist.
  12. And yet ESPN also ranks our tournament resume as the second-best in the nation (and better than Gonzaga's). Go figure.