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  1. Given that she’s more used to extended periods of time on her knees, yes.
  2. Glad to see everyone had an exciting Friday night.
  3. On that note, do you have any idea how many times the coast to coast Cannonball Run record was set and beaten during COVID?
  4. Does anyone know when the CDC flipped on the topic? I’m seeing April 24th on their website, updated recommendation.
  5. You’re reading WAY too much into my post.
  6. Yet funny enough, ya can’t get it in Illinois - Indiana no problem.
  7. It can be used pretty much anywhere, stick a removable trolling motor for bass lakes. Primarily it will be for Mosquito Lagoon/Indian River/Banana River, Sanibel and the Keys.
  8. Also, @Jeffkills... If you’re on the Instagram, follow @thequalifiedcaptain - it’ll give you a heads up of what not to do.
  9. Yes, the new/used boat market is batshit crazy in Florida right now. The boat I’m looking at has a 10-12 month build time, typically it’s 2-3 months.
  10. We got 20+ inches of rain from Sally, had fish in the driveway... IMG_3424.MOV
  11. Not uncommon, I believe Jeane or Francis in ‘05/‘06 did a loop and hit the Bahamas twice before hitting the Space Coast.
  12. I’d say look for an older Mastercraft with low-er hours on the engine. One thing to keep in mind if you’re not paying cash, a lot of banks/credit unions won’t give loans on older boats.
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