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  1. Pack unis is solid. The Silver helmet is a keeper
  2. Hot garbage performance tonight from the offense. Pretty bummed out but congrats on a physical performance Pokes 🤙🏽
  3. Gameday. Good luck Pokes. Enjoy a beer or case. Gonna be a good day
  4. Something told me Brent Brennan was going to have a solid football team this season
  5. Cordeiro been doing that since high school. Houdini’s himself and scrambles for the 1st
  6. Yeah that was a terrible taunt
  7. I am impressed by UH’s War Dog Defense scheme. Also Fresno’s Adidas unis are sharp
  8. Just make sure to get a test from walgreens just in case they still ask for test result to bypass. Also you can enjoy a game at a grill & bar
  9. They need to can Scott. They need to align their conference network with ESPN, Fox, CBS or put all other sports on ESPN+. Better option than not being able to agree to terms with majority of the Cable providers
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