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  1. trvitmvnz

    MLB in Vegas?

    Rather see an NBA club first
  2. trvitmvnz

    UFC ends in riot

    Conor got mauled in the 2nd round
  3. trvitmvnz

    The Fighting Ed Oliver’s

    Houston is pulling away but i assume it was a tough game with both teams having the Briles offense. Both teams should have an idea of how to defend
  4. trvitmvnz

    Sphere Las Vegas

    MGM/MSG threw my eyes off
  5. trvitmvnz

    Fresno State 2019 Recruiting

    Wheres the big news bruh?
  6. trvitmvnz

    Sphere Las Vegas

    Doesn't MGM own both?
  7. trvitmvnz

    OT - Canelo vs. GGG Part 2

    I know its was a money grab but a bone head decision by Dela Hoya to put Canelo against Floyd at a young age despite Canelos experience he already had
  8. trvitmvnz

    OT - Canelo vs. GGG Part 2

    He doesnt want to get countered which is Canelos bread & butter. I had GGG up 2 rounds but I knew for some reason Canelos was going to get the decision for being the aggresor
  9. trvitmvnz

    Boise State vs Oklahoma State Game Thread

    Does Kaula Kaniho start?
  10. trvitmvnz

    hawaii @ army

    They got us! Sorry we let you guus down MW bredrens. Regroup and prepare for next week. Good luck to our other 9 MW teams today
  11. trvitmvnz

    MWC game highlights

    What was the occasion for the Utah State game? Look like a pack house and also do they have new Unis?
  12. trvitmvnz

    Well, TCU is doing the MWC no favors right now.

    TCU vs Ohio State is going to be good
  13. trvitmvnz

    ESPN Bottom 10

    So bad to which ESPN doesnt even know SJSU is Spartans
  14. trvitmvnz

    Fresno State at Golden Vermin

    PJ Fleck will get them going sooner or later but I don't think its this season, I think Dogs wins
  15. trvitmvnz

    UTEP at UNLV

    Rebs looked good against SC