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  1. We all need to remain calm, @TheTedfordTrain has strapped himself to a troll bomb to which he has a finger on the detonator. We all know how mentally unstable he is after the 2013 loss.
  2. Everything will go as planned, certainly if Fresno State is allowed to have their asbestos filled “updated locker room,” SJSU will allowed to have a true redesigned locker room.
  3. Give them time, the $200 million update is coming within the next 20 years.
  4. Just look at those ceiling tiles and 80’s fluorescent lights.
  5. I’ve seen them all, including Showtime’s version with Florida State. Give Last Chance U a try, it’s good!
  6. New season of “All or Nothing” on Prime and new season of “Last Chance U” on Netflix. I love these series, just wanted to give a heads up.
  7. Eh, we’ll just have Obama draw another red line.
  8. His crew shot their own video, clearly shows the two morons trying to provoke a fight and successfully doing so. Also shows repeated attempts to ask the idiots to please stop following them. They all need to be released and charges dropped.
  9. Will there be sand volleyball after communal showers?
  10. Waiting on France’s flying foot soldiers to intervene.
  11. Shit, Utah is full of secondary schools. I wasn’t a drug or alcohol addict (just loved to fight - played travel hockey - and hated school), but got sent to Koosharem, Utah when I was 17 to become a resident of Sorensons Ranch School. Shit, you don’t know a fcked up kid until you experience one there. I’ll never forget hearing about the female sneaking across to the male quarters - then going train. Next morning she slit her wrist, of course the wrong way. She lived, thankfully - but that was one hell of an experience.
  12. These Frestards, Lol! Program so poor the football locker rooms still have stained asbestos ceiling tiles.
  13. I’m a millionaire speaking to a billionaire, tell me how much you wet your pants.
  14. Excuse me, Utah Aggie - Mormons care nothing more than sticking it in the ass. Excuse me, we’re coming back.