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  1. Boise State fans knowing it’s going to be ok…
  2. You have to love Fres-tard logic. How many times can Fresno fans shoot themselves in the foot this year?
  3. I’m not happy about you owing a dollar, that’s for sure.
  4. This definitely isn’t our year, but I’m still excited to watch every game as we’re not getting blown out. I have full confidence in this coaching staff, we’ll get back on track next year. Until then, every game is a toss up, and it’s fun to watch.
  5. You did get called for a chop/cut block. Congrats on a great win, AF!
  6. Damnit, Hank!!!!! We had the opportunity, I still believe in Hank as our starter. @kingpotato, you owe me a dollar. Send me your Venmo info via PM.
  7. You must be drunk, normally you’re much more belligerent.
  8. They’re waiting for one of Drew Bree’s sons to become of age.
  9. Is that the highest ranked G5 ever, or was USF once ranked #2?
  10. I’m telling you, the whole University needs to be moved to Jackson, then you’ll start winning. Nick Saban loves Jackson, may be able to land him.
  11. He’s actually quite knowledgeable when it comes to the sport. And a fun guy to watch the game with.
  12. There’s a part of me that hopes to god you speak to the parents of your students like this.
  13. The team busses are definitely not stoping for milkshakes after this L.
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