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  1. For starters, we need to recruit kids that are credible 3 point shooters. We have none. Haven’t had any for a few years. High school teams have better 3 point shooters than we do.
  2. Packer was a mainstay. I remember him doing many UNLV games back in the 80s. I too am more of a Raftery fan. He's getting very long in the tooth as well.
  3. His death is mysterious. of course there’s going to be speculation. It’s not normal for a young athlete to die like that. pretty simple to understand.
  4. Yeah, you're right. Why try to investigate something that may be killing people and was forced onto millions.
  5. You know those people who think they are hilariously funny, but aren’t funny at all?
  6. You must be with what you think is you being witty. you are consistently way off mark and you still don’t know it. Lol. Don’t ever change Contard.
  7. You know what i posted is 100% true. You do it all the time.
  8. Classic Contard. Makes idiotic posts and then pretends it’s smack talk when he realizes he’s getting clowned.
  9. Nah, no need to start another thread to point out that CSU is terrible in football. Have been for several years now.
  10. Cincy


    We sucked and he still barely played. Maybe he’s improved but he was nothing but a big body.
  11. Your bitterness of CSU sucking at everything is showing. How’s that stadium debt coming along? Can’t be very good when no one buys tickets.
  12. Cincy


    I’m surprised. The guy was a 7 foot stiff.
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