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  1. Shit’s going to hit the fan real quick if the federal unemployment assistance isn’t extended at the end of the month. Current 8.5% forbearance rate has caused nearly a trillion dollars in unpaid principle, imagine the check the government will have to write when that percentage balloons.
  2. That wasn’t a Rep vs Dem post, simply Gramps and Granny being stupid in public during a virus spike.
  3. 8500 new ‘Rona cases today in Flo-Rida, how many will actually make it to November?
  4. You need a little Southern culture in your life...
  5. Del Boca Vista Condo Association election rally.
  6. Sounds like your typical Destin tourist.
  7. I’ve heard it’s taken up to ten days to hear back from the free testing site in Ft Myers at the Twins stadium.
  8. Lol, have you watched the news in Florida lately? We’re likely headed for another “stay at home order.”
  9. No, although there was public comment made by DeSantis that those coming from hot spots (Chicago was at the time) should quarantine for 14 days. Key West police were following up on those flying into the Island that were staying in rentals as they were illegal. The rental owners were arrested (but not booked due to Covid) and the occupants were cited.
  10. The girlfriend and I have stayed 90% quarantined since moving to Sanibel, I’ve been the only one to leave the house for the local grocery store (and one trip to Publix as I had to get my chicken tender hoagie fix).
  11. Unless a computer filled in for him in the audio book, yes.
  12. It’s an art logo drawn up by Vaughn Cochran called “black fly” based off of a tarpon fly In the late 60’s and 70’s he was a member of Jimmy Buffets band, also was a light tackle/fly fishing guide in Key West. Now he’s a full time artist/restaurant and lodge owner in the Bahamas. That plate was on my car when I lived in Key West for ten years. Kept it hoping I’d move back to Florida one day, just moved to Sanibel so it’s back in the rightful place.
  13. Florida only issues/requires a rear license plate, that often allows the rednecks to attach the Confederate flag plate to the front - wonder if that will be changed. I go another route...
  14. Loge boxes and suites will be fine, but club seats are stuffed next to each other - and some have seven year leases. I would say they only thing going for that is it’s an older crowd there, so they may not even want to attend.