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  1. What was it before TBA? That's the same for just about every renamed major landmark/building in Chicago. Sears Tower, Hancock Building, Comisky Park, etc, etc...
  2. Undergrad programs are close to the same between U of I and Boise State. The difference between U of I and Boise State is the advanced degrees - they’re still killing us on that subject. That being said, U of I is far behind in advanced degrees to the big schools around the country. My girlfriend has her MBA in analytics from the University of Chicago which tied with Harvard as the best school in the country.
  3. Harvard student athletes get alumnus sponsors to take care of their costs, that’s what I read during the Jeremy Lin era - haven’t dug into how that isn’t a violation. Also, the Harvard football program - no matter if they qualify for the playoffs they’re not allowed to compete. Which seems ridiculous because Harvard has a great college hockey program and is allowed to move on to the college hockey playoffs. As well is their basketball program.
  4. Blasphemy, saw first hand two big players get tossed from the program because they thought it was possible to float through a class and get a passing grade. The only special privileges athletes get are university tutors that stay on them 24/7, which might not be the case during summer school.
  5. Get on the bike share app, you'll want to be rubbing shoulders with all of the Boise bigwigs on the greenbelt.
  6. It was well documented that was the specific reason why his best friend/driver stopped chasing with him.
  7. Reed Timmer is a reckless jackass, but he sure is entertaining - here's him riding one out in your typical suburban... Timmer copied all of the storm chasing ideas from Sean Casey who was chasing long before him and filming an IMAX movie, Casey is a true bad ass!
  8. If they didn’t shoot free throws like Shaq.
  9. Does visiting Fort Collins automatically add me to the CSU football season ticket holders tally?
  10. Yes, neither do I because the suspension he received after the punch. Talk shit on Twitter about how badly you’re going to beat Boise, then get beat and over react when a player calls you on your bullshit
  11. I’m wondering if some Florida State player will try to cut off a piece for their sod cemetery if they win.
  12. Huh?! 38-28 over Oregon in the 2017 Vegas Bowl.
  13. You guys do have a gorgeous library, but I’d bet most will be converted to classrooms in the next 25 years.
  14. I have a Whole Foods in my building's basement, while it's nice to be able to take the elevator to the grocery store - I can't walk out of there without spending less than $70 for a dinner's worth of groceries.