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  1. Magic up 1-0 over the #1 seeded Bucks!
  2. San Diego State played this out perfect. Could be the ticket to the big show.
  3. The Non-Scholarship PFL is expected to announce their cancellation tomorrow. Prepare yourselves for no college football whatsoever in 2020. http://www.fcs.football/cfb/story.asp?i=20200806194702579978004&ref=rec&tm=&src=FCS
  4. Fair enough. Have a blessed and safe day.
  5. More insults and no valid proof of your argument. I'm not going to win a political e-battle on a platform ran by conservatives who thinks the USofA can do no wrong. Besides, Lebron will be fine regardless of what we think of him, so what's the use? Have a blessed and safe day.
  6. Name calling. That's all the evidence you have? "especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation" It can be any group of people, it's still genocide.
  7. You really tagging me in other threads looking for support. You can have this one. I'm done.
  8. "the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation." So this doesn't go on in the United States?
  9. Who said anything about ethnicity? I said United States of America. Mass shootings, gang violence, police violence, lack of justice for innocent people getting murdered. Pick your poison. China has human rights issues, but stop acting like everyone in the United States is holding hands and singing We Are The World.
  10. Doesn't affect you, so it doesn't exist. I get it.
  11. And the United States of America isn't? Like I said, clean up your own house.
  12. Clean up the mess in your own house before you judge how dirty the next one is.
  13. I'm sure LeBron is struggling to sleep in his nice hotel bed due to your lack of respect for him.
  14. Like you give two shits about the Chinese people. You're just another LeBron hater grasping for any straws you can to discredit him.
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