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  1. Well you do not recruited by Georgia tech as QB if you can not run, Evan if he is only 55% passer he will make the team better.
  2. If the OC actually thinks baker is a FBS QB he needs to go to an optometrist and maybe therapy.
  3. I love the Bows almost as much as I followed the Aztecs. I would Trade any o you one fine runningback for a half mediocre QB.
  4. they are still looking at another transfer QB believe it or not.
  5. NO power back have to rely on Washington with a less than an adequate line. Better chance with Agnew rolling out for sure. lost four games by 16 points down the stretch.mn. I think we need running QBs who are decent passers, do not have to be great and change the offense
  6. 4th down call along with the one and the fade all-time classic screw up. Does not surprise me though this team does not have it. Big rebuild job 9In confidence next year.
  7. I do not know if you are serious or not. CSU has a giant problem with litigation and liability..
  8. “At this point, a total of nine sister CSU campuses have either closed or curtailed campus activity to protect safety or because of concerns over air quality,” read a message sent out Friday by Castro. So far, the university has not made plans to close the campus or reschedule outdoor events.If the air quality does not worsen, Saturday’s football game at Bulldog Stadium against San Diego State is scheduled to kick off at the regular time, 7:30 p.m. The Air Quality Index in Fresno reached 155 as of 2 p.m. Friday, meaning people should avoid prolonged exposure to the air. (that is considere
  9. SDSU? Fresno in danger as well https://www.valleyair.org/aqinfo/forecast.htm
  10. i think Rocky has thrown up the white flag on this season it is going to be 7-6 or 8-4. Fresno has a great defense we have a horrible offense. Rocky is already talking about 2020, and I think that will be his swan song.. Fresno 42- SDSU 9
  11. I was wondering how much the rather weak schedule had to do with Fresno Defense rankings.A lot it seems. Now I am wondering about USU.
  12. I am interested to see how good FSU really is, the schedule had hardly anyone worth anything on it. nOt the Bulldogs fault though sometimes it works that way.I think we can match Boise for injuries we lost the whole backfield starting slot starting guard at one point.Be good if fur teams finish with 10 wins this season. I also don't know about how good USU is either for the same reason.
  13. I turned it off at halftime. thought I would just look at highlights(is that an oxymoron considering Aztecs offense?) What is wrong with the Aztecs Offense, well they are 97th in sacks allowed and 105th in tackles for loss allowed..In other words, the offensive line which we thought was the strength of the team, is essentially downright awful. WHy? Damned if I know? The other thing is the Aztecs are averaging 180 yds a game passing 176 running,. I have never seen a team 110th in total offense and 10th in total defense. worst they are 101 in turn over margin.
  14. http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/13333/nick-bawden
  15. Still, four games to play so no big thing. USU has to play Boise and Fresno has to as well. Houston has games to play.whoknows with starters back Azecs might prove alittle pesky to Fresno comng off abig game with Boise state.(I doubt it0 POint is four games left two championship games AAC, MWC, and Bowls
  16. Third safety of the season all of them coming after screwed up punt coverage,. usual penalties and frosh mistakes. Our offense is an abomination. don't have the breakaway players,. anyway will not hurt us to lose this one we were not going to be top 25 regardless still win three more conference games and a bowl.. Not bad for a mash unit. Nevada should beat the rets teams on their schedule get a bowl congrats Nevada
  17. Evidently, one our starting O-lineman went down in practice that makes essentially six offensive starters out.
  18. There will be enough commercials for the game to be played in Kathmandu with no problem.
  19. Well hitting the QB does not mean injuring him just getting him off his game rush throws etc. Part of the game. I would not say make him less healthy make him a bit edgy and off. A few years ago Nevada took out our QB on a very dicey play the week before the championship. I like your new Coach and I think he will do great. The old one was embarrassing. Sacks are overrated and hurries underrated.
  20. If someone told me before the season we would lose, Washington, Chapman, Lessard, and Dedeaux for the season I would say 8-4 max. If the defense that showed at Bise shows up we will win 6-3 if not we lose.
  21. https://goaztecs.com/index.aspx?path=football
  22. Pollster's are like vindictive ex-girlfriends once you disappointed them you are the worst of the worst. They made you favorite to make the access bowl you lose two games, and then you are now bums.BS
  23. I still think you are the best team in the Conference, you one bad game in the conference. I think you will win out.
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