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  1. Maytard eats vegetables. He had some tomatoes with his lunch today…..
  2. Creepy would actually like that.
  3. You can't blame Sharta fans for being duped. It had been so long since they had a winning season. Last year was kind of like letting your little brother run past you for a TD as you pretend to fall down while playing football in the back yard. They thought it really counted. LOLOLOL
  4. I guess you're used to Sharta football being a turd. You must be ecstatic that the lesbos extended your (outside WR) coach's contract after that Asterisk COVID championship. LMAO Too bad you guys can't "go find a coach". Ain't that right Old Farty?
  5. Uh-oh....Old Shartan getting schooled by Maytard.
  6. "Hmmmm.....looks like Maytard lost some weight."
  7. Only pathetic losers try to cover up their crap football programs with city smack. Good job Old Sharty!!
  8. Oooops. I guess Old Sparty should change his name to Old Dummy.
  9. This is what happens when your team goes 5-7 and gets raped 40-7 by your rival.
  10. You have to have fans in the stands for a fight to possibly occur. That’s why Shartan Stadium will never have that problem.
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