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  1. “You” And that’s a perfect batting percentage, fck yeah BSU will hang “you” hat on.
  2. Yes, because Kustra would get lawyers involved if there wasn’t a case. Cough, I should’ve said Tromp.
  3. Was it not part of the filed complaint that Boise State was not given all information on the FOX/CBS deal?
  4. Show me the contract that ESPN was offering to BSU alone.
  5. It’s Hair that fired first public shots, remember that. This could’ve possibly been resolved behind closed doors otherwise - whether that means BSU goes or stays.
  6. As per the re-entry agreement, but who is to say that BSU could’ve received more for their home games with ESPN but that network wasn’t offering the most for the rest of the conference. BSU is not a part of the MWC when it comes to TV rights, they have to agree with the contract.
  7. Perhaps... King Kustra is behind all of this, if BSU stays in the MWC - be sure you all are going to get fcked more raw than the re-entry agreement.
  8. But, there is no revising the re-entry agreement - it’s there for eternity. :enter evil laugh: BSU has to agree on the new TV deal.
  9. You just don’t get it, in regard to BSU football we essentially are not a member of the MWC when it comes to TV contracts.
  10. From Hair’s move it’s obvious they weren’t offering the conference as much money, but BSU is negotiated separate - isn’t that the root of BSU’s complaints? And, GFY...