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  1. And guess what, the bears are going to win just enough games to keep the shitbag front office, coaching staff and QB for another season which we’ll suck again. The Chicago Bears QB curse lives on.
  2. I’m simply not pleased how Harsin is handling this QB situation. It’s very simple, you don’t make a statement that “all QB’s are available” and not start Hank - nor do you twitter troll a healthy and happy Hank getting on the plane. Krusty Bob would not stand for this petty bullshit, and if he was still at the helm - the Cotton Bowl would be in play.
  3. Ryp couldn’t hold a candle to Hank, while the team around Ryp may have been better - it does jack shit if the jockey isn’t running the horse.
  4. Does anyone actually stay in the state after graduating from the University of Nevada Reno?
  5. Like a total moron, but did he not give Boise State fans a shit stain scare while he was coaching?! Edit, he and the current University of Nevada Reno Head Coach both gave Boise a run - but still a win.
  6. Yep, and then the Boise State Football Twitter account posted a photo of only one QB getting on the plane - it was Hank. I swear to God, if Hank enters the transfer portal the “Fire Harsin” threads will become real. True freshman Hank is a far better QB than Ryp, but Harsin stuck with Ryp and sent Finley packing - which makes this whole situation even more baffling. We know it’s not an academic issue nor health as Harsin has said “all qb’s are available.” The only thing that I could think of is that Hank and Harsin butted heads about his return, but he’s not that guy.
  7. Unwritten rule of football #53: A starting QB cannot lose his position because of an injury. Once cleared as able to play he must retain his starting role. This whole situation is just fcking weird, I don’t give a fck about the MWCCG or Bowl game if Hank is not the starter. He is the future of this program and needs all the live game reps he can get, not some redshirt Sr transfer.
  8. That’s the final straw. FIRE HARSIN!!!!!!!!
  9. I just wish that we could play AFA in the Mountain West Championship game, a win would give a much better shot at a higher CFPC ranking.
  10. Another 51-0 win over Fresno State would certainly be nice.
  11. Nope, would rather play BYU during rivalry week. BYU vs BSU is the most even sided game per year (other than one blow out). The home team has been the winner 99% of the time and it’s a guaranteed sell out.
  12. 3 points after almost a full quarter, a lot of soaking going on in this game.
  13. If we buy out Harsin’s contract, will we still be able to afford Bobo?