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  1. For those that still think the Blue is a gimmick

    One of the unfortunate circumstances of being an 8th year Sr, my original major was trucking - then they got rid of it. Welp, there's always cummunication.
  2. I have sold the Boise site to

    I will refrain from posting until this is reversed and made the forums motto. #burninhellrafter
  3. I have sold the Boise site to

    What's this wake nonsense?
  4. I have sold the Boise site to

    Hey, no one forced him to golf there. Nonetheless, I think it was wrong he wasn't allowed in the formal dinning room. He golfed there for free, least he could've done was sign a few autographs for a couple of kids outside.
  5. I have sold the Boise site to

    LOL, you're too precious. :blows kiss:
  6. I have sold the Boise site to

    Bash Mormons, they're my besties! There's no need to worry about that when one is blessed with a horse cock. Backs down and lays low, point out one example. I'm starting to get the "unhappycamper" vibe from you.
  7. I have sold the Boise site to

    I would've just been pardoned by Lord 'Tang for your wrongful persecution. Think of me as a 47 year old freshman version of William Wallace.
  8. I have sold the Boise site to

    Thank God for that, you were absolutely terrible!
  9. POLL: Yer Favorite MWCBoard SUDSism

    BSU vs SUDS week... Unknown poster: The BSU defense is pretty good. K5Blart: They've never seen a Rashaad Penny. Penny: 23 carries, 53 yards.
  10. Boise shooting to sellout SDSU game

    Then he should cannon ball off the cliff behind the indoor and into the pool below.
  11. Boise shooting to sellout SDSU game

    He's not swimming across, my bet is he'll walk across behind the Morrison Center.
  12. UCF Wants BAMA

    The only way a G5 gets into the playoff is if they win a NY6 and then go undefeated the next season.
  13. UCF Wants BAMA

    That would be quite the angle to argue only conference champions are eligible for the playoff.
  14. I'm with the twitter post, but to hang a National Championship banner in the stadium is pure clown fckery. We never did that.