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  1. Just for factual purposes, we get our gas from giant tankers, so no shortages. But that method isn’t so bright come hurricane season.
  2. Same in Florida, but they sell them at grocery stores. I’ve also heard of a ketchup package shortage.
  3. The FED raising interest rates would be a good thing for the government, entice investors back into mortgage backed securities.
  4. Bingo, may keep him in a jersey so he’s happy while doing so. The guy has an excellent locker room presence (maybe not as keen of a locker room eye as @Nevada Convert) when the coaching staff is supporting his leadership.
  5. UCF is not in Orlando, Boise State is in Boise - your geography is still slipping.
  6. From here I should be able to call an audible, and cheaper than last time I checked...
  7. My college apartment has gone up $400 since I left in 2016. They built all of these total scam private student apartments the year I left, they were charging $600 for a room and shared kitchen/bathroom when I was paying $650 for a 1 bedroom.
  8. Dude has yet to record a catch during his college career, that includes this years spring game.
  9. Yet in Illinois unemployment offices are still closed with no opening date set.
  10. Reminding me of good ole hurricane season, hopefully they get this figured out soon.
  11. Yes, been there once for a game. There was an instance of a USU player getting caught picking up a streetwalker in downtown sin city Logan.
  12. I believe the FHMA rule is still one year of tax returns and typically an audited or unaudited P&L depending on income and credit score.
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