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  1. Research was included. Carnegie Classification was used. https://www.forbes.com/sites/christiankreznar/2021/09/08/how-we-rank-americas-top-colleges/?sh=ec03c1e43e01
  2. For some reason the name Darrell royal comes to mind.
  3. I became a member of this conference to defend U. of Houston. There was a member using the name "VA Libertarian" that was attacking UH. There was absolutely no reason for mentioning UH except in his mind. He used generalizations such as "poor academics". When some one does that without supporting information such as SAT level or graduates in 4 years, etc it is simply slander. He did it repeatedly and often. I could never determine what his motivations were. UH was not trying to join the MWC. UH has always chose to go East. It had a history of playing SEC teams. It desired to play Te
  4. For many on the AAC forum, Boise is a "one trick pony" with absolutely no potential. SDSU is similar to many AAC schools. It has good programs, academics, recruiting area, market, and huge potential. Comparison of those two schools is ridiculous.
  5. https://www.heartlandcollegesports.com/2021/09/03/san-diego-state-is-a-worthy-consideration-for-the-big-12-conference/
  6. How can any school join the Big-12? The ultimate membership is not known. The value with any new contract is not known. .
  7. https://currently.att.yahoo.com/att/think-big-here-is-one-way-to-save-the-big-12-203016120.html?.tsrc=daily_mail&uh_test=1_11
  8. https://www.kansascity.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/for-petes-sake/article253777938.html?fbclid=IwAR2ZEFpbZDSPxS8S2ZtgIYEtGF7-Z8lmtvLbLCxZFqG4NQFeOhY38k7ZCNk Vote to see results.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaemq2Ck6mI> BBC PROMS 2010 - Rodgers and Hammerstein - Prom 49 There are more Prom performances on the utube.
  10. If the Pac-12 were to expand, one school stands as the clear No. 1 pick https://www.mercurynews.com/2021/08/26/if-the-pac-12-were-to-expand-one-school-stands-as-the-clear-no-1-pick/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Champagne if only there was a decent university in the DFW area.
  11. If the MWC and the AAC would welcome BYU why would people think the Big-12 would not? My guess is the Big-12 will delay inviting schools due to their desire not too share money with new members and their history of procrastination. Then they won't refuse any school as they will be desperate.
  12. They are afraid of schools that are logical additions, for both: recruiting and losing regularly. Think about UCF beating the Big-12 champ. Think about Houston man-handing OU.
  13. "Be happy to compare resumes since the SWC closed up shop. " http://www.mcubed.net/ncaaf/series/hou/index.shtml Houston vs. FBS Teams https://collegefootballnews.com/2020/08/ap-college-football-rankings-greatest-programs-of-all-time AP Final Rankings Greatest Teams Of All-Time
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