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  1. He was confirmed by the Senate in Dec 2019 via voice vote. Doesn’t look like the Democrats had any objections of his EPA role.
  2. Calm down, Frances - he replaced him.
  3. Could we bring Spicy back? I could use the comedic relief.
  4. Then he turned to the media to voice his displeasure at those that did go out and shut down the bars and restaurants the next weekend. Greatest showcase of his stupidity was blasting Trump on Twitter about the crowds of people at the airport immigration checkpoints but then refused to postpone the Illinois primaries. Hmm, I wonder why - low voter turn out gives which party an advantage?
  5. Chy-Na. Good to know you are a little over two months behind, will you be sharing who won the Super Bowl next?
  6. Are we certain they’re not Mormon crickets?
  7. You can look back to Gates’ 2015 Ted talk (during the Obama Adminstration) that stated the US/world was not prepared for a mass epidemic.
  8. Negative, Trudy’s Kitchen was spared - best finger steaks and pie in the state.
  9. Very near to a lodge that I follow on Facebook, Diamond D Ranch - everything has been reported to be ok there.