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  1. Cincy

    Game Thread - SJSU vs Army

    Looks like Brennen has turned this program around.
  2. Cincy

    Game Thread - SJSU vs Army

    Sharta sucks AND their uniforms are hideous.
  3. Cincy

    AFA/SDSU Official Game Thread

    You don’t need the “idiot” emoji when creepy posts. Its just a given.
  4. Cincy

    AFA/SDSU Official Game Thread

    SUDS is gonna get worked when they come to Fresno. Noodle arm #1 and Noodle arm #2 both suck balls.
  5. Cincy

    AFA/SDSU Official Game Thread

    This game phucking sucks.
  6. Cincy

    Fresno State 3 TD favorites over Wyoming

    Joe you should go and hit Bobby Salazar’s after.
  7. Cincy

    Boise State vs SDSU Game Thread.

    Here’s one of those 24 wins. Almost exactly one year ago. Remember?
  8. Cincy

    Rank Em

    1. USU 2. Fresno 3. SUDS 4. Boise 5. Hawaii (w/ healthy QB) 6. Nevada (w/ healthy QB) 7. UNM 8. AF 9. Wyoming 10. UNLV 11. CSU 12. Sharta
  9. Cincy

    Turd of the Week- Week 6

    Don’t get mad at us. Youre the one who decided to let us see those pre-teen paws. Have you learned to ignore the disappointment in her eyes?
  10. Cincy

    Turd of the Week- Week 6

  11. Cincy

    Turd of the Week- Week 6

    No, what’s fvcking hilarious is that you showed all of us your petite hands. Thank your lucky stars that daddy is loaded or your ole lady would’ve bailed the first time you got to 2nd base.
  12. Cincy

    Fresno State 2019 Recruiting

    Yeah we know that now. We have to wait and see.
  13. Cincy

    Turd of the Week- Week 6

    I’m not Mexican so tomato picker doesn’t offend me. Even if I was Mexican it wouldn’t. You are taking message boarding too seriously. Even as you say you don’t you obviously do. I often talk sports but chase dragons?? Are you or weee you into Dungeons and Dragons or something? If what I post bothers you so much maybe you should put me on ignore or stop reading message boards. Sorry my temperament isn’t to your liking.
  14. Cincy

    Turd of the Week- Week 6

    It’s only one game. Let it go. You can still win the division if you beat USU.