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  1. 2011, according to this video. Before USU was in the conference.
  2. My ballot was mailed to me weeks ago, I dropped it in the drop box at my city office building on my way home from work one day. Couldn't be easier. I agree with you, if it feels like a chore, it's a "you" problem.
  3. D for Dipshits R for Right
  4. A lot of them stopped caring about USU once they graduate because of how dismal our football team was for so many years. That's starting to change now tho.
  5. I fail to see the humor in his joke.
  6. The game is sold out so you'll have to get them from stub hub or something. http://www.stubhub.com/utah-state-aggies-football-tickets/utah-state-vs-byu-10-4-2013-4232692/
  7. No it wasn't, he said defense. It says defense in the post.