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  1. Glad to hear, it’s always better safe than sorry. I’ve been through my share of hurricanes and friends that have refused to evacuate. It’s not the storm that will get you, it’s the aftermath. Safe travels, I’ll be up in Oviedo.
  2. Likely will be his first and last time “riding it out.”
  3. They only change the track on the 5’s and 11’s.
  4. We are but not for long, it’s been inching west with each update. Thinking about @DestinFlPackfan right now, I’m sure it’s on his mind.
  5. Just wait until Hank and Plough return next year.
  6. Plough’s saving our “guaranteed” red zone plays for BYU.
  7. Watching this one sans bourbon, on dose number 3 of Paxlovid.
  8. I agree, I’m 6’4 and during my tournament fishing days I was at 205lb’s and that was not healthy. 225, 230 is where I think I should be, the Peloton has been a lot of help - as well as limiting my drinking to only Friday and Saturday nights.
  9. I think I was there in 2013 and they had two beer and wine bars and only one social club that had a full bar. Must’ve changed, great little town and very welcoming fan base.
  10. Zillow gone wild on Instagram is a good follow.
  11. She’s on the Paxlovid and feeling ok, just like a bad cold. We’re trying to figure out when she got this as we were visiting her Mom in Sanibel last week/weekend and she’s very high risk. So there was some worry about that as well, but we had her tested before going down and it was negative. She does a lot of traveling for her work so it was bound to happen eventually. She had a trip next week but that’s been canceled, and I was supposed to fish all week so that’s also been put on hold. I’m not experiencing any symptoms, but we’ll see in a few more days. Thanks for the check in and I very much appreciate all the stories of how you’re affected by anxiety/panic. I’ve just recently started ramping up doses of Prozac to help with the issue, but have been experiencing a lot of side effects. I know it will soon go away, just doesn’t help.
  12. I couldn’t imagine what that weight on your shoulders would be like. My partner and I are trying to have our first. Thank you for sharing, I appreciate you!!!
  13. She’s in great shape and young, she just has really bad asthma so she’s in the “high risk” category. You’ll love this, we have 4 cats, 3 are rescues (they rescued us). I had a crippling panic attack and fell to the floor, they immediately started jumping on me to make me feel better. Thank you for sharing, I appreciate you!
  14. Thank you so much for sharing! I too have a constant dream that I did not graduate college. I appreciate you, thanks again!
  15. Thank you for being amazing! I appreciate you!
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