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  1. Don't tell @Bob wearing masks saved children's lives; his head will explode. On second thought, please tell Bob.
  2. It's awesome to have a beater I can take outside now while I drink, smoke, and junk up the general geography. The only downside is the cigar keeps falling out of my mouth every time I get to the chorus.
  3. Is one of them by chance walking kind of funny?
  4. I know a guy with a slightly-used* Ibanez RG120 he'll sell you for $140. *Horribly abused; ridden hard and put away wet
  5. Not a guitar post, but related to the recent $14 project Ibanez and doesn't merit a thread of its own... After seeing the fruits of her labor with the free guitar find, my wife has made it a point to not just pass by shit on the side of the road labeled "Free" anymore. So today, on her way back home from the store, she saw some stuff out in front of a house for sale with a free sign. I am now the proud owner of a nearly new 5-speed drill press and a NIB pair of marine waterproof speakers. I used to think she was the reincarnation of some Indian warrior princess. Now I'm thinki
  6. Remember that the vaccine does not provide not unicorn immunity; it is just another layer of protection. The published efficacy of the vaccines (call it 90% on average) does not take into account exposure as a function of viral load or the more recent published findings out of Israel that efficacy wanes over time. Nor does it take into account living in the Mississippi of the West where you're likely to be exposed more than in locales where a greater percentage of the people are vaccinated. I'm sick and tired of wearing the +++++ing things myself - especially now that we're in the middle
  7. If only your local county animal control had neutered you before you spilled your seed into some fertile gaping hole... But I guarantee if we had kids your kids' age we wouldn't be whining and cribbing like little b1tches because they had to wash their hands. Oh nos!
  8. I'm not. Without he-Karens like that walking vag, we'd be stuck with making fun of UNLV preseason champion of the world threads.
  9. It was a joke, you f*cktarded twatwaffle. Way to stay on brand though.
  10. That room with the sinks and toilets is called the bathroom, you moron. Is your "doctor" just some dude with a white coat and a van in the alley behind the gas station?
  11. We would have been twice as f*cked if Trump had been half as intelligent as Modi is.
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