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  1. So what about the sporting events on ABC?
  2. Idk if Kiffin is ready for 2 programs to throw trash at him
  3. He got his team rolling. I would assume it was going to take a couple years getting up to speed. When he returns to Morgantown, he may very well get the Kiffin-Tennessee treatment
  4. Idk why Conference USA isnt on the line with Missouri State and Southern Illinois. Could also go out the box with Southern and Prime Times Jackson State Tigers
  5. To be fair i didnt count us since nothing happened. It was based on the 3 other G5s who have to shuffle
  6. The Sun Belt is the winner in this shuffle imo. They should say fck and go to 16 with USM, Marshall, ODU, JMU, Liberty and FIU
  7. Whoever started that Marshall, JMU etc… to SBC rumor not too long ago may be on to something now
  8. You usually apply when you know you got the invite
  9. The Sun Belt must be crip walking and drinking Hurricanes right now
  10. Josh Allen is good. His surrounding cast his final year was garbage and still had the pokes bowling and winning
  11. What is the purpose for Oregon being nearly 400 million?
  12. UTSA actually did it. That performance center is nice
  13. Brian Daboll, Joe Brady, Kellen Moore
  14. trvitmvnz


    Fury going to beat the shit out of him
  15. Sarkisian got the horns rolling
  16. I like UTSA and Texas State. That area is booming
  17. UNLV looks like they been improving week by week
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