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  1. It's the best possible option for a field watch IMO. That looks like the only strap that watch should ever wear.
  2. Said the history lesson in 21st century neofascism. Yes, what the hell am I thinking, all wanting to return to normal and shit... BTW, we care for a grandparent in her late 90s, dumbass. I know eugenicists like you want to kill grandma, so go kill your own, you bootlicking f*cktard.
  3. My wife and I took my grandmother to get her second shot on the 26th, we're scheduled for our second shot on the 10th, and my parents had their second shot two Fridays back. Out two families should meet halfway to have a shindig or something. I'll bring the wine, weed, whiskey, and cigars.
  4. Things I'm looking forward to this year: Going to Padre games Letting guests use the bathroom inside the house Eating at a f*cking restaurant all the f*cking restaurants Hanging out with more than 1-2 friends at a time Not having to dress like a low rent dime store wanna superhero every time I want to go into the store Flying somewhere anywhere
  5. Internet auctions destroyed the auction game (from the bidder's perspective). Internet bidders are like the guy sitting in the 1-seat at the blackjack table hitting every time the dealer has a 6 showing. Re: the JLC, you may have mentioned the Reverso but that's not what he chose. I tend to share your assessment somewhat of Tissot, which probably isn't entirely fair to them considering they've been in the game for nearly 170 years, even if they target the value end of the spectrum. I would wear that vintage chrono in a heartbeat tho.
  6. One more for consideration for those newly considering a dress watch. This Rado puts off a cool Carl F. Bucherer vibe infused with buttloads of vintage goodness. And the blue sunburst dial is a thing of beauty. If you have a Nordstrom account, you can get $250 back in company store money for this, bringing the net cost down to $850. Link
  7. I'm going to call foul. For shits and giggles I checked back and failed to see any mention of the JLC or the vintage Tissot. Also, please post some pics of the new Nomos. Help Stealth push me over the edge and buy another watch I don't need.
  8. Vacillating from lux back to value, this is a steal for anyone looking to pick up an inexpensive watch from a solid watch maker. The red-tipped hand is a GMT hand, which allows you to read time from a second time zone on a 24-hour clock. Alpina has front range cred. The watch originally retailed for $595 but is available on Amazon for $145.
  9. Since watching that I've given some thought as to what (if anything) I would have done differently if building a 5-watch collection from scratch on the same budget. It's like f*ck marry kill. I would have likely opted for a Sub over the Seamaster, added the Speedy, kept the JLC (as a dress/complication watch), opted for the Ball as an everyday/office watch, and added a beater diver, likely a Seiko. Or, as an alternative, opted for an Altiplano in lieu of the JLC. A note on the Ball shown in the video... that is the Fireman, which has the fit, finish, and feel of a $5K watch bracelet.
  10. Can't argue with those choices. And that sales associate is 18K gold - he not only knows his stuff, but you get a sense of his passion for horology. You were in good hands. My only beef with these videos is they're the duck-faced hawt chick Instagram posts of the watch world - IMO you have to be pretty close to having FU money to go Brewster's Millions and spend $30K in 30 minutes to build a collection from scratch. And in that regard I think they likely fuel as much watch snobbery and douchebaggery as they feed information. No real world consequences (at least without the risk of making
  11. Not quite... I'm still at odds with everything I listed when I first posted it. Furthermore, when I ask myself under what conditions I would be wearing it and with which suits and sportcoats I'd be paring it, there is always a "better" choice already in my possession. And if it's not getting time on my wrist, why buy it? The answer is a) it looks cool, b) it has heritage, and c) it's a novel application of an uncommon complication, which would be sufficient if I knew I would be wearing it, but my experience tells me it would not be sufficient if I was not. The only planned prospecti
  12. Ha. And here I thought I knew myself. Ball: As you walk through your LED lit hallway, down the stairs illuminated by motion sensing flood lamps, and towards your basement model train table outfitted with 3000 Lumen overhead halogen bulbs, you’re gladly reassured by your watch's Tritium lume - for the brief second it takes to find the switch. Bulova: You are either a middle-aged man obsessively collecting the 1970's Accutrons of your youth, or you picked this up from the jewelry counter at Kohl's - with a coupon. Certina: You are the 33-year old manager of a Coop supermarket outs
  13. So I took a screen shot of the above photo and sized it to approx. 43mm. I realized that in anything other than direct light I likely won't be able to read shit off that world time disc. Then I realized I'm probably past caring. The 30m WR bugs. A big factor for me in the purchase of any business travel watch is a minimum WR of 100m. I've lost a watch to water seepage (user error), and as luck would have it, that was the only other Tissot I've owned. I no-shit typed "other" in line with that last sentence before realizing I did it. I think I might be losing the argument to try to t
  14. You're not helping. I'm trying not to buy it. It is cool looking tho. And I already know where it would go/what it would displace in the box. I find it kind of funny it marks the date line but doesn't have a date. I think that's how they kept it so thin - space for either the world time wheel or the date wheel, but not both.
  15. I've had this damn thing sitting in my shopping cart for two hours now. Somebody talk me off the ledge, please.
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