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  1. tailingpermit

    BSU loses a guy

    He simply wasn't "O.K.G."
  2. tailingpermit

    OT: Patriots Loss to the Dolphins

    The Dolph LOL, dumb ass is even throwing out double middle fingers. They did a great job remodeling that stadium, was such a shit hole before.
  3. tailingpermit

    Best thing you have witnessed at a football game

    "Actively" is a rather aggressive word for what Hout did, although Blount was "actively" talking shit on twitter before the game about steamrolling us. Hence Hout's little tap on the pads after the game. I believe Blount holds the NFL record for punching teammates.
  4. tailingpermit

    Nevada @ 7 in latest AP Poll

    Time for Nevada fans to start painting their "We Want Bama!" signs.
  5. tailingpermit

    Bears vs Rams

    And Mitch has been pure Cutler.
  6. tailingpermit

    OT: Patriots Loss to the Dolphins

    That right there demands a power 5 invite, WE ARE RELEVANT!!!!!!
  7. tailingpermit

    Bears vs Rams

    We’re back to Chicago original days, half assed offense and amazing defense.
  8. tailingpermit

    Bears vs Rams

    Hell of a game!
  9. Jesus, this sequel is going to give “Speed 2” a run for worst ever.
  10. tailingpermit

    Best thing you have witnessed at a football game

    1988 Fog Bowl, family’s season tickets were in the south end zone back then. You couldn’t see any of the players, then one moment you’d see a WR and DB appear from the fog chasing a ball that came out of nowhere. I believe it was 1991, NFC wildcard game - Bears vs Saints. It snowed 12 inches before the game, in the southwest corner of the end zone there were a hundred or so saints fans all together. The saints scored and the fans were waving a team flag. All of a sudden I saw one snow ball fly through the air and hit the group, next thing you know there were thousands of snow balls being hurled at the saints fans. They had to leave their seats and run for cover.
  11. tailingpermit

    If you were Mtn West Commissioner

    Call a press conference for CSU leaving to the Big 12, then laugh my ass off.
  12. tailingpermit

    Well, Urban is available

    I'd bet @youngrebelfan40 has the inside scoop.
  13. tailingpermit


    “Barely stand up straight.” I dissagree, he did fumble his steps getting up after the hit - but then walked off fine. Again, player safety and health is the most important.
  14. tailingpermit


    Couldn’t agree with you more that Matty was uncooperative with the training staff. Video showed that he legit shoved off the trainers and said I’m fine. But, we don’t know what happened after that.
  15. tailingpermit


    I thought he missed three downs before coming back on, I may be wrong.