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  1. Those guys might drop their weapons and beg for POW status.
  2. Good to hear that they were horror trials back then.
  3. The way I see this ending is The PAC 12 left with Calif, Oregon State, Stanford ,Washington State, . Stanford will likely go independent the others to the Mountain West. I do not think the numbers added to the B12 will convert to the dollars they hope it will.
  4. Stanford is dead set against sending their athletics teams across country, They have a 50 Billion dollar endowment. nobody wants Cal. Supposedly according to someone said OSU and Wazzu are in touch with the Big 12. as is supposedly so is the rest of the Pac 12. How much more money would the four corners school bring in. Not much except the UTES.
  5. Well I'm sorry to say that I think the PAC 12 is history. The tremendous egos and everything else that's involved in academia we're just making it possible for Oregon and Washington just stay in the PAC 12 they're going to have to find some other place and they will. Of course the Big 12 will most likely make an offer for ASU and UFA who wouldn't look that direction naturally but probably will when's the PAC 12 is down to 8 teams. So in the end I expect Cal Stanford Washington state and Oregon State are gonna be left out in the cold. And some kind of realignment with some of the teams from the Mountain West or something like that will form a new conference. It's the last of the pack 4 combined with Boise State San Diego State Fresno State and maybe bring in SMU or Texas Tech or somebody that'll be their conference and it probably won't be considered P5 either. As far as the Mountain West is concerned they could easily bring in three teams. Or there could be a merger the Mountain West and some other conference that might work too as far as I can see the only real viable thing for the PAC 12 is to try and merge with the Big 12. The problem with that of course is that the Big 12 came to them in their time of need and ask if the PAC 12 wanted to merge and the holier than thou pack 12 said shove it
  6. Stanford could go indy they have boatload's of cash
  7. I wish it were true but Frankly, I don't think it's going to happen and here's why. The loss of UCLA and USC it's going to be huge to the PAC 12 and adding San Diego State or some other school like that is not going to even come close to making up for the loss. I suspect they will try to raid some of the stronger members of the Big 12 like Oklahoma State,Baylor.. Or they might even merge with the Big 12 but I just don't see San Diego State getting in. The monstrous egos of academia particularly Cal and Stanford will be just as reluctant to associate with San Diego State as unlikely as an old-school Baptist to invite a transvestite to Sunday dinner. First I think it'll be every man for himself each one of them is individual schools trying to find what's best for them and screw the rest. Because, that's the essence of academia these days monstrous ego and narcissism. I will bet you right now that ASU and Arizona are not unlikely to jump to the Big 12. I know that's already been discussed among the sun angels and other people at ASU should USC and UCLA leave. If all that comes to pass I would like to see the outliers in the Mountain West disappear and see if we can get the Arizona Washington end Oregon schools in. It probably would be hard to get UDUB. I could dream of a conference though that was made up of Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Washington state, Arizona and Arizona State, San Diego State, Fresno State, UNLV, Boise State and maybe Colorado and Colorado State. I don't think that's going to happen but I just don't think we're gonna get in the PAC 12 period. That does not mean we'll end up in the Mountain West as it exists today I think we'll end up better somehow. I just think the PAC 12 schools will split off into various and sundry places and we might be among some of them and some new conference.
  8. Very true , but lets not forget the two QB's who cam in spring looked very good as well., SO four athletic mobile QB's 6'3 or 6'4..
  9. Title IX is a guilty until proven guilty deal, best the cops handle it.
  10. if he makes any screw up he will take that 10.3 speed out the door. I believe in a second chance also this team is strong character wise and will surround him with good examples. With two transfers, two highly rated freshman, and Chance Bell, and the others someone will step up. I think the line will run block well lot of size and talent, but pass blocking is a big worry because of lack of game experience .
  11. TEams 1.SDSU 2. Hawaii,3 Asu ASU 65-66 track schollie Freshman football and sophomore year. Chesty Puller institute of Advances Studies 67-71 1973/Philosophy BA SDSU-72-73 UCLA Dad in military Mom worked running commissary i 29 Palms. lived with Aunts in Hawaii all Married to Poly guys. spent summers in South Texas on Grandpas Ranch and Mexico with relatives Married three sons, Kimo ,Keone, Shea first wo in forty's one a physician one a plasma physicist, third finishing his PhD at Univ Of Miami. worked in publishing and university bookstore management. Currently genetic genealogist . scariest moments lots of them.
  12. Braxton Baumeister is a very talented guy , He has excellent speed good arm with power quickness and makes good reads I think you'll do very well.
  13. Here's a question for you guys. San Diego State has a bit of a dilemma particularly on its offensive line where it's losing one all American, one all conference player, maybe our center .. They have some really good young lineman who were very heavily recruited but all are freshman or sophomores who haven't played much. Do you replace the guys who graduated or declared for the draft early with portal guys ? Or do you replace the players you've lost with the young guys which may not produce the best season but secures the future. The problem is if these guys have to sit a year maybe two and when you bring in somebody with two years they're likely to jump into the portal. That happened already with one of our better backups Capra. I don't know I guess it really is up to how good are the replacements on the portal if you're not that good just average I wouldn't wanna lose a really good young player to squeeze out a little more experience.
  14. well because of poor eyesight and other issues I usually pour out my screed. copy it look at in a program with large print correct and replace the text.. got distracted sorry guys
  15. Liu has three offers us ybu and Central Michigan so some respect. The transfer stuff will hit the fan after spring practice and a lot of guys will want to leave, if they are too far down n the chart that will be true for alot of teams This year one-year waiver y that will allow college football teams to sign up to seven players to replace those that leave. Or up to 32 until you reach 85 total .. EDITED by HMHB because it was super annoying to scroll for 15 years
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