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  1. It is not complicated Rocky decided to retire at Xmas,of course as soon as he did people in the Business knew about it. Also he made it clear he wanted to keep coaching ,but not as a head coach. That got out too and three or four guys called him. if Rocky knew them then he was willing to talk to them. it is not all the BS you are hearing form twitter et all. Mike Leach is one of is best friends first call, USC second call, Dino same day.
  2. Being ahead coach at a national power and being a head coach at any G5 or lower echelon P5 is apples and oranges.The skill sets are different Talking about plateaus ,meaninglessness. An Access Bowl conference shares the money you get one day on national TV when some witch, BFD. IN the end the access bowl teams even if they win are still right back where they are, in thew urban blight of the G5. Were all just praying for Gentrification of the hood, but the gentry is same guys with all the money and we ain't it. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/mwest/2018/04/17/san-diego-state-unique-approach-has-aztecs-elite-company/523940002/
  3. If they have any chance of retaining Zach Arnett they will have to pay him double what he is getting now. Horton retained as a runingbacks coach obnly,Schmidt Hunkie stay.
  4. There will be little or no dropo ff with Arnett at DC he has been with Rocky for 15 years now counting his playing days. The drop offs and ups will be year by year talent of course. "Recycle Coach" you sound like the genius that used to be on Aztectalk who used to call Rocky, Retread Rocky. Next year we lose a first team linebacker,first team, DE and first team CB so maybe some drop off. However ,there are even more talented guys in the wings. Brady Hoke is a tremendous recruiter so there will be plenty of talent. yeah you can win ten games a year at SDSU not a problem. Accept for Boise State it has by far the greatest potential in the conference. Maybe you should listen to Rocky. bY the way "Recycle Coach" is not an argument just an ad hominem https://www.iheart.com/podcast/1248-costa-richards-30808025/episode/rocky-long-55362076/
  5. Is the grass was about to get greener, Long chose other pastures. Don’t expect it to last. He admitted nearly pulling the trigger on an assistant coaching gig or two. “They came fairly close,” Long said. “But Brady said it. He said his wife, Laura, likes it here and he’s not leaving. That means she said something. Well, my wife has the same authority in our house. “So I come back and give her the pluses and the minuses and stuff. Then she goes, ‘Nah, we ain’t going there.’ ”
  6. Then their nuts except for Boise because of its rep, no MW team could reach the NY6 unless they went undefeated and no AAC did. IMHO
  7. What the Hell is the BIg One ,you dont' win Big Ones when you G5 you win a championship win a Bowl game he did that . He beat Stanford when they were ranked.
  8. Not likley Rocky made a point odf saying his wife said no to all the places that asked him. Also if Arnette were to ge thired Rocky would stay as DC at SDSU (by his own words) https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/aztecs/story/2020-01-08/san-diego-state-aztecs-football-rocky-long-defensive-coordinator-zach-arnett-brady-hoke
  9. Rocky said it is Zach Arnette run to be DC at SDSU,however Zach has several offers adn Rocky said he would take the job as DC at SDSU if Zach went elsewhere.
  10. I did not say it will nor matter but I don't think it is really bad news. pupils take over for their mentors all the time,that life Arnette is a good coach he is not Rocky but we will be fine.it certainly is not going to fall apart, drop of a little sure.
  11. NO he will keep the defense he was just the dline coach. Arnette will stay as DC maybe a change in one of the coaches but not more than that.
  12. Yep he decided to retire before the bowl game and gave the AD some time to find a new coach. truly enjoys doing, coaching defense and hanging with his players good guess almost verbatim what he said. After the word came out guys started calling him for jobs, He listens to a couple.Brady trying to him I think as a position coach,like he did Brady,
  13. Nobody ran off Rocky. That is strictly ridiculous. Athletic director is not that kind a guy, he would be remiss in his duties if he didn't bring up the problem of the terrible offense. I don't think he told Rocky to fire anyone. Rocky has been really grumpy and tired of people's heads off in press conferences for more than a year. Yes everything to do would rather be a defensive coordinator than a head coach. I don't think he needs that kind of pressure on himself but he still enjoys coaching. Most likely not much is going to change anyway the defensive coordinator and staff will stay on running the same defense. They will certainly be some changes in the offensive staff but that has to happen. Brady's philosophy and outlook are pretty much identical to Rocky's. You also have to remember that the AD has now got a new stadium in the works and he needs to fill it with fans. Having the worst offenses in the country even if you go 10 and 3makes that hard. If just discussing his these issues with Rocky makes you want to move well then so be it. The program will be in good hands for the time being.
  14. Why bother playing the game just count up the ratings and go by that..
  15. The Aztecs have some good Running backs when they are not being tackled in the backfield which is about ten times a game. If Byrd get some blocking next year he will be quite nasty.