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  1. I was watching both games simultaneously and was more focused on your game, but once the game settled in USD seemed to be in control throughout until Fresno tied it at the end of reg. Nate Grimes is a stud, but I'm not sure Hut can lead them to the promised land. Maybe Fresno really is just a MWC 6th place team.
  2. You guys lost to a really shitty USD team. Maybe Hut can only coach up the D? Either way, we play them in the Slim Gym next week so we'll see how it compares to tonight's game. I see us winning by 8-10.
  3. Damn UNLV. You guys are so damn close, but still something seems so far... You guys could just as easily be 3-0 as 1-2. I know Long got his points tonight, but I rather have seen that ball in Hardy's hands on that last possession despite his cold shooting in the 2nd half. Nice to see Tillman produce.
  4. Right? Especially considering that not only are his first two picks are underwater, but so are 5 & 6 (combined). It goes to show you how important the last three picks are.
  5. Yeah, there's just no excuse. I thought our unnecessarily close W in Vegas was our annual bed shitting exercise but it turns out that was just the warm-up... "shart-stretching," it you will.
  6. Just because it's been a while and I miss getting your stupid facepalms. And learn English ffs. You're posts are painful to read - it's like qwerty pigdin.
  7. Watched the first half on replay this morning and I am really impressed with the hustle and effort UNLV put into their D. Idk what exactly happened thereafter, but it seems that after the half K-State put its D into UNLV.
  8. No, no need to apologize. That vacuum-like sound emanating from Mission Valley last night was us sucking all the dicks.
  9. Thank God we had two weeks to prepare.