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  1. I swear on whatever the names are of the two Korean girl scouts he's holding captive in his basement I do not operate any socks.
  2. You mean like the fact that dexamethasone was used on twice as many hydroxychloroquine recipients than it was with patients who were not administered Trump Brand® pharmaceuticals? Or how about the fact the study excluded 10% of the patient population who are still hospitalized? Link
  3. Stayed there for a song 8-10 years ago. It came off as low budge as the California Club. Pillows on top of interior roofs, about as clean as a hobo's dirty Coke can filled with rotten COVID. And it was staffed with honey badgers - should have been renamed The Zero F*cks Hotel and Casino back then. Can't imagine it's gotten anything but worse in the decade since. The only good it's ever served is as a grail-shaped beacon coming up the 15.
  4. Why do nuthuggers suck so badly at things like percentages, or simple math, or perspective?
  5. Ahhh... how nice. Boob found a moving picture with pretty colors he wanted to share with us. Well, one good turn deserves another. Here's a (very) short film I'm sure you'll enjoy, Bob. You'll find it highly relatable.
  6. You do realize that about 125,000 out of 130,000 American COVID deaths occurred outside New York nursing homes, right?
  7. I refuse to defile this year with photos of beautiful cheerleaders. 2020 be more like - and... Flagship b¡tches. Alabama. Roll tide. And GTFoff my lawn... chair. Pop a squat Mad Shatter, er, @Mad_Hatter. Europe. @mugtang you're on dick, er, on deck.
  8. Was able to get ribeye for the 4th at $5.77/lb. Pan-seared with Parmesan fungi risotto made with wild sage form our property and yard-to-table rosemary and basil.
  9. I prefer trad music on the 4th. Classic rock during the #daydrinking portion of the day, military marches and the like for fireworks.
  10. Copious day drinking in between kickass movies on the couch, to be followed by ribeye and risotto. Because 'Murca. Happy 4th everyone.
  11. You're a certifiable dipshit, Bob. Dumb as leaded f*cking paint. You remind me of a joke: A blind man walks into a saloon and finds his way up to the bar. As Bob pours him a drink, the blind man asks, "Hey - you want to hear a nuthugger joke?" Bob tells the blind man, "look man. Before you continue, you should know something. The guy sitting to your left is 6'3, a patched biker, and just got out of prison for beating a man to death. He's a nuthugger. The guy sitting to your right is a 6'2" 220lb MMA fighter, and he's a nuthugger. And I'm a nuthugger too. Now are you sure you want to tell that joke?" The blind man takes a sip of his drink and says, "Nah. I don't want to have to explain it three times." Happy 4th of July, b¡tch tits!
  12. You should see it when someone cuts me off and I flex from my wife's Prius. #BallerLife
  13. Hmmm... given the spirit of the holiday weekend and my unusually good nature today, I'll answer as if you weren't being a complete c*nt. Three times in as many weeks I've had a anti-masker encounter - twice in small, family (of nuthuggers)-owned pool supply store from which I've been purchasing my pool chemicals for the last 15 years, and once in a Von's. In the instance of the former, after two instances - a maskless customer in their store, and then their Idiot Son - I have made the decision to shop elsewhere. Not because of politics - as I said, I've been paying them above-market for chlorine and muriatic acid for many moons (I do it to support small business and because IMO they have superior chlorine) - but because I am not going to increase my risk of exposure due to their politics. In the second instance, I was standing in line waiting to check out in Von's - who has a strict *must wear* mask policy - when I heard some guy in the adjacent line say, "Hey - are you in line? Oh, okay [cough, cough]." It was the coughing that had me look. When I looked over, no mask. I, on the other hand, between my #CovidClothes, mirror blackout goggles, lid, and triple-layer mask look like Deadpool's poorer cousin, Deadbroke. There was no way he could see I was casting sideways eye, so I displayed my disapproval with multiple emphatic shakes of the head. I kept staring, he looked away. Maybe in hindsight I was trying to bait the guy to say something, but in the absence of his provocation I wasn't going to accost him - but damn if I'm not going to ask the manager (working my lane) if it's acceptable when I check out. Which I did. She gave me an emphatic "NO" in response and asked if I had seen a customer without one. I pointed him out, and she called the cashier over, then called him. In classic He-Karen form, he gave her some lip before walking out. As he was passing by on the other side of the counter, he gestures towards me and says, "it was HIM, huh?" To which I got a little salty and said, "YEAH it was me, +++++er. How about you stick around for a minute outside and we'll talk about it?" And as he continued walking away I called after him, "Get with the program, asshole!" And guess what? The manager thanked me - twice - for "standing up to him." I didn't know what to expect leaving the store. I had a 6-pack of cans in my left hand, a 6-pack of bottles in my right. On the way to the door I was trying to decide whether I should break the entire f*cking 6-pack upside his MAGA b¡tch dome, or drop the 6-pack and just swing one bottle if he was waiting to blindside me as I left the store. #Decisions But nope - he was f*cking ghost. And I wasn't surprised. In my experience, the loudest tend to be the biggest pusses when push comes to shove. Other than that, on my next trip to Von's to buy 4th of July steaks I had to ask two gentlemen to please maintain 'social distance' of 6 feet. I had patiently waited for the two women in front of me to make their selections in turn and depart before I made my selection. But when I walked up there, these two guys mobbed up almost immediately. But when I asked - respectfully - they both acknowledged and complied without issue. And in all fairness, I've been on the other side of that equation, where I've accidentally crowded on someone and have had to be reminded - these are big-little changes we are all trying to make. But at this point in time - at least here where it's been an enforceable county mandate for months - the only reason some MAGA dipshit is going to refuse to wear a mask in an establishment that has similarly been requiring it for as long is to be a b¡tch MAGAt f*cking troll, and no, I do not have an infinite well of patience for those c*nts.
  14. Oh, I get (all of) that, and said as much myself (re: the reason behind sandbagging the stated utility and benefit of wearing masks). Hence my belief that armed with a reasonable degree of intelligence and the intellectual honesty of an "open cup," we are all perfectly capable of making well-informed decisions and that its perfectly okay to cerebrally question direction if one's simply looking to buy in to said instruction. There's always source material to find, and there's always the time to find it provided one desires the knowledge. That's why my wife and I have been wearing masks in stores (and advising the same) since early March. That's also how I knew we were heading down Pandemic Alley back in Jan, if you'll recall.