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  1. The ivermectin he took was for humans, prescribed by a doctor for humans. And that's not all he took. In addition, he took Regeneron and had monoclonal antibody therapy. In his own words, he "threw the kitchen sink" at it, and it was effective in getting him to where he tested negative by the fifth day.
  2. Because, my good man, your post was in direct response to Ian's premise that rejected a narrative in which Trump was on the "winning team" during the pandemic and Fauci was at fault for the loss of control. And in said response, you equated the two as being equally at fault early pandemic containment and successive management phases. Not only does this fail in its obviously blatant "whataboutism," but to somehow suggest they were both "equally bad" in their respective roles is factually inaccurate (and damn near insulting to the scientific literate) when one adhered to scientific pr
  3. You cannot blame the CDC nor NIH's messaging on Fauci during 2020 consideirng that since late February all COVID-related messaging had to go through the VP's office: Link Regarding the mask reversals, that has been discussed ad infinitum. Given the scarcity of N95 masks, the CDC was hoping to cut down on the demand from civies like me who were stocking up for their own personal/family use. Fauci copped to this last year itself. Regarding the ridiculous number of Dems who think the hospitalization rate is a gazzlion times higher than it actually is? Stupid gonna stupid whe
  4. They have history. And their re-release of mid-century models has injected their brand with a. lot of credit to the new set of Watch Guys. But $350 seems a little on the high side for a Timex Ti IMO considering you're likely getting a very inexpensive Chinese movement.
  5. Ti watches develop a unique gray patina over time. It's a great metal or dive watches for its lightweight, but it will tarnish (like bronze) over time, so probably not the best choice for a dress watch.
  6. Congrats - I know you had pretty much decided on that watch for her many pages/moons ago. It does leave me with a couple questions... Can she appreciate the coolness of a bronze watch, or do you think she (in part) sees it as "it looks kinda like gold but isn't gold?" Also, what's the case diameter of the Oris? I've long wanted to buy a fictional dive watch for my wife, but she has such small wrists anything north of 30mm looks cartoonishly large on her.
  7. Well f*ck me running. I went out of my way to ensure that was typed correctly; autocorrect can f*ck right off.
  8. "Crude reporting rates per million doses administered." Without even validating the source data, there is an issue here, as it is a horrible metric. Reporting rates per million doses administered simply indicates a loose correlation without any suggestion of causality, especially considering the plethora of data that indicates a higher incidence rate (of myocarditis) occurring from COVID very well may simply suggest that as more people are exposes to the virus over time, there are more patients with myocarditis. Rogan and Sanjay Gupta covered this ad nauseam in their podcast.
  9. Not a brag, but rather a confession well beyond the statute of limitations... It was not uncommon as a teenager to have a 12-pack of Coors Extra Gold as my copilot and I would eject empties out the sunroof. On the freeway. At 85mph.
  10. This is factually inaccurate. There is no data to support this. To the contrary, the data indicates that the risk for myocarditis in children under 16 is 37 times higher for unvaccinated kids than for vaccinated children (Link) and another study (conducted in teenage boys) found that unvaccinated group was 16 times more likely to develop myocarditis than the vaccinated group. The outlier study that has been widely criticized for its methods (Link) rather dishonestly compared myocarditis rates (among vaccinated boys) to hospitalization rates (of unvaccinated boys).
  11. Waning immunity I suppose. We know now that the J&J was relatively ineffective after just a couple months, and that Pfizer immunity wanes after 4 months or so. That being said, 3K cases in a community of 3+ million people ain't bad tho.
  12. I also think there's a component of Carlin's "meaning is in people not words" at play here. When you listen to Bert talk it becomes apparent he doesn't have a mean bone in his body. And if it's simply about chasing the funny then all bets are off in my book - nothing's sacred.
  13. And for the record, if God had a second son He would have sacrificed him for a #3 with onions.
  14. I agree in principle this is an example of overreach, but I'm also not entirely sure how this is different from the masking mandates that were put into effect by county public health agencies last year? Not challenging anything said here, but would be interested to hear others' opinions.
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