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  1. Some reports state the teacher opened the door because of the crash at 11:28.
  2. That’s what one timeline says, the screenshot says the opposite.
  3. For sure, and the CNN timeline states the door was opened before the crash.
  4. Of course it was a cluster fck, I want to know why the door was open.
  5. This seems to say the door being open had nothing to do with the shooter
  6. You’re building a wall on the Indiana border?
  7. What ever happened to the lone border patrol guy that “went in without backup and killed the gunman but was wounded?” Was that just a Michael Bay wet dream?
  8. All beer is piss, except for Old Style - but only when drank at Wrigley Field.
  9. They usually always have a police escort, if not they wait until uniformed officers arrive. I’m legit telling you what I’ve been told.
  10. I’m telling you directly from a fireman/medic that works the worst city in Chicago, it’s standard operating procedure.
  11. Actually, the ones in the worst neighborhoods of Chicago wait for the police to show up first.
  12. Every parent should be reviewing their children’s school security policy right now.
  13. Limiting clip or magazine capacities, banning the AR-15?
  14. You’re an idiot, a worthless piece of trash. Have a blessed day.
  15. You’re the problem giving these idiots attention, let them join some watchlist and then blow steam to deaf ears.
  16. School administrators, the principle, groundskeeper Willie…
  17. Or, we could just train security to ensure THE FCKING DOORS ARE LOCKED!!!!!
  18. That Black Friday 12pm kickoff did not treat me well last year with the MIL staying at the house.
  19. JFC!!!!! There was a kid at my military school that had a long range bb rifle. He would open a window and then fire at unsuspecting cadets in the quad. Eventually got caught and expelled a week before his graduation, he was a high level officer.
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