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  1. It’s indeed over but I not concerned for our Offense putting up points. His teams have been known to score points during his career
  2. I don’t think the Broncs leave. Making my prediction
  3. Hug and kiss. We got some new football stadiums coming lol
  4. Stutz should be the choice. He is responsible for McDonalds development and bringing Cordeiro to UH. Knows the RnS inside and out just like Rolo and is of course a local boy
  5. I would like to keep someone from the Run N Shoot tree. The only system that has worked for UH
  6. I hope to Lord Marlin promotes Craig Stutzmann
  7. It has to be Craig Stutzmann or Rich Miano imo
  8. https://twitter.com/BruceFeldmanCFB/status/1216950036195631104 I hope they promote Craig Stutzmann