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  1. TheSanDiegan

    SDSU @ Fresno

    Seriously, that first half was IMO largely attributed to a lockdown D as the Aztecs worked out their daddy issues following Hut and TES' departure. You could see they were visibly pissed, which is uncharacteristic of a team that has rooted it's recent culture in a workman-like, unemotional vibe. I personally miss the Days of Swag, of J-Frank and Winston beating their chests after an impact play. Wasn't it Wichita St. that carried the motto of "Play Angry" all the way to the Final Four? I see some of that in Mitchell's game, but until last night, never saw it in the squad as a whole. Germ is about as B-type personality on the court as I've ever seen... but the fire in his eyes last night made him look almost possessed - they and the bench emoted with a sense of vindication with every TO, with every basket, during that first half. They mad bro. But all energy runs its course... when the Bulldogs came out en fuego to start the 2nd half, the Aztecs no longer had the emotion in the tank from which to draw, and reverted back to the meek Mr. Hyde they have shown themselves to be for entire halves or more of games.
  2. TheSanDiegan

    SDSU @ Fresno

    May I suggest a happy tissue for the first half and reserving the barf bag for the second?
  3. TheSanDiegan

    SDSU @ Fresno

    It's weird to see it once, but frustrating as f*ck to see it pretty much every other game.
  4. TheSanDiegan

    SDSU @ Fresno

    Yeah but only for 'sucio segundo' once they've been freshly backfilled by TJ Miller. It's a weird fetish.
  5. TheSanDiegan

    People with dementia can be fun

    I used to bang the f*ck out of my keyboard on ATS. Me thinks you'll have a PM inbound once I'm caught up with work...
  6. TheSanDiegan

    Twitter could be the death of Western Democracy

    I agree. And I'll add that the insular nature of the information supply chain on social media is not limited to one party. MIT's Media Lab actually mapped the interconnectivity based on political bias during the last election cycle. What they found was that Trump supporters are more likely to exist in social media echo chambers than Clinton supporters, who were more interconnected with a broader spectrum of news sources. ***** My issue with Twitter isn't just the existence to political echo chambers but the very fact that the the modality of communication is not conducive to the depth of conversation required to work through complex issues. This in turn makes it more difficult for two people on opposite sides of an issue to actually discuss the merits of their respective ideas, and de-incentivizes us from finding common ground. And this doesn't just stem from the 280-character limit (and 144-character preceding it), but also from the very construct of social media mediums - FB, IG, and Twitter - which are designed to reward users with posting like-minded (read: group think) posts in trade for external loci of validation. Little by little we seem to be willing to exchange depth for frequency, each day moving further away from the philosophers of yesteryear and one step closer to sounding like one giant (attempted) murder of f*cking crows.
  7. TheSanDiegan

    People with dementia can be fun

    Yeah... remember back when just the crazy was crazy?
  8. TheSanDiegan

    SDSU @ Fresno

    One blowout's too many but that senitment ain't really fair, anyway we're stuck with him for another year so why go there?
  9. That literally made me laugh out loud.
  10. TheSanDiegan

    People with dementia can be fun

    Makes the old skool John Titor discussions on the interwebs read like a back-issue of NatGeo.
  11. From the above BBC article:
  12. TheSanDiegan

    Reagan on the border.

    Obviously, Reagan was a Kenyan muslim who hated America. #DeepState
  13. TheSanDiegan

    SDSU @ Fresno

    Yeah, that's us. Every game.
  14. TheSanDiegan

    SDSU @ Fresno

    That's a different qualifier. This was your original statement: