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  1. He may end up at Fresno. 247 got some crystal ball for him
  2. I think Tua gets on the field by week 6
  3. I like what the Skins did. That DLine on paper looks to have passed SF as the top unit in the NFL. I also liked the 2 WRs they took
  4. Top of my head I think Vikings, Ravens, Cowboys, Broncos and Jets had the best draft
  5. Cole McDonald to the Titans 7th Rd 224th overall
  6. Solid staff. IDK what USC was thinking about letting Kauhaahaa go
  7. What is the projected capacity once all renovations are completed?
  8. The best part yet is when they bought the land and flipped it for 191 million
  9. I thought they should of traded Holiday and let Lonzo do his thing. 12/6/7 is not bad especially with that shaky start at the beginning of the season. The youngest Ball brother will be special
  10. Wilder has the worst boxing technique i have ever seen but carries brass in his hands. I expect Fury to pick him apart but if Wilder catches him idk if we will get up this time
  11. Well for a start UNM hit a home run with the football hires
  12. They have to take a chance and give EB a call