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  1. the I formation and 100 yds a game passing did not encourage good QB's.
  2. If you think Agnew is bad you should see the four QBs behind him, two FBS offers among them.
  3. Aztecs 119th in scoring offense number 111th total offense. Agnew does crazy stuff jump shovel passes,thirty yards backward scrambles. Defense is great special teams except for punter and kicker god awful.Attendance will be about 20k if this keeps up.
  4. We need a QB we have some decent wr's also blocking is not that good.
  5. Yeah SDSU has had some good teams a national Championship in 1987, BYU has a good team and so does Air Force both have won titles
  6. That's true but it still enters the realm of an appeal to authority. Which is fine its is his law he is not coercing anyone to follow it. I don't need my own law i follow Confucian notion of the rectification of names,which also corresponds to Socratic first principles. Start with an agreed upon and well argued beginning the nature of the term you are using,then work from there.For instance 1 what is a Extermination Camp 2 What is a Holding center 3 What is a concentration camp 4 what is a detention facility Then the dialectic begins (or the exegesis)
  7. Interesting Goodwin sets himself up as an authority and then Appeals to himself when he makes pronouncements. There are a couple logical fallacy's working there.
  8. A Hillbilly is from Appalachia not from Wyoming. A Redneck Cowboy perhaps but not a Hillbilly,.It was missionary's that screwed over Hawaii,. They were all white though.
  9. I will be watching all those on flo,though some not live too early.
  10. Rocky laughed about the stats said if Utah State is averaging 650 yds at game total offense at game 12 they will be number one in the nation, and if SDSU holds the other teams to eight points a game at the end of the season they will be number one. Then he said do not to expect that to happen.
  11. that was one game .I guess last year prove we can beat Boise every time we play them Or was that just one game? SDSU has one six straight against Air fFrce
  12. Rocky is an old option QB so as long as thy he defense performs well on assignment the Aztecs do well.
  13. There is truth to that ,turnovers are the most telling stat.That and time of possession.
  14. Once the Aztecs got 24 points ahead of of NMSU they just went on auto pilot. AS for the brreakdown in 2nd half her is teh quote “There were definitely some breakdowns in coverage and how we handled stuff,” SDSU defensive coordinator Zach Arnett said. “The biggest breakdown was lack of intensity.” Linebacker Kyahva Tezino’s first career interception set up the touchdown that provided SDSU with a 24-point advantage. “It appeared to me there was a dropoff in intensity about how we are playing (thereafter),” Arnett said. “Hopefully, we can educate off that. ... It’s disappointing we did not finish better. Obviously, we’ve got to get that solved quickly.” Some of the breakdowns were not playing the down and distance properly, like defenders failing to take deep enough drops in third-and-long situations.
  15. Silly stats media relations stuff,we did beat Boise last year. USU is favored by 3.5 Boise an underdog at half a point some places a slight favorite others.