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  1. TheSanDiegan

    SDSU & UNLV representing at the US Open

    After the 3rd round, Hoffman (+7) is T16 at four strokes off the lead (+3), with Xander Schauffele (+8) five strokes behind and Scott Piercy (+9) six.
  2. TheSanDiegan

    Menzies on the hot seat?

    Dave Rice was a better coach than what?
  3. TheSanDiegan

    OT: Summer MLB Thread

    With the shitstained diaper that is the Chargers leaving and a soccer team without a league, it's been a relief to have a reason to watch baseball and check box scores again. And in watching the Padres-Cardnials game a couple nights ago, I heard what had to be one of the funniest calls I've ever heard come out of a booth. Can't remember the inning, but someone on the Cards hit a rocket into the gap in right-center. Out of nowhere, running like Usain Bolt - on fire, chased by rabid dobermans on meth - comes Padre center fielder Manuel Margot. Man, that cat's got wheels... he covered a shitload of ground, and at full speed went airborne, fully extended, and pulled down a freakin' gem of a catch. Mark Grant, former Padres pitcher and longtime color man, responds with the following: "Two thirds of the world is covered by water, and the other third is covered by Manuel Margot!"
  4. TheSanDiegan

    SDSU & UNLV representing at the US Open

    Round two in the books with UNLV and SDSU tied for second in the U.S. Open. What, what?
  5. TheSanDiegan

    SDSU & UNLV representing at the US Open

    I watched Ian Poulter duff a chip shot into that shit today en route to a triple on 8. Not surprised he only made it onto the fringe.
  6. TheSanDiegan

    SDSU & UNLV representing at the US Open

    Nice! I've never sat/stood in a gallery even once, despite the yearly tour stop here at Torrey Pines (as well as the '08 US Open). TBH tho, if I was to attend just one event, I would be camping out in the gallery at 16 at TPC Scottsdale. Second choice would be 18 at St. Andrews.
  7. Shinnecock is playing tough, and it's only Friday. But late in the 2nd round, San Diegan and UNLV alumn Charley Hoffman and #Aztec4Life Scott Piercy are currently in 2nd and 3rd on the US Open Leaderboard.
  8. TheSanDiegan

    UA, Nike, Adidas: ¿How much is your school making?

    From an April article in the U-T: The upside? Our mbb squad only one of only eight schools in the country (and the only institution in the West) to be a part of the Jordan Brand, joining Michigan, UNC, and Florida, among others.
  9. TheSanDiegan

    Pick 10 Sign Ups

  10. TheSanDiegan

    Winters May Suck but Summers Are Great in Laramie

    I was in Central FLA in the '80s when I saw a water spout maybe 1/8 of a mile offshore. I e-braked my shit and called 911 directly. They said, "chill the fvck out, n00b," or something to that effect. Tornados are Mother Nature's mindf*ck.
  11. TheSanDiegan

    Winters May Suck but Summers Are Great in Laramie

    When it comes to tornados? Meow, mutherf*cker.
  12. TheSanDiegan

    Winters May Suck but Summers Are Great in Laramie

    Yeah, f*ck that.
  13. TheSanDiegan

    UNR in the top-5 early

    Let's make it the Top 40 then and have a countdown every Sunday hosted by the corpse of Casey Kasem.
  14. TheSanDiegan

    UNR in the top-5 early

    By God, if you guys manage to maintain a top 5 ranking while running the gauntlet of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants OOC before we beat you down again, you would be correct.