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  1. What? I said "apple" and you replied "enema." Your habit of erroneously assuming another person's position and then backfilling to your own contrarian position is bemusing.
  2. That's funny - I've honestly never heard that term, but that is probably due to the fact that the only two tailors with whom I've worked for any period of time were both East Asian women. The first was from Hong Kong; my current is Vietnamese. I guess half the time I saw them I accidentally ended up with a happy ending. I did have who was considered by many to be the most talented tailor in San Diego (an old Neapolitan gentleman who did alterations for Nordstrom here) work on a jacket for me once, but that was it.
  3. May it be made of a velour brighter than any color in my signature and have one of those water-squirting novelty flowers attached to the lapel.
  4. I've noticed our local anchors (at least at the network affiliates) paying more attention to detail and dressing nicer across the board over the past several years.
  5. I'm fortunate in that Canali 42R jackets fit me like a glove. Any and every other jacket I've bought have benefitted to some degree from the customization a tailor can provide. A perfect fit will enhance the effect you have already noticed. Now in semi-retirement (in part injury-driven) and working almost exclusively remotely since the pandemic, I too have adapted the dress code of a homeless Eskimo when working at home, and I too enjoy taking advantage of the opportunity when an occasion calls for giving a shit.
  6. I'm sure you're already aware of this, but fit is as important a component of appearance as is quality, i.e., it's always worth plunking down the extra few bones to have a decent tailor make a jacket fit like it was bespoke.
  7. I have found that there has never been a downside to erring on the side of being overdressed for a given occasion (within limits). I've said it before, but honestly, I'm as confirmable suited as I am in a tee shirt, baggies, and Reefs. I just find that occasions that call for the one tend to make war with the other. I am sure there is a theory as to why we treat each other better when we take more pride in how we present ourselves - maybe it's simply divide across socio-economic lines, maybe it's as simple as when you're wearing nice threads, you don't want to f*ck them up... but either way, in my experience at least, we do.
  8. You seem to often conflate correlation with causality and/or have difficulty understanding multivariate relationships. As to my perceived relationship between personal aesthetics and behavior, I am content to rely upon my firsthand observed correlation following a half-century of life and a quarter-century during which I routinely flew 30K-50K miles per year skewed toward longhaul travel, i.e., people who don't always dress like shit tend to treat each other better than those who do. Your mileage - accrued over your own personal life experience - may vary.
  9. Or - and stay with me for a second here - advances in aerospace safety and intelligence gathering are responsible or the reduction in hijacking incidents and aviation disasters. Meanwhile at the Walmart of Justice, "unruly passenger incidents" continue to trend upward even after the retracement following the pandemic spike: I personally noticed a big shift after 9/11, as everybody's stress amp - pax and fight crews alike - was turned up to 11. Suddenly FAs were acting like drill sergeants and pax were acting like caffeinated weasels. Pretty much everything went to shit after 9/11.
  10. I thought it hilarious last winter when during a deep freeze in parts of Florida the National Weather Service had to issue warnings about falling iguanas.
  11. Also, and in furtherance of one your previous posts refuting Bob's bullshit, it is important to note that of the $38.2 billion in military aid reflected in my post above, $27.8 billion - approx. 3/4 of the aid - was either in the form of existing equipment drawdowns or expenses incurred by our own military in response to Russia's invasion to improve readiness (e.g., sending 18,000 more troops to Europe).
  12. My wife and Were late comers to the series, but The Last Kingdom on Netflix is a solid, historically-focused period piece covering the early medieval Anglo-Saxon period during the first quarter of the 10th century. Very well done and entirely binge-worthy. Here's a link to the original trailer.
  13. Actually, that was never the case; military aid has always made up the majority of aid committed to Ukraine since Russia's invasion. From last November: Link
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