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  1. IMO there's great potential in the exploration of the backstory of how a Targaryen became the Night King. Maybe this is covered in the books?
  2. I don't necessarily buy that. Domesticated and livestock porcine species are known to go feral within months, with succeeding generations born as completely wild animals. Wildlings gonna wild. Things change over time. Jon was the only reason the free folk and the people south of the Wall got along. He's no longer there, nor are the free folk. And I imagine even fictitious things regress to the mean over time. tl;dr: MWGA! Build that Wall!
  3. Regarding the political pivot referenced in the above Vox article, I have no problem with it. Throughout the show's arc of backstabbing and gamesmanship, there were only four houses that seemed consumed with obtaining the Iron Throne. Of those, three either no longer exist and/or have any legitimate claim to the throne (Tyrell, Baratheon, and Targaryen). And the Last of the Lannisters has zero f*cks to give about ruling. So, with all those throne thirsty f*cks responsible for the wars and bloodshed gone from the political landscape, and with half of Westros still reeling from the aftermath of apocalyptic conflict, I can envision and accept the remaining kingdoms wanting nothing more than to simply exist, peacefully, together. War makes one weary. And in the GoT universe, there has been a near state of constant war on Westros for the better part of the show's arc. However, as per the Vox article, the delivery of this was something of a joke - think about the last meeting in the same venue, and all the time spent exploring each character's motivations and angles (referenced in the article). Had thew writers given a f*ck about their own product, the would have stretched this out. Like the Vox author says this meeting really deserved it's own episode. But the idea of the the remaining rulers of Westros so easily turning a new leaf now that the throne thirsty f*cks are gone? I get it.
  4. I just read Vox's write up on the finale and this is what the author had to say: I really have no issue with Jon's return to the Wall. It was his time at - and beyond - the Wall that formatively shaped him into the man he became. His tie to the Wall and the Wildlings, his resurrection, the Wall still (and always) standing s both a literal and metaphorical guard post, watching over the Seven Kingdoms... I found it, and his reunion with both Big Red and Left Ear Lobo Lopez poetic. Jon belongs with the free folk, and their leader already revers him as their king. Perfect, IMO. But seriously... howTF was I looking at a shiny new wall, bereft of any damage or signs of (ongoing) reconstruction, and reeking of that "new wall" smell? That type of shit is just lazy writing... Anyway, it's a great read (Link). I saw the reference after last week's episode to "D&D," but only after reading the Vox article did I realize that referred to the show's writers. Nor did I know that the whole reason it felt entirely rushed (both this season and segments of last) was because it was... Why would these tools want to chop 35% of the episodes? What tools...
  5. Are posting from a hotspot in the middle of the desert? Because damn you act thirsty (and your posts are making increasingly little sense).
  6. Money is really a poor metric to rank by as advertisers aren't going to pay for college hoops games that start at 11:00 EST/EDT. The AAC is in a geographically advantageous position being located within a (much) denser population base. More eyes = bigger TV market = more money. It has relatively little to do with the "goodness" of your conference. So if geolocation is brag-worthy, knock your thirsty self out...
  7. Not really. The stench of urine just trickled up the legs of the conferences below... the "new" CUSA is like Sun Belt 2.0 just like AAC is CUSA 2.0 just like MWC has become WAC 2.0. It's just a shell game. Of course, for every shell game there's always a sucker throwing stacks on the table. So keep on betting on the three card, Monty.
  8. A good number of us are dumbAF compared to our other post-industrial counterparts. I used to hear this joke when I was traveling on business all the time: What do you call someone who speaks two languages? Bilingual. What do you call someone who speaks three languages? Trilingual. What do you call someone who speaks one language? An American.
  9. When you do your attention whoring cartwheels, you go counter-clockwise now?