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  1. Dick Weiss @HoopsWeiss · Apr 7 Baylor forward Mark Vital tells Sirius radio Bears were motivated when players found out Gonzaga ordered six cases of champagne prior to title game.
  2. The price to play is going up. Andy Yanez @AYanez_5 Kelvin Sampson says he will visit different NBA facilities and see if he can take Chris Pezman and Tilman Feritta to look at what the UH facilities need to update.
  3. Andy Yanez @AYanez_5 Kelvin Sampson says he will visit different NBA facilities and see if he can take Chris Pezman and Tilman Feritta to look at what the UH facilities need to update.
  4. "+++++ Baylor. I'd even cheer for Cougar High before the Rapey Bears. " But, TCU and Baylor are so similar.
  5. 1. Neither UH or Rutgers influenced the schedule that matched them. 2. UH and Syracuse were matched because each had won a game. 3. UH will play OSU beause each has won two games. 4. There have probably been easier paths in the history of the NCAAT. 5. Alabama has played the EXACT same seeds as houston..not one person has noted it. 6. Alabama couldn’t take advantage of their “easy” path to an Elite Eight. 7. UH can't do anything about higher seeds that lost. But, nice try.
  6. https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/college-sports/2021/02/26/sources-dallas-under-strong-consideration-to-host-mens-nit-tournament/
  7. If you want to view a thread about a school that would fit the AAC, check this thread: https://csnbbs.com/thread-916349.html
  8. "Boise State can basically join the AAC at anytime now. " That is propaganda with no basis.
  9. There is nothing on that thread that is going to get any one banned. Your making stuff up for your own entertainment. Just like this board the AAC board gets threads started by fans of other conferences. Some want to join the AAC. Generally, they are treated well. Some even get helpful suggestions. For example, look at the thread recently started by the UAB fan. His school received many complementary comments and he received suggestions. If there is never a western wing of the AAC, UAB may become the all-sports school that makes the 12th member. There is a 52 page thread about BSU an
  10. Change the name to "5 Card Studs". Being known as the "Studs" would probably appeal to recruits and think of the images on helmets.
  11. Was not trying to cause a fuss and not disputing "football only" which is believable. Just looking for conformation. Seems like more than those few emails would have been uncovered by FOIA on a subject like conference alignment. All the information uncovered by FOIA may not be posted or found. Statement by Aresco could be interpreted in different ways. BTW, if you are coming to the AAC, come in peace.
  12. Aug. 28 Larrondo to AD Apsey: Athletics 2020 and Beyond Sep. 28 Larrondo to AD how moving to the conference might work Sep. 29 Apsey: AAC has told Dr. (Marlene) Tromp they are only interested in football Oct. 21 Apsey’s departure from AD Dec. 21 Source: If they could find a place for the other sports, it might have been done in the spring Dec. 21 Mike Aresco: any talk of expansion has been totally on the backburner."
  13. Not disputing it, but can someone give a reference for "the AAC wanting us as a football only member" other than emails from BSU
  14. There probably is no chance of the AAC taking BSU's olympic sports. With the history between BSU and the AAC I believe the only way BSU would be invited is with BYU coming with them. I believe BYU has already said no.
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