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  1. I would hope for the CFP deal, Fox will get back into the rotation for the big bowl games like the BCS Big Ten or Pac will take the SEC game of the week slot on CBS IMO. Notre Dame will continue on NBC/USA Keep on eye on streaming platforms like Prime and DAZN making bids
  2. I cant relate. Eran Ganot couldn’t recruit a fat kid to a buffet
  3. They are fine where they are. They were not the first nor will they be the last undefeated team to fall short. They are loading up again and is the favorite to land Chet Holmgren
  4. Zags ran the hottest team in the tourney off the court imo and beat the brakes off of them. I will be surprised if they fall short this season
  5. I wish Hawaii would hire any of those guys. Eran Ganot has proven he cant do anything. The year we made the tourney he proved it was a 1 off with Gib Arnolds players
  6. Thats a solid pickup. Biggest trait is the kid is a winner. Danny and Rocky will have a winning product sooner or later
  7. Croy, Jans and Menzies would be ace hires
  8. I think Francis will hurt Jon. Jon last two fights was pretty controversial
  9. I would love Archie at UNLV. Up North from his crooked brother and most likely would do much better in Vegas. Big Ten got killers
  10. Big Ten is tough win in. Got Marshall, Archie and Pitino on the board
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