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  1. Scar tissue runs deep with this guy LOL!! Its gotta be real fun being a Sharta fan.
  2. I still wouldn’t like those odds. SHARTAN UP!!!!
  3. I don’t know. Are you obsessed with me?
  4. So, you’re obsessed with me being obsessed with Sharta?
  5. The fact that my comments about SJSU have nothing to do with Nevada, yet it bothers you so much is definitely a head scratcher LOL. You should put me on ignore like some of the other Sharta pvssies have if it's too much for you.
  6. So you actually think your football program is going to continue to survive and thrive??
  7. Why? Sharta football is a dead man walking. Total waste of money.
  8. IMO it’s a complete waste of time and money. Sharta football will always be bad, mediocre at best. They are still and always will be one of the lowest drawing FBS teams every year. No renovation is gonna change that.
  9. How long until the bums start taking over that building?
  10. New field turf will be installed this summer and bathrooms and concessions being upgraded next summer. And, please tell me you’re not really trying to puff out your bird chest? You, me and everyone else know that SJSU will still suck ballz for the foreseeable future (if the program even exists that long). LMAO!!!
  11. Was it Cal Poly or UC Davis that you guys lost to last year?