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  1. I wonder if his injuries are so bad that they won't even bother testing, sounds like he went straight into surgery. Had a friend who was hammered drunk on a scooter and got hit by a sober driver that blew a stop sign, his injuries were so critical that they never tested. Lucky for him as it may have been more difficult to get the insurance company to cover all costs.
  2. I will never buy another Boise State shirt that says just "Broncos." Ever. Again!
  3. Not to mention his first DUI should have been the night he ran into a fire hydrant, when supposedly his wife at the time was chasing him with a golf club. That I would bet was also a mixture of sleeping pills and pain meds.
  4. His 2017 DUI was a mix of pain meds, sleeping pills and weed. So, yes - he should be roasted if that be the case.
  5. That would still be classified as driving while impaired, or what ever California chooses to call it.
  6. Every single time that Woods has been in a "single car accident," it hasn't turned out well.
  7. Even the ice is desperately trying to leave Illinois.
  8. End Zone’s outdoor area is in the backyard (likely that one you’re talking about) Suds is only temporary (game day) at the entrance and has a small gated outdoor area facing Broadway. Suds was my go to for pregame home games and also away games when I lived in Boise. Pizza, Papa Joe’s > Pie Hole. Now that I’m no longer in Boise I watch the games at home, I need to hear the sound of the game - and I have a much better bourbon selection. It’s likely that I’ll get season tickets for UCF, have friends that are season ticket holders and tailgate.
  9. I did read that his base pay is 500k a year. What’s so special about Baldwin Park, seems a little close to the airport.
  10. Haven’t done the Dunes Park but Apollo Beach to the south is gorgeous and void of people. Again, always a great excuse to hit JB’s Fish Camp for lunch. Absolutely love living outside of Orlando in Oviedo (UCF), it can get a little college ghetto in some areas (people parking on their lawns, not taking care of landscaping, etc, etc) but I’m separated from that.
  11. Is there contract info out yet? Where do you think Gus is going to live, Winter Park?
  12. I would like to see Cord get healthy and then transfer to a school where he could possibly start, FBS or FCS.
  13. It’s a, “I understand you were Harsin’s huge recruit, won a big game in Tallahassee, but have issues staying healthy. It’s a wide open field for every position, hope you understand that” kind of stance.
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