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  1. We had 21,000 new cases here in Florida on Saturday, I’ve decided to skip the UCF game and just watch it at home. I’m fully vaccinated but have a high risk MIL (who is also fully vaccinated) that we drive down to Sanibel and visit every couple of weeks.
  2. There’s one video I believe of Mexican cartel members using a chainsaw, that was fcked up.
  3. Do you think the prisoners were on drugs before they were killed? They alway had this blank stare on their face before it went down.
  4. Since when is 2 inches a 1/2 foot? And that happens pretty much every day here.
  5. This post highlights the need for a Chrissy Teigen button…
  6. I only count crypto medals, y’all are losers!
  7. I remember living in Seattle in ‘00, scientists were predicting an earthquake. Moved to Florida before it finally happened.
  8. Would’ve been North Dakota, but the state government is worried it would hurt their chances of joining the MWC.
  9. I didn’t pick up the capital until after zooming in and looking around, but it’s easy for me being that I lived there.
  10. Sure it does, the US Bank building on the left and then the Zion Bank building on the right that resembles a Mormon temple. You can see the capital dome bottom right corner.
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