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  1. YouTube TV is a great service. Unlimited DVR and has majority of the major sporting channels.
  2. Tried Youtube, Hulu, Sling. I think Youtube was the best service
  3. I hope they can keep Tatis when that time comes
  4. Spring football would be interesting. If this is the answer I hope they can adjust to the short turn around if they want to return to sport to the fall
  5. Mariota taking Carr jobs soon. Just will take a little longer there wont be fans to boo Carr off the field
  6. I said what i said. Adidas from 2010-2015 was terrible. Improved big time. And that doesnt count as couple years lol. I do agree though one of the best designs
  7. IDK man. They revamped their design team and the unis they designed for Washington, Arizona St, Kansas etc.. is some of the best out there. Imo Nike has been putting out the trash uniforms the past couple years
  8. Not too bad. Got some of the blue collar under the radar local kids and hitting Texas pretty hard
  9. Commits official announcements in order:
  10. Getting up to date: Commits:
  11. He may end up at Fresno. 247 got some crystal ball for him
  12. I think Tua gets on the field by week 6
  13. I like what the Skins did. That DLine on paper looks to have passed SF as the top unit in the NFL. I also liked the 2 WRs they took
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