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  1. It has, but we’re all now infected with internet herpes.
  2. And RSF are dying for your presence.
  3. Until Jeff sells it, it is.
  4. I’m just sad he didn’t make it to the debate.
  5. Jeffkills for governor needs to be on a t-shirt.
  6. Saw William Eyelash in her first stadium show in Chicago, very entertaining. I’m hoping the club section at Hard Rock stadium has a decent bourbon selection for the Era’s tour. Fck that’s going to be a long one.
  7. Oh c’mon, your UCF smack makes me laugh.
  8. C’mon now, you two are conference mates.
  9. @sactowndog, @youngredbullfan, @happycamper@TheTedfordTrain
  10. @Bob and @Nevada Convert should definitely come over, all are welcome.
  11. We need our resident Orlando beach expert over there, @Did I hear a WOOSH?
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