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  1. I thought they should of traded Holiday and let Lonzo do his thing. 12/6/7 is not bad especially with that shaky start at the beginning of the season. The youngest Ball brother will be special
  2. Wilder has the worst boxing technique i have ever seen but carries brass in his hands. I expect Fury to pick him apart but if Wilder catches him idk if we will get up this time
  3. Well for a start UNM hit a home run with the football hires
  4. They have to take a chance and give EB a call
  5. Wouldn't blame him. He's from the midwest
  6. Being in the Bay Area isn't too shabby either
  7. We need to build a damn football complex!
  8. Whitley kid flipped to Arizona
  9. They do that every int every game
  10. It’s indeed over but I not concerned for our Offense putting up points. His teams have been known to score points during his career
  11. I don’t think the Broncs leave. Making my prediction