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  1. Cincy

    Spartan-Army Game at Levi Stadium

    Geez, this is the MWC representative we show on national TV?
  2. Cincy

    MWC Ad Campaigns I’d like to see

    Did you get hit in the face with hot piss?
  3. I thought maybe you ran out of toilet paper...
  4. Cincy

    UW DT transfer Ricky McCoy eligible for Fresno

    There’s that insecurity again. Are you scared or something? Lol Kingdouche already getting worried.
  5. Cincy

    What the hell, Spartans?

    Translation: SJSU sucks balls.
  6. Cincy

    Aztecs killer new locker room

    Hey, when you finish 6-6 every year it makes it all worth it.
  7. Cincy

    What the hell, Spartans?

    What are the attendance projections for this game? Opening game for Sharta but FCS opponent. I say 5k BITS. (Yeah, that’s sounds like a real football program there.)
  8. Are you saying this because only ONE of your your top four rated commits had ONE other FBS offer (Nevada)? Lol
  9. Cincy

    Rypien - Best FB Player In MWC?

    I couldn’t care less about Boise being ranked. How’s that a bad thing? My point is that you can’t stand it if people don’t suck BSU off 24/7. And I don’t know how you’re denying that you weren’t all up on Rypien’s nuts. Go back and look at your posts. And if you want to talk about whiney ass bitching, that’s totally you when someone doesn’t put BSU on a pedestal LOL.
  10. Question: With the strong presence of Mormons in Idaho (and growing?), does that correlate towards possibly keeping Californians from moving to Idaho? Or more to the point, I know native Idahoans aren’t too keen on Cali people moving to their state, but who would you rather have a bigger population of? California transplants or more Mormons?
  11. Cincy

    Rypien - Best FB Player In MWC?

    I pointed out to KingSpud in another thread that basically he gets triggered easily. Especially if you don’t agree with him that BSU is the greatest thing ever. Maybe now he can look back and see for himself.
  12. Cincy

    What Are The Chances SJSU ever Competes in the MWC?

    Wow. That’s their only real chance of a win.
  13. Cincy

    USA Today Coaches Poll

    Whelp, now you’ve done it. This guy is gonna get all bent out of shape because you’re not paying homage and telling him that BSU is the bestest at everything. Lol