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  1. If you go to a resort property in Cancun and don't go looking to get hooked up off-property with some hookers and blow, then there is approximately a zero percent chance - f*ckall - that you will be at risk. Yes, there are plenty of locales in Mexico where you are exposed to some varying degree of risk. However, there are properties where there is indeed zero risk associated with a visit.
  2. That was big news here. And yes, it is a dumb argument to suggest Mexico is not more dangerous than many other places (incl. here). And yes, police in Mexico are far more corrupt than they are here. I, too, have been pulled over in TJ for doing nothing wrong, simply to be extorted, tho that was a lifetime ago. However, Stealth is right in that the probability of anything happening is incredibly low and there are plenty of safe tourist havens in America's India.
  3. I think Sherman's March is probably a closer comparison. Even then I don't think they indiscriminately targeted Confederate women and children. I'm all for Israel wiping Hamas off the face of the earth, but time and time again it has been shown that a political solution is as critical a component as a military solution when ending insurgencies. No idea tho if this also applies to intifadas.
  4. First, that first highlighted segment speaks rather explicitly and specifically to the "provision" of arms "not previously justified to Congress" (or in a quantity 20% greater than the quantity "justified" to Congress). That would seem to not be entirely relevant to the President's authority to withhold aid. Second, the notification to Congress to which you infer in your post - presumably referencing the second highlighted segment - is in regards to a waiver for the notification requirements under certain conditions (e.g., fulfilling notification requirements under that section would "pose a substantial risk to human health or welfare") and again (as with the rest of this section) is not really germane to the issue of a President's ability to withhold aid. Third, yes, I did read parts of the act, including all of Section 116 as well as paragraphs of 503. And guess what? They too carry their own notification requirements to select committees/committee members in Congress. Lastly, isn't a bit presumptuous for us to pretend we know whether or not various agents of the presidency have notified various agents of Congress about these matters? ETA: Please don't ask nor expect me to read any more of it tho. That was boring as f*ck and made reading contracts by comparison like looking at porn.
  5. Context matters. But first let's set the record straight - Link Link to Source Doc
  6. The Yema Superman is an iconic watch with a family rich heritage as a dive watch. I can't remember if they were a dead brand that was resurrected or simply made a push into new markets, but they popped up on the WUS radar 10-15 years ago and were warmly received. Back then, they were $500 watches and I came close to picking one up, but ended up satisfying that vintage-looking itch with the Divers Sixty-Five.
  7. Also had this at my fiend's recently: Damn good but IMHO not worth the $300 SRP (let alone the secondary prices).
  8. Ah, I didn't even think about that angle... good point. Yessir they are all different from each other. The American was phenomenal - drank like a straight rye (we were guessing a 45-45-10 mash bill due to how it drank and the "American whiskey" designation). Second OC American batch Ive had the pleasure to try and both were memorable. My buddy scored this bottle a 9.2. The Indigo's Hour was without doubt the most complex yet easy-drinking 90 proof whiskey I've ever tried. Both this and the OC American were worth their SRP IMO. My buddy scored it an 8.9. The OC Bourbon was mighty fine, but kind of a one-trick pony. I would choose either batch of American whiskey over that bourbon batch any day. My buddy (and I both) scored it an 8.3. My buddy brought the three "good" bottles; I supplied the Jack Bonded, which drank like a 100 proof Jack I suppose. It was nice. Scored at 6.4 by my bourbon sherpa. A fairly decent buy for <$30 IMO. I'll probably have a pour of it here shortly.
  9. From last week's Friday Night Flights: That 18 YO Orphan Barrel was something else... I wrote this note in a draft email when nosing it: "my nose wants to eat this bourbon's pussy." Yes, I know... eloquent. Eloquent as f*ck.
  10. That is patently incorrect. Please refer to the 1991 Ukrainian Referendum for Independence. Both Donestk and Luhansk voted nearly 84% in favor of Ukrainian independence - and that was with roughly the same percentage of active Russian speakers as they had in 2014. In fact, only Crimea voted lower and even then 54% of the people voted for Ukranian independence, and in Sevastopol, it was more than 57% that voted in favor. They are no more Russian oblasts now than they were when Russia illegally invaded Ukraine in 2014. Ukrainian victory looks like a Russian retreat to pre-2014 borders.
  11. What is this magical mystery promise of which you speak? The one McCarthy - whom nobody trusted - claimed to have existed? Pelosi was asked about such a pinky swear and she denied it. Seems pretty cut and dry - there is no extant proof of any such promise, and if there is, your link sure as shit didn't provide it.
  12. You do realize however that this does not support your earlier assertion, right?
  13. Proud of my wife for threading the scheduling needle through DXB between Iran's attack and the flooding in Dubai, with a retaliatory strike by Israel likely on the horizon. The Gulf is going to become an utter shitshow if/when Israel returns serve.
  14. Yes, we should have returned it to them, as it was part of the JCPOA that led to the partially-implemented shutdown of Iran's nuclear program. That's how agreements work.
  15. The three victims of a Bottle Kill I hosted last weekend with a couple friends. However, being the gentlemen we are, we let a couple bottles survive so they could warn the others of our intentions. The Rampur drinks like Balvenie 12 Doublewood, even if the temperature extremes in northern Rajasthan means it only has to age for 4 years to achieve the same flavor profile.
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