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  1. https://themw.com/news/2020/2/17/mw-baseball-player-and-pitcher-of-the-week.aspx
  2. I won’t disagree those are some clutch stats but let’s not pretend that he meant to bank that last shot.
  3. Not even the correct county. But continue......
  4. Doesn’t add up Mike. If new seating isn’t finished before the start of the ‘20 season, did it make sense to demolish all those seats before the ‘19 season?
  5. What TTT and the ESPN announcer said is true. The East side bleachers were condemned for safety issues. We’ve all seen the pics and heard the stories. Feet breaking through certain wooden steps (which @Mike Morgan said we’re replaced with new aluminum steps but we came to find out the wood steps were just painted with a new coat of blue paint), crumpled aluminum bleacher seats, etc. It all looks very promising.
  6. Looks like the usual suspects took the bait.....
  7. He's ranked as one of the Top 5 drummers of all time.
  8. I hear ya. In the case of Orlando Robinson, he’s a legit 3 point shooter. He also has a decent inside game which makes him hard to defend. But our guards don’t make a concerted enough of an effort to get the ball inside when our bigs are open. Don’t ask me why. Or they don’t try and dribble drive hard enough to make the other team actually play defense.
  9. Yup, it’s the freestylin’ on offense. A lot of passing around the perimeter and then jack up a 3 or force up a bad shot to beat the shot clock. Grimes likes playing on the perimeter more and Robinson (6-10) does as well. Both are pretty good 3 point shooters but we have no real inside presence. And all that leads to very poor offensive rebounding with little 2nd chance opportunities.