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  1. Good, "God-fearing" Christian men like Roy Moore, Donald Trump, New Gingrich, Wes Goodman, Chris Myers, and Larry Craig, amirite? To suggest that people who are not card-carrying, Trump pole-smoking knobknockers are not hard-working, family-oriented, and/or value-driven displays a somewhat divisive and derisive degree of ignorance. For your further edification:
  2. FIFY. Seriously tho, I've long maintained his lack of compass can indeed work to our favor, tho I also believe such gains are more than offset by the inevitable fallout of a lack of cohesive policy. And I don't' know if the administration actually wants a conflict, or simply wants to sell a conflict just so they can then abate it and claim credit for doing so (the more probable option if I were a betting man). Remember, an inordinate amount of this president's "policies" are based wholly on optics.
  3. I really doubt the Houthis really had anything to do with this strike.
  4. Buy on rumor, sell on news. I'm guessing the commodities market has been going apeshit since open.
  5. Can you blame them? Regardless, something about it reminds me of this story: Start a fire, rattle sabers until dawn, put out said fire, collect Nobel at the door.
  6. I find it pretty f*cking ironic that according to the Saudis, who are engaged in a proxy war with Iran already, (from the above article)
  7. According to the WSJ, we have determined it was the Iranians* and have shared an intelligence assessment with the Saudis: Qui bono? *How. Convenient.
  8. The "No" response is like a hermaphrodite's dick... it's too small and really shouldn't be there in the first place.
  9. After a break-up, the party not responsible always claims it was "mutual." So who really dumped who?
  10. Weber State's defense is significantly inferior to our own.
  11. Despite my thoughts on your politics, you and I could totally be neighbors and yell at kids to get off our lawns together in another 30 years.