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  1. I think you guys are too negative about your new contract. I believe ESPN is negotiating to boost ESPN+ and is willing to pay to get it started. An agreement to place games on ESPN+ might also mean more games on TV along with more money. If games are on Tuesday and Wednesday and there are more of them you get more exposure. Aresco embraced ESPN+ early. That probably made negotiations go much better. I am not saying this is the solution. Just, that there are ways.
  2. https://fbschedules.com/7-college-football-programs-that-have-earned-spot-in-power-5/
  3. " Are there any AAC Schools the majority of fans want kicked out? "Yes. That question has been answered many times.TULSA
  4. Tulsa was involved in 3 of the top 8 AAC TV telecasts. What schools were opponents in those games?
  5. I believe the Boise deal casts a shadow over other MWC programs. It says to the World that "Boise is better than other conference members", which is not true.
  6. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/why-it-could-make-a-lot-of-financial-sense-for-the-top-100-teams-to-break-from-the-ncaa/
  7. " It was stated in an article that ESPN+ would allow the AAC to sort of have their own TV network, a substitue for BiG, SEC, ACC, and PAC network. " If ES{N+ allows each conference to essentially have its own network, that might be a boon to G5 conferences. Could you view a game that would otherwise not be available?
  8. SDSU was one of only 14 schools to play post-season in football, basketball, and baseball last year. They may repeat this year. That is better athletics.than the vast majority of schools.
  9. "Much more to do/care about in the west other than sports. " What a fantastic statement. Please elaborate.
  10. UCF does "out of this World" research Founded in 1963 by the Florida Legislature, UCF opened in 1968 as Florida Technological University, with the mission of providing personnel to support the growing U.S. space program at the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on Florida's Space Coast. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_Central_Florida https://www.foxnews.com/science/scientists-are-building-a-steam-powered-spaceship-can-potentially-explore-forever a steam-powered spaceship that can potentially explore 'forever' https://www.geekwire.com/2018/university-central-florida-taking-charge-gigantic-radio-telescope-arecibo/ University of Central Florida is taking charge of gigantic Arecibo radio telescope Florida Space Grant Consortium is a NASA sponsored program administered by the University of Central Florida https://floridaspacegrant.org/affiliates-info/university-of-central-florida/ https://www.spaceflightinsider.com/missions/earth-science/university-central-florida-planetary-scientist-highlights-cubesat-progress/ University of Central Florida planetary scientist highlights CubeSat progress
  11. http://haslametrics.com/ratings.php Hover over column heading for description
  12. Interesting that you would know this. I haven't looked. UCF is the dude that you need a microscope to find it
  13. Currently, they are not comparable in enrollment, academics, research, football, basketball, facilities, recruiting area, DMA, viewers, and definitely potential.
  14. "BTW...Houston,the AAC standard bearer right now and one of only 3 undefeated teams, is way down at 15/17. " Houston can't overcome that west coast bias.
  15. Renu Khator has done wonders for the school. For decades UH had very little support for athletics. It was to survive on its own. But she has provided great support. UH now has good facilities for all of its teams. They recently announced an "indoor banked track" will be installed. It will be 1 of only 10 at universities in the country https://uhcougars.com/index.aspx?path=track When Khator was hired she promised a top tier athletic program. She has repeated that promise several times. It's a new world for us.