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  1. SDSu did well both Jimenez and Capra will help a good deal on the offensive line should be much better than last year. Bell should make a run at serious playing time.Sammy will make an experienced reserve at CB.None Of the guys that left would see serious playing time.That guys added a JC wr,a 60 '315 jC nose tackle a 245 de.Should be pretty good.
  2. Fresno wouldn't have the internet bandwidth to upload that much information. Y'all going to make the top 25 this year? in felonies they will
  3. Clinton, Bush (fighting migs over Alabama) MY brother and I enlisted in the Corps the same day. he got embassy duty,I got malaria,dysentery foot rot and an all around good time.
  4. 247 gave Benson a 8400 ranking a bit surprising. https://247sports.com/player/dominic-benson-79907/
  5. Kobe Smith and than Dedeaux will be the go-to guys. This kid is good sized well built, strong blocker above average speed. He has very good hands though. I kind of expect Jordan Byrd or move to the slot, hey 10.3 hundred speed why not?
  6. Athlon is almost as bad as Street and Smith. No way nowadays you can keep up with the transfer ins transfer outs to print magazine. Last year at one point we lost our entire starting backfield, that sort of thing can happen to any team.
  7. Back to the topic, I see SDSU has had some contact with QB Matt Fink((graduates in July) from USC however Rocky says we are full p at QB now. I wonder if Greene the QB from Washington might grey shirt? He has a CB from Riverside CC who signed with SDSU and I think he will add another CB, maybe Sammy Morrison UA grad transfer for depth. They are still Jonesing for a TE transfer, a defensive lineman (offered on JC kid from Saddleback as well.
  8. Well after spring shakes down, the transfer portal will be full of guys. We could add and many as five more guys with expected losses from players that did not make the two-deep ,entering it.
  9. We have two grad transfer Jacob Capra Oregon and Jimenez form BYU both very solid offensive lineman, something that was supposed to be our strength and was awful instead. jC guys three intotal QB, NT, Corner. Ron Smith got his mAso we brought in JC cb. did you fill in any needs with solid transfers or JC guys?
  10. Brookshire the JC QB we brought in is going to be the best QB in 10 years I think.a good arm can really run. ratings are 90% hype he is an example a 7800 at 247 a three star at Rivals.
  11. The only thing left is a transfer nose tackle. I don't get too excited about rakings if you look at the transfer portal it is full of four stars that could not cut it. I think it is safe to say the MW is doing quite well though. Aztecs class is long and athletic but will need some strength work for many. The dual-threat QB's now two of them says a lot about the future.
  12. McMorris was one of those guys who went from 5'11 to 6'2 legit in a year and a half. He also was athletic but very awkward. oozes potential. Tumblin is a good QB. still surprised there is not grad transfer dt. JC guy Tavaii seems not interested. Our coaching staff went form the best to one of the worst inexperience in one year and man did it show. Already one guy fired. We have no money for good assistants big-time dreams require a big time wallet. I think Tumblin caved under pressure t commit but he is not admitting it in tweets. I also think they want him as a safety and he wants to get a shot at QB. I expect a lot of defectors after spring ball.
  13. It is what I have been calling for two years so I am happy. Brookshire ran for 750 yds 15 TD's, sol RPO is going to be in there. You can expect another grad transfer Offensive Lineman they got about five with mutual interest Ryan Alexander South Bama, Ryan Roberts NI, Zeke Martin Illinois,s RJ Procter UVA etc.
  14. A small frisbee shaped object with the words on one side "Point toward enemy" works just fine. Border patrol seems to want walls in certain places. They are ignorant of the inefficiency of such things. I would let them through then ship them directly to New York and San Francisco and Portland. There are very few isis types in Frisco it lacks Diversity. You could employ the migrants to clean the streets of needles, Dung and splattered LGBT thrown of the St Francis Hotel by Ali Akbar Jihad. MY cousin Eduardo says he likes the idea for drones, he says he will open up as skeet shooting Range in Sinaloa and make a killing.
  15. Rocky is bringing in a grad transfer to compete with Agnew.dont care about four-star stuff ie Blake Barnett and many others.some work out some don't.