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  1. SJSU beating Arkansas Jesus turning water into wine Moses parting the Red Sea The rest aren’t biblical enough to be ranked.
  2. Harsin at halftime, Harsin at the end of the game.
  3. Snatching defeat away from the jaws of victory. Terrible play calling before the last play.
  4. CSU calling plays like they need a FG to tie it. WTF?!
  5. SJSU We’re all just pure shit below. At the very least they deserve this, even if it’s for a few hours...
  6. I think this may be a dumb question, but... Which was better SJSU fans... Knocking Fresno out of their BCS hopes? Or. Todays win vs the SEC?
  7. This is definitely grounds for a conversation of SJSU moving to the SEC Mountain Division. We’ll give New Mexico, makes sense since then there won’t be two triple option teams in the same Division.
  8. You and I both. We should’ve won that 2015 game in Provo, there was that bullshit call when a BYU offensive lineman ripped the helmet off of our defensive lineman and the refs called a 15 yard penalty.
  9. BYU is always the trap game, especially in Provo.