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  1. McQueero's mom says she prefers hands to be saturated in piss.
  2. Yes but you gotta take care of #1 which is football. Not much survives without a strong football program.
  3. However it works, but put most of the resources towards football as long as it's in compliance with Title IX.
  4. Not really IMO. We need to tighten our belt and focus on the main sports and cut as many of the “useless” sports (ie: women’s equestrian) as possible. Yes I know about the Title IX stuff but no unnecessary excess.
  5. Do you still have your penthouse apartment in downtown Chicago?
  6. You're digging too deep. I'm thinking more of pecking order.
  7. Mississippi State is to the SEC what WSU is to the PAC.
  8. Will Kekaula be broadcasting the game back to Hawaii?
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