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  1. Johnny started the Vegas weekend off with a bang
  2. If the AAC doesn't come calling, they are best to remain in the SBC if they can avoid losing a minimum
  3. Chip Kelly was chubby but he was all about being fast
  4. One of Dodds tweets says its better off for teams to stay in MWC and get paid in 2025
  5. Boise backed out with a much better lineup in 2012. No one is leaving unless Big/Pac ever come calling
  6. Would be nice for the Conference name to make logical sense. Talking to you to Big Ten
  7. Aresco trying to throw a Knuckle Curve with a bowling ball
  8. Pretty surprised FIU and FAU is not on the list although I think FAU has a good shot for the American
  9. Yup. Sorry don't text and drive
  10. I really like the JMU move and thought they should of already been in FCS
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