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  1. Washington WR TY Jones transfers to Fresno State http://dailycaliforniapress.com/uw-switch-ty-jones-commits-to-fresno-state/
  2. Cincy


    If you let me pick on Maytard again I can make him cry again so that he quits. Then he’ll make a couple of socks up and come back.
  3. I guess. It would make more sense to me if he wanted to play at a P5 school. To each his own.
  4. Yeah I don't get it. Unless he didn't get along with some of the staff, it's a head scratcher. Plus he's from Modesto, so it would be much easier for his family to see him play in Fresno.
  5. Now that Ronnie is officially returning next year, he has a good chance of receiving this honor. If he stays healthy, the numbers he can put up both rushing and receiving could be scary. Having an improved OL would obviously help as well. Look at what he did with a poor OL last year.
  6. A classic from Tommy....
  7. You don’t even know the name of your best player? He must know this year was a fluke and next year Sharta will drop back to reality....sub .500.
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