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  1. Here's a question for you guys. San Diego State has a bit of a dilemma particularly on its offensive line where it's losing one all American, one all conference player, maybe our center .. They have some really good young lineman who were very heavily recruited but all are freshman or sophomores who haven't played much. Do you replace the guys who graduated or declared for the draft early with portal guys ? Or do you replace the players you've lost with the young guys which may not produce the best season but secures the future. The problem is if these guys have to sit a year maybe two and w
  2. well because of poor eyesight and other issues I usually pour out my screed. copy it look at in a program with large print correct and replace the text.. got distracted sorry guys
  3. There is no question the missing 20 players did not have an effect on the CCG game, Not that SDSU would have won but would have been closer the same can be said in reverse in the Frisco Bow fair ro say UTSA would have won or it would have gone down to the wire.
  4. I am hoping USU ends up in the top 25 this year. I am happy with the MW good fit.
  5. The holiday Bowl people have said they ar concentrating on that Bowl ,so if we create another it will have to have new sponsor's.
  6. https://twitter.com/JamesALight/status/1320382496173903873/photo/1 for brady
  7. Hoke re out of our control a little bit, we are not happy about it, but it's important when you look at the health and welfare. It impacted our tight end position, wide receivers, and a little bit of our offensive line. We made the adjustments we had to make. “Overall, we handled it very well. Practices were a little different because you don't have all the bodies out there, which sets you back a little bit. Again 11 personnel, 12 personnel, 13 jumbo have been big personnel groups for us, and not having them hurts. But that is the way football goes, and that is why we have to be bett
  8. I Kept predicting the Aztecs would lose three games about the time they won seen straight. The fact they went into this fall with no viable QB tells you all you need to know about Brady. With a few exceptions all those guys were Rocky's.
  9. Aggies deserved the win but I Utah State deserves the win. What you said and several key special team guys were out as well. Only two practices and they were half practices. This is to not denigrate USU at all, but it would hard for any team to face that kind of adversity. I still think you would have won because SDSU has almost no offense really. That's been the case for several years there is no Pumphrey ,No Penny to bail the offense out. Enjoy it Aggies you deserve. it on over our plays We use two tight ends and Tyrell Shavers the starting wr, 6'6 210 transfer. Best o luck against
  10. Your defense si playing well, but no the Aztecs offenses is one of the worst in the nation, 110th in total offense I am happy for you if the Aggies win ,It actually may help Hoke and Heck wake up, to go get some players from the portal,.
  11. actually the Aztecs are 87th in NCAA for fewest penalty's and 90th for fewest yards lost on penalty's.
  12. Well, the football gods flipped us the bird with covid. The fact is though our offense is terrible. Our offensive line does not look like it is full of all-conference players. Missing 20 guys all the tight ends we do not ah ve the offensive talent to overcome that. If they do not go out and great a good transfer QB and running back after this we are screwed. oN top of that, we are one of the most penalized teams in the country. If the Aggies win this and that this about 80% likely they did it with transfers. Three of our WR's are alk on Shaw who could not hold on, Mathews ,and Busby.
  13. i It would be a guess Ulave, Tavaii and Byrd, Kobe Smith.
  14. Liu has three offers us ybu and Central Michigan so some respect. The transfer stuff will hit the fan after spring practice and a lot of guys will want to leave, if they are too far down n the chart that will be true for alot of teams This year one-year waiver y that will allow college football teams to sign up to seven players to replace those that leave. Or up to 32 until you reach 85 total .. EDITED by HMHB because it was super annoying to scroll for 15 years
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