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  1. Yeah If UNC’s QB is pretty good as you say, then SJSU could be in for a struggle.
  2. Those numbers IMO are enough for me to predict a UH win.
  3. We have a few players who had Ivy offers as well, but we’re not insecure (unlike you) that we have to make such a big deal and scream from the rooftops about it But I understand why you do it, being so insecure with the whole.... you know....JC/Truck Driver U thing.
  4. What a waste. Ivy League kids getting a Trucking Degree LOL!!
  5. You gotta love the academic smack coming from Truck Driver U. Too funny.
  6. No I don’t but you must. You said earlier that your positive that Fresno will fade away. Look into that crystal ball of yours and pick some winning numbers.
  7. And yet we STILL win the conference title. Thats gotta sting huh?
  8. Kingdud and halfman can’t stop thinking about Fresno State. Can’t blame them I guess.. Bow down to the champs boys....
  9. I knew it was just a matter of time before tiny showed up.
  10. Lol, you better start praying son.
  11. You’re still doing the hashtag thing? Lol, pathetic.
  12. There’s that insecurity again. Scared is an understatement.
  13. LOL. Look at all these scared, insecure Boise fans just crossing their fingers hoping and praying that Fresno doesn’t continue dethroning the “former” champ. Fun to watch.