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  1. Cincy

    San Jose State 2019 Commits

    3-star with those offer? Hardly.
  2. Cincy

    Fresno Strikes Gold

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! Pure gold! Hal never recovered from the beatings he took over this.
  3. Cincy

    Fresno Strikes Gold

    You got any Santa pics?
  4. Cincy

    Best thing you have witnessed at a football game

    Must’ve been a welcomed reaction from those Gay Area fans.
  5. Cincy

    You Thought San Jose Football Was Bad

    Camel toe in da house!!
  6. Cincy

    Tedford Finalist for National COY Award

    Does anyone wanna fess up and admit that they were wrong when saying that Tedford was a bad hire for Fresno? That way TTT doesn't have to go back and look it up.
  7. Cincy

    Critiquing The Worst College Football Stadiums

    A big shoutout to @Mike Morgan for starting this thread so that we can shine a bright light on just how pathetic Shartan Stadium is.
  8. Cincy

    If you were Mtn West Commissioner

    1. Kick out Sharta 2. Work my ass off to get us a better bowl tie in for the champion.
  9. Yeah it’s been on CBS before.
  10. Good call by you about Retreadford. You sure know your football.
  11. Love the back and forth with you guys.. You personally are top notch in my book.
  12. Cincy

    Snow Rainbows

    It’s a Gay Area thing.