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  1. Proud of my wife for threading the scheduling needle through DXB between Iran's attack and the flooding in Dubai, with a retaliatory strike by Israel likely on the horizon. The Gulf is going to become an utter shitshow if/when Israel returns serve.
  2. Yes, we should have returned it to them, as it was part of the JCPOA that led to the partially-implemented shutdown of Iran's nuclear program. That's how agreements work.
  3. The three victims of a Bottle Kill I hosted last weekend with a couple friends. However, being the gentlemen we are, we let a couple bottles survive so they could warn the others of our intentions. The Rampur drinks like Balvenie 12 Doublewood, even if the temperature extremes in northern Rajasthan means it only has to age for 4 years to achieve the same flavor profile.
  4. I haven't had a chance to try batch 15 - how's is it? I mean, where does it fall on the scale between really good and freakin' great?
  5. I hear the little dude can pay above the rim.
  6. Cockblocking dudes trying to hit on Ivanka?
  7. Looks like someone grabbed Bob by the pussy.
  8. I went in to TW last week and was stoked to score the last bottle of store select 1792 Single Barrel BiB. But with only a single bottle each of the SiB BiB and 12Y, I'm not really ready to blow through them, at least not while I'm working on an open bottle of Full Proof. So after a couple different whiskeytubers I respect were surprisingly impressed by the entry-level 1792 Small Batch - it won a blind against the more expensive limited expressions on one channel - I decided to plunk down the whopping $27 for a bottle. And +++++ yes it's as good as billed. A no-brainer for <$30 and a flavor bomb for being 93.7 proof.
  9. Regardless, I'm having a great time browsing the duty free website - I hadn't even thought to look - thanks!
  10. Oh dude you said, "Cuban" and my mind went somewhere else entirely.
  11. Blanton's came to mind, tho I'd really only be interested in the red bottle, as the 80 proof expressions would be a hard pass for me. The only other Blanton's I'm really interested in maybe acquiring the SFTB. Good to know re: the Four Roses. I'd love to score a bottle of OESO, but other than that, idk if I'll be adding a bottle anytime soon.
  12. Question for @Mano, @tailingpermit, et al: My wife is returning home from India next week and has a long enough layover in Dubai to hit up the duty free shop for me. It's the wrong market, but I'm hoping she'll encounter a bottle of Wild Turkey 12. That leaves her with 1.3L worth of duty free whiskey to import - what else should I be asking her to be on the lookout for?
  13. He also broke Michael Cage's 40 year-old record for points in a season. Dude was a freakin' stud.
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