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  1. TheSanDiegan


    Rashaad's final line: 12/108 and a TD. Stoked he's finally healthy and getting a chance to show what he can do.
  2. TheSanDiegan

    AP Poll out

    Doesn't sound very special.
  3. TheSanDiegan

    AP Poll out

    When do they update? I thought it was today like the AP/Coaches' polls...
  4. TheSanDiegan

    Rank ‘em

  5. TheSanDiegan

    Call Me Crazy

    Is this a poll? I votr for crazy.
  6. TheSanDiegan

    AP Poll out

    It'll be interesting to see how much love the Vaggies gets in the CFP poll. Not too many 9-1 teams out there. Good job USU. IMO you're the class of the conference right now.
  7. TheSanDiegan

    Karma lmao

    SMU's b¡tch says what? You might want to wash all the shit off your bed shats sheets before you go flinging it in somebody else's direction.
  8. TheSanDiegan

    Uh oh, BYU BB

  9. So apparently, he hung around before - and for - an entire practice. Zo had asked Dutch if he could come - Dutch and Pitino had hung out together previously (Pitino has a horse that races at Del mar) - and Dutch jumped at the chance. Pitino spoke to the team beforehand, hung out with Fish for the practice, then gave feedback to individual players and the coaches. How cool for the kids. Article in the U-T
  10. TheSanDiegan

    SDSU West leading big

    An Arrogant Bastard Balcony accessed by way of the Stone Stairwell? I'm down. And suddenly thirsty.
  11. TheSanDiegan

    Sessions Resigns

    Yup. And I also have to believe Mueller's team was anticipating this in the event the Dems regained control of the House. I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised to learn that Mueller has been sitting on their findings until after the election to maintain a sense of propriety, nor would I be surprised to see the Special Counsel's findings released in anticipation of a Sessionless DoJ running interference on the investigation if not attempting to shut it down altogether.
  12. TheSanDiegan

    Sessions Resigns