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  1. You can find anyone to say anything that will fit your narrative. It goes both ways. I believe what I believe and you an believe what you want to believe. And just so you know, not one doctor/coroner can say what's really happening outside of their own realm.
  2. Your opinion. It's true according to numerous doctors around the country. Just because you don't want to believe them doesn't make it false.
  3. Not being cavalier just pointing out that the numbers are skewed. Nothing more nothing less.
  4. I'd cut that COVID mortality rate by at least 1/3 based on the fact if you test positive for COVID and you get hit by a bus and die it goes down as a COVID death.
  5. Your average rating per recruit (which is most important factor) is near the bottom of the conference right now. Congrats?
  6. I can’t believe he’s actually able to even walk or run given the fact half his leg was literally gone. Incredible.
  7. It’s a joke. You have a much bigger chance of dying in a car accident.
  8. First two commits within the last couple days: Malik Brooks LB 6-2 205 (Desert Pines HS, Las Vegas) https://247sports.com/player/malik-brooks-46097702/ David Gusta DT 6-4 270 (Cajon HS, San Bernardino) https://247sports.com/Player/David-Gusta-46085182/. Two PAC offers - Arizona and Washington State
  9. I’m officially switching from Rev McQueero and assigning this gif to you. Don’t rub yourself too raw over Fresno....
  10. https://gobulldogs.com/news/2020/3/5/baseball-bulldogs-head-to-desert-for-series-vs-sun-devils-march-6-8.aspx
  11. From who? SUDS? Two unimpressive 9 point wins.