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  1. It is being built next to the old stadium then they demo the old,that is the plan
  2. If Charles Bronson was still alive he could make: Career death Wish I The Las Vegas Caper Career Death Wish II Albuquerque Apocalypse
  3. Rocky should hire MIke as OC. or even Mikes Dog Dog would be better.
  4. The last two years the Oline became horrible ,gives up 6 TFL a game not including 1.5 sacks(which is fine). The backs are fine if they get some kind of hole. The play calling is incredibly predictable everyone knows what is coming.
  5. Aztec football is the universal cure of insomnia I don't see much more than 25 K showing at 41 degrees.(announced attendant will be 29k) If it were an old fashioned MWC scoring fest could get over 35k in spite of cool weather.
  6. Seasons over SDSU /BYU just a scrum and the bowl game will most likely will be just a chance to give red-shirts some experience like Penny. Confirmed Agnew sits, experiment with two QBs. No BYU will not score 35 points unless 21 are n defensive TD's
  7. He was referring to BYU scoring 10 points. Hawaii got 14, Fresno, 7.
  8. Seasons over SDSU /BYU just a scrum ad the bowl game will most likely be just a chance to give red-shirts some experience like Penny.
  9. Agnew was not a terrible QB at all he was decent. Getting abuse form a BYU fan sort of makes us all remember what they were like and why we were glad to see them go.our gripe with Rocky is about his not replacing his offensive staff.Yes it is Rocky's fault that wee have no backup worth a damn two FBS offers for four guys. Games so close none got in them.
  10. the backup have not played a single down The third string three wildcat plays,
  11. He does that four times year first it was USU then it Wyoming, then it was Fresno and the Hawaii.
  12. Yeah that about sums it up. Rocky clarified his remarks about BYU that if no one in the MWC played them they would have to return to the league. His previous answer was to a question by a reporter about playing BYU In what would make BYU come back to the Mountain West : “I already just mentioned that I think that BYU would be a very strong addition to our league and would help our league entirely and I think they'll come back if people don't schedule. If we will not schedule them so they have an unbelievable hard time of developing a schedule, that might make them come back into the league. I don't have anything against BYU. In fact, my mother and father are alumni of BYU, they both graduated. They met there, they got married there, I was born there. I mean, I have nothing against BYU and I think they'd be a strong addition to our league. And the way to get them back is to not schedule them. Make them hunt and peck and try to find the schedule. I mean, half their schedule or three-fourths of their schedule are Mountain West Conference teams already.”
  13. Now I remember a bit confusing Jack Hilton who played at BYU I think in 55/56 was my neighbor I think I remember him introducing me to Margaret and Rod about ten years ago. Never associated Rod as Rocky's father.
  14. Rocky explained today that he meant by not scheduling them they might need to return to the league to get games . Both Rockys parents graduated from BYU. Since our QB is likely out it will be areal opportunity to go Levell (close the gates of mercy)Edwards and score as much as possible along with the usual cheap shots and thuggery we expect from BYU. Everything about WE had a crappy year not a good one. from an article in the UT "Rocky Long’s parents met as college students in the mid-1940s at Brigham Young University, where Rod Long was a defensive end on the Cougars football team"
  15. Rockys father was Roderick Long and Rocky was born in Provo ????? Is that his father?