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  1. I was wondering the same thing Another question, why would you put patio seating at the 50 yd line?
  2. Remember when @Mike Morgansaid the steps on that east side weren’t wood steps? I mean why lie when the evidence is obvious.
  3. Where’s this “overreaction” you’re describing? Is this your way of getting shots in before another Sharta sub .500 season. That would make sense.
  4. Conturd “seal club”? I know you’re trying hard to make this look like what you want it to be, but it’s obviously not. Nice try though.
  5. How was it used as an insult? I can’t help it if you interpreted it that way.
  6. The funniest thing about this whole thread is that both Nevada and Sharta are crap, and Conturd has graciously started this thread for us to point that out.
  7. How was that homophobic? Id have to infer something derogatory for it to be homophobic.
  8. Sorry to hear that you have so much scar tissue in your butt.
  9. What a laughable statement. Colin couldn't hold Brady's jock.
  10. Well yeah, no wooden steps remain today because they tore down the entire condemned east side where they were. The west side is concrete.
  11. Stop making a fool of yourself.
  12. I walked on those wooden steps. They were rickety to say the least. Another fan’s foot broke through the wood slats under the bleacher. Lawsuits waiting to happen. I remember @Mike Morgansaying the steps weren’t made of wood when in fact they were. He was trying to cover up the embarrassment that it was to no avail. You’re doing the same.
  13. A "shiny brand new" warehouse?
  14. "enclosed facility that will be regularly used" In other words.......a "warehouse". LOL
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