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  1. I like that old Aztecs logo.
  2. This should’ve been the ring....
  3. Don't lump us all in with your fruity a$$.
  4. "Would have". Interesting that the first thing you think of when you see the image of an asterisk is a "butthole".. Is there something you want to tell us sunshine??
  5. No there are more. Hey, hang your hat on it. I would if I were you because without all of the collateral damage of COVID, things would've been different. This year will tell whether I am right or wrong. But with a full slate of OOC, and no COVID issues on opposing teams, I don't see Sharta as much better then .500.
  6. Does your new softball field still resemble a city park field? Minus any actual permanent seats or dugouts?
  7. That’s a stat that won’t be repeated which definitely contributed to the asterisk.
  8. Saw this with some other new stadiums...
  9. We got a UNLV transfer Donovan Yap https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2020/donavan-yap-209004
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