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  1. I’m just sad he didn’t make it to the debate.
  2. Jeffkills for governor needs to be on a t-shirt.
  3. Saw William Eyelash in her first stadium show in Chicago, very entertaining. I’m hoping the club section at Hard Rock stadium has a decent bourbon selection for the Era’s tour. Fck that’s going to be a long one.
  4. Oh c’mon, your UCF smack makes me laugh.
  5. C’mon now, you two are conference mates.
  6. @sactowndog, @youngredbullfan, @happycamper@TheTedfordTrain
  7. @Bob and @Nevada Convert should definitely come over, all are welcome.
  8. We need our resident Orlando beach expert over there, @Did I hear a WOOSH?
  9. @RogueStout, @grandjean87, @bsu_alum9, @ClevelandBrown, @BSUTOP25
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