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  1. SDSU loses to Fresno Right After Losing to Boise

    Well, at least it only takes a day and a half for news to reach Frestuckistan now. You must have been pretty damn excited when the news of your big win finally reached the meth lab set up in your doublewide.
  2. San Diego State vs Army

    Ever hear of the phrase, "Don't fix what's not broken?"
  3. San Diego State vs Army

    I said, "I'll be sending you my stock picks for next week by PM."
  4. San Diego State vs Army

    There's a couple flaws in your logic. First, there is no shortage of instances of the other academies being ranked as one of the Top 25 teams in the country. Second, given the multiple analogs between FB and warfare, I would hope the CO of Army's FB program would be a better strategist and tactician than most if not all FB coaches.
  5. San Diego State vs Army

    I'm sure that had nothing to do whatsoever with him coming in the class after the NCAA all-time rushing leader.
  6. San Diego State vs Army

  7. San Diego State vs Army

    "Political crap?" Gawd you're dumb as fvck. And, "tin-foul-hat-mouth?" Lulz. Do you form all your sentences by randomly selecting several words out of the dictionary? #MakeRenoGreatAgain
  8. San Diego State vs Army

    Their HC certainly gave a shit, considering how much time he spent b1tching about it during his halftime interview. And it's ironic as fvck, nitwit..
  9. San Diego State vs Army

    I handle facts just fine, thank you. I guess I just have so zero fvcks to give about you or your posts that I honestly cannot recall reading a single one of them before responding to the one I did. But yes, I am feeling extraordinarily douchey. Being unable to shake this goddamn flu for 2+ weeks has left me feeling a little surly. So if it makes you feel any better I prly would have said the same damn thing to my own mother. Or to your mom, for that matter. In fact, I think I'll tell her once she wakes up.
  10. San Diego State vs Army

    Waitasec... Army missed the national anthem? Lulz.
  11. San Diego State vs Army

    I get it now. It's okay to try to rip Rashaad's head off his neck after the play of you're a doggie b1tch playing in the AFB, but if you want to protect your boy from said attempted decapitation, it's 15 yds the other way. Got it.
  12. San Diego State vs Army

    Eat a dick. There's prly a holiday blowout sale on them at your bottom-feeder academy.
  13. San Diego State vs Army

    Block-in-the-back no-flag doggie B!TCH...
  14. SDSU had 93,610 undergrad application for 2018

    I hope that with that many applicants we can include a creative chant requirement along with the essay. #MakeTheShowGreatAgain