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  1. Cincy

    Updated the UNLV Logo

    No doubt you'll get a boost the first year or two of the new stadium, but how big of a boost? I wouldn’t guarantee that it will be more than SUDS/Fresno/Boise.
  2. Cincy

    Updated the UNLV Logo

    What was UNLV’s average attendance last year? I’m guessing between 15-20k? That’s not gonna look too good in a cavernous NFL stadium (ie The Q).
  3. Cincy

    Updated the UNLV Logo

    Does the addition of the feather guarantee UNLV will be a member of the “Best of the Rest” conference?
  4. Cincy

    Fresno State 2019 Recruiting

  5. Cincy

    NY6 predictions by CBS Sports

  6. Dude, he’s a game manager and nothing more. Nothing to be ashamed of. Dilfer was a game manager for the Ravens and he got a Super Bowl ring for it.
  7. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t get all that foggy in the city as it used to. More urban sprawl leaves less open land which enables more and thicker fog.
  8. Cincy

    NY6 predictions by CBS Sports

    So what’s the point of s/p+?? I see AT LEAST 3 losses on that schedule. I know you’re trying your hardest to pump up Temple, but it doesn’t add up.
  9. Cincy

    NY6 predictions by CBS Sports

    So SB Nation has Temple at 6 or 7 wins. Why the NY6 talk?
  10. Cincy

    NY6 predictions by CBS Sports

    I just find it hard to believe looking at a Temple team that went 7-6 last year is going to go undefeated or only lose one game this upcoming year. If you think they will, that’s great. I think it’s pretty far fetched.
  11. Cincy

    NY6 predictions by CBS Sports

    I don’t care who their QB was against Villanova and UMass. They were 5-6 and 4-8 respectively. If you can’t dominate those teams by just running the ball then GTFO of here.
  12. Cincy

    NY6 predictions by CBS Sports

    Going 2-5 against teams with winning records and beating Villanova by 3 and UMass by 8 isn’t impressive.
  13. It was attended well when Fresno was in it. The year we played Michigan State it was sold out. A lot of MSU fans were there. There was a good crowd when we played UCLA as well.